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  • Title: Across a Bridge of Dreams
  • Author: Lesley Downer
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  • Page: 177
  • Format: Paperback

  • Across a Bridge of Dreams By Lesley Downer 1873 Taka, the daughter of a famous general and his geisha mistress, is just thirteen when Nobu, an impoverished lad from a defeated enemy clan, comes to work as a servant in her house Sensing he is than he seems, she is drown towards him But Japan is heading for a bitter civil war, driving them apart and threatening to turn their lives upside down Taka soon reali1873 Taka, the daughter of a famous general and his geisha mistress, is just thirteen when Nobu, an impoverished lad from a defeated enemy clan, comes to work as a servant in her house Sensing he is than he seems, she is drown towards him But Japan is heading for a bitter civil war, driving them apart and threatening to turn their lives upside down Taka soon realizes that she will have to make a dreadful choice between her family and the man she loves.Based on the true story of the last samurai The samurai s daughter is an epic tale of a nation divided and a love that can never be.
    Lesley Downer
    I write historical fiction set in Japan women s untold stories, largely true and based on meticulous and detailed research, though primarily, of course, good yarns I ve just finished The Shogun s Queen, the fourth of The Shogun Quartet, four novels set in the nineteenth century during the tumultuous fifteen years when Japan was convulsed by civil war and transformed from rule by the shoguns into a society that looked to the west Preorder bit TheShogunsQueenThe second, The Last Concubine, was shortlisted for Romantic Novel of the Year 2009 and translated into 30 languages The other two novels are The Courtesan and the Samurai and The Samurai s Daughter My non fiction on Japan includes Geisha The Remarkable Truth Behind the Fiction and Madame Sadayakko The Geisha who Seduced the West I m also a journalist and travel writer, give lectures and teach Creative Writing at City University in London.

    Across a Bridge of Dreams By Lesley Downer


    La Downer riuscita ad incantarmi, di nuovo La Figlia della Concubina un romanzo estremamente semplice, di base la storia gi stata ampiamente affrontata da tanti e pi celebri autori due innamorati appartenenti a due clan rivali, che sfidano il destino per far trionfare il loro legame Come ho detto, storia gi sentita Quello che rende per speciale questo libro la narrazione.La Downer trascina il lettore in un mondo passato, in un Paese diviso, patria di tradizioni particolari, speciali e antichissi [...]

    Loved the Meiji atmosphere and the details ah, by the way, Kodenma Prison wasn t functioning at the time, that would be Ichigaya but was disappointed at the end The storyline was meh a Romeo and Juliet story of sorts, only he is not really a poor servant, he s a prince, read a samurai He even has an aristocratic nose She is a willowy, tiny girl, an illegitimate daughter of Saigo Takamori, oops pardon, a General Kitaoka, and his geisha mistress, so she is a samurai too They almost die, but almost [...]

    Pun Otakufrenzy
    Personally, this book is going to be one of the greatest book I ever read, and would be in my top favorite list of all time similar to A Tale of the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki Never thought this book can be this fantastic, it took me fully by surprise.One of the best book I ever read, a tale of melancholy between two unlikely lover torn apart by conflicted honor, war torn clans, and impossible love that will challenged their samurai s code of honor to the limit The author recalled the Meiji Era of [...]

    Ancora una volta la Downer riprende il tema sviluppato ne Il kimono rosso e ci racconta una storia ambientata nel Giappone di fine Ottocento negli anni in cui Nord e Sud si davano battaglia gi dal precedente libro infatti la parte dedicata al mondo delle geishe concubine viene leggermente lasciata da parte e viene curata maggiormente quella storica.Il libro si legge con piacere la storia travagliata tra Taka e Nobu, due giovani appartenenti a due regioni contrapposte e quindi a due clan diversi, [...]

    Alison Campbell
    I ve been transported to an alien country, culture, and age, where my sensory organs have been bombarded to their fullest potential, leaving every nerve ending in my body tingling and screaming out for of the same.A wonderful saga based on the true story of the Last Samurai A tale of star crossed lovers, Taka and Nobu, the Japanese version of Romeo and Juliet, destined to be together, although forbidden, due to family status and economic feuds of the time.It was clear that the author has a vast [...]

    Liebes Buch
    Die Tochter des Samurai ist ein Buch von zur ckhaltendem Charme und faszinierender Melancholie Ich habe dieses Jahr schon ein Buch von Lesley Downer gelesen, das mir jedoch nicht so gefallen hat Nur weil ich mich f r Japan interessiere, habe ich der Autorin noch eine Chance gegeben und es nicht bereut Downer greift historische Motive auf und erinnert an den Samurai Saigo, den es wirklich gab Wie Romeo und Julia verlieben sich die Teenager Nobu und Taka, die aus verfeindeten Lagern stammen Downer [...]

    Antonella Montesanti
    Libro piacevolissimo da leggere che fa fare un tuffo nel Giappone del secolo scorso.E la storia d a contrastata tra Thaka e Nobu,due giovani che appartengono a due clan diversi.Ma non solo questo, molto di pi , un viaggioattraverso un secolo di tradizioni giapponesi, di lotte tra Nord e Sud, di usi diversi, un raccontod a ma anche un racconto di dolore e morte e guerra.Il tutto raccontato con una grande delicatezza,dove ci sono ardenti passioni ma non c mai unascena di sesso, sebbene si parli an [...]

    I bought this book in Japan during my holiday and loved it.It is a great mix of history, the Japanese way of living in the past and unfortunately our Western ways arriving in Japan is shown and what it does to the people living in Japan and the difference between different regions.All this as the base of the story told by Taka and Nobu made it so beautiful I felt that while reading it, a smile would come on my face.

    This had something of the feel of those Japanese movies that seem to go on and on Interesting bit of history though.

    Not my usual pick A member of the book club told me about the challenge involving historical fiction, since I don t read that kind of books I thought about giving it a try, and I am really glad I did it It is a real delight.Japanese writers provided my knowledge of the historical literature of Japan However Lesley s view and interpretation of the old Japan, their traditions, families, social concepts, etc has proven to be as beautiful and detailed as if she had been there in 1873.I enjoy reading [...]

    Sheu Quen
    I started the book, I read the book, I finished the book I did it all consecutively that I didn t even have the opportunity to update my status here It was such a good book that I just continued reading it was a nonstop activity.I was able to see the Japanese this time in a different light compared to the books that I read about the brutality of the Japanese invasion and occupation of Malaya In Downer s story of The Samurai s Daughter, it shows the endless events of how the rich and the poor liv [...]

    Jodie "Bookish"Cook
    Book reviewTitle Across the bridge of dreamsAuthor Lesley DownerGenre historical romance culturalRating Review Japan in the 1870s is on the cusp of change.The flower and willow time of the Geisha and the Samurai is passing the forward thinking are adopting Western dress and , educating their daughters, working in banks and eating beef It is also a time of unrest where the ruling Satsuma clan are threatened by corruption within and the long memories and simmering revenge of the resentful and defe [...]

    Across a Bridge of Dreams is just as much about war as it is romance.The backdrop of the Satsuma Rebellion provided an interesting and entertaining addition to the drama of the story, providing a forbidden love between our two main characters, Nobu and Taka I liked the dynamic between these two, but I feel like I would have liked it if their characters were better developed The main issue I have with this book is that most of the characters fell a bit short of personality for me The only charac [...]

    Dopo aver letto e amato L ultima concubina della stessa autrice, mi sono buttata a capofitto in questa lettura che pensavo mi avrebbe fatto di nuovo sognare con le sue descrizioni, i paesaggi, i sapori, le antiche poesie No No niente L inizio lento e dolce, pone le basi per tutto ci che speravo di incontrare, ma poi tutto si rivela su un altra lunghezza onda Forse ero io che avevo delle aspettative esageratamente alte, ma non sono rimasta colpita Interessante e ben elaborata la parte storica del [...]

    Eileen Thornton
    Taka and Nobu meet when they are very young and fall in love But they both know their love is doomed from the start Their differences are too great Taka is the daughter of General Kitaoka a Satsuma from the Southern Clan He is a much respected leader of the new government Nobu is from the northern Aizu His clan were defeated and reduced to poverty by General Kitaoka during the Japanese Civil War This is a very enjoyable read and I found it difficult to put down Lesley Downer has researched her s [...]

    The second book of Lesley Downer I read Not a completely bad book but I do wonder why I picked this up The first one I read was The Last Concubine and I basically had to fight through it, just as I had to with this one Both of the books have a very intriguing stories and backgrounds but I just can t like the style of writing is It s not what you would call bad, but rather basic and I m really bad at expressing this but to me it felt weirdly unnatural Like, you wouldn t write like this But I gues [...]

    This is labelled as historical fiction but don t let that put you off it s not normally something you read Essentially it s a love story set in 1870s Japan It has a very exotic, foreign feel and doen t feel historical A book I would never have normally picked up but I m so pleased I did The writing is adept at conveying the foreign setting and captures the thoughts and feelings of the young protagonists perfectly You get swept along A very easy read, I read it in 3 sessions and was surprised how [...]

    I really enjoyed this book immensely I started with the book The Last Concubine from this author and fell in love with it So when I found out about this book I got curious, and was hoping this would be just as good And I was right It s a story about two lovers, Taka and Nobu, but, they are from two different clans Their love is forbidden and therefore impossible, since the clans are in war with each other This love story reminded me of Romeo and Juliet I enjoyed how detailed everything was writt [...]

    In the end I enjoyed this story for what seemed like realistic depictions of life in Japan during this period Details like taking out the side room panels during the summer to let air in, the kind of oil geisha s used to keep their hair in place, the place of eating beef in the growing influence of western culture, and a small introduction to the Japanese caste system made me enjoy this book than I would have otherwise At first I was sure someone else wrote it and then Ms Downer came in and spr [...]

    A wonderful story filled with real facts from that period of history in Japan This is a story of star crossed lovers from different groups warring in Japan TheYoung woman ,Taka, is the daughter of a geisha and a samuri warrior who is the head of the clan It is his second wife There is an encounter with the mother and a young boy, Nobu, intervenes and works for the family for a while He is from the other tribe, enemies of the samurai The story is about the love of Taka and Nobu and the extreme tr [...]

    The story centres around two young people Taka and Nobu who meet when fate makes Nobu a hero in Taka s eyes.The youngsters couldnt be opposite Taka is the daughter of a well known Samurai General and a southern leader during the Civil War and Nobu comes from Aizu in the North both sides consider the other sworn enemies.I didnt consider this as much as a love story as I did the Courtesan and the Samurai but I did see the continious theme of honour in the Japanese, exercised by both men and women [...]

    Sarah Dinah
    4 STARS I have always been a fan of historical fiction genre especially the books which are subjected to different cultures from me This book taught me the distraught and difficulties having by the people of the era Though the hero and the heroine were separated by different tribes or clans, this moving story teach us that love knows no boundary It kept me on the edge of my seat and I could hardly put it down So beautifully written by Lesley Downer and I am looking forward to reading of her boo [...]

    Forse tratta in inganno dal titolo italiano, al solito totalmente diverso dall originale inglese Across a Bridge of Dreams mi aspettavo molto di pi , o almeno qualcosa di diverso.Sembra che per qualche strana ragione gli editori italiani abbiano deciso di mantenere la costante Geisha in tutti i titoli dell autrice.Ma la Downer riesce sempre e comunque a farsi leggere, a stupire e suscitare interesse con temi storici diversi, in questo caso la restaurazione Meiji.Particolarmente apprezzata la sce [...]

    Mir hat das Buch insgesamt eigentlich ganz gut gefallen Da ich in letzter Zeit gerne Japan bezogene B cher lese, bin ich froh mit dem gleich ins Jahr 2016 gestartet zu haben Die beschriebene Atmosph re wirkte gut recherchiert und bis auf wenige eher dahinziehende Stellen habe ich es schnell durchgelesen Die Liebesgeschichte zwischen den Protagonisten war nett, aber nicht fesselnd, sodass ich richtig mitgefiebert h tte Ich w rde es eher Leuten, die sich f r historische Japan bezogene Romane inter [...]

    This was a fine read for sunny weekends spent sitting in the garden The last quarter was a bit predictable and not all that engaging.The I historical fictions I read the less interested I am in the central romance Or perhaps I just need a bit subtlety I m not sure.Romance aside a decent read and good taster in terms of the period of history I certainly have a lot to investigate now.

    I don t think this book could have been boring It had an interesting start, but I could see the technical inaccuracies from a mile away I ve read enough books about geishas to know that the author didn t have much of a clue and in the end, it just put me to sleep It was the same story repeat several times over girl meets boy, girl falls for boy, boy leaves, boy reappears and repeat After the first time, it gets tired.

    I wasn t sure if I would enjoy this book as I haven t previously got on well with novels based in Japan However, on the whole I did enjoy it although I did find some aspects of it quite hard work, particularly the attitude that suicide is an honorouble thing The characters were well drawn though and the idea of Nobu having the job of carrying Taka s books around at school Where was he when I was at school

    Michael Schmid
    Dieses Buch zu bewerten f llt mir wirklich schwer Es spielt in Japan, zur Samuraizeit, sch n geschrieben und das Ende ist auch sooooooo sch n, aber trotzdem hat es sich auch oft gezogen, mir fehlte das besondere Etwas und auch die Spannung, daher musste ich einfach Abstriche in der Bewertung machen ABER ich bin wirklich froh, es gelesen zu haben und das Ende Es war einfach nur hach PS Das COVER Kinders das COVER _____ meine Zuk nftige, sie wei es nur noch nicht xD

    The book is amazing It takes you to a different times where people had different values and perspectives through life It opens you to the japanese culture, how western affect their culture and specially to the pride and honourable lives of samurais at the time And the love story of Taka and Nobu is well flown.

    Anne Bryson
    The parts of this novel based on historical research made for interesting and convincing reading, however the fictional characters and their adventures seemed contrived at times The lover s scenes did not fit at all, often they read like passages from popular romances That said, the book was an undemanding read for a winter s evening.

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