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  • Title: In Gods' Hands
  • Author: Jessa Callaver
  • ISBN: 9781301102686
  • Page: 388
  • Format: ebook

  • In Gods' Hands By Jessa Callaver Masks, mischief, all night partying It s Carnival in Italyr everyone but Cassandra Tracy The girl who s never met a low life she didn t like Turned out onto the streets in the wake of her cheating boyfriend s latest indiscretion, she goes looking to drown her sorrows And encountersa most divine intervention.
    Jessa Callaver
    Jessa is above all else a writer who loves to read and has been since age three and Where the Wild Things Are A novice to fictionwriting, she one day chose to combine her lit obsession with the racier parts of her imagination, and welle rest is e history.A proud indie writer her contemporary and erotic romance short stories have sold hundreds of copies both in the US and overseas and can be found online at Barnes Noble, Kindle, Library Direct, AllRomanceebooks, Page Foundry, Baker Taylor, Apple and Sony s e stores, Kobo and Diesel Her newest release is Dara s Decision , a sequel to the hot teaser short, The Very Thought of Him She is currently at work on a sci fi romantica novel, and the third installment of her The Very Thought of Him series, both to be completed this year.

    In Gods' Hands By Jessa Callaver


    In true form, this short story by Jessa Callaver is hot and steamy The story finds us at the Carnival in Italy with Cassie, who is down on her luck after a fight with her boyfriend She runs into literally a couple of guys and for lack of anyplace better to go, she ends up going back to their hotel with them However, no one in this story is how they appear, and Cassie gets the surprise of her life.

    Another short story that does not disappoint The book was amazing from beginning to end, Jessa knows how to keep the reader entertained I love her writing style, each of her books are different you never get the same story over and over again Her books are fantastic and enjoyable to the point where you are left wanting The Gods were a great addition to the book they made the storyline even intriguing and sexy especially because of the steamy scenes Although it s short you will still enjoy it v [...]

    This story started with an upset, tipsy Cassie riding through Carnival on her cheating boyfriend s scooter She literally runs into Troy and Victor and wavers over whether to accept Troy s advances or not Fast forward to the hotel room, which is where things get weird view spoiler I can understand waiting until this point to introduce the God aspect I don t understand the robbery bit, as there s been no indication to this point that Cassie was looking for a mark I think that should have been hint [...]

    Jason Rapczynski
    An intensely satisfying read that draws you in to a picturesque world vivid and strikingly graphic In God s Hands keeps you hooked until the very end Set in Italy during Carnival, Callaver s tale calls to mind Poe s The Cask of Amontillado and while this work of erotic fiction may be about erecting than a brick wall, the ending, like the final words of Montresor, will stay with you in a way that transcends genre Following one particular climax in the narrative, the protagonist, Cassie, Unwanted [...]

    Jonel Boyko
    This is a uniquely lively novella that keeps you captivated and doesn t let you get away I love the mix of reality and the supernatural, of humans with gods I also enjoyed how Callaver presents one of the gods in his many forms I appreciate that the forms that she presented can all be seen as the flip side to a coin, and you can easily see the correlation between these gods from different cultures and civilizations I can t believe how fun these characters were, considering how short this story w [...]

    Sylvia Smart
    I must say this short story by Jessa Callaver was a very lovely read Very hot and naughty at the same time Incredibly well written, well developed story Without a doubt the most exciting work I ve read so far, very well written The story takes place at the Carnival in Italy with Cassie, the main character who catches her boyfriend cheating and she is quite disappointed Soon she meets Troy and Victor and she gets the surprise of her life The story seemed whole, with nothing needed and nothing th [...]

    Angie ~aka Reading Machine~
    Cassandra Cassie Tracy catches her boyfriend cheating on her and runs out into the streets of Tuscany during Carnival She wonders what s gonna happen now that she has no place to live and no boyfriend either She wants to forget she ever met her boyfriend Cassie nearly runs over a stranger with her ex boyfriend s Constantina Cassie never expected to find such passion and fire with this hansome stranger Will Cassie forgive her boyfriend Who is this handsome stranger Can Cassie find the passion wit [...]

    It s Carnival in Italy Cassie Tracy should be out celebrating with the rest of the city but instead she is trying to forget about her cheating, now ex boyfriend s latest indiscretion While driving around the city she literally runs into Troy and his friend Victor Will this be a night that Cassie will never forget I thought that this book was good It is a short hot erotica that doesn t disappoint you Jessa has a way of describing the scenes which makes you feel like your right there with the char [...]

    Queen Spades
    Jessa is the business There were so many twists and turns in this piece of work From the main character to the gentleman she encounters, In Gods Hands contains a wonderful balance of rich characters, plot, and steamy erotica to make your mouth water I m very impressed with this work and look forward to reading from her.I also did a extensive review on my blog site, The Review Board theunleashedreviewboard.wordpr

    Richard Sommery-Gade
    This has twists and turns than a piece of Venetian Mille Flores glass Cassie gets the surprise of her life and a true treat of any Italians life, especially when you can upstage an Italian abusive jerk The old Gods do truly smile on this young lady, which makes this sex farce a real winner 5 Stars in my book, you are gonna love it with a good glass of Chianti.

    I m really confused but not and I m really wondering why this story has no tags and ummm WTF I just read So yeah, not what I expected but a really interesting little story

    Elsa Carrion
    Working on review.

    Mysti Parker
    I ve never been a huge fan of erotic fiction, and not because I dislike the graphic love scenes Quite the contrary In many cases, I simply find the theme and plot to be lacking and the intimate scenes to be nauseatingly detailed But, Jessa Callaver s short erotic fiction has grown on me In this particular story, I immediately empathized with the heroine, Cassie, a college dropout who moved to Italy in hopes of finding a good time What she got, on the other hand, was caught up in an abusive relat [...]

    I read IN GODS HANDS by Jessa Callaver, an erotic romance with a touch of humor, for review however the author asked for constructive criticism to help her going forward This impressed me right away about Ms Callaver Her desire to improve her craft beyond once it s published tells me she really wants to do right by her readership I wish authors had this kind of integrity.I really like the premise of this short story and I LOVED the location It s Italy What s not to love The author did a good jo [...]

    Annalise Grey
    Okay so I am seriously conflicted here I loved other Jessa Callaver stories but this was just too weird and jumbled for me I wanted to love it like I did the others but I can t Her writing is still wonderful with vivid descriptions and excellent word choice which always feels fresh and inventive So it is definitely not because of any skill on her part Having said that, I absolutely hate battered abused women in erotica unless there is a healing love story to go along with it which there was not [...]

    Nik Flandre
    I loved this erotic adventure in Italy At the outset, we find a distraught Cassie, who has left her boyfriend stealing his scooter and wine in the midst of Carnival after discovering him bedding another tart But when, half drunk, she nearly runs over an American tourist named Troy, things take a turn for the sexy Troy s friend runs off in the crowd to continue the party but Troy insists on sticking with and giving Cassie shelter for the night but as the night unfolds, we quickly find out that no [...]

    This was one weird journeyenjoyable, but a little hard to follow with all the twists and turns into what I would describe as differing genresFrom a gritty urban tale of despair, to an unexpected romance which quickly progressed from sweet to erotic, to an inexplicable and sudden menage scene, to a paranormal shape shifting sequence, to a rapid fire sequence of greek roman mythology, and finally ending with miraculous impregnation by a God if only the author had used some creativity.

    Jessa Callaver
    My newest release What to say An intriguing romp with a mythical nod and just a hint of the unexpected.

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