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  • Title: Doctor Who: Hunters of Earth
  • Author: Nigel Robinson Carole Ann Ford Tam Williams
  • ISBN: 9781471311567
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Audiobook

  • Doctor Who: Hunters of Earth By Nigel Robinson Carole Ann Ford Tam Williams Celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who, this is a brand new adventure featuring a story for each of the eleven Doctors This the first is about the First Doctor Shoreditch, London, 1963 The Beatles have beaten John Smith and the Common Men to No 1 Satellites are being launched into outer space whilst on Earth a master thief is stealing some highly specialised equiCelebrating 50 years of Doctor Who, this is a brand new adventure featuring a story for each of the eleven Doctors This the first is about the First Doctor Shoreditch, London, 1963 The Beatles have beaten John Smith and the Common Men to No 1 Satellites are being launched into outer space whilst on Earth a master thief is stealing some highly specialised equipment In the streets and bombsites around Totter s Lane, the normally placid teenagers of Coal Hill are running riot searching out the different and hunting down the alien Schoolgirl Susan Foreman just wants an easy life for herself and her grandfather, the mysterious Doctor She wants to be liked and accepted by Cedric and all the other pupils at Coal Hill School But Susan has been inadvertently drawing attention to herself The hunt is on and Susan and her grandfather are the quarry Carole Ann Ford Susan in the original BBC TV series and Tam Williams perform this original story by Nigel Robinson, with music and sound design.
    Nigel Robinson Carole Ann Ford Tam Williams
    Nigel Robinson is an English author, known for such works as the First Contact series Nigel was born in Preston, Lancashire and attended St Thomas More school Robinson s first published book was The Tolkien Quiz Book in 1981, co written with Linda Wilson This was followed by a series of three Doctor Who quiz books and a crossword book between 1981 and 1985 In the late 1980s he was the editor of Target Books range of Doctor Who tie ins and novelisations, also contributing to the range as a writer.He later wrote an original Doctor Who novel, Timewyrm Apocalypse, for the New Adventures series for Virgin Publishing, which had purchased Target in 1989 shortly after Robinson had left the company He also wrote the New Adventure Birthright, published in 1993.In the 1990s, Robinson wrote novelisations of episodes of The Tomorrow People, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and Baywatch and the film Free Willy Between 1994 and 1995, he wrote a series of children s horror novels Remember Me, All Shook Up, Dream Lover, Rave On, Bad Moon Rising, Symphony of Terror and Demon Brood.In 1996 he continued to write the Luke Cannon Show Jumping Mysteries series,containing four books, namely The Piebald Princess, The Chestnut Chase, The Black Mare of Devils Hill and the last in the series, Decision Day for the Dapple Grey By 1997 he had also penned a trilogy science fiction novels First Contact, Second Nature and Third Degree.His most recent work was another quiz book, this time to tie in with the film The Chronicles of Narnia The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

    Doctor Who: Hunters of Earth By Nigel Robinson Carole Ann Ford Tam Williams


    David Monroe
    Another 50th Anniversary thingy This is the first of 11 BigFinish Audio books made exclusively for AudioGo I dl d it from my local library s digital site.This is an interesting interlude set in the Summer of 1963, or about 4 months before the first episode of the series The Doctor and his granddaughter, Susan have been on the run and traveling for years They have been stuck in 1963 London for about 3 months This is the first Doctor at his most bitter, angry and paranoid and Susan at her most inn [...]

    An entertaining and engaging start to this special range of releases tying in to the show s fiftieth anniversary, Hunters of Earth takes some strong themes and uses them to explore and explain the psychology of the First Doctor and Susan at the very beginning of their adventures.Set in the period before Ian and Barbara discover the TARDIS, Hunters of Earth feels quite authentic to the characterization of the Doctor and Susan in the very first story The former is quite prickly and paranoid while [...]

    Gabriel Mero
    The first in the 11 part, 50th anniversary Destiny of the Doctor series takes places in the summer of 1963, 4 months or so prior to the events in the pilot, An Unearthly Child, so no Ian or Barbara This one focused on Susan alot, which was interesting, and toyed with the idea of her having powers Carole Ann Ford was on point again as both Susan and the First Doctor I m definitely looking forward to Big Finish adventures with Carole Ann Ford.

    Ryk Stanton
    I m just not sure if this was good or bad it was my first experience with the first Doctor and it just didn t move me I know this is only the first book of an 11 book series, so maybe I ll revisit this later and change my rating For me, three stars pretty much means not memorable However, it was free to borrow to listen to on Hoopla as is the whole series , so hooray for hoopla

    A very good Susan centric Susan Doc prequel story.Recommended for any fan of the earliest years of Doctor Who, esp those who enjoy whenever Susan s involvement in goings on extends beyond screaming.

    It had a bit of a Remembrance of the Daleks over it, but is wasn t half bad plus I love the references to An Unearthly Child.

    Sara Habein
    This is pretty good, and it sparked a theory with me as to why the Doctor and Susan left in the first place It s interesting to hear about things that happened before the first episode takes place.

    I wish people were as earnest as Susan Also, Cedric s voice was a tiny bit sexy This makes me want to rewatch the entire first season of Doctor Who I ve missed the crotchety old man.

    It s a shame that it s not a full cast.

    Adam Duclos
    I m giving this story a second star merely because it was a story mostly from the viewpoint of Susan Foreman, the Doctor s Granddaughter first companion, was set before the series started, and was read by Carol Ann Ford, the original actress who played Susan on TV That was pretty cool If that s all you needed to hear to want to listen to this story, you should probably not read the rest of this review and go have a listen, it isn t bad It s set in the early sixties, when Susan is still going to [...]

    Daryl Ducharme
    twas a good audio book Carol Anne Ford did a great job narrating it Also, revisiting the 60s had to be a hoot The story was decent and only slightly obvious what statement is being made.

    Such a neat way to spend time with The Doctor I m only giving it a 2 because the first doctor isn t my cuppa tea.

    Paulo "paper books always" Carvalho
    This first audiobook focus on the first doctor but mostly on Susan Foreman Basically this plot is set before the first season of Dr Who They were staying in London in 1963 where the Beatles have started to appear on the radio Some youths have cause riots on the streets and Susan has being target as an alien After a while we discover that the Alien they refer is Alien as a foreigner as people of other nationalities have been targeted as well This story as I said focus on Susan as she tries to int [...]

    An interesting short story, one of the rare First Doctor tales set before the first episode of the original TV series I think this is the third to date, with one by Kim Newman from the Telos Novella line, and one in the Virgin Missing Adventures line The Doctor is seen here as a cold, calculating, and highly paranoid old man with a violent streak to him that he barely keeps under control which is in keeping with the first serial, when he s barely stopped from killing a prehistoric man with a ver [...]

    Adam Graham
    This story kicks off Destiny of the Doctor and features Susan experience some random attacks for being an alien at Cole Hill School as random outbursts against her and other aliens keep happening periodically while someone is taking unwanted interest in the Doctor and his granddaughter.Overall, this is a very well made story My hats off first of all to Carole Ann Ford and Tam Williams whose acting talents make this feel like than two people are reading I particularly like Carole Ann Ford s Firs [...]

    Nate Balcom
    It s The Doctor so I ll give a star for him I ll add a second star for the mysterious radio message I m betting that comes back in the series.

    The feels THE FEELS It was the most enjoyable audiobook that I have ever listened First of all, it was only 1 hour and it had sound effects in the background which made it 100 times better Also, the reader didn t have a monotone voice, it always reflected the characters emotions I tried to watch the first Doctor Who episodes in black and white but I got bored very quickly because it didn t have that much action and mystery, also the acting was too exaggerated But the audiobook was on a whole new [...]

    I really liked this This was the first first doctor audio I ve heard and the first by Carol Ann Ford and I thought it was excellent She did a wonderful job narrating the story Often narration can loose compared with full drama audios but I really felt like I was getting the full story and was totally sucked in I loved how period it felt for the 60s even if the word transistor was over used a bit I also loved that it took place almost entirely in Shoreditch and Stepney I ve been gaining an apprec [...]

    Noah Soudrette
    A tight little story set before the first episode of the TV series I quite liked the characterizations of The Doctor and Susan, and Carol Ann Ford does a wonderful job with all the voices The plot is interesting enough, and I liked the use of music in the story The secret organization and their mysterious enemy are kept vague enough for you to project any identity you like onto them My only real problem with this story, is that I find it hard to believe The Doctor would stick around for a few m [...]

    Enjoyable short story of the 1st Doctor with his granddaughter Susan read by Carole Ann Ford the actress who played Susan The audiobook is performed so it s nearly like listening to a very short episode and nicely done.The Doctor and Susan are on Earth and Susan and trying to make friends at Coal Hill School after they ve been there for 4 months But anti alien sentiment is strong in the area and a strange transmission seems to be making things very dangerous for her and her grandfather.I really [...]

    Jon Huff
    I found this a very pleasant listen It s an interesting time to delve into in Doctor Who s history, and a first for me I enjoyed the atmosphere and the general mood of the piece I felt like it petered out slightly in the final act after a great set up, but overall I was pleased I do wonder, however, if there s going to be a sense of slight disappointment if these don t build to be interconnected or have a grand story Having read the article in DWM on the 50th Anniversary releases, I got pretty [...]

    Yosef Shapiro
    The plot is not the best one But, it does help show how Susan and the Docotor became so paranoid about being discovered on Earth Carole Anne Ford has recreated her role, including her voice The Doctor s voice is not recreated very well Susan is shown to use her telepathic abilities here so than on the tv series This episode takes place some time before the original televised episode.

    A piece set prior to the first episode of the series with the Doctor at his most hostile Fortunately, Susan is mellow in this than she was in the show The feeling of the sixties comes though well with music and mods A decidedly human threat was a great choice for this piece and the Eleventh Doctor s piece is abstract enough to fit into the era A good piece though not particularly exciting.

    Paul Graham
    I found it an interesting audiobook I don t mind the idea of having some authentic interpretations of the first Doctor being said, they could have taken some liberties, made Susan a little less frightened of everythingd made the Doctor appear a little less bumbling in some respects.

    Short little Doctor Who story that ran about the length of a New Who episode I figured out part of what was going on, which made me happy I also like the author s characterization of Susan as than the annoying screamer she was on the show Well worth the listen.

    A good start to the series, but not a very captivating story Written in the style of the First Doctor, though Entertaining idea that a future Doctor presumably the Eleventh is going through his own time line and assisting he former incarnations.

    Ana Campanha
    I came to the conclusion that I just don t like the 1st Doctor enough He is not funny, adorable, heroic not like the other ones just plain and boring And this story was a pain, nothing like the exciting Doctor Who episodes I ve grown to love.

    Debra Cook
    Not a bad adventure Carol Ann Ford needs to work on her impression of William Hartnell but it was an interesting story dealing with mind control.

    Well narrated, well put together with plenty of connections to the new series A must listen for classic and new series Who fans.

    Adam Eivy
    Didn t grip me much but gave me some ear candy while drawing.

    • DOWNLOAD KINDLE ✓ Doctor Who: Hunters of Earth - by Nigel Robinson Carole Ann Ford Tam Williams
      Nigel Robinson Carole Ann Ford Tam Williams