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  • Title: Mother Daughter Me
  • Author: KatieHafner
  • ISBN: 9780812984590
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback

  • Mother Daughter Me By KatieHafner The complex, deeply binding relationship between mothers and daughters is brought vividly to life in Katie Hafner s remarkable memoir, an exploration of the year she and her mother, Helen, spent working through, and triumphing over, a lifetime of unresolved emotions Dreaming of a year in Provence with her mother, Katie urges Helen to move to San Francisco to live withThe complex, deeply binding relationship between mothers and daughters is brought vividly to life in Katie Hafner s remarkable memoir, an exploration of the year she and her mother, Helen, spent working through, and triumphing over, a lifetime of unresolved emotions Dreaming of a year in Provence with her mother, Katie urges Helen to move to San Francisco to live with her and Zo , Katie s teenage daughter Katie and Zo had become a mother daughter team, strong enough, Katie thought, to absorb the arrival of a seventy seven year old woman set in her ways Filled with fairy tale hope that she and her mother would become friends, and that Helen would grow close to her exceptional granddaughter, Katie embarked on an experiment in intergenerational living that she would soon discover was filled with land mines memories of her parents painful divorce, of her mother s drinking, of dislocating moves back and forth across the country, and of Katie s own widowhood and bumpy recovery Helen, for her part, was also holding difficult issues at bay How these three women from such different generations learn to navigate their challenging, turbulent, and ultimately healing journey together makes for riveting reading By turns heartbreaking and funny and always insightful Katie Hafner s brave and loving book answers questions about the universal truths of family that are central to the lives of so many.
    Katie Hafner was on staff at The New York Times for ten years, where she remains a frequent contributor, writing on healthcare and technology She has also worked at Newsweek and BusinessWeek, and has written for The New York Times Magazine, Esquire,Wired, The New Republic, The Huffington Post, and O The Oprah Magazine She is the author of five previous works of nonfiction covering a diverse range of topics, including the origins of the Internet, computer hackers, German reunification, and the pianist Glenn Gould.O Magazine named her newest book, a memoir Mother Daughter Me one of Ten Titles to Pick Up Now in the August 2013 issue Parade Magazine named it one of the 5 recommended nonfiction books of Summer 2013 Jenny McCarthy named it to her Summer 2013 reading list Apple iTunes named it one of the Best Books of July 2013 and Biographile named it to their July Required Reading List.

    Mother Daughter Me By KatieHafner


    I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of the book through a Good Reads giveaway The book is a memoir which centers around a summer in the author s life when she attempts to live with both her teenaged daughter and her octogenarian mother Having a teenaged daughter and senior aged mother myself, I thought the book would appeal to me, but realized after reading it that the book would be a gripping read for anyone.Katie Hafner is a talented writer with no shortage of experience writing non [...]

    This is one of those books that you have high expectations forAnd yet, I cannot keep reading, even though I want to.I had to put it down and return it to the library because I was getting bored by the author s drama that is not really drama Really, it is a refusal to see life the way it really is And to do something about it Instead, the author wants to be seen as a saint who can let her mother move back in with her and expect life to be peachy keen It is not, and the author has no boundaries, j [...]

    Maile James
    It was well written, which is the only thing that saved it from being a one star review for me I intensely disliked the author and especially Zoe, her rude and obnoxious teenager I read a review on this very website that said this book would resonate for educated women Frankly, this book is not for the educated, it is for the entitled who seem to believe that they are victims of their circumstances and the world owes them something A very frustrating read.

    Before I review, I had to post one perfect passage, from author Katie Hafner talking about her ability to live without a man in her life I m not sure where this new strength came from It definitely wasn t from years of therapy on and off, which failed to help in any fundamental way And it couldn t have been meditation, yoga, or solo backpacking trips to the Sierra, because I never did any of that It was simply years and years of trying it the other way and having it blow up in my face A raw, som [...]

    Susi Alexander
    I loved this extraordinary book Katie Hafner s combination of journalistic skill and insight, and willingness to share intimate details of her complicated personal history make Mother Daughter Me a must read Presented with challenge after challenge throughout her life, the author manages to maintain a sense of humor while sharing her disastrous experiment in intergenerational living and her often heartbreaking family life that led up to it Among other things, this book is about our need to conne [...]

    Betsy Robinson
    What Eat Pray Love did for educated women with unhappy love lives who plunge into spiritual abysses, journalist Katie Hafner s memoir Mother Daughter Me does for rootless educated women with abysmal, possibly alcoholic, mothers As adults, these women these daughters of abysmal mothers can be sandwiched between being mothers themselves and repairing the damage wrought by formerly nightmarish mothers whom they now want to care for See my full review at betsyrobinson writer b

    Katie Hafner s MOTHER DAUGHTER ME a memoir is her poignant recounting of her life as a happy little girl living in Rochester to the present Her world fell apart when her parents divorced Her mother was an alcoholic whose daughters were left to fend for themselves, Katie often blaming herself for her mother s binges Katie s life involved many moves, each one with the promise that things would be better, but as a child, not understanding that the problems move with you Years later while living in [...]

    Sarah Obsesses over Books & Cookies
    Sometimes i get when people say they hate memoirs or they are so over them and I can understand why No everyone has a story that you d sit through 300 plus pages when there are so many other awesome reads out there But then again there is something to be said about reading a book, remarkable or not, about someone s life I am so curious about other people s lives that i forget to live my own And then sometimes I read because so much is happening in my life i just want to sit and watch instead of [...]

    Alaina Sloo
    Mother Daughter Me is an utterly engrossing book one of those books you can t help staying up half the night to finish, even though you have to go to work in the morning There were a few times when I found its honesty uncomfortable, but I couldn t help being grateful to these three women for their courage in letting us watch them try to heal their relationships, even when it means pushing aside the safe zones we create when we make excuses for the sake of getting along at least a little bit And [...]

    I liked this book in the beginning But the at some point just decided Katie needed to grow up and accept that life is challenging And lots worse things have happened to others who fought back and worked through I actually found myself feeling sorry for her mother and the ongoing amount of disrespect she endured from both her daughter and granddaughter There was a small amount of resolve in the end but again almost felt that Katie s mother was the bigger person throughout the story She suffered f [...]

    Susan Levy
    A must read this summer is Katie Hafner s compelling memoir, Mother Daughter Me The book chronicles the childhood of 2 little girls, Hafner and her sister, living in Florida with their young alcoholic mother and her revolving door of boyfriends When they are finally rescued from their mother s neglect they are sent up north to complete their childhood with their fairly absent father, cold step mother and step siblings Years later, at seventy seven, the author s mother finds herself aging and alo [...]

    I wasn t wild about this book at first The author seemed to TELL a lot, in a way that made it hard for me to get drawn into the story She also interspersed life events with information about coping with alcoholism, divorce, etc from research studies, therapists, and self help type books in a way that was initially off putting She talks about the distance that she has always kept between her and her life experiences, preferring the role of observer journalist, etc to that of active participant I [...]

    I always love an adult memoir starring an absent or otherwise abysmal mother must be that I am desperately looking to pat myself on the back and say essentially, see, this daughter of a fall down drunk mother managed to be a columnist for the NYT my kids will be just fine Great memoir weaving together the author s relationship w her alcoholic mother growing up, her current relationship with her teenage daughter, and the ostensible focus of the book, which is the author s decision to have her ag [...]

    As a mother, daughter, an adult child of an alcoholic father, a San Franciscan, this resonated with me in so many ways While Katie s childhood was challenging to say the least, she wrote a memoir that is funny, honest, and hopeful I have friends that only read to be distracted, they want happiness in everything I want the truth Mother, Daughter, Me is true Thank you for helping me understand my own dearly departed mother just a little better.

    I read this book in three days, which I think speaks to how compelling it was It was a fascinating story and very well written I d probably give it 4.5 stars if did half stars I just had some minor nitpicks really wanting to know hear about her sister and not really liking some specific choices she made in her life which turned me off but overall this was a really good book.

    Loved this book

    Stephen Baker
    Excerpt from my review I just finished reading Katie s luminous memoir, Mother, Daughter, Me She takes us along on a cross generational adventure a year in San Francisco with her elderly mother and her daughter It sounds simple enough, but these relationships are twisted and frayed by a history that Katie manages to relate with a blend of unflinching honesty and humor Her mother, an alcoholic, had largely neglected her two daughters as she dragged them from coast to another She lost custody of t [...]

    Emily Shelton
    I received an early copy of this book for review from Library Thing.I would give this book 3.5 stars.Katie Hafner grew up with an alcoholic mother For a large portion of her childhood, she was removed from her mother s custody Her memories of her mother are not pleasant Yet, as an adult, she decides to invite her elderly mother to move into her home with Katie and her teenage daughter Zoe The resulting experiment brings up issues and memories long buried in the past Katie s story explores the co [...]

    Sally Ewan
    Katie Hafner tells about how she invited her mother Helen to move in with her and her teenage daughter, hoping to help her mother and to build a close relationship with her Flashbacks from the past quickly make it clear that this is a lovely dream, but unlikely to happen Their past, littered with fallout from Helen s alcoholism, is constantly complicating the present The writing is excellent the narrative works well in fitting together past and present chunks of time and I admire Ms Hafner for h [...]

    Trish Feehan
    INTIMATE, MOVING PORTRAYAL OF FAMILYMOTHER DAUGHTER MEHafner has experienced than her fair share of life s sorrows, and though at times I was moved to tears, she doesn t dwell on misery In this moving and honest account of her attempt to share a home with her troubled mother and teenage daughter, she goes beyond the present day story Ever the journalist, Hafner delves into her family s past for important context and insights She s painfully honest at times, and doesn t flinch even when it comes [...]

    I received this ARC through a First Reads giveaway The author holds no punches in the telling of her bitter upbringing by her alcoholic mother As her mother ages and is left alone in the world, the author seizes the moment to move her mother in with her and her teenage daughter in the hopes of mending their rocky relationship Unresolved issues and feelings of abandonment make for a stressful living arrangement, and regular trips to family therapy don t seem to help A death in the family, along w [...]

    Philip Turner
    Here s the last paragraph of a longer review I wrote on Mother Daughter at my blog I recommend Mother Daughter Me to anyone who s still trying to riddle out truths about their family to anyone who s ever argued with a sibling, child or parent to anyone with an aging parent who ponders future options for them, from living with you to aging in place, a term you will encounter here I will add that like a particular Vaughan Williams symphony that I love I believe it s his 6th this book winds up with [...]

    This book did a very nice job describing the complexities that can arise when you attempt to put three generations under the same roof Katie Hafner a widow with a teenage daughter decides to invite her mother to come and live with them It is her fantasy that the plan will work well and something akin to the Waltons will transpire with everyone ending up at the dinner table happily sharing stories about their day Unfortunately, this fantasy is soon put to rest and the tension that ensued was almo [...]

    The fact that all of this actually happened is frightening Then again, heartbreaking And I Cried at the end.I don t know if I can say anything else seeing that, it s a memoir It s a diary Nobody should judge, or critic a diary It s what is happening, when it is, and what the person think about when it does and I mean, all together, the book has no purpose But if it can make you think about your own relation with your mom, then it s a win Totally enjoyed it In a voyeur kinda way That s how I feel [...]

    I enjoy memoirs in general, but so when the main characters are likable, or at least sympathetic I found Mother, Daughter, and Me in this book all to be people I wouldn t really want to know in real life, which is kind of sad I know that the people in this memoir have all lived through very unpleasant circumstances, so I should cut them some slack I recommend this book for people who like to read about terrible childhoods e.g The Glass Castle , but otherwise I would choose something else.

    DeB MaRtEnS
    I loved this memoir Being at an age, and at a stage, when reexamination of one s past seems to occur, I appreciated the grace of this memoir Disturbing events are often a legacy of living, and they can cause untold pain The risk which Kate took to bring her mother and in turn, their mottled past, to live with her and her daughter, opened wounds but eventually offered a hard won clarity for the threesome of Mother, Daughter, Me Terrifically insightful, I found reading this memoir helped me to gai [...]

    Leslie Edelman
    I could not put this book down The struggles that the writer and her family endured clearly show the scars of our culture Her role as a mother, daughter, wife, woman and girl are continually challenging among some funny anecdotes and take aways I think Katie s story is a genuine reflection of the generational gaps we straddle today, along with its coping mechanisms This is not a depressing book, because all the while, you know that she is capable this book resembles the cutest ugly dog, that wan [...]

    Nancy Wilkinson
    The first part of this book is depressing as it describes Katie s optimistic yet oft disappointing life as a young girl, brought up mostly by her only slightly older sister But, going forward, the book became very compelling It is about the struggle to move past a bad childhood and recapture a reality based mother daughter relationship and to fit it into her own battered but sound life with her own daughter In places raw and harsh, it is it is obviously an act of catharsis for the author and it [...]

    I was given this book by a friend As a mother of three daughters I read it with a combination of anthropological examiner and heart in my throat voyeur Katie ensconces her aging mother within her home, complete with teenage daughter This is enough to create a dramatic interplay, however there are years of unresolved issues relating to abandonment, alcoholism, and untimely death that must also be resolved In an exploration of a year in which the stitches that tie and bind a mother and her daughte [...]

    Ruthanne Davis
    This book so aptly mirrors the generational problems of the three women who attempted to share their lives in the same house for an extended period of time in San Francisco.Each one stepped into this arrangement with preconceived hopes and dreams of a peaceful life together but each soon learned that they all carried the heavy burden of past hurts, jealousies, neglect and addictive behaviors.A vivid portrait of the pitfalls of blending generations, told with compassion and, often, frustration.

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