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  • Title: The Homecoming
  • Author: Carsten Stroud
  • ISBN: 9780307700964
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Homecoming By Carsten Stroud From its explosive opening to its eerie climax, The Homecoming is a page turning, labyrinthine thrill ride that returns to Niceville where evil lives far longer than men do When two plane crashes set off a spellbinding chain reaction of murder, inadvertent kidnapping, corporate corruption, and financial double dealing, it s not enough that Niceville detective Nick KFrom its explosive opening to its eerie climax, The Homecoming is a page turning, labyrinthine thrill ride that returns to Niceville where evil lives far longer than men do When two plane crashes set off a spellbinding chain reaction of murder, inadvertent kidnapping, corporate corruption, and financial double dealing, it s not enough that Niceville detective Nick Kavanaugh ex Special Forces has to investigate He and his wife, family lawyer Kate, have also just taken in brutally orphaned Rainey Teague Something bothers Nick about Rainey and it isn t just that the woman in charge of attendance at Rainey s prep school has disappeared In fact, people have long been disappearing from seemingly placid Niceville, including, most disturbingly, Kate s father Using his files, Kate and Nick start to unearth Niceville s blood stained history, but something or is it Nothing stands in their way Once again, Carsten Stroud gives us unforgettable characters, including Coker, the steely, amoral police sniper, and Harvill Endicott, an urbanely manipulative psychopath, not to mention Warren Smoles, the most conniving lawyer you will ever meet Stroud s unique storytelling gifts bring us into a world where protecting your family from the unknown becomes almost impossible but essential for survival Anything is possible in The Homecoming.
    Carsten Stroud
    Carsten Stroud is the author of the New York Times bestseller Close Pursuit, and the award winning Sniper s Moon, both set in the New York City Police Department He lives and writes in Thunder Beach, Ontario, Canada Awards Arthur Ellis Award Best First Novel 1991 Sniper s Moon Arthur Ellis Award Best Novel 1993 Lizardskin

    The Homecoming By Carsten Stroud


    so all you motherlumpers who didn t listen to me when i squeeed all over Niceville when i reviewed it last year are going to be SO EMBARRASSED because the sequel is coming out, and it is a legitimate squee quel, better than the first it is such a me book that i am too blinded to even know who else i should recommend it to and by it, i mean niceville, because if you attempt to read this one before you read that one i will slap my keyboard and pretend it is you i mean, it s your life to live and y [...]

    Carsten Stroud s The Homecoming Knopf 2013 is the second in the Niceville trilogy It picks up where Niceville left off, with our hero Nick Kavanaugh, called in when a flock of crows brings down a private jet of Chinese nationals by mucking up their engines Nick is already knee deep in a dozen other police problems many carried over from the first novel , including the disappearance of his father in law, several mysterious deaths, and a bank robbery no one can solve To add to the confusion, his w [...]

    The Homecoming by Carsten Stroud is the second novel in a series that started with Niceville two years ago My initial review of Niceville was very positive with the regret that I felt Stroud had tried to do too much with the book Was it a mystery A crime novel A ghost story Or somehow with great ambition, Stroud tried to make it all three He did well but I felt he left much unsaid In The Homecoming, Carsten Stroud continues the tale and begins to fill in what was missing in Niceville.And only la [...]

    After being to put it mildly underwhelmed by the first book in Carsten Stroud s Niceville Trilogy i am sure many of you are asking why read the second one Well i suppose it was a case of morbid facination as to if things have improved and for the most part things have For a start the story centers mostly on Rainey Teague and unlike before we don t have the seemingly unlimited side stories that plagued Niceville.Rainey is completely different from the innocent lad who disappeared without a trace [...]

    Nicole D.
    Since this is the 2nd book in a trilogy, the first thing you should wonder is Do I need to have read this first book You don t, necessarily, but I would recommend it If you read Niceville and are wondering if you need to re read it, you don t The author does a good job of including enough details of the prior book to spark your memory, but if you skip the first book all together, I think you are missing something.Strange things are afoot in Niceville Unsolved crimes, mafia connections, and OTHER [...]

    This book was on my radar because it has supernatural elements, but it is a thriller than fantasy The main characters are law enforcement personnel, criminals and an extended family that is in the middle of it all a bank robbery, stolen American intelligence, mysterious evidence, a teen who had been buried alive, ex FBI agent with Mafioso enemies and I had not read the first book in the series Niceville , and I don t think it detracted a great deal, but reading it first would have helped me un [...]

    Kristin(MyBookishWays Reviews)
    You may also read my review here mybookishways 2013 07 The Homecoming starts right up where Niceville left off, with the crash of a Chinese Lear full of possible Chinese spies Also, Byron Dietz has been arrested in connection with a bank robbery that involved the execution style slayings of four cops that were pursuing the suspects, and Nick Kavenaugh, brother in law to Dietz, is shocked Byron is a thug, and a wife beater, but he certainly doesn t think he s stupid enough to get caught with a bu [...]

    Gavin Armour
    Der erste Teil dieser Trilogie, Niceville , war ein einpr gsamer hard boiled Thriller, der uns von einem Bank berfall und der anschlie enden Flucht und v.a von der H rte der Gangster und der Verwirrung der Cops, von dem verschwundenen Jungen Rainy Teague und von h chst seltsamen Vorg ngen rund um Crater Sink, einen zentralen Ort dieses St dtchens, und auch davon erz hlte, da in dieser S dstaatenkleinstadt immer wieder Menschen verschwidnen.Band zwei, Die R kkehr , setzt noch am gleichen Wochenen [...]

    It s been a year since I read Niceville, and there s a bit of catching up to do in this sequel Not only are the plots strands from the first book alive and well, but a bunch of new ones are introduced in the first twenty pages of The Homecoming My feeble brain had trouble keeping track of who was who, who was dead and who was alive, or who was a ghost for that matter Luckily, all characters are quite memorable and impressively named There s no snappy way to summarize why I liked the book so much [...]

    Tobin Elliott
    I can t tell you how happy I was to see this, the followup to Niceville I truly thought this was the end, but now I just found out there ll be a third novel Fantastic.Anyway, I said most of what I wanted to say in my review of Niceville As far as I m concerned Niceville and this book are one, a single entity.Others seem to be either quite taken, or quite disappointed in the story s tone There s a large chunk that s part police procedural and part action thriller It feels a lot like a slightly le [...]

    I won this book through a giveaway I like noir fiction, and this book started off very well with a slam bang action opener A plane flies into the side of a mountain, and on that plane are some Chinese secret police A couple of bad cops pull off a heist and blame it on another crook Then some mob guys in Leavenworth hire a hitman to go after the wrong crook Our hero is good cop Nick Cavanaugh He s chasing the same wrong crook for other reasons, and this guy happens to be his brother in law The pl [...]

    Louann Carroll
    I am a fan of Carsten Stroud so when I saw the second book in his Niceville s series, The Homecoming, I grabbed it The Homecoming is one of those books you want to read slow so you can savor every sentence Maybe it s because Niceville has a southern setting, or maybe it s because Stroud is such a great writer His style is fluid and while there remain unanswered questions the book stands on its own as did Niceville.While some may consider The Homecoming horror, some psychological, some multidimen [...]

    Zeke Gonzalez
    Carsten Stroud s The Homecoming was a great second volume to the Niceville Trilogy It was just as much wicked fun as the first book, and for the same reasons interesting and memorable characters, unpredictable twists and collisions amidst the several well braided stories that make up the novel, the hybrid, genre defying mash up that encapsulates it all And while The Homecoming suffers from the same pitfall that Niceville did a lack of clarity or cohesive mythology to the supernatural elements, T [...]

    The second book in the Niceville trilogy was every bit as good as the first, though I found this one to be less creepy than the first, it was perhaps interesting because it delved into the history and lineage of a lot of the characters I also really enjoyed learning about Coker and Danziger and how their story evolves I was a little surprised at how much I ended up liking both of them, especially after what they did Cannot wait to read the final book Would love to know when the audiobook is be [...]

    Loved Niceville, really loved Homecoming Hard to set down one page, I ll just read one well, this chapterI can t stop Suspenseful, original, creative A great horror saga with comic relief Excellent Well written, dimensional characters, clever plot twists, full of the unexpected Monsters and mysteries, cops and cosa nostra something for everyone AAA Highly highly recommend

    Paula Lyle
    Niceville is a horrid little town which has some great people living in it The Homecoming starts up minutes after the end of Niceville It provides satisfying answers to many if not all the open questions It still has some weird elements, but they are integrated into the story Loved these people Loved this story I am totally in for a continuation.

    Alhoewel dit boek wel beter was dan het eerste deel vind ik nog steeds de schrijfstijl heel erg onprettig Het is heel erg rommelig geschreven maar omdat straks in juli het slotdeel verschijnt was ik wel nieuwsgierig hoe dit boek ging.

    Debbie Carnes
    I love paranormal supernatural books and this was a good one I will be looking for the rest of this trilogy.

    Un ottimo seguito del libro precedente, un libro di mezzo di una trilogia che non soffre assolutamente la classica sindrome dei libri di mezzo delle trilogie Ovvero, non un libro in cui succede poco o niente e che utile solamente a fare da riempitivo per passare dal primo all ultimo libro, ma una storia piena di avvenimenti importanti, colpi di scena e intreccia riuscitissimi, che mantengono il ritmo sempre serrato, proprio come mi aspettavo Non ho molto altro da aggiungere se non che sono rimas [...]

    Another great read in this series A fascinating mix of horror, occult, mystery, thriller and crime novel, Stroud really has something going here.In this second book of the Niceville trilogy, we have Kate and Nick trying to deal with Rainey Teague, the orphan son who has quite the mysterious past, as well as Kate s sister Beth and her two kids, estranged from their crazy husband father That guy is trouble throughout the book, as they try to bring him to justice for something, although Nick and th [...]

    I am glad I did not give up on reading this series part way through book 1 The plot was making sense by the end of book 1, so this one was much easier for me to understand There were a lot of characters in book 2, but I kept a list of the new ones for reference and I think this helped me immensely These books have so many things happening, past, present, real, supernaturaley are not to be chosen for those times when you want a quick, mindless story But if you are ready for an interesting and cha [...]

    Robert McGrath
    My review of the first installment was spot on The multiple threads have bgeun to come together and the story made much sense this time around As such, it is an improvement on the first, but not by enough to gain another star.It suffers some of the same issues the first had A great number of sub plots and perspectives that could perhaps have been filtered out, info dumping, stereotyping of characters, and not quite knowing what genre it wanted to belong to.

    I think I liked the first one in the series best, but I m really enjoying this story I m looking forward to the third book because I can t wait to see who wins the ghosties or the people At this point I m thinking it will be the ghosties because the people are really being stupid For example if you know someone died, knew they were in the morgue, then knew their body disapeared or got stolen, and then they appeared on a porch, wouldn t you think there might be something wrong Not in this bookter [...]

    Lissa Wells
    I realize I am in the minority but I found this book very off putting The storylines are very scattered and nonsensical I was reading one story which started out seemingly ok and interesting but then went into a second story that to me was no correlation to the previous wasn t sure if this book was a thriller mystery or a paranormal romance, very confusing.

    I absolutely loved the creepiness of this book I cannot wait to see where this goes next.

    A haunted town, ghosts, mysterious entity, murder, all good plot topics for me but I found myself not looking forward to reading it each time I picked it up It was a good story, just didn t click with me I ll still grab the last in the series but I m not sure why.

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    Rick Urban
    Carsten Stroud comes up against the peculiar problem of the middle volume of a trilogy in The Homecoming , but since this trilogy seems to be like one long book that has been split into three parts for economic length reasons , there s no radical attempts to mix things up, a la The Sothern Reach Trilogy second book, Authority Where that novel reimagined the first book s narrative from the vantage point of the bureaucracy that made it possible, Stroud just keeps things chugging along, deepening [...]

    Review originally published here iheartreading reviews After I reviewed the first book in this series, Niceville, I swore I wouldn t buy the second book But then I got it as a present from someone who meant well, and obviously thought I d enjoy it Based on the synopsis, it sure sounds like the kind of book I d enjoy Except that it isn t The Homecoming, the second book in the Niceville series, is only slightly better than its predecessor, and it still isn t very impressive.There s too much action [...]

    Chi l avrebbe mai detto che sarebbe accaduto Nel mio cuore, Stephen King stato soppiantato da Carsten Stroud La sua trilogia, Niceville, mi entusiasma sempre di pi.Ho appena finito il secondo volume della trilogia, I confini del nulla, e vi posso assicurare che il nulla sembra non avere confini in una storia avvincente e assolutamente superlativa nell esito Rainey, il bambino scomparso e ritrovato in Niceville, sempre pi inquietante ed ha un segreto quella nuova cosa dentro di lui, ma lui non sa [...]

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