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  • Title: The Sandman #1 : Sleep of the Just
  • Author: Neil Gaiman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • The Sandman #1 : Sleep of the Just By Neil Gaiman The first issue of the first volume of Neil Gaiman s horror fantasy epic An occultist accidentally traps Morpheus, the embodiment of Dreams, and holds him for 70 years Finally free, Morpheus seeks his lost objects of power and rediscovers his place in the universe.
    Neil Gaiman
    Neil Gaiman Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Sandman #1 : Sleep of the Just book, this is one of the most wanted Neil Gaiman author readers around the world.

    The Sandman #1 : Sleep of the Just By Neil Gaiman


    So it s the end of 2016 which was a shitty year so I decided hey Why don t I try something new So I read the first Sandman and boy was it intense I thought the illustrations had a certain dark beauty, enchanting but at the same time inclined to a bit of grotesque Fitting for such a story I believe.The story begins ex abrupto, in 1917 where we see how the actions of one men influences the lives of many It is a story or a warning for those striving to be than men, than their nature, but not in t [...]

    Alex Mayer
    Very quick read I have heard a lot about Sandman but have never taken the time to look into I am glad I did.

    Sorry Gaimaniacs, I m one among you too But I had to do this I normally shell out 5 star ratings to my favourite author Yet, for this first issue of The Sandman the series that s touted as one of Neil Gaiman s best of best I had to drop two stars because the story was choppy Also, even after finishing the story, I m still trying to place the characters, which were a little misty No biggie, I m sure I m in for a ride One down 74 to go.

    I finally got my hands on THE ENTIRE COLLECTION OF SANDMAN Needless to say, I am one very happy camper.The first issue of Sandman tells the story of a man trying to capture death, only to catch his younger brother Morpheus, the embodiment of sleep One down, seventy four to go I am very excited.

    This was a tad bit difficult to read as an e book, but at least it offered some magnification for eyes that no longer see as well as they used to I m always on the lookout for books that I think my boys will enjoy I think this might be one, but I d want to check out the next book in the series to be sure.

    W. G. Saraband
    I have been wanting to get into Sandman comics for years I ve finally done it, and boy isn t this a promising start.A strange, occultist group brings forth a being from another realm They were aiming to bring the incarnation of Death, but got a different entity instead Morpheus Complications ensue, obviously.

    I loved two books I read from Gaiman and always wondered about this So cool I bought the first five in digital form for a dollar each on comixoligy last week Normally 2 each So much fun Sandman, a.k.a Morpheus looks kind of like his creator.

    Short story introducing Morpheus or the Sandman, that captures attention Great graphics Will check out second volume.

    Sandman appears to be one the most highly rated comic books graphic novels on , it s also one of a kind completely different from any Marvel or DC or even Image product When I finallly decided to give it a try I didn t expect to meet such an intense read.I am familiar with some of Neil Gaiman s work and was sure a dark story awaited me, but I didn t expect the illustrations to emulate the feeling of grotesque and twisted too The sketches are pointy and angular, fitting for the eerie atmosphere a [...]

    Dani Mexuto
    Que pasou con Neil Gaiman para os da mi a xeraci n Liamos a Tolkien e comentabamolo cando iamos a xogar ao Counter no ciber de botar de moeda, xogabamos a DD, Morpheo, Vampiro, Ciberpunk no local de Kortos Q3 e o museo da marioneta de Lal n, comezamos con George RR no Sagrado Coraz n e agardamos de carallo Logo chegaron as novelas gr ficas americanas via Txema, o clube de lectura no Laxeiro con Manolo Gas, Hornschemeier e toda esa pe a intercambiando comics con chicas de Ourense Nunca apareceu e [...]

    A captura e escapada de Morfeu s o um timo come o pra s rie, iniciando bem tudo o que vai acontecer somos bem apresentados ao personagem central e ele j recebe seu prop sito na s rie Nada explicado demais, ao mesmo tempo nada obscuro demais.

    At one point the author was trying to convey the darkness of the human soul He certainly did.Ew.

    I m going to do a full series review in this one, but it won tbe spoliers.Amazing One of those comics you have to read I can t recomend it .

    Nabanita Dutta
    Neil Gaiman at his best from the first page I was engrossed, till the last one Amazing vision and wonderful character portrayal looking forward to the next one.

    Excellent Absolutely loved the idea of Eternal Wake

    too scary to read in the dark

    Shawn Owens
    Neil Gaiman decided to re invent the character from DC Comics Universe It was originally published in the 1940s but never been popular and well liked So, in 1980 s, Neil was contacted by the female editor to suggest ideas and change the whole storyline, which he did He was so creative with all characters, folklore, and all kinds of the mythos.

    Looking forward to the rest of the series

    Sandman Master of Dreams Sandman, 1 3.5 5 stars LestISmiteThee.wordpressI must first clarify that I haven t really read any Western comics, merely glanced through them in comic tabletop shops throughout my life The old Technicolor esque art and spandex garbed heroes always put me off compared to the prettier styles of manga, manhwa, and other Eastern comics.I figured Sandman, however, with its reputation of being a dark and revolutionary work, would be a good place to finally dip my toes into th [...]

    Brian Ritchie
    Enter Sandman.The first issue of the Preludes and Nocturnes volume makes me excited to keep reading on In this issue view spoiler The Sandman is introduced through his capture In particular, I found his patience and form of revenge rather alluring and clearly helps define the character hide spoiler The artwork was rather interesting a little too messy for my taste but helps set the tone for the story Gaiman does have a way of lunging you right into the darkness through the story while also helpi [...]

    Thrishni Subramoney
    I picked this up about a decade ago and quickly put it down I am very much of the Joss Whedon Terry Pratchett school of thought when it comes to writing Make it dark, make it grim, make it tough, and then, for God s sake, tell a joke Even Stephen King is humourous in his own way.And Issue 1 is heavy on the dark and grim and very light on jokes Still, once you make peace with the fact that this story is unlikely to make you laugh, and just go with it, it is compelling I will read the second one.

    Christopher James
    What can t Gaiman do Man, this story is captivating Though, I must admit it is the illustrations that really set the tone, overall It seems to be the perfect confluence of collaborators to establish a really engaging comic book series I am looking forward to delving into the rest of the collection.

    توفيق عبد الرحيم
    10 stars of perfection that is what i call making history the drawing first class the writing first class everything about thhis comic couldnt be better and to the dear readers like myself forget the first try at making the sandman from kirby we cant even compare both of them together this is awhole new level of excellance

    This is the first issue of Sandman followed by ads for a bunch of other graphic novel collections The story, c mon It s Gaiman It s classic The problem I have is with the Kindle format Each page requires a double tap to embiggen each cell Meh.

    it s my first time to read a comic book, well i didn t enjoy it at first but then i got in the mood of the book, i liked it and enjoyed it later, i read it just because it was written by neil gaiman ,my fav author, and i think um gonna continue reading this series

    It took me a bit to get used to the graphics, but once I did, all was lost I loved it.

    Not my thing.

    3.5 5.

    Pan Alchemist
    I didn t know what to expect going into this The illustrations were great, and the story really hooked me I think I inhaled this in less than 30 minutes Definitely going to continue the series

    Fuad Al Fidah

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