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  • Title: The Beauty in the Beast
  • Author: Regina Puckett
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  • Page: 485
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  • The Beauty in the Beast By Regina Puckett Why does everyone across the university s campus call the Medieval Literature professor, Dr Alec Knight, a brut and a beast, but Holly Day insists there has to be a better man hidden deep inside of him Is there really a concealed beauty in the beast or is Alec just as terrible as the rest of the world believes him to be One snowy day out on a cold stone wall in the middWhy does everyone across the university s campus call the Medieval Literature professor, Dr Alec Knight, a brut and a beast, but Holly Day insists there has to be a better man hidden deep inside of him Is there really a concealed beauty in the beast or is Alec just as terrible as the rest of the world believes him to be One snowy day out on a cold stone wall in the middle of the university, when everyone else has left for the Christmas break, Holly finds out the truth and neither she nor Alec will ever be the same again.
    Regina Puckett
    Regina Puckett is a 2014 Readers Favorite Award winning author for her sweet romance, Concealed in My Heart Her steampunk book, I Will Breathe, and her children s picture book, Borrowed Wings, both received the Children s Literary Classic Seal of Approval I Will Breathe was selected as a Science Fiction Finalist in the 2015 IAN Book of the Year Awards I Will Breathe won a silver in the 2017 Literary Classics Award Science fiction dystopian high school Her boxed set, A TOUCH OF PASSION, is the 2016 WINNER of The Romance Reviews Readers Choice Awards.Memories, won first place in the 1st WSBR International Poetry Contest, and her collection of poetry, Fireflies, won the 2013 Turning Pages Poetry Book of the Year.Regina Puckett has been writing for over forty eight years, and lives in Tennessee with her husband of over forty years She has two grown daughters and four grandchildren.She writes sweet romances, horror, inspirational, steampunk, picture books and poetry There are always several projects in various stages of completion and characters and stories waiting in the wings for their chance to finally get out of her head and onto paper The only way she knows to shut the voices up is to tell their stories and to let them live among the pages of her books She loves writing in many different genres because life is too short to be stuck in a rut.Please come and visit me at facebook regina.puckett1reginapuckettsbooks.weebly author show itter ReginaPucket

    The Beauty in the Beast By Regina Puckett


    Joy Lo-Bamijoko
    This is a beautiful and touching story about how people are different in the ways they deal with pain, especially childhood pain, inflicted by parents or those who are supposed to give love The two protagonists come from very painful childhood experiences Holly, from hate and rejection, and Dr Knight, from frustration and abuse, both by parents who should have shown them love But each dealt with their past differently Holly, with the determination not to allow her past to determine her future, a [...]

    This is a very short story that includes two main encounters between the main characters, Alec and Holly Holly was really sweet Despite Alec s behavior toward her, especially in a room full of other students, she continuously saw the good in him Very few people would be able to see that At the end of their first encounter, Holly finally stands up for herself and her choice of words was just right Her encouragement to Alec at the end of the second encounter was beautiful, although it seemed a lit [...]

    Nancy Silk
    Here is another short story I enjoyed by Regina Puckett Holly Day is intrigued with her Medieval Literature Professor Alec Knight He is called Doctor Evil by many students on campus because of his hardened facial features and attitudes Holly believes she can find the beauty in him behind his mask Sometimes, it s the student who has the opportunity to teach the teacher I find that this was a lesson for all of us how we live our lives should be our choices, not based on how others may live Regina [...]

    Much sweeter than I was expecting I liked it enough that I wouldn t mind seeing a little of these characters as they work through their various issues Still, it was nice and quick For my smut lovin friends, there s no sex here Just a sweet, sweet romance and a story about two battered hearts connecting.This book was a free Kindle download I picked up 11 19 12 for the Why Buy the Cow reading challenge Kelly Reading the Paranormal

    Richard Denney
    Got for free on my kindle and enjoyed it I know it is a short story but I wanted , maybe she will turn it into a novellaor novel eventually I liked the characters, but they reminded me of Christian and Ana from Fifty Shades of Grey a lot I hate comparing but the similarities were dead on I m not saying she copied Fifty Shades at all, it s just the characters were similar It happens I would like to read erotic adult romance told in third person I like it better than first person If anyone knows [...]

    Rose Maureen
    I loved reading Sleeping through the Beauty This is a wonderful story, about a lovely romance, between Philip and Rose, and it all came about because Philips brother was engaged to Rose s sister Donna, even though Rose was in a coma, he went to see her everyday, and he told her all about his life and that he had fallen in love with her, and wanted her to wake up Then one day in the darkness of the room, he was starring out of the window, when he heard her voice and as the days and nights went th [...]

    Alec is a professor and known to his students as a beast He s mean and keeps to himself Holly is a student whom he always ridicules whenever he gets a chance Even though Alec berates her, Holly sees something in his eyes that she can t help but think there good in there somewhere Can Holly bring out the beauty in the beast You will only know if you hit that button Very sweet short story Thank you Regina for sharing your obvious talent.

    Julie Powell
    Although I prefer this author s darker work, I always enjoy her writing.Another play on an old story but I applaud this great message.No spoilers just a good read.

    This short story was a great read I loved the meaning behind this book Very well written Recommended for an in between books read.

    C.a. Anderson
    Regina Puckett dose it again She writes beautiful stories.

    very short, was not expecting that But it was vert sweet.

    a wonderful short story Wish it was longer to know what happens next with Holly and Alec

    Sweet little story with a good message.

    Meh I wanted to like this, but it just left me disappointed The writing was ok, although it would benefit from being edited by a good editor The characters were unconvincing though, and the plot was a bit silly Your mileage may vary, but I couldn t recommend this.I think the author may have potential if she keeps trying and finds a good editor to work with.

    Anne (Angel Anne Reviews) Nelson
    3.5 5 angel stars

    Ellen (more books, please)
    freebie What can I say I download them and then read them holding my breath just in case they stink to high heaven.This was not horrible The story was very sweet Basically a really short story It took about 15 minutes to read, and that includes the time it took me to mark note 19 grammar editing word usage errors And I wasn t even reading it that closely I wish there was a proof reading forum or something these self pubbed writers could join so someone could just do a quick read before the autho [...]

    Bought for free on Kindle on November 24, 2012 and read for the Why Buy the Cow Reading Challenge.This story had potential, but it ultimately fell flat to me I liked the premise of the intimidating professor falling for the sweet student It just seemed like there wasn t enough development to both the characters and storyline There was too much monologing on the part of the two main characters when they met up during the break and the dialogue was unrealistic It was a sweet story, but I wish ther [...]

    Flamingcrystal Flamingcrystal
    Even the hardest, meanest heart will melt amid true love.A very short story, about a really mean professor who berates belittles Holly at every chance he gets, but Holly saw a tiny spark of kindness goodness in this man with his beastly behavior and proofs that the hardest, meanest heart will crumble melt amid true unconditional love I would recommend this and other romance books by this author to every one who believes in true love.

    Sheena (biblio.boppity.books)
    It went from 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds, but not in a good way Waste of time.

    Great Short StoryReally enjoyed this short story and the message Two people involved where the Hunter is captured by the Game Refreshing

    This was a rather sweet very short story I think it would make a good novel where the author could continue the story.

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