UNLIMITED AUDIOBOOK ☆ Big Snow - by Jonathan Bean #2020

  • Title: Big Snow
  • Author: Jonathan Bean
  • ISBN: 9780374306960
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Big Snow By Jonathan Bean An excited and frustrated boy watches hopefully as wintry weather develops slowly into a big snow.
    Jonathan Bean
    Jonathan Bean Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Big Snow book, this is one of the most wanted Jonathan Bean author readers around the world.

    Big Snow By Jonathan Bean


    This was such a cute little book about a little boy who is so excited about the impending big snow storm In order to keep him occupied, his mom assigns him little chores to do around the house, as they re expecting guests for the holidays Each chore gets his little imagination going, reminding him of the storm he s eagerly anticipating He ends up making a mess of things It s so funny to see his mom s expressions as she cleans up after him mildly annoyed but so patient Reminded me of growing up, [...]

    Some of the things I loved about this book 1 There is a real sense of place and of the lives of the different families in the little protagonist s neighborhood 2 There are wonderful details tucked into the illustrations so much to discover 3 The images of snow falling from the first small sprinkles to the steady pelting of no nonsense flakes and the changing aspect of the skies captures the progression of a serious, Big Snow so perfectly 4 The family is Black There s no special reason for them t [...]

    Luisa Knight
    Haha this is really a book for parents You ll commiserate with the mom in the story and then chuckle and smile a knowing smile.Ages 3 6 winterLike my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book, so you ll know just how clean it is or isn t I also have Clean Guides downloadable PDFs which enable you to clean up your book before reading it Visit my website The Book Radar.

    Amy Jewell
    An opening I would use for the book Big Snow, would be to ask my students if they remember a time when Lincoln had a big snow Students love recounting personal stories and I bet several students would have something to share I would tell them about the time in October 1997 that Lincoln got a surprise big snow and much of Lincoln lost power there was no school for a whole week I will ask if any of their parents have told them about that big snow.Opening moves include inviting the students to make [...]

    Melissa ♥ Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf
    Very cute tale of a small boy anticipating a Big Snow His mother tries and almost succeeds in keeping him busy while the snow starts to fall outside When Dad finally gets home, the boy gets his wish as they all go outside to have fun in the snow.Cute and for me very nostalgic type illustrations accompany this tale and the addition of a lovely ginger cat on most of the pages charmed me completely A cute fun tale for little ones reinforcing the need for patience and the understanding of it s lack [...]

    Even though I m not looking forward to winter weather at all, I loved this sweet story about a little boy eagerly awaiting a big snow storm David is so excited about the prospect of a big snow, that all through the day he checks on the weather He tries to help his mom make cookies, clean bathrooms, and make beds for the holidays, but he is driven to distraction by the snow I love the illustrations in this book, especially the progress of the falling snow over the course of the day in David s yar [...]

    I bought this one in hardcover and I m so glad I did I wait all year for BIG SNOW so I completely get this protagonist I ve been looking forward to this book and it did not disappoint, and I had set the bar very high, believe me I always love Jonathan Bean s illustrations, but this book is the first one of his that really speaks to me through art AND writing It s a simple story and I love that It lets the snow have center stage I m in love

    What a delightful book with plenty of repetition for young listeners, and a depiction of young attention spans that will have adults chuckling with recognition, this is a perfect snowy day book to share The two page spreads depicting the neighborhood as the day progresses and the snow accumalates really capture the feeling of a snowy day spent at home.

    Chance Lee
    Charming little story about a kid waiting for a big snow He causes a lot of messes while he waits, and his mom has to clean them up, but at least he helps her in his dreams The illustrations help show a nice progression of time, and the snow looks soft and cool.

    Parents need to know that Big Snow focuses on a little boy s anticipation of a big snowstorm Main character David s hope for winter fun is mostly drama free but does result in an anxiety driven dream in which the storm occurs inside his home and is difficult to manage Young children may be prompted to share their weather concerns following the story David s neighborhood is culturally and economically diverse His next door neighbor has a menorah in the window, there are neighbors of different rac [...]

    If you live in a place that has big snow then this story will delight your young readers, because of their ability to connect to the reality and the excitement If you don t live in a place that has big snow , this story helps to demonstrate how snow can accumulate It also helps to describe the different features of snow, like white and fine , or white and fluffy , each description connecting to a inside activity, like seeing the flour while making cookies I love that juxtaposition As a bonus, I [...]

    A little boy is anxiously awating snow While he waits, his mother has him help with various chores, which reminds him of different parts of snow He abandons his chores to check up on the progress of the snow.What I didn t like about the book was the fact that he kept abandoning his chores And the illustrations clearly show the annoyance in the mother.

    Viviane Elbee
    The illustrations in this story are wonderful, and funny The kids laughed at the page where the mother is attempting to vaccum the snow up from her living room I also loved the ending and the family time.Kids enjoyed this one.

    This is a new, winter story time favorite The kids loved it

    Cute Winter story

    Stephanie Locascio
    This reminded me of my own children It made us giggle

    Such a sweet story I really liked how the little boy was included in his mother s chores and activities, and by the sense of place as you see his neighborhood adapt to the snow.

    Bean accurately, and rather sweetly, captures the excitement of a young boy s nearly unbearable wait for a really BIG snow to start.

    Richie Partington
    Richie s Picks BIG SNOW by Jonathan Bean, Farrar Straus Giroux, September 2013, 32p ISBN 978 0 374 30696 0 Deep beneath the cover of another perfect wonderWhere it s so white as snow Red Hot Chili Peppers Mom, said David, do you think it will snow taller than the grass I think so, said Mom Why don t you help clean the bathrooms while you wait to find out So David helped Mom clean He put on the big yellow gloves He sprayed the cleaner He scrubbed with the heavy brush But then the suds, white and [...]

    It is very hard to wait for the snow to come, as David discovers in this picture book perfect for the snowy season David is waiting for the snow to start, so he helps his mother bake cookies But then the flour reminds him of the snow so he heads out to check on it It s fine and dusty in the air He heads back inside and helps clean the bathroom, but then is reminded of snow from the bubbles When he checks, there is snow but it s still light He helps his mother change sheets and is reminded of sn [...]

    This little boy is so anxious for the snow 2 16 17 Read with Naomi Julia.

    Daniel Middleton
    David is a little obsessed with snow, particularly the really heavy kind that come from major storms While cleaning house with his mom, he wonders whether the storm that is slowly brewing outside will turn into a multi foot monster storm that will yield what he calls Big Snow Every chore he engages in, be it measuring out sugar and flour to bake cookies, or scrubbing the bathroom with sudsy soap, or changing the white bed linens, it all reminds him of the snow he knows and loves So he constantly [...]

    In a town that may look like yours, David wants snow As he helps his mom with chores, the fineness of flour, the fluffiness of suds, and the crispness of sheets call snow to mind compelling him to check outside where there is ever increasing snow activity.Napping, David dreams that a storm fills the house with snow Armed with a vacuum and shovel, he and his mom try to clean up, but the snow is too big When a thud shakes the house, David wakes up It s his dad, returned home early from work The fa [...]

    Miranda Domiano
    This is an enchanting story with fun and playful insights about the aniticpation of a snow storm The little boy, Dave, is anxiously awaiting the arrival of a snow storm with his boots, scarf, and sled in hand His mother sees David patiently waiting, so she has him do a ton of house chores to try and distract him to pass the time However, everything that David sees in the house reminds him of the snow flour in the kitchen, suds in the bathtub, etc He even takes a nap, and dreams of a huge snow st [...]

    The frustration of waiting, waiting, waiting for snow to arrive is well portrayed in this story of a young boy who begins the story standing outside with his sled and a sad look on his face Mom tries to distract with a variety of tasks and the boy is momentarily busy with each before his help is no longer that and he must check the weather again The naptime dream is humorous vacuuming up a drift of snow in the living room as we see that the boy isn t about to forget about the promise of a big sn [...]

    Meghan Hunt
    This book is about a boy who knows that it is supposed to snow soon and he is very excited and impatient about it He keeps asking his mom when it will snow In return, she keeps giving him activities to do while he waits But each activity reminds him of snow Flour for cookies makes him think of snow, so he looks out the window to see small flakes gently falling Then he cleans the bathtub, but the cleaner reminds him of the snow, so he checks the weather again to find that it is snowing even harde [...]

    The title page shows even of the main character David s disappointment and longing for the big snow It is a repeating story where David asks his mother if it s going to snow, and she diverts his attention in various ways The first time, he is invited to make cookies, but the flour makes him think of snow so he abandons the task as flower rises around the table, and runs outside to check the weather This occurs several times even fun, but not so much for Mom In the bathroom while cleaning, bubb [...]

    Disclaimer this book was written and illustrated by a good friend of mine However, he didn t ask me to read it or give it a review This is a really cute book I went to college with Jonathan as an art major same goal to illustrate white children s books He has done a great job in all of his books, really connecting with life as a kid something I have trouble remembering I love this book especially because it makes me remember the days when I was a kid and waited and waited for a big snow to,play [...]

    Maggi Rohde
    How many great things can I say about Jonathan Bean s books Maybe I should start with how his illustrations are so deceptively simple, but full of important, valuable detail Or the rhythm of his prose, so readable for group sharing or one on one Each iteration of the view of the town, from no snow to full snow, adds depth to the story I didn t realize the family was biracial until my second reread This would be a perfect conversation piece for six year olds about reality vs fantasy, sequence, w [...]

    Synopsis An excited and frustrated boy watches hopefully as wintry weather develops slowly into a big snow My Review This is a great book to read before a snow storm like we did The book follows a boy eager for the snow from the first flakes that fall to mid storm and to see how much snow has fallen by the end of the day It does a great job of building anticipation of the snow but also reminding little ones that it will come when it comes, Momma has no control over it Munchkin really enjoyed the [...]

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