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  • Title: Get Real: Sharing Your Everyday Faith Every Day
  • Author: John S. Leonard
  • ISBN: 9781939946232
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Paperback

  • Get Real: Sharing Your Everyday Faith Every Day By John S. Leonard Evangelism Gets More Real, Less Awkward Instead of an awkward experience, sharing your faith can be a simple, everyday part of life As you grow in your love for Jesus, sharing him with others will overflow into every conversation Casual interactions will turn into significant moments that bring the gospel into all your relationships.
    John S. Leonard
    John S. Leonard Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Get Real: Sharing Your Everyday Faith Every Day book, this is one of the most wanted John S. Leonard author readers around the world.

    Get Real: Sharing Your Everyday Faith Every Day By John S. Leonard


    Leonard s book contrasts traditional evangelism and what he calls real evangelism traditional evangelism being what so many of us learned to do, with a rote gospel presentation, sharing our testimony about how we were saved, etc Real evangelism, however, focuses on the needs of the person you re talking to how does the gospel apply to them personally and specifically instead of how do they fit into the rote presentation we ve memorized I love this book and can see coming back to it again It sta [...]

    What does it look like to share the gospel of grace with those around us on a daily basis This is the question asked and soundly answered in this book.Leonard begins in the first chapter by drawing the distinction between a real approach to evangelism and the conventional presentation style approach He continues to develop this distinction throughout the book, but this first chapter shows how the conventional approach can be awkward and artificial at best, cold and uncaring at worst.Chapters 2 a [...]

    What a wonderful encouragement this book is He describes most Christian s, well my, feelings about evangelism to a tee After exposing our fear, guilt and embarrassment, he points back to scripture.Did you ever notice that Jesus didn t use a one size fits all evangelizing template He didn t jump on anyone with a list of verses pulled out of all context He used the message most likely to show each individual their lost condition and His love for them Leonard does an excellent job of applying Jude [...]

    Noah Mitchell
    Honest, insightful, funny and occasionally cringe worthy, Get Real is clearly written by a man who knows what he s doing when it comes to talking about Jesus John Leonard effectively tackles the traditional model of evangelism and instead calls for a natural approach While I don t mesh with his very orthodox theological approach, I can appreciate a lot of Leonard s wisdom, including reaching out as a community rather than individually, sharing especially with those who need to hear it, discipli [...]

    Eric Abisror
    This was a very helpful book Really approaches evangelism in a non traditional way There were a few points that I disagreed with, but overall it opened my eyes to the everyday opportunities I have to share my faith From a gas station to resteraunts.

    Rick Dobrowolski
    Finally, a realistic book on sharing your faith in Jesus Love and listen to people, give the Gospel in the context of people s lives Ask questions than making statements.

    Joe Haack
    Best book on evangelism I have read Encouraging, helpful, biblical Can t recommend it highly enough.

    Tori Samar
    I was really excited to read this book but walked away mostly disappointed with it While Leonard did make some good points such as doing evangelism corporately i.e the local church evangelizes together, utilizing the various gifts each member has been given , incorporating all of God s Word into our evangelism, and listening to the unbelievers God brings along our path so that we can actually understand them and their struggles and share the gospel accordingly he said too many things that I defi [...]

    Keeping it simpleWe have all heard a multitude of ways to share the gospel but the author here takes you back to the beginning It is not about what you memorize it how much you know, it is about keeping it real The relationship It begins between you and Jesus and it should be the same through you to others Extremely enjoyed the simple approach and the reminder of where it is all ate relationship.

    Christopher Chelpka
    If want to share your faith with others but don t know how or feel uncomfortable with the ways you ve been taught in the past, then read this book.It describes an approach to evangelism that challenges the ways we usually think about evangelism But it s not a theoretical book It is full of good advice and the author provides many examples to help you see how evangelism ought to work in real life with real people.

    Wendy Wickham cathcart
    Thought provoking and motivationally challenging5 star rating due to challenging my motivations for why I do or don t do what I do Truly a life changing book if I live out the wisdom presented I did not know there were study questions at the end, so I will be reading it again on a deeper level.

    Thoughtful, helpful and practical book on a realistic, loving, genuine approach to sharing Christ with others Will refer back to often

    This book totally changed my view of evangelism and enlivened me to pursue it in all areas of life.

    A very clear explanation of evangelism that isn t AWKWARD in comparison to traditional, aggressive evangelism Some points I especially liked Evangelize Christians, Disciple non Christians Traditional evangelism puts emphasis on the decision the moment the person accepts Christ Rather, Leonard encourages us to see ourselves as part of the person s story, discipling in little bits over time and let the Lord use us in addition to many others over the course of the person s life and to welcome them [...]

    I love this short book so much I re read it every year or two It reassures me that evangelism is not something I m supposed to be doing to people even if they hate it, it raises my awareness of the ways I love Jesus and love the people I encounter and naturally bring them together, and it challenges me with a few new ways to do it Here are some of my long term favorites 1 In modern western Christianity we sing Jesus words I will make you fishers of men with the motions of an individual casting a [...]

    Carter Hemphill
    I had low expectations when I started reading this book, thinking that it would be a rehash of many of the familiar traditional evangelistic tropes However, as the title states, the author provides a refreshing look at how to share one s faith The chapters headings highlight his main points be normal avoiding the sales pitch approach without any engagement with the listener , be than a friend going beyond the shallowness of friendship evangelism , let Christ lead people to you, sow widely, list [...]

    Emma Hinkle
    Such a wonderful book that really lays out evangelism in a way that is clear and personal.

    I had the privilege of being pastored by John for 5 years, and it was a blessing to read this book right before my family welcomes non Christian international students to a university campus I was familiar with most of the things in this book from knowing the Leonard family, but that didn t diminish the impact this book has in my thinking about how to share the gospel with others I can attest that John and Christy s passion for Jesus and for evangelism expressed in this book is real and everyday [...]

    This book is not what you would expect from a missionary evangelist pastor Instead of having an awkward experience in sharing your faith, John S Leonard encourages the reader, that it can be simple and part of your everyday life This real evangelism is about listening than you speak, and loving than you think Biblically based on Jesus own model of what it means to share God s word and speak life into everyday life and conversations If you have one book on evangelizing in your library, this sho [...]

    Frank Peters
    This book does not fit within my typical reading Normally books on evangelism worry me, as they are usually written by extreme extroverts who write how everyone should be exactly like them As a result, I am always cautious approaching this type of book The result is that this would tie for one of the best books I have ever read on this topic The writing was engaging The ideas were useful and consistent with what I read Jesus saying in the bible I am impressed and challenged as a result.

    Danica Abisror
    This book was hugely challenging and so practical I want to read many parts of it again to apply a lot Loved the way that evangelism is such a part of a life that understand the Gospel I loved it And want to love Jesus and share my faith in real life as talked about in the book So good

    James Bunyan
    An inspiring and relieving view of how to share your faith that takes it away from being an expert and brings it back to just being a normal person, sharing something important with others.Some great, Biblical insights that will help anyone and well written, with plenty of exciting stories involved.It s great.

    One of the best books on evangelism I ve ever read, written by someone who clearly knows both the Bible and how to share it For me, the strength of this book was all the stories that the author includes from his own life, both successes and failures Readable, practical, biblical If you re going to read just one book on evangelism, I would probably recommend this one.

    Mary Witmer
    This book has helped me understand the importance of evangelizing in a way that is no uncomfortable for the person you are sharing with or yourself There is no perfect, cookie cut way to share the gospel, and, as the books says, the way you share the gospel is formed by the person the Lord brings to you.

    Pete Williamson
    This is a great little book on evangelism that takes a very different path than most books that I ve read There are other practically focused books out there, but Leonard does a good job of presenting evangelism that might help those who are most afraid to do so The smallish size also makes perfect for a book study Highly recommended.

    Mimi Davis Hopkins
    Speaking with your lifeThere are a lot of things I loved about this book, and a few things I have learned and will practice Maybe a lot of us have a misunderstanding of what evangelism is, if this is the case this is the book would enlighten us If you know who you are in Christ, than read this book.

    This is a must read book, particularly for those who identify themselves as Evangelicals It will forever change the way you look other people And the final chapter should be required reading for everyone in the moral majority I find the current state of affairs in the Church Universal very troubling and this book might help.

    Sheri White
    This book is life changing The techniques work I know because I ve used them Not only will this book change your life, but if you live it out it will change the lives of others as well It s easy to read and the principles are easy to apply.

    Love this no nonsense, practical challenge to live a life of evangelism every day

    Jonathan Ferré
    Real n practical evangelism A simple n practical way of doing evangelism n incorporating it to our everyday lives, filled with real stories that resonate.

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