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  • Title: King Pig
  • Author: Nick Bland
  • ISBN: 9781742834955
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Hardcover

  • King Pig By Nick Bland King Pig can make the sheep do anything he pleases But can he make them like him
    Nick Bland
    Nick Bland was born in the Yarra Valley of Australia, in 1973 He was the son of an artist and a primary school teacher, and spent his early years on the farm where his parents lived At age six, he moved with his family to the bush He wanted to be a cartoonist and a writer from a very young age In 1996, he took a job at a book store, and decided to write and illustrate children s books His first book, A Monster Wrote Me a Letter was published in Australia in 2005 He currently lives in Darwin, Australia and works full time as an author illustrator.

    King Pig By Nick Bland


    This story was cute and had some nice pictures, but the plot was a little weird It is a good book though to teach the importance of how to treat your friends the right way Cute, but still a little weird

    That was so cute and I really liked the illustrations The thing that I liked the best about this little novel was the fact that the story redeems itself, and the main character changes his whole stand point.

    To me the story was one of a bully not understanding the way he is affecting others, or why they might not like him Could open up some interesting discussion.

    King Pig is cute for children around the ages of 5 or 6 because they would understand the humor of this book The tale gets sarcastic and the reader must understand the concepts told by the pictures, not necessarily the story The illustrations on this book are partially mystical but full of a lot of detail that helps the reader understand the story better.The story is easy to read and easy to understand with the picture s explanation At the end, it may have been better to explain in the text what [...]

    Woody Calhoon
    This book was anting read to say the least The story of King Pig is not a very difficult read and that s a good thing considering the target audience and, while it has a good lesson to be taught, the story is very typical of a children s book and there s not anything really unique or special However, this only applies to the story itself The art in the book is very lively and captures each blurb of text very well The art brings every character to life in vibrant ways and the art of the King Pig [...]

    Whole And
    Oh There are so many important moral messages in this book The King Pig s problem is that he can t get anyone to like him and can t figure out why Eventually he learns how to create friendships through a very different approach then his previous attempts.An excellent source to demonstrate how we treat one another in relationships matters than our fancy clothes or our position in life.A meaningful tale indeed, highly recommend this for lessons in leadership, appreciation for one another, speakin [...]

    Staci Browning
    I enjoyed this book mainly because of the message it sends to readers I can see this book being extremely helpful in elementary students when they are being taught about kindness The underlying message of this book is it takes sincerity to be nice I take this to mean, you cannot do something nice and gain a reward for yourself In order to be selfless you need to completely forget about yourself and take into account someone else The King thought he was doing them a favor by making himself look b [...]

    Chelsie Abra
    King Pig doesn t know why the sheep do not like him, even though he tries his best The sheep do not smile, even though he tries to make them laugh They never listen to him So, one night, King Pig invited the sheep into his warm castle They were dyed different colours and shaved to make King Pig fancier clothes But still, the sheep did not like King Pig even when he was wearing fancier clothes How can he make them like him Nick Bland has done it again with King Pig Enclosed in these pages is a st [...]

    Stef Rozitis
    The text is simple, the pictures show a lot of emotion while also being surreal enough to be fun The ending is fantasticuld easily have watered it down into oversweetened happy, happy cliche and the author skilfully avoided that to retain a critical edge in a child accessible way.This book looks at power and about relationships It could be relevant to the way children treat each other OR it could be about social class and exploitation It makes some connections but leaves some up to the reader.De [...]

    Tatelyn Graves
    In class today we did a different activity of reading to each other Something that I really liked about reading to each other and reading this book, was how much i enjoyed both When someone else is reading to you, I got to see the book by not just reading the words This book is so cute The pig is the over all ruler over the sheep but he doesn t understand why no one likes them So he keeps trying to do things to make himself better hoping they would like him but in the end he realizes when he fo [...]

    I can just imagine reading this story to a group of kids The king s pride is so obvious that young children will be able to see why he was so disliked by all of the sheep in his kingdom I love the use of illustrations to get the point across I especially love the illustration with the little sheep with no wool he has a big beanie on It just tugs at my heartstrings The end isn t a completely happy one where the sheep all learn to love the king, but I love that the king finally starts trying Child [...]

    Overall I found the King Pig to be a very enjoyable children s book to read I thought that the illustrations were awesome the color choices were both fun, and creative, and went well with the story I thought that it was a very creative story line and it was unique I have not ready something similar to it before I thought that it had great humor and kept the reader engaged in the story I think that children would really enjoy this story I would guess that 1st and 2nd graders would really enjoy it [...]

    Get Ahead Kids
    King Pig makes the sheep in his Kingdom do whatever he tells them He shouts at them, throws eggs at them and uses them as servants, but he can t understand why they don t like him One day, when King Pig is at his wits end over the sheep not liking him, one of the sheep suggests that King Pig should be nicer to the sheep This book is presented in a light hearted manner, but points out the importance of being nice to others, and that what one person may think is okay, others may not.

    Matthew Triplett
    This book is great to have in the classroom it teaches that kindness is the Key The king pig doesn t know why the sheep doesn t like him he does everything to make them like him but what he does isn t nice at all At the end he starts to figure it out and the sheep begins to like him This book is the best to teach students to think of others before yourself Matthew Tripeltt

    King Pig demonstrates a very important lesson, niceness is a learned quality His self centred point of view makes him incapable of noticing the misery of others, and it is only when it is pointed out to him that he figures it out In typical Nick Bland style, the illustrations are very funny many of the characters do very silly actions, and poses.

    I m a fan of nick bland s book, but this is not one of my favourites I find the story a little dark and while there is a good point to the story just think that is a little to heavy for little ones But I don t think young children necessarily need to be taught these harsh learnings at such a young age.

    This book is a great read for children Teachers can read aloud this book to children who are struggling to get along with each other IF teachers want to incorporate a lesson about being nice to one another, this book is great It is about a pig who tries to gain friends in all of the wrong ways Eventually he learns to be nice and gets some friends.

    Cute and odd I m not sure the moral of the story will be all that clear to children or that they ll get the irony The theme of kindness is good though and children should catch on to the theme long before King Pig himself does The pictures are engaging but may be too detailed to read aloud to large groups This might be better as a lap read.

    Katlyne Zarkowski
    This book taught us about the importance of showing kindness and care Friendship cannot be a forced feeling one has to earn it This book taught us these lessons in humorous ways using the characters of King Pig and the sheep that live in his kingdom.

    I prefer the bear books that Nick has done, however this is a good story as well It s a great story about dealing with people and how you treat them, especially if you want them to like you I am impressed with the end as well, it s not a solid happy ending but the ending is true.

    Ashley Whiteley
    The moral of the story is great Kindness is key The book does not flow as much as I would have liked, but it was pretty easy to understand The pictures are very unique and not what you would expect in a children book It is a good story.

    Samantha Brown
    This is a great book for children I love the humor in it I also love that the book can teach a lesson to the children that read it It teaches them the need to be nice to your friends It would be great collection to any teachers library.

    I thought that this book was cute and had a good message about being nice to others But I felt like it wasn t a very exciting book I wan t a very big fan of the art, it was dark and not very happy.

    Angela Jones
    King Pig is an adorable story with adorable illustrations The story is very fun and entertaining to read aloud the plot of the story is very clever Along with an adorable story line and illustrations, the book also sends a very clear message to always remember to be kind.

    I thought this was a cute children s book I think children will all enjoy the pigs failed attempts to make the sheep like him It teaches children that it is not your possessions or clothes that make friends but being kind make people like you.

    I don t like this but that s just my taste It s a good moral story.

    Louise (A Strong Belief in Wicker)
    Great illustrations, a modern day porcine Emperors New Clothestrongbeliefinwicker

    Kayla Skeans
    The king s attitude was prideful but in the end the king pig decided to make his sheep servants robes.

    A cute story about the importance of treating others with respect, even when you re royalty.

    Megan Guertler
    so cute, i absolutely loved the pictures, the page when they were making the clothes for the king, hilarious the illustrations are definitely what made the book for me

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