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  • Title: Nemo: Heart of Ice
  • Author: Alan Moore Kevin O'Neill
  • ISBN: 9781603092746
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Nemo: Heart of Ice By Alan Moore Kevin O'Neill In the grim cold of February surfaces a thrilling new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen book Nemo Heart of Ice, a full color 48 page adventure in the classic pulp tradition by the inestimable Alan Moore and Kevin O Neill It s 1925, fifteen long years since Janni Dakkar first tried to escape the legacy of her dying science pirate father, only to accept her destiny as thIn the grim cold of February surfaces a thrilling new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen book Nemo Heart of Ice, a full color 48 page adventure in the classic pulp tradition by the inestimable Alan Moore and Kevin O Neill It s 1925, fifteen long years since Janni Dakkar first tried to escape the legacy of her dying science pirate father, only to accept her destiny as the new Nemo, captain of the legendary Nautilus Now, tired of her unending spree of plunder and destruction, Janni launches a grand expedition to surpass her father s greatest failure the exploration of Antarctica Hot on her frozen trail are a trio of genius inventors, hired by the megalomaniacal Charles Foster Kane to retrieve the plundered valuables of an African queen It s a deadly race to the bottom of the world an uncharted land of wonder and horror where time is broken and the mountains bring madness.
    Alan Moore Kevin O'Neill
    Alan Moore is an English writer most famous for his influential work in comics, including the acclaimed graphic novels Watchmen, V for Vendetta and From Hell He has also written a novel, Voice of the Fire, and performs workings one off performance art spoken word pieces with The Moon and Serpent Grand Egyptian Theatre of Marvels, some of which have been released on CD.As a comics writer, Moore is notable for being one of the first writers to apply literary and formalist sensibilities to the mainstream of the medium As well as including challenging subject matter and adult themes, he brings a wide range of influences to his work, from the literary authors such as William S Burroughs, Thomas Pynchon, Robert Anton Wilson and Iain Sinclair New Wave science fiction writers such as Michael Moorcock horror writers such as Clive Barker to the cinematic filmmakers such as Nicolas Roeg Influences within comics include Will Eisner, Harvey Kurtzman, Jack Kirby and Bryan Talbot.

    Nemo: Heart of Ice By Alan Moore Kevin O'Neill


    Cool adventure This is the first book in the Nemo Trilogy Creative Team Writer Alan MooreIllustrator Kevin O NeillLetterer Todd KleinBOLD WORLD EXPANDINGThe same creative team responsible for The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series, is reunited once again, now to tell the trilogy of Nemo the Daughter of Nemo to be precise It s 1925Princess Janni Dakkar, daughter of the original Captain Nemo aka Prince Dakkar , now in command of the marvelous Nautilus submarine and its crew.Janni is eager to [...]

    5 10 After Watchmen and V for Vendetta I told myself I would read everything that Alan Moore might publish The cover of this one shot with its reference to my childhood hero from the pen of Jules Verne and with its art deco inspired graphics were a clincher for pushing the story to the top of my comic stack.Some of my expectations were fulfilled, some not, so a halfway rating seems appropriate Moore has some brilliant ideas, tapping into the nineteen century science fiction treasure chest that h [...]

    Nemo Heart of Ice is about Captain Nemo s from the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen universe daughter It is her story to finish a quest begun by her father.The story begins with the Nautilus the submarine staging a pirate raid on a inhuman African Queen and stealing her treasures The Queen uses her connections and the Americans form a team of adventurer s to interdict Capt Nemo.The rest is a grand adventure through strange lands filled with odd characters I am not that familiar with this whole [...]

    Sam Quixote
    It s 1925 and Janni, the daughter of Captain Nemo, is now captain of the Nautilus and continuing her father s pirating ways She and her crew rob an African Queen of her treasures while visiting New York and, in retaliation, a newspaper magnate called Kane sends some goons after her to reclaim it Then Janni decides to take a trip to the Antarctic, emulating her father s journey years earlier and the goons follow And in the Antarctic, they will see the Mountains of Madness Gibberish ensues.Yup, th [...]

    Alan Moore continues the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen genre in a sidebar to the original collections Here the storyline follows Captain Nemo s crew under the leadership of his daughter, in an attempt to secure her legacy Her piracy brings her across the paths of other characters and unscrupulous science adventurers of the 20 s and 30 s, particularly Queen Ayesha She Who Must Be Obeyed of H Rider Haggard s She and Quatermain series , Swyfte likely an adult Tom Swift, Sr of the 3 generations [...]

    First off not the first thing you should read if you re reading LOEG It s a very basic story with a very subtle point and none of the main LOEG characters are involved Right away, those who haven t liked LOEG since The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Black Dossier changed the game on which I will write at some length in a review, someday will continue to miss the point and see it only as an excuse to have Charles Foster Kane send a trio of Edisonade characters including Edward Stratemeyer s pl [...]

    On the plus side Interesting book Written by Alan Moore A feel very similar to the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen A dash of hollow earth Some Lovecraftian overtones Downside Shorter story than League Not nearly the cast of characters as League Lacks something of the depth and intricacy of League Note that I m just using League as a convenient frame of reference here, as I m guessing most folks interested in Moore s work have read that I m not using that a yardstick for judging the book, I m a [...]

    David Schaafsma
    I wrote this in July 2103 League of Extraordinary Gentleman spinoff, ode to H.P Lovecraft horror taleSome people here absolutely loved it felt thin and disjointed to me But hearing that the trilogy is now completed, I thought I would read all three of them, and reread this one, of course And then I thought I would read around about Captain Nemo a bit, be fairer to the story I hadn t done my homework before last reading So First, this trilogy is a spin off from Moore s League of Extraordinary Gen [...]

    Sada je na redu Ktulu mitos I ovog puta ne pratimo nase poznate karatkere nego je fokus na cerci kapetana Nema i njenim pokusajima da zaseni svoga oca Ostali elementi su isto tu, uvrnuto, konfuzno sa mastovitim dizajnom cudovista.Sta vec reci ako su vam legli raniji stripovi moze samo dalje.

    Nicolo Yu
    This is the first book of the Nemo trilogy and it picks up from the character s first appearance in the 1910 chapter of Century, the third volume of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen This book actually served as a better sequel to 1910 and stays true to the Victorian aesthetics of the line art, rather than the psychedelic 1969 Incidentally, I stopped reading Century with 1969 and I haven t had the heart to pick up the 2009 chapter yet.Thematically, it fits better with this reader s imaginati [...]

    Marc Pastor
    M ho he passat d all m s b amb aquesta en sima revisi de Las monta as de la locura No t m s pur entreteniment i homenatge I neu, molta neu.

    Charles Hatfield
    Aptly named, Nemo is a lark with an ice cold heart In this spinoff from the Moore O Neill League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Janni, the daughter of Captain Nemo, takes the Nautilus crew, including first mate Broad Arrow Jack a Victorian penny dreadful hero and various other borrowed characters, to Antarctica, there to encounter cyclopean landscapes and creeping horrors stitched from Poe s Arthur Gordon Pym and Lovecraft s At the Mountains of Madness They are pursued by Tom Swift and other leftov [...]

    This is a spin off of the League of Extraordinary Gentleman series I was skeptical going in because in my opinion the main series has been running out of steam for a few books now and I haven t been blown away by it since book two.That being said, this was an impressive return to form Moore seemed to remember what made the first two books work Great storytelling and fantastically clever literary allusions I m probably biased because this book heavily reference H.P Lovecraft, one of my all time f [...]

    DNF with Jack Mack
    Is Moore anti woman or just anti Nemo Another cruel inside joke Another game of How Big is Nemo s Nose by O Neill, since it shrinks and expands depending on the panel Tries much, achieves little view spoiler Janni, out of yet another misplaced pang of insecurity, tries to one up her dead old man Nemo She risks her suicidal self and crew by traveling beyond Lovecraft s Mountains of Madness She comes out not insane, but minus another character, Thinking Machine Some female baddie that reminds me o [...]

    the latest installment of the ongoing League of Extraordinary Gentlemen saga, Nemo Heart of Ice is drenched w gloom, foreboding, mystery horror Alan Moore s trademarks I have been loving every chapter and story in this series, but this one really hit me in a weird, wonderful way, than any other the plot is simple inexorable, the multitude of references to fictional characters pleasantly at a non distracting minimum this time around, the whole book is suffused by the spirits of H.P Lovecraft Jac [...]

    Having read most of Alan Moore s comic work and being a fan of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, this came at somewhat of a disappointment The premise is fine some 30 years after the original series we are introduced to the daughter of Captain Nemo and follow her on an adventure after which the events change her The adventure in question has conflict, adventure and wonder, and the main character going through an arc, but it all seems shallow though.I think the idea is to continue in the wor [...]

    I bought this today as a treat It is by far the prettiest of the league books to date It is a beautiful hardcover and is very much like a French comic with gorgeous illustrations and a shortish story The story is very Lovecraftian, going to the South pole and finding only madness Kevin O Neill really out does himself with the graphics in this The monsters, the cyclopean geography, the mountains of madness, all the things that are too unspeakable to describe, he manages to do and make them gorgeo [...]

    Jared Millet
    Nice to have Mr Moore O Neill taking on a story a little lighter, accessible, and less apocalyptic after the mind melting, Harry Potter defiling finale to LXG Century And it s weird to use the words lighter and accessible to describe a story with so much death and a visit to Lovecraft s Mountains of Madness And while Moore continues to dance around the edge of copyright violation, I was than a little pleased to find an old childhood hero, Tom Swift, finally appearing in the series, albeit as [...]

    After the disappointing volume 3 of LOEG,this book manages to capture the reader who was fell in love with LOEG and introduce the next genereation My personal LOEG hero was Nemo and it was a pleasant surprise to see his daughter carry on the legacy and throw us into new adventures Better than what I expected it to be

    A swift reade.

    very bland, alan moore seems to have utterly forgotten how to write a narrative and now just does gimmick shite last one i ll be buying

    closer to 4 stars than 3 but not as good as the original volume

    As much, and I will not run from prior statements, that I consider Alan Moore to be than a bit full of himself, when he goes to the public domain characters that he uses in his League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Tales and spin offs , he does a hell of a job Look this is a quick breezy read, I ll admit that Captain Nemo s aka Prince Dakkar , daughter Janni has kept up her piratical ways, and is so doing has angered a guest of newspaper mogul Charles Foster Kane Janni Dakkar decides she wants to b [...]

    This review originally appeared on my blog,Shared Universe Reviews Alan Moore and Kevin O Neil s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series is some of my favourite work by Moore It s also one of the best comics of the last ten years The series had been marked by a less than conventional publication history, beginning as a two mini series followed by a hardcover graphic novel and, after that, a third series published in annual 80 page instalments Moore and O Neil told the story of the League from t [...]

    Ramón Fernández Ayarzagoitia
    Incre ble historia lovecraftiana del se or Moore Se puede leer como una precuela de las monta as de la locura o como una historia que ocurre en el universo de League of Extraordinary Gentlemen aunque pr cticamente se puede leer como su propia historia, ya que las referencias al c mic est n limitadas al universo en el que se genera El arte de O Niell se supera a s mismo en esta historia, y la edici n es preciosa de principio a fin chenle un ojo a las contraportadas.

    David Schwan
    Wonderfully strange book with outstanding graphics Story revolves around a later generation Neno a woman who clearly knows what she wants and how to achieve it.

    Read on a recommendation I think I would have enjoyed it if I d read LXG recently.

    Artur Coelho
    Nas edi es mais recentes de League of Extraordinary Gentleman Moore e O Neill come aram a ser acusados de um certo obscurantismo, com argumentos difusos, envoltos em refer ncias complexas e a decair para uma tristeza tr gica enquanto o elemento aventura ficava totalmente de parte E diga se que de Black Dossier para a frente a s rie passou a estar mais virada sobre si pr pria, numa recursividade quase inici tica, do que da aventura divertida que caracterizou os dois primeiros volumes Aventura div [...]

    Variaciones Enrojo
    Rese a de Mario de Olivera para Fancueva fancueva comic nemo coLo que Alan Moore ha significado para el comic es algo que hoy en d a ya se aprecia bastante pero, da la impresi n, que poco a poco se le ir reconociendo m s a medida que pasen los a os La actual situaci n del barbudo guionista es de sobra conocida por todos los aficionados renegando de todo y de todos los que tengan que ver con el medio, Moore tan solo publica material de este particular universo, el de La Liga de los Caballeros Ext [...]

    To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield Piraterie liegt scheinbar im Blut Captain Nemos Tochter Janni f hrt das Lebenswerk ihres ber chtigten Vaters fort Dass man sich damit Feinde macht, ist klar Doch manche Feinde haben die technischen Mittel, die als Selbstfindungsreise geplante Expedition Jannis in die antarktische Eisw ste, auf den Spuren ihres Vaters, zu einer Jagd auf Leben und Tod zu machenPoe, Verne und Lovecraft sind die Inspirationen f r diese Reise ins Herz der Eisfinsternis We [...]

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