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  • Title: Michelangelo: His Epic Life
  • Author: Martin Gayford
  • ISBN: 9780141932255
  • Page: 157
  • Format: eBook Kindle

  • Michelangelo: His Epic Life By Martin Gayford At thirty one, Michelangelo was considered the finest artist in Italy, perhaps the world long before he died at almost 90 he was widely believed to be the greatest sculptor or painter who had ever lived and, by his enemies, to be an arrogant, uncouth, swindling miser.For decade after decade, he worked near the dynamic centre of events the vortex at which European histoAt thirty one, Michelangelo was considered the finest artist in Italy, perhaps the world long before he died at almost 90 he was widely believed to be the greatest sculptor or painter who had ever lived and, by his enemies, to be an arrogant, uncouth, swindling miser.For decade after decade, he worked near the dynamic centre of events the vortex at which European history was changing from Renaissance to Counter Reformation Few of his works including the huge frescoes of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling, the marble giant David and the Last Judgment were small or easy to accomplish Like a hero of classical mythology such as Hercules, whose statue he carved in his youth he was subject to constant trials and labours.In Michelangelo Martin Gayford describes what it felt like to be Michelangelo Buonarroti, and how he transformed forever our notion of what an artist could be.
    Martin Gayford
    Martin Gayford is an art critic and art historian He studied philosophy at the University of Cambridge, and art history at the Courtauld Institute of Art at the University of London Over three decades, he has written prolifically about art and music in a series of major biographies, as well as contributing regularly to newspapers, magazines and exhibition catalogues In parallel with his career as an art historian, he was art critic of The Spectator magazine and The Sunday Telegraph newspaper before becoming Chief Art Critic for the international television network, Bloomberg News He has been a regular contributor to the British journal of art criticism, Modern Painters His books include a study of Van Gogh and Gauguin in Arles, The Yellow House Van Gogh, Gauguin, and Nine Turbulent Weeks in Arles Little Brown, 2006 , which was published in Britain and the USA to critical acclaim, and has been translated, to date, into five languages Constable in Love Love, Landscape, Money and the Making of a Great Painter Penguin, 2009 , a study of John Constable s romance with Maria Bicknell and their lives between 1809 and 1816 and A Bigger Message Conversations with David Hockney Thames and Hudson, 2011.

    Michelangelo: His Epic Life By Martin Gayford


    Michelangelo An Epic Life by Martin Gayford is an insightful and objective portrait of one of the greatest artists We are taken into the heart of 15 16th century Florence, the backdrop to one of the biggest cultural revolutions and to the genius of a man who was one of those who made Renaissance what it was Written like a story, we are given an in depth look into Michelangelo s insecurities and triumphs his jealousies and fears, as he was living and working in a time marked by wars and politica [...]

    Don t even think of reading this in non color electronic form illustrations are stunning Out damn standing Seamlessly weaves the politics and art of 15 16th Cent Italy My sole complaint is unusual for me I would have preferred a bit art on top of the politics Still, that s a trifle.

    I was absolutely shocked at the amount of 5 star reviews this book received everywhere I gave up after a short while as the book is just painful to read make sense of The author jumps around in a bizarre erratic fashion, not only from fact to fact, but from various ages in the artist s life One moment he s describing something from the teenage years, the next he goes off on a completely random tangent into something not even remotely related, and jumps ahead into the artist s later years Writing [...]

    JoséMaría BlancoWhite
    A very well written biography of one of the most complex and free spirited artists ever to have lived Michelangelo s long life allows us to look closely into the Renaissance, its cultural, political and religious aspects all intertwined This is Florence, Rome this is the time of the nepotistic and corrupt papacies, the aristocrats turned patrons of the arts the struggle for power over Europe between the royal houses and the Vatican this is, specially, a time that called for reform within the sha [...]

    Lauren Albert
    I was surprisingly because of the great reviews disappointed I found it a bit dull all of the discussion of deadlines and promises broken, etc I also found it strange that Gayford would sometimes make critiques of the work that sounded like he didn t like it but then would refer to it as a great work.

    Carlos Alves
    Probably, the best biography I have ever read It is very fluid and always put the particular facts in a broad and historic perspective.

    Claudia C
    I bought and read this on my Kindle and it was immediately obvious I should have got a paper copy instead Not so much for the pictures and photos, which are in effect best viewed in the near to perfect HD electronic format than on paper, but because the last 25% of the book which is overall 800 or so pages long is taken by lists and lists of Bibliography, exhibition catalogues, and numerous Notes and References, all referred to in form of clickable links throughout the other 75% of the book, at [...]

    George Foord
    this was a good read at the beginning but once you get at the half way point of this book it becomes very repetitive and the author has no way on making it interesting

    Verena Wachnitz
    An excellent biography that brings you closer to both the artist and the person.

    Enjoyed this book immensely One can only come away with sympathy for a fellow artist who time and again imagined grand designs and was thwarted by a mixture of politics and his own limits The mind boggles at the lengths he would go to realize his vision and yet notice how few of his works he managed to fully complete This biography offers a glimpse into the mind and world that made the epic work of Michelangelo possible and impossible The drawings, paintings, buildings, sculptures and fragments [...]

    K. Kumar
    Overall, this is an impressive book covering the life of Michelangelo It is apparent that the author put a lot of effort into researching the artist, including reviewing letters between Michelangelo and his friends and family Also, I thought the author did a good job of setting the story within the historical context and events that were happening during the time period This was the first book I have read on Michelangelo and I enjoyed it.

    Ed Hashek
    A remarkable history of a man, an artist who had left an incredible impact on the Western world The history of Italy and Europe as well as the Papacy of the Catholic Church plays so much into the output of this innovator from the 16th century A must read for both the art and history lover

    voy en la p gina 240 y si te gustan las obras de Miguel ngel tienes que leer este libro, es precioso, detallado puedes imaginarte su vida perfectamente y sentirte a un lado de l

    Peter Jakobsen
    Straightforward but intelligent and informed biography of the world s greatest visual artist, well sourced and well imagined.

    Recommended by economist as readable, digs deep into social political context

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