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  • Title: Outsiders, Vol. 3: Wanted
  • Author: Judd Winick Carlos D'Anda Karl Kerschl Dan Jurgens
  • ISBN: 9781401204600
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback

  • Outsiders, Vol. 3: Wanted By Judd Winick Carlos D'Anda Karl Kerschl Dan Jurgens Written by Judd Winick Art by Carlos D Anda, Karl Kerschl, Dan Jurgens, and others Cover by Doug Mahnke The thrilling third collection of the hot title collects OUTSIDERS 16 23 This volume includes the 3 part Most Wanted story arc featuring television personality John Walsh, as well as an IDENTITY CRISIS tie in story guest starring Batman
    Judd Winick Carlos D'Anda Karl Kerschl Dan Jurgens
    Born February 12th, 1970 and raised on Long Island in New York, Judd began cartooning professionally at 16 with a single paneled strip called Nuts Bolts This ran weekly through Anton Publications, a newspaper publisher that produced town papers in the Tri state area He was paid 10 dollars a week.In August of 1988, Judd began attending the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor bringing Nuts Bolts with him, but turning it into a four panel strip and creating a cast of characters to tell his tales Nuts Bolts ran in The Michigan Daily 5 days a week from my freshman year freshperson, or first year student, as they liked to say at U of M , until graduation in the spring of 1992.A collection of those college years Nuts Bolts was published in Ann Arbor Watching the Spin Cycle the Nuts Bolts collection had a small run of a thousand books a couple of months before graduation They sold out in about 2 weeks and there are no plans to republish it.Before graduation he accepted a development deal with a major syndicate syndicates are the major league baseball of comic strips They act as an agent or broker and sell comic strips to newspapers Judd spent the next year living in Boston, and developing his strip.The bottom dropped out when the syndicate decided that they were not going to pursue Nuts and Bolts for syndication and were terminating his development contract.Crushed and almost broke, he moved back in with his parents in July 1993 Getting by doing spot illustration jobs, Judd actually had Nuts Bolts in development with Nickelodeon as an animated series At one point he even turned the human characters into mice Young Urban Mice and Rat Race were the working titles.In August of 1993 he saw an ad on MTV for The Real World III, San Francisco For those who may not know, The Real World is a real life documentary soap opera, where 7 strangers from around the country are put up in a house and filmed for six months You get free rent, free moving costs, you get to live in San Francisco, and get to be a famous pig on television.The Audition process, was everything from doing a video, to filling out a 15 page application, to in person interviews with the producers, to being followed around and filmed for a day 6 months and 6 levels later, Judd was in.On February 12th 1993, he moved into a house on Russian Hill and they began filming Along the way Nuts Bolts was given a weekly spot in the San Francisco Examiner This WHOLE deal was filmed and aired for the show.They moved out in June of 1994, a couple of days after O.J s Bronco chase in L.A The show began airing a week later.Along with the weekly San Francisco Examiner gig, Judd began doing illustrations for The Complete Idiot s Guide series through QUE Books Since then, Judd has illustrated over 300 Idiot s Guides and still does the cartoons for the computer oriented Idiot s Guides line.A collection of the computer related titles cartoons was published in 1997 as Terminal Madness, The Complete Idiot s Guide Computer Cartoon Collection.Not too long after the show had been airing, Judd s roommate from the show and good friend, AIDS activist Pedro Zamora, took ill from AIDS complications Pedro was to begin a lecture tour in September Judd agreed to step in and speak on his behalf until he was well enough to do so again In August of 1994, Pedro checked into a hospital and never recovered.Pedro passed away on November 11, 1994 He was 22.Judd continued to lecture about Pedro, Aids education and prevention and what it s like to live with some one who is living with AIDS for most of 1995 Speaking at over 70 schools across the country, Judd describes it as, e most fulfilling and difficult time in my life But time and emotional constraints forced him to stop lecturing.In May of 1995 Judd found the weekly Nuts Bolts under whelming and decided to give syndication another go Re vamping Nuts Bolts

    Outsiders, Vol. 3: Wanted By Judd Winick Carlos D'Anda Karl Kerschl Dan Jurgens


    This series started off interesting right away There was a new person in charge, a new member and an underground child smuggling ring A couple of the comics revolved around some of the members that they wouldn t normally highlight and that made it so much interesting and exciting, to see these characters in a different, intense way It also gives us a villain that I haven t read about before, which made that story a lot exciting We find out that they have been conducting business with someone [...]

    Outsiders Wanted was pretty much the high water mark for Judd Winick s run on the title Judd s focus was on the members of the team that are personal favorites of mine and there were couple of pretty cool moments Winick delves deeper into the relationship between Nightwing and Arsenal and there are interesting similarities to that of their mentors Although they seem to interact like brothers And by that I mean they beat each other s asses Nightwing has continued to be distant from the rest of t [...]

    I felt a little luke warm about some things in this volume, but there were also a lot of positives.The positives we really got to see Dick hitting his hardest both physically and psychologically and directed at Roy no less It s always fascinating for me to see those moments when Dick can be an utter asshole to his friends it s not everyone s favorite trait about him, but I find it really interesting when it does show up view spoiler hide spoiler This scene also serves as the perfect counterpoin [...]

    Tim Maidment
    Very much a volume of two speeds and voices part of it is the familiar ground of heroics and bright colours, bravery with a quip and ongoing storylines that are neatly tied into wider events happening in the DC universe at the timeThe other part is far somber, dealing with child abduction and paedophilia and the colours and art are far murkier and impressionistic for this part Its uncomfortable reading, but I didn t find it sensationalistic or insulting indeed it was a surprise to find adult wr [...]

    Nicholas Palmieri
    And here s where everything hits the fan The previous two volumes were fun, fast paced action, but here all of the sparse character moments of those books finally come together to reveal their greater significance This volume is heavily character based, which is a welcome change of pace, and twist after twist is launched at the reader A wonderful centerpiece to this era of the Outsiders The art also changes here, from the realistic style of previous volumes to stylized, angular pencils with fl [...]

    I am simply loving the Outsiders Regret no getting into them a lot sooner I have always love Nightwing and Speedy Arsenal I first glace I didn t think The Outsiders make a good team But, wow do they ever and having members like Jade and shift in the team makes them that much better This This trade papeback is simply amazing Great story great art and great super heroes My one and only problem was the cameo the show Americas Most wanted did It took me out of the fantasy I enjoy from comicbooks Thi [...]

    The theme of this trade is clearly fatherhood, and that increases the awesome tenfold Perhaps it is my obsession with the domestic, former drug addict now world s best dad Roy Harper that leads me to focus on the parental relationships as opposed to simply the lost childhood aspects I really liked the child slavery ring as a villain instead of the Joker or someone comically evil, but I liked it best of all because Winick brings it home with Roy The side scenes with Batman, Green Arrow, and Death [...]

    I m really liking the Outsiders I admit I was feeling a little sceptical when reading the preface to the first volume, about this being grown up, edgier, darker because that sort of thing can backfire.Well, this didn t It s an interesting team dynamic, the characters are all believable, and, well, there is Nightwing And in this volume there is a lot of Nightwing interacting with Batman, which is very possibly my favourite thing in the world right now, especially when Alfred makes an appearance [...]

    Not my favorite Outsiders story The underage sex slave ring was quite an interesting angle to tackle I disliked that they brought in John Walsh and America s Most Wanted for the story I did enjopy the revelation that Deathstroke was their inside man in intel and the Batman was their financial benefactor Thias really allowed for the tension to come to a head with the team Overall it is an okay story.

    Overall I liked it, even if the plot was a bit messy and seemed to jump out of nowhere Then again, this is the third book and I haven t read the previous ones I liked the character diversity, I liked the fact that there are girls than boys, I liked the interspecies relationship and I liked Batman s little visit Also I found Shrapnel absolutely hilarious.

    Great volume Love the outsiders Great team, right seeing them bickering just like an everyday couple DAnd what an ending was that Really want to get started on the next one to find out how it progressesGoing to start now Cheers

    Sort of juvinille Some interesting twists and powers but generally too juvineille Interesting twist about child prostitution.

    I mean, it wasn t bad but it was a far cry from my style Perhaps if I d read the volumes leading to here Anyway, take it or leave it.

    This one was hard to get through There s a lot of dark stuff going on Not super villain dark but real world dark Trigger warnings for mentions of rape, sexual abuse, and abuse.

    • [AZW] Á Outsiders, Vol. 3: Wanted | by ✓ Judd Winick Carlos D'Anda Karl Kerschl Dan Jurgens
      Judd Winick Carlos D'Anda Karl Kerschl Dan Jurgens