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  • Title: If You Dare
  • Author: Kresley Cole
  • ISBN: 9781416540946
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback

  • If You Dare By Kresley Cole CAN HE EXACT A REVENGE High in the Pyrenees, a band of mercenaries led by Courtland MacCarrick wages war for General Reynaldo Pascal When Court turns on the evil general, Pascal orders him killed but Court narrowly escapes and exacts revenge by kidnapping Pascal s exquisite Castilian fianceeN SHE DENY HER PASSIONS Lady Annalia Tristan Llorente despises her towering, baCAN HE EXACT A REVENGE High in the Pyrenees, a band of mercenaries led by Courtland MacCarrick wages war for General Reynaldo Pascal When Court turns on the evil general, Pascal orders him killed but Court narrowly escapes and exacts revenge by kidnapping Pascal s exquisite Castilian fianceeN SHE DENY HER PASSIONS Lady Annalia Tristan Llorente despises her towering, barbaric captor almost as much as she does Pascal Her inexplicable attraction to the Highlander only fuels her fury But nothing will stop her from returning to Pascal for if she doesn t wed him, she signs her brother s death warrant, as well as her ownN THERE BE LOVE BETWEEN THEM From the moment Court discovers that Anna s prim facade masks a fiery, brave lass, his heart s ensnared, and he dares to defy the curse that has shadowed his life to walk with death or walk alone But Pascal vows that he ll hunt the two, never stopping until he s destroyed them both.
    Kresley Cole
    Kresley Cole is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of the electrifying Immortals After Dark paranormal series, the young adult Arcana Chronicles series, the erotic Gamemakers series, and five award winning historical romances.A master s grad and former athlete, she has traveled over much of the world and draws from those experiences to create her memorable characters and settings Her IAD books have been translated into 23 foreign languages, garnered three RITA awards, a RWA Hall of Fame induction, and consistently appear on the bestseller lists, in the U.S and abroad.Cole lives in Florida with her family Learn about Kresley at kresleycole thearcanachronicles

    If You Dare By Kresley Cole


    Laura the Highland Hussy
    2.5Wow, where to begin Okay, obviously, at the beginning If this book weren t written by Kresley Cole, one of my absolute favorite authors of all time, I would not have finished it About page 65 or so, I hated the heroine s idiocy and thought our Alpha male hero was just a jackass rather than an Alpha I am glad I finished it because around page 250 or so I began to like the book Why such the gap I can t be sure, but I feel like our idiotic heroine and our jerk of a hero became two separate chara [...]

    Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    WHAT EVERY GOOD HISTORICAL ROMANCE NEEDS A virile and masculine hero who is incredibly dangerous, stubborn and a tease Must be at least six feet plus obviously Add in battle scars and he becomes the sexiest man alive CHECK A strong and relatable heroine who is smart and can turn on the charm CHECK Beautiful settings CHECK Two bonus brothers who are equally, if not , sexy than the hero The reasoning here is that three is better than one Duh CHEECCK And most importantly, The use of Scottish accen [...]

    I loved this book LOVED IT Kresley Cole writes some of THE best male characters and her female leads possess all the qualities I require in order for me to enjoy the book they are smart, funny, independent, sexy and in most cases 100% badass If you read and loved Kresley s Game Maker Series, you will absolutely ADORE her MacCarrick Brothers Series Think macho alpha male but in a HIGHLANDER form Trust me, it doesn t get any macho or any alpha than this Throw in Kresley s signature writing and y [...]

    Juliana Philippa
    Reminded me why I love romance and romance heroes especially oh so very much 4.5 stars Wow This book was an amazing read and came at just the time when I really needed an HR winner I bought this book awhile ago, but just couldn t commit to reading it I was convinced from some of the summaries that the heroine was a TSTL spoiled brat who would annoy me to no end and having never read Kresley Cole but knowing that she writes pretty sizzling stories, I was afraid it would be choc a bloc full of exc [...]

    4.5 starsWhat a lovely book I loved, loved, loved this one I wanted to read a medieval historical romance with Highlanders, so I picked this one up, because it s written by Kresley Cole and I love her Immortals After Dark series Well, this is not a medieval HR, lol It is set in 1856, I don t know how I missed that, but I decided to stick with it and I m glad I did If you read other reviews, you ll see that most readers didn t like the characters It s true that they weren t the most likeable H h [...]

    I hated the heroine in this one Hated her She was the worst heroine I ve read about so far Prejudiced, haughty, opinionatedThe only saving grace was the obvious love she held for her brother, willing to do anything to save him, although that one safely landed her in the TSTL pile.The entire book was a bit silly, if you ask me The heroine kept ending up in one mess after another, and for a person so educated and of so elevated rank , she didn t appear to have any brain cells at all.The hero was y [...]

    I d heard some bad things about the heroine of this book before I started reading it, so I was prepared to sigh and roll my eyesballs a lot while going through it As it turned out, I only did it once Yes, Annal a was obnoxious towards Court and did some stupid things, but I understood her reasons and, quite frankly, he was partly responsible for her acting like that.Court wasn t one of the best heroes I ve ever met either I didn t really connect with him, and I thought he was quite disrespectful [...]

    Kresley ablam zla buram buram isko , alfa, yaku uklu pi kokan bir kitap vas tas yla tan mam demek ne demek biliyor musunuz Bu kitab n zerine di er seriyi okursam da sevmezsem yazar gebertirim demek Umutlar ve beklentiler allahuekber da lar n a m bulunmakta.Buralara k k bir edit ekleyeyim kitaptaki kad n karakterin masumlu u harika yans t lm Ya tabii ilk defa virgin okumuyoruz da kim adam gibi yans tabildi o virgin safl n Al i te mis gibi yazm ya kad n Bir ara ciddi ciddi gururland m falan, a lay [...]

    Elise ✘ a.k.a Ryder's Pet ✘
    Might contain spoilers Review posted 10.07.2016She weighed no than a feather as he lifted her, but he teased her, saying, You weigh than you look You are weaker than you look, she immediately whispered.Story Beaten to the core Courtland MacCarrick barely escapes general Pascal s kill order by throwing himself into the river By the river is where Lady Annal a Trist n Llorente finds Court nearly unconscious She decides to save him, so she brings him to her home, where she nurses him back to heal [...]

    DNF 50%I am having the worst luck with books these past couple weeks but this is another DNF.Everyone just annoyed the crap out of me The heroine is haughty and arrogant and it didn t annoy me as much as some other reviewers but she still isn t one of my favs The hero on the other handI felt like bitch slapping him multiple timesGosh, so unbelievably rude, arrogant, and tactless The h goes to him to ask for help since she just learned her brother has been kidnapped and he demands her body as pay [...]

    Pleasantly surprised The plots are so so But Courtland definitely has his moments Heroine is rather plain as a character This book kept my interest though I thought with such tried plots and a relationship that seems to build on sex, the book managed a lot than most romances.

    Good start to a series Deeply sensual, Cole writes a steamy romantic story I wasn t sure at first what I thought about the hero of IYD, Courtland MacCarrick, as he came off stubborn, hard nosed and a bit of jerk And too, Annalia Tristan Llorente, the heroine, seemed too proud and bound by societal stricture I just wasn t sure how these two would ever get together.But I soon found out they were than they seemed, and that, as well as writing heated romantic scenes, the author knows how to put dep [...]

    Carolyn F.
    Danette had warned me this book was frustrating for the first half and boy was it I wanted to strangle Anna How many ways could Courtland try to be nice to her and her keep tricking him over and over Then she FINALLY changes her mind It was almost too little too late but the ending was very romantic and sweet which made up slightly for the first half, but only slightly I like a little trepidation, but this was over the top.

    To start out with this review, I just want to say this If I had a sexy as hell Highlander who talked to me with an orgasmic Scottish brogue and wanted me, I would be all over that There is no way I would be trying to get rid of him I hate to say it, but I really didn t like Annalia until about halfway through the book, and it was mostly because of her prejudice against the Scots, especially after Court and his guys really hadn t done anything to hurt her So, I didn t start liking her until she d [...]

    3.5 stars

    What a wonderful kick of to a awesome trilogy Courtland MacCarrick is a cursed man So maybe he has taken a few chances than most men But when he is rescued from a river by a beautiful golden haired maiden with a sexy spanish accent, his luck may be changing Annalia for her part wished she would have thrown the huge, shaggy headed Scot right back in the water He proceeds to take over her life giving her all these demands, making her feel and want things that she knows is no good for her Court fo [...]

    4.5 STARS I ve heard bad things about the Heroine,Annal a Llorente, and i can see why AT THE BEGINNING.Most complain she was self absorbed and high and mighty and i can say yes, she was, at the beginning yet she at the beginning, showed compassion toward her higlander guest, when she finds him injured beside a river, she carry s him with the help of her trusty sted aka a small pony Ilamba Correct me if the spellings wrong She GROWS as a human being and some of the reviewers seemed to hold grudge [...]

    ♥Sam ♥ ~S2~Im made of awesomness
    This was not my first Kresley Cole, but it was my first HR by her And she didn t disappoint Almost immediately you could feel that special Cole something that she seems to be able to bring to all her books Dare I say this was my first Highlander story hmm.well ME LIKEY THE HIGHLANDERS This story had everything yummy gruff highlander and two equally yummy brothers and a heroine that didn t piss me off every other paragraph FINALLY a woman who wanted her man.I absolutely refuse to write what the s [...]

    4 starsI don t normally read any kind of romance unless there is a pretty strong paranormal element to the story The only reason why I gave If You Dare a try is because it was penned by Kresley Cole I was hoping this story would have the usual snark I ve come to appreciate in Ms Cole s characters And I got it Courtland MacCarrick is a highland mercenary who likes highlands who just so happened to pick the wrong side of a fight He s your typical arrogant, hot, head strong, hot, tough as nails, ho [...]

    IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL MISTAKEI never knew I would like this book I usually don t undertake historical NOR erotic novel Let s say I was doing some experiments to myself, especially my mood I kept feel sorry reading it Half of the book was really desperation I ve just realized that it was me that make the whole situation of my reading difficult.It s just A GOOD STORY The erotica was such a delightful reading I m not naive so I should say it s satisfying I like the whole story especially the character [...]

    Points given for the unusual plot, setting, and smart ish heroine.Alas, nothing particularly special or memorable It wasn t light or lovable enough to comparable to Julie garwood or Amanda quickNor was it dense and enthralling enough as say, Judith McNaught.Instead it was in a murky place between the two, that I just didn t find all that enjoyable But, if you re in the mood for a sexy highlander in exotic locations, go for it This just wasn t a favorite of mine.

    Heather C
    It took me a while to get into this one It turned out to be really cute story I was really confused about the curse and what it projected, but I think the MacCarricks didn t really understand it either I plan to read the others in the series.

    4.5 starsAfter 5% I knew this would be good Really really good writing and exciting plot Thank you for the recommendation, Azra

    Sana Zameer
    Seems like Kresley Cole can do no wrong I loved her Arcana Chronicles and Immortals after Dark Series and I really enjoyed the first book of this historical series An alpha highlander and an arrogant, judgemental heroine, though she did redeemed herself in the end With lots of angst, action and steam.

    I had read the last book in the trilogy If You Deceive due to seeing it rec d over and over as a great revenge book I did enjoy that one immensely but thought this one was almost as good.I liked both the hero and the heroine Although, at first, Court was a real ass He resented the fact that he was so attracted to a woman who was above his station and who showed him quite a bit of contempt However, Annalia s contempt was very reasonable in my opinion.Annalia had been raised in a very sheltered en [...]

    Katherine 黄爱芬
    Court, tentara bayaran dr Skotlandia, terluka parah dan ditolong oleh seorang gadis di Andorra Annalia adalah gadis bangsawan setempat, entah insting darimana utk merawat luka2 Court.Ternyata yg kemudian terjadi, Court bukannya membalas budi pada Annalia, eh malah selalu memandang mesum setiap kali melihat gadis itu Ketika gadis itu minta tolong dgn merayu Court utk membebaskan kakak semata wayangnya, Aleix, Court malah menghina Annalia.Hal ini menyebabkan Annalia shock dan sepenuhnya yakin makh [...]

    I m in love with the MacCarrick Brothers I first read Ethan s story, which is the third and final novel in the MacCarrick brothers trilogy and was amazed that I went this long without reading it Although I love all the brothers, my favorite is Ethan swoons Okay enough of him I have to talk about another thumbs up love story Courtland aka Court , was if possible even brutally honest and unpolished That s not his usual way with woman, but Annal a just brings it out in him He feels something for h [...]

    Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog)
    I have read all Kresley Coles paranormal romance books which I loved so decided to read her historical books, and I was not dissappointed.I really liked the main characters in the book, Courtland and Annalia I know that alot of people don t seem to like her, but I thought she was funny and interesting Although she was aloof and snobby and had a prejudice against Highlanders, I think that it was understandable giving her circumstances I thought some of teh best scenes in teh book was when she was [...]

    I bought this book because I really enjoy Kresley Cole s Immortals After Dark series Someone recommended that I try the MacCarrick Brothers trilogy because it is supposedly some of her best historical work If this is an example of her best historical work I m definitely better off not reading any of them.What was up with Anna in this story Her personality was so grating and she did such stupid things Through out most of the book she loathed Court Now I can understand this as I found him pretty i [...]

    Liam called out in a bored tone, Court, there s a pitchfork rebellion here to see you What A collection of doddering old men, torches, and farm tools I fear for our safety and advise fleeing posthaste Despite some very funny lines, this isn t a very good story The character developement is poor and they are hard to relate to This curse nonsense isn t properly explained and is all in all just odd This story lacks flow or key scenes to keep the readers interest The above quote did have me laughing [...]

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