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  • Title: Pyar aur Poetry
  • Author: RoopaMenon
  • ISBN: 9780991960033
  • Page: 406
  • Format: ebook

  • Pyar aur Poetry By RoopaMenon College beauty Arundhati Basu would rather stick her head in the proverbial oven than host this year s Founder s Day event with tongue tied nerd, Nikhil Menon Compared to the brilliant but elusive poet, D G Beckett, Nikhil is a green toad.As Arundhati gets to know him, however, she finds herself oddly drawn to the shy geek, and he, in turn, grows in confidence as he speCollege beauty Arundhati Basu would rather stick her head in the proverbial oven than host this year s Founder s Day event with tongue tied nerd, Nikhil Menon Compared to the brilliant but elusive poet, D G Beckett, Nikhil is a green toad.As Arundhati gets to know him, however, she finds herself oddly drawn to the shy geek, and he, in turn, grows in confidence as he spends time with her His hopes for a lasting relationship with Arundhati seemed to be within his reach.If only she could forget D G Beckett
    Roopa Menon is a dreamer Ever since she could remember she has been dreaming and imagining stories, conversations and characters Her earliest memory is of leaving cups of cream for elves and pixies in her house This was based on one of her most favourite books of the time Enid Blyton s Book of Fairies She was 5 years old As for writing, it just happened to her one day Is that possible Roopa Menon believes that she has some stories that she would like to tell And some of them perhaps only she can.Pyar Aur Poetry is her first published work of fiction since 2001 It is, as she would like to call it, a tapestry of youthful quests, longings, and arrogance Loosely based on her college experience in India she has ensured that she has remained faithful to fiction and her imagination.

    Pyar aur Poetry By RoopaMenon


    Tanisha Mehta
    Copy received by Indireads in exchange for an honest review.Arundhati is the college s well know personality while Nikhil is the nerd who failed to make a good impression on Arundhati s mind.Arundhati is the poem queen and Nikhil He s got secret love for poetry too.Will they fall in love or Nikhil s secret will turn their relationship into a disaster The plot was predictable and clich.As a reader,I got to know a lot about poetry and different poets.Honestly I m not a poetry person,I dont have an [...]

    Sundari Venkatraman
    Arundhati is beautiful, intelligent and a go getter Nikhil could not seem different He lacks confidence despite being intelligent he works hard but does not know how to promote himself and he is not too popular Professor Nadkarni insists that these two students get together to host the Founder s Day program at St Paul s College Will it work Arundhati is all set to murder Nikhil while the young man just plain adores her In the meanwhile, there is this D.G Beckett who gets between the two While i [...]

    Shweta Ganesh Kumar
    Pyaar Aur Poetry is so much than your average run of the mill love story Cloaked in the garb of a romance novella, this wonderfully written book is also a tongue in the cheek look at how Indian writing and writers are almost wholly overlooked by the Indian literati.Through the distinct personalities the snooty but eager to learn Arundhati and the geekish but talented Nikhil Menon, the author Roopa Raveendran Menon weaves a very interesting love story that presents both sides of this very theme. [...]

    Jazz Singh
    It s a novel concept The characters are so different form each other, you want to keep reading to see how they ll come around and make things work A cute and fun story Pyar aur Poetry sure hits the right notes.

    Bhargavi Balachandran
    Sweet and intelligent , Pyar aur poetry isn t one of those novels where the hero and heroine fall in love lust quarrel at the drop of a hat patch up again they live happily ever after The protagonists , Arundathi and Nikhil have been conceived thoughtfully and are as different as chalk and cheese.Yet they share the love for words and literature Arundathi s snobbish attitude towards all things Indian is the perfect foil for the very grounded Nikhil What I also appreciated about the book was that [...]

    Priyanka Batra Harjai
    Haveli is a story about the heir of a Haveli of Nawabs in Pakistan It is about a girl Chandini a.k.a C who has a sanctified lineage Based in 1970s in Pakistan, this narrative is from her perspective.The story starts as we experience a sweet and salty rapport between a culturally rich grandmother Zaitoon Beigum a.k.a Broad and a saucy granddaughter Chandini She wants to marry Kunwar , who is twice her age but bumps into son of a family friend Baba and Bua and who is also grandmother s choice Taim [...]

    Zeenat Mahal
    There s a feeling one gets once in a while, a rare but heady feeling of finding a gem of a book The excitement of having discovered not just a book, but an oeuvre because surely, there will be treasures where this one came from That s the feeling I got reading Roopa Menon s, Pyar Aur Poetry Written in the classical style, with a plot to match, this story articulates the abandon and arrogance of youth, along with the hopes and dreams it brings, with mastery and compassion Arundhati, flawed and f [...]

    I love romantic stories and I loved this book too which has added bonus of beautiful poetry too The most I loved in this book was Nikhil s grandmother, Padma Kalyani Her character has been written so well, she is a fun person who does not let age affect her modern sense of fashion She has knowledge of today s fashion and culture than any other teenager The author s narration of story is spell bounding and once you will start reading the book, you will not be able to keep it down I would highly [...]

    The story starts with the confident three time winner Arundhati Basu who loses the latest addiction of the poetry competition,beaten by an unknown D.G.Beckett.Enter Nikhil Menon the tongue tied nerd, whose only claim to fame is the epic failure, when he attempted to get on stage to speak a few lines When both are brought together by fate, they change their personalities for the better.As the story progresses,Arundhati and Nikhil are in love opposites do attract it seems , but will D.G.Beckett le [...]

    The story is different and the characters have been beautifully thought of, complete with excellent descriptions West meets East Nikhil has been portrayed as the simple, likable, grounded boy next door while Arundhati is the typical elite Indian girl who loves everything non Indian and things like thepla and Khakhras are foreign sounding foods She sounds so much like the girls in school who speak the local language interspersed with English words The language is excellent and the flow is good I [...]

    A story of discovering talent in some one you have never bothered to know A story of a guy finding unique way of overcoming his inhibitions and trying to win over his love.a clash of literary choices and the merits of each I absolutely liked both the characters in equal proportions while some where i relate to nikhil finding it hard to be liked , i also have been like arundhati when it comes to exploring indian literature if Arundhati had ever read a tale like this one , i am sure she would have [...]

    sankshvet 2015 01

    E.J. Bouinatchova
    This story is wry, witty, self deprecating and fantastically funny It manages to subtly lampoon literary pretension, nerdistry, cultural prejudice, and higher education all while telling an adorable love story I usually hate adorable love stories, but these characters are so flawed, peculiar, and beautifully human that they won me over instantly It s also a great social commentary as we get to watch western literary ideals clash with Bollywood and classical Indian culture There is a heck of a lo [...]

    Roopa Raveendran Menon

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