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  • Title: Finding Hart
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  • Finding Hart By Ella Fox This is an alternate cover edition of ISBN13 9781301882199 There is one person in the world that Spencer Cross can t live without and that s his wife, Delilah Hart Cross With their baby on the way, life has never been sweeter.Dillon Cooper finally had Dominique Hart back in his arms and he has no intention of letting her go Happy for the first time in years, Dillon kn This is an alternate cover edition of ISBN13 9781301882199 There is one person in the world that Spencer Cross can t live without and that s his wife, Delilah Hart Cross With their baby on the way, life has never been sweeter.Dillon Cooper finally had Dominique Hart back in his arms and he has no intention of letting her go Happy for the first time in years, Dillon knows that things can only get better.Not everyone is happy that these two couples are finally living their dreams, and the past is about to explode into the present.Spencer and Dillon are about to find out just how far they will go to save the women that they love Faith will be tested, secrets will be revealed and lives will be changed as the entire family joins together to face the toughest challenge of allFINDING HART.
    Ella Fox
    USA Today Bestselling Author Ella Fox has learned a bunch of stuff along the way but the most important of all those things is that anything is possible when you try In 2012 she took a big leap of faith and published her first book, Broken Hart Since then she s written fifteen full length books and several novellas and every one is a reminder that you can live your dream as long as you work for it.Ella s favorite things are music, movies, traveling, The Foo Fighters and, of course, reading This isn t a surprise considering the fact that her mom is USA Today Bestselling Author Suzanne Halliday.Stay up to date with Ella by LIKING her on Facebook she gives a ton of stuff away that you won t want to miss Facebook Page Facebook EllaFoxAuthor or join her Facebook Group for sneak peeks, teasers and excerpts of upcoming books,Fox s Fanatics facebook groups foxsfanaticsWebsite authorellafox

    Finding Hart By Ella Fox


    ♠ Becka & Cerys ♠ | Spitfire Reviews
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    Jamie *Gypsy Smut-a-teer*
    Omg, I have so loved this series from the very beginning and for me each book gets better and better I love how this family sticks together and supports each other no matter what.I m out of time to write a review, I m off for a somewhat vacation but I didn t want to leave without writing some kind of review I can say this book was completely different than the rest of the series The book before left us hanging on a cliffhanger and this book picks up right after with a little bit of a backstory a [...]

    Better than the last, good epilogue, 2.5 stars,I liked this book better than the last one, there were some good moments in the book, but they were few and far between I did not like Dominique in the earlier books and she wasn t much better in this, the epilogue was sweet though The kidnapping action section was too long and most of the time, Mike was telling people to hold themselves together and wait In the meantime, the sister s were in dire trouble but other than repetitively saying that ever [...]

    Omg my heart was in my throat through a lot of this book I love all the hart, coopers and cross family s Oh and the rands I really loved the epilogue Another brilliant book by Ella Hopefully Leah gets another book and I m thinking hers will be about her and cole

    readingpastmybedtime.wordpressSince finishing Missing Hart, I ve been waiting for this book to release, with how book 5 ended, book 6 was needed ASAP When Ella Fox released Finding Heart early, I was giddy with excitement and immediately downloaded it and started reading This book did NOT disappoint Unlike the other books in the series, this story is told in 4 different points of view Dominique, Dillon, Spencer, and Delilah , and getting into the head of each of them during this book was absolut [...]

    I ve enjoyed all 6 books however i should have never read them all in 4 days I ve OD and by book 4 i was getting a bit bored especially as some stories overlap i ve got to read the same scenes in many POVs

    Charmaine Stephens
    Loved the action and suspense in this story Went from one extreme to the next and it was fun trying to keep up.The only thing I wish it didn t jump back forth to different time frames in the beginning It goes from like three years earlier to three years later then three months later That can be a bit confusing if you don t take a sec to familiarize yourself with everything going on.This last book focused most on the twins Delilah Dominique getting kidnapped by Spencer s mom Tally I had a feeling [...]

    This book wasThe plot and charactersThe steamy scenesSoo to sum it up, the book was

    Felecia Hickman- amaya
    Wow this book was a whole lot to take in But I absolutely loved it The Hart Cross Cooper Rand family are amazing You are taken to the ends of the works in this book All the craziness is just mind blowing You will meet a whole new level of crazy in this book Loved that we got to see some of all the couples The epilogue is a heart warning so beautiful The nineteen soon to be twenty three sound like so much fun.

    Pheonix Fanfiction
    These are my thoughts feelings while reading this book WARNING THERE ARE SPOILERS view spoiler 41.0% Seriously, why the hell are they doing this I have a sneaky suspicion but Im probably totally wrong that SPOILER ALERT Tally is Marissa s step sister 56.0% I knew it 87.0% This is the best yet I love Dillion and Dominique, they re my fav couple in this series 100.0% That epilogue was awesome Cant wait to read Leah s story I hope we get lots stories of this family maybe about their kids Please El [...]

    Kristy & Kayla - My Person's Books
    We were left on a cliffhanger with Missing Hart, I couldn t wait for this to be released Unlike the other books this one is told from Dillion, Dominique, Spencer and Deliah s POV What a roller coaster ride this is, there are so many twists and turns once you start reading you won t want to put it down It was amazing to read from all four POV it allowed us to see why was happening from each characters perspective Dominique and Dillion and finally gotten back to page their at the end of Missing Ha [...]

    Tammy Bland
    Another wonderful Hart Cooper Rand book.Ella you amaze me with how you are capable of getting in the minds of the characters and portraying their thoughts and feelings Another great book using view points of four character is ahhhhh inspiring Dillon and Dominque have finally reunited and glowing in their reunited love.Spencer and Delilah have married and getting ready for the arrival of butter bean.Enter the dreadful Marceline with her accomplice Tally and you have nothing but pure EVIL Marcelin [...]

    Megaen Vaughn
    I am absolutely hooked on the Hart Family shenanigans I ve been an avid follower and will continue to support Ella s writing Finding Hart sucked me in deeper than before and really made me feel and connect with the character s emotions So glad we got an early release to conclude the cliffhanger to Missing Hart Per Ella s blog release this morning, can t wait for Mama San Todd s story but also the Renegade series If you loved the rest of the Hart Family series, you NEED to pick this one up

    I loved how everything ties together in this series I just cant stop thinking about the characters and how life for them had been so up and down for them They struggled through so much but the love that they share as a family is what had me What an amazing HEA I just love ALL of the famlies and can t wait to read Ella thanks for your awesome books

    Loved this series so much and really enjoyed this book I went through many emotions with this one I was nervous, anxious, scared, had many WTF moments, teared up and then laughed a lot I also wondered where the hell can I find a Hart brother I don t want this to be the end of this family The epilogue was just perfect Thank you Ella Fox you rock

    Jamie Rhodes
    I LOVE this series I hope that the series will continue I m going to assume that Leah s story is still to come It would also be awesome to read about the Hart children The epilogue was wonderful The reader got closure on the family Hope this isn t the last one

    Yajaira Melendez
    Amazing book It s an amazing series I fell in love with every single character love the way she tide it all together Ella Fox is amazing

    Simply loved how this series has ended although I am hoping that Leah gets her own story It s been a great series, thanks Ella and please

    I have loved, loved, loved the Hart family series This book was action packed and the ending was perfect I am totally in love with all the guys too

    Jacqueline Higgins
    I loved this book hope this not the end of the series

    Deb B
    read Picture Perfect last year decided The Hart Family was necessary before going any further with that series so now is the time it is a great family saga with plenty of angst, plenty of romance and a lot of WTF moments overall i enjoyed the series it was quite well written and i like most of the characters it has a little too much of a New Adult vibe to hold my interest fully so i tended to roam off and read something else between books whereas most series i can just read one after the other

    Megan~The Never Ending Book Basket
    Finding Hart is the book that I like to think of as the conclusion of the Hart Family books While there is still plenty of room to extend this series, this book does a nice job of tying up a lot of loose ends, as well as giving a fitting conclusion to this wonderful series This book takes on many different perspectives of characters from all the previous books, as well as introduces some new characters you are bound to love Gram, cough cough Finding Hart starts off right about where Missing Hart [...]

    5 Freaking Fabulous Finale Stars So this book starts off where Missing Hart ended and ties up all the loose ends in the series in absolute Ella Fox perfection I loved having all the different point of views Dillon, Spencer, Delilah and Dominique and living the story through the emotions of each of the characters There are so many different plot twists and the guessing doesn t stop until the end when all our questions are answered.I fell in love with the Harts after reading book one and have been [...]

    [~Ami~]♥Sexy Dexy♥
    We was left with a cliffy in the last bookNow we are reunited with Spencer, Delilah, Dillon and DominqueTo the conclusion of the Hart seriesThe title says it allFinding Hart My thoughtsAlthough I remember the cliffy from the last book, I m so glad there was a lot of recapping at the beginning as I kinda forgot how everyone was related Spencer has always been my favourite so it was lovely getting his POV again I can t get ahold of my lifeum, I mean my wifeEverything tied up nicely in the end and [...]

    The Hart family series is complete Me thinks there are a whole other generation of possibility for Miss Fox to draw upon Not the least of which, will hopefully be Leah There was a lot happening in this book to bring many different things into the fray Chapters were made up from the perspective of Dominique and Dillon, but also Spencer and Delilah s POV There is a family tree available from Ella s website authorellafox the hart fam and this series should be read in order I certainly enjoyed Book [...]

    ♥Knhebek, hbeebti♥
    This is a very interesting series You have these heroines and heroes that have suffered so much during their childhood but that hasn t beat them up completely, they have managed to find that happiness that makes them complete One of the things i could complain about this series is that this family suffered heartbreak after heartbreak after heartbreak, how much did they have to endure And it would make me sick if some people suffer like this in real life, which i m pretty sure some do, but i don [...]

    WOW Ella Simply Wow claps This books was truly and simply amazing I would cry when I had to put it down.This was a beautiful series as well as story.The prologue was simply FABOULOUS I m going to miss the Hart, Cross, and Cooper clan but I m sure I will see them again.This series is a must read so get your behind on to and click away Trust me you won t be disappointed.

    Love Love Love the Hart s Enjoyed how Spencer and Delilah s story was entwined with Dillon and Dominique s story The families went thru so much while the girls were kidnapped Hated that Spencer s own mom was so hateful towards her son Loved seeing how everyone is doing in the Epilogue hoping for a book for Mama next, and then Leah and some crossing over with the Hart s, Crosses and Flynn s Can t wait for the next book

    I just love this series I fell in love with Dillion in Missing Hart and now I am totally over the moon Ella just wove everything together so well If you are a fan of the series you are going to love this book and if you haven t read it then, it is a MUST I love her writing style.

    I love the Hart s and I m totally sold on Spencer and Delilah, Dillon and Dominique with the last two books being my favourites in the series, probably because they were so gut wrenchingly fucked and beautiful I loved the epilogue and am thoroughly intrigued as to what is to come for Leah.

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