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  • Title: Just So Happens
  • Author: Fumio Obata
  • ISBN: 9780224096638
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Just So Happens By Fumio Obata I still remember arriving in the city for the first time It wasn t easy But here, London, is my home Yumiko is a young Japanese woman who has made London her home She has a job, a boyfriend Japan seems far away Then, out of the blue, her brother calls to tell her that her father has died in a mountaineering accident.Yumiko returns to Tokyo for the funeral and fi I still remember arriving in the city for the first time It wasn t easy But here, London, is my home Yumiko is a young Japanese woman who has made London her home She has a job, a boyfriend Japan seems far away Then, out of the blue, her brother calls to tell her that her father has died in a mountaineering accident.Yumiko returns to Tokyo for the funeral and finds herself immersed in the rituals of Japanese life and death and confronting a decision she hadn t expected to have to make.Just So Happens is a graphic novel by a young artist and storyteller of rare talent Fumio Obata s drawing, in particular, is marvellous in its power and delicacy.
    Fumio Obata
    Fumio Obata is a comic book author whose work and inspiration come from cultural differences and social issues in his surroundings He is also a visual artist in his own right.Fumio was born in Tokyo and grew up with the Manga and Anime cultures of the 1970 s and 80 s Always fond of drawing, at school his exercise books were always full of cartoon sketches In 1991 he moved to the UK and has been living on the British soil since.He studied BA Illustration at Glasgow School of Art and obtained a Master degree in Communication Design from Royal College of Art in London Under the guidance of some great tutors he decided to pursue his career in sequential imagery design and is eager to extend its potentials into a wider perspective.Fumio also has a career as an animator Between 2003 and 2008 he worked with Duran Duran, Channel4, and joined Redkite Animations in Edinburgh in 2006 In Edinburgh, he worked on numbers of joint projects with DC Thompson During the 5years he learned the importance of teamwork, structure and planning the practical side of creative industry.In 2008 he undertook an artist residency at La Cit Internationale de la Bande Dessin e et de l image in Angoul me, France Since then he has had a close relation with the French comic book scene and chose graphic novel and comic book as his main creative outlet.In 2010 he started tutoring as a visiting lecturer for BA courses in the UK to support young talents to develop their own unique artistic voices in various sequential contexts such as animation, graphic novel and children s book Source

    Just So Happens By Fumio Obata


    George Marshall
    Gorgeous art thin story Start with the art, though, because that is what gets four stars watercolours a very hard medium to work with and stunningly assured brushwork that is entirely suitable for the Japanese theme I look at any single image and am astonished with the elegance and simplicity with which Obata conveys a pose or expression Literally and rarely true every line is perfect, and never a mark or less Yumiko is feminine and pretty but has an ordinary, slim body which conveys feminity t [...]

    David Schaafsma
    Lovely, elegant art pen and ink with watercolors perfect for the quietly contemplative story of a Japanese woman living in London, who needs to go home to Japan for a family emergency The action is not the point of the story, but what the return trip requires of her, to think back to her spiritual roots in Japan, her father and mother It s an old question Can you go home again Yes, to visit, periodically, but can you actually return there There isn t much to the story, in a sense a London boyfr [...]

    Obata s story follows Yumiko, a Japanese woman living and working in London She owns a design firm, is engaged to a British man, and extolls her love of the urban center for the first few frames of the book Things quickly change when she receives a call from her brother that her father has died in an accident She travels back to Japan and unpacks some of her last memories with her father, leading up to her departure Yumiko has this recurring vision of a character from a Noh theatre that follows [...]

    Tiffany Lee
    After winning this book in a giveaway, I was quite excited to begin reading it since I would have a chance to delve deeper into my Japanese roots through reading One of the reasons why I loved this book is because it truly depicted the beauty of the Japanese culture, from the ceremonies of death down to the behavior of the Japanese people overall The mysterious customs of Noh theater was something that intrigued me throughout the course of the book, the occasional appearance of the masked figure [...]

    Fredrik Strömberg
    I ve heard a lot about this graphic novel, and it mostly lived up to the hype The story is on the surface quite simple, about a young Japanese woman, who lives in London and has to go back to Japan because her father suddenly dies There she is confronted with her old self and starts to think about her choices in life, all the while the funeral and all the little practical things that has to be done after a death has occurred, goes on around her The art is, as everyone seems to have noted, absolu [...]

    Lovely illustrations create a calm and reflective reading experience, but I m not exactly sure what the author is trying to express, or what kind of experience he is hoping we ll have You close the book and think Huh, That was nice and you re not sure what to think after that.

    The artwork is just so beautiful.

    This book started really strong It s gorgeously produced no page is without design or wasted, and the illustrations are just stunning.It hones into a fascinating conversation, between our protagonist and her significant other, and they roam the streets of London He notices something about the way she interacts with a certain group of people, and she reacts negatively, disliking that he s watching her as she moves through the world.As the story moves, and she travels to Japan, it gets ethereal W [...]

    Elizabeth A
    Can we ever really go home How do we define home This graphic novel has wonderful sketchy watercolory yes I just made up that word art, and is quite lovely to look at The story plot however is so thin as to be almost transparent pun intended The questions asked are universal ones, especially for those of us who left home and now live in a country different from the one we were born and raised in Yumiko was born in Japan, but now lives in London Happily by all accounts, but when she learns of her [...]

    Jalan cerita yang agak simple Konflik keluarga yang biasa kita dengar sehari hari Saya kagum dengan setiap ilustrasi cat air yang dilukis warna, tona dan brush stokes Lawa Paling suka bila penulis artist illustrates each scene properly, such detailing London scenery, Kyoto, the temple and even the restaurant scene And one thing bila each crowd scene waktu the main character wandering around town or lepak kat kedai makan mesti ada one or two person yang came out sambil pakai topeng binatang atau [...]

    It was okay Maybe a little less than okay It felt like things were missing like they skipped over big gaps in the plot or conversations with no warning It didn t flow well And I was a bit confused at times I get she rejected her culture for a long time and finally accept it by the end but how she gets from point A to point B is unclear.

    Charlotte Jones
    I picked this up from the library I ve had my eye out for it since Mercedes from MercysBookishMusings mentioned it a few years ago and although I m glad that I finally got an opportunity to read it, I have very mixed feelings.On one hand, I found that the story jumped around quite a lot to a point where I sometimes felt that there were panels missing or something I could follow the plot well enough but these jumps just took me out of the story and confused me at some points.However, having said [...]

    mary andrikus
    this book s design is simple and soft with its watercolor and pen artwork the artwork is beautiful and very fitting with the Japanese culture.I can relate to the story because I was raised in Indonesia and moved to the U.S where ambitious women are supported and accepted than in the country where I grew upever, I couldn t really understand the connection between the main character Yumiko and Noh I m also glad that I was a bit exposed to Japanese culture through this book with the cremation and [...]

    I haven t read many graphic novels, so I don t have much to compare this to I enjoyed the story but it ended so abruptly that it felt like the author had run out of pages or something I also wasn t sure what to make of the appearance of a figure from Noh theater throughout, but I think that was sort of the point Interesting, but not terribly memorable overall.

    This is a gorgeously drawn, delightful story about being out of place Yumiko, a young Japanese designer living in London, is called home by the death of her father and finds herself unexpectedly grappling with the sense of not fitting in either Japan or England it seems because she has not had the opportunity to reorient herself to being back home It is one of the unsettling elements of the migrant experience the place where our memories are is no longer ours and no longer the same When did the [...]

    La sua storia delicata, semplice e molto intima il punto di forza di questa graphic novel Pur non essendo molto originale, trattando temi abbastanza comuni tra chi dovuto partire e lasciare la propria casa e famiglia, la trama non tuttavia banale o forzatamente profonda e filosofica Fumio Obata ci racconta i sentimenti di una persona confusa e insicura, dubbiosa ma coraggiosa che deve affrontare in una sorta di resa dei conti, argomenti scomodi lasciati alle spalle e mai risolti veramente Ma for [...]

    Jun Hien

    Yumiko, has lived and worked in London for years but she is called home to Tokyo at the death of her father As she attends the funeral, she once again asks herself where she belongs Why I started this book recommended this book, and since graphic novels go hand in hand with Japan, I purchased it to learn about both.Why I finished it Beautiful art, I will have to reread this and ponder the message again Wonderful reflections about parental expectations and finding and see home with new eyes.

    This book was fantastically beautiful I m surprised to see the reviews on here are so mediocre I suppose, however, that I am a bit biased towards all things Japan I have a lovely Japanese wife, I ve lived in Japan for over 3 years, and I have always had a particular affinity for Japanese culture This book made me wish I was still in Japan and I had not chose to move back to the US for now, a life back in Japan will just be in my dreams.

    Emily Berge
    This book was lovely and it made me miss home, even though the story had nothing to do with my life or experience The author makes the most beautiful statement about how much we want home to stay the same even though we, ourselves, want to change Some of the dialogue and writing was lacking, but the illustrations were beautiful I also really want to visit Japan after this.

    Allegra S
    The art in this was beautiful It changed colour palettes as it moved along, and I preferred it in the second half.The story had an intriguing subject matter how do you feel when you are a part of two cultures but don t fit exactly into one It looked at this, but didn t have much resolution.Lovely read, but not outstanding.

    A graphic novel about an arty young Londoner s return to Japan after receiving news that her father died suddenly Being back in Japan forces her to confront the question of where her future really lies She has a bright future in America and a fiance, but the death brings up the old pressure of not wanting to disappoint your parents, even after they re gone.

    3.5 Gorgeous use of watercolors illustrating a thoughtful story about the sudden death of a parent The main character returns to Japan after living in London for a decade, and attempts to process the passing of her father It s remote, emotionally, and it kept me from connecting to the story I felt the characters never came alive.

    Thomas Andrikus
    This is a lovely one volume manga about a Japanese lady who has settled in London and tries to determine where her roots really are I could relate a lot to the story because I was raised in two different cultures too.

    Another case of Not Much Happens, but the art is beautiful, so I will ignore all bad points and just stare at the pretty illustration for hours on end.

    First the art is very beautiful and I love it Second I was disappointed of the story Overall an average read 3 out of 5 mask

    sinceramente mi aspettavo di pi

    Leah Schley
    Never read another graphic novel where it was so evident that the illustrator enjoyed and took pride in creating the settings.

    Vittorio Rainone
    Belli i disegni di Obata che mescolano una classicit delle forme con il senso riassuntivo di un acquerello espressionista, che lasciano al bianco l illuminazione dei volti e ai colori la definizione delle parti in ombra, che alternanto a tratti sottili, per definire le fisionomie, oggetti che sono descritti da intrichi di linee colorate Magari, c da dire, non si percepisce il capolavoro, come se l idea alla base di queste pagine debba ancora dischiudersi davvero, in uno dei suoi prossimi lavori, [...]

    I liked it, but in the end it was a little thin, story wise.The Art The line art is very simple and at times seems deliberately inaccurate Watercolours are applied in a muted colour range brown, greyish blue, mossy green but likewise used in a simple manner This mostly adds to the atmosphere.The Story The story seems to be a reflection of what it s like to live abroad the question which country is home, how you relate to your native countrymen when you meet them in your foreign home and what it [...]

    • [E-Book] ✓ Just So Happens | By å Fumio Obata
      Fumio Obata