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  • Title: Good Intentions
  • Author: Elliott Kay
  • ISBN: 9781490374758
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Paperback

  • Good Intentions By Elliott Kay He knew it was a dumb stunt from the start A midnight run through a cemetery to impress a couple of girls is hardly the stuff of legend, but Alex Carlisle longs to escape the crushing mediocrity of life after high school Then he stumbles upon the ritual, and the cultists, and two bound and bloodied women Alex intervenes and the ritual blows up in his face, leaving him bHe knew it was a dumb stunt from the start A midnight run through a cemetery to impress a couple of girls is hardly the stuff of legend, but Alex Carlisle longs to escape the crushing mediocrity of life after high school Then he stumbles upon the ritual, and the cultists, and two bound and bloodied women Alex intervenes and the ritual blows up in his face, leaving him bound to them both Rachel and Lorelei, an angel and a succubus It s hardly the sort of challenge a guy can face with dignity when he still lives at home with his mom Alex never imagined falling for an immortal demon seductress, or that he d spend his nights dodging her co workers, her old boss, and every other supernatural freak in Seattle He never thought a woman like Lorelei could have a rival like Rachel, either But then, nobody ever said adulthood would be easy WARNING Good Intentions contains explicit sexuality, violence, nudity, inappropriate use of church property, portrayals of beings divine and demonic bearing little or no resemblance to established religion or mythology, trespassing, bad language, sacrilege, blasphemy, attempted murder, arguable murder, divinely mandated murder, justifiable murder, filthy murder, sexual promiscuity, kidnapping, attempted rape, arson, dead animals, desecrated graves, gang activity, theft, assault and battery, panties, misuse of the 911 system, fantasy depictions of sorcery and witchcraft, multiple references to various matters of fandom, questionable interrogation tactics, cell phone abuse, reckless driving, consistent abuse of vampires because they deserve it , even explicit sexuality, illegal use of firearms within city limits, polyamory, abuse of authority, hit and run driving, destruction of private property, underage drinking, disturbances of the peace, disorderly conduct, internet harassment, bearers of false witness, mayhem, dismemberment, falsification of records, tax evasion, an uncomfortably sexy mother, bad study habits, and a very silly white guy inappropriately calling another white guy nigga for which he will surely suffer.
    Elliott Kay
    Elliott Kay Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Good Intentions book, this is one of the most wanted Elliott Kay author readers around the world.

    Good Intentions By Elliott Kay


    First, a warningis book is a guilty pleasure It will NOT appeal to everyone.It is a story designed to appeal to a geeky person who doesn t mind reading lots of sex scenes The nice guy does heroic things, with little prep but bolstered by a good attitude, and as a result, gets lots of ever amazing supernatural sex and adventures Sowhy do I give it 5 stars Well, I guess I fit the target demographic The characters are fun, I enjoy the plot and some of the mini plots , and I have found myself re re [...]

    Great book, good story, good characters.Best part of the book right here Oh, Rachel shrugged, just that Baal is dead The two angels taking hold of Lydia both stopped and blinked Vincent s scowl cracked, overcome with disbelief What he asked Yup Dead Slain Wasted Kicked the bucket First he was all, Rawr I m a duke of Hell, bitches and then he was like, This is my turf Welcome to Castle Cocksucker and then he was all, You re all gonna die and then it was, Fuck, this sword hurts and finally he was [...]

    Good intentions could easily have been a trite pornographic book about nice guy with an angel on one shoulder and a demon on the other It could have been a shallow, erotic, morality play It could even have been a nice guy finishes first wish fulfillment story with a harem of gorgeous, sexy, shallow, supernatural women.It s not.Instead, it is a very well written, funny, unanticipated book The characters and their motivations are well thought out, the sex fits the story and is emotional erotica in [...]

    I hesitated to read listen to Good Intentions It s not lesfic, and the book summary sounds like an adolescent male s fantasy than anything I d care to read But listen to it I did and wow am I glad Despite being bound to 20yo Alex, Rachel the blond foul talking angel, and Lorelei the gorgeous succubus are both strong, independent women and VERY likable MCs.The book is astonishingly creative and entertaining, and the narrator Tess Irondale does a wonderful job bringing the story and characters to [...]

    I really liked this book.For a first novel, it was outstanding There were many typos in the ebook, but it was fairly easy to overlook and context was never really sacrificedG It was so funny The author seems to have a talent for hitting my humor buttons The primary guardian angel character says some of the funniest stuff I have ever heard, mainly because you d never expect an angel to say it.Sex, sex, and sex Ordinarily, this tends to turn me off, as I m not usually into porno novels Somehow, t [...]

    I usually avoid urban fantasy novels because, frankly, I prefer an actual plot to just a bunch of sex scenes strung together However, this book came highly recommended by a friend, and so I decided to give it a read.I m so glad that I did, because it s a hell of a lot of fun It s well written enough that I stayed up way too late to finish it It s funny enough that I was laughing out loud The characters are engaging, the plot is entertaining, and yes, it s plenty steamy I look forward to the sequ [...]

    This book isn t horrible, it just got boring I ll open it on my Kindle and see I m at 26% and still have 8 hours and 59 minutes to go, and I just can t make myself carry on I m tired of seeing it wait for me I ve decided to have an official breakup with this book, remove it from my device, and go eat ice cream Note Date Finished Date I Gave Up

    Michael Loring
    For a very long time I put off reading this book for a multitude of reasons One is that I knew it was a very long book and would take me some time to finish, and another is that I knew once I started I d be tested in my personal beliefs when it comes to religion and relationships as I knew this book is big on pushing those limits I wanted to make sure I was ready to head into this book before I picked it up When I finally did get to it, I could barely put it down.This is the story of every good [...]

    I liked this a lot But it isn t for everyone.Quite funny with a bunch of good little UF plots but very juvenile in the sexual relationships It is a teenage male wet dream of polyamory, very unbalanced on the male side Still the overall story has a lot of fun going on The main character is too good to be true, yet the humor and the plot lines still work You end up liking him I didn t love him The pacing of the book is the strangest that I have read recently with a bunch of novella type plots with [...]

    Good Intentions and entertaining outcomes.Alex Carlisle leads a somewhat dreary life until on a stupid dare he interrupts an arcane ritual and has an Angel and a Demon Succubus bound to him What follows is a surprising good story with an interesting main character, a good supporting cast and a surprisingly deep story That and a whole lot of adult material In all a cleverly written story with a sympathetic cast Just head the warning in the blurb and you should be just fine Recommended for 18 From [...]

    Loved this book I have no interest in erotica, but decided to give this book a shot because of the reviews I was than surprised at how good it was The characters are awesome, Rachel s dirty mouth was hilarious and Alex s friends are great A lot happened in this book, it wasn t a straightforward type of plot where you have all the characters and conflicts introduced at the beginning of the story and finally have everything resolved by the end The plot reminds me of Demon Accords by John Conroe b [...]

    Hollow Well
    I tried really hard to not like this book After all, it is about a 19 year old boy, Alex, who, through a black magical ritual gone awry, becomes bound as a Master to both a succubus and an angel The succubus heals her wounds by bathing in Alex s sexual energy, so she s pulling out all her magic tricks to a have him hook up with any willing mate and b ensure that all women are willing to have sex without strings Meanwhile, Alex is portrayed as a nice guy which means that he rejects the notion of [...]

    4.5 starsDisclaimer don t read this if you don t like erotica Definitely don t read this if you don t have a sense of humor that encompasses general irreverence as a rule.This was a really fun read I spent the weekend with a book I had a blast listening to I m on the 2nd book now, and I m enjoying it as well, but the first was all out fun This book is an homage to the reserved, shy, geeky, nerdy and or quiet nice guys It does a good job of showing why nice guys are worth a lot, and how they cou [...]

    People get turned on by different things and since this is an erotic work I will simply say that depending on your personal taste and preferences your enjoyment rating of this book will vary I don t like the urban fantasy erotic works where a girl has the problem if she should choose the sexy vampire or the smexy werewolf Then they spends 600 pages pondering what choice to make This book doesn t do this I think a lot of girls will find this work enjoyable despite being catering to men The theme [...]

    Coyora Dokusho
    I stayed up till 5 in the morning and then woke up two hours later to stumble off to workYeah, a review s not gonna happen now8 26 14 I passed out Then slept for 13 hours It was glorious School started yesterday I have so much homework to do I m not gonna avoid it this semester I did that last semester and it Sucked So Bad Somehow, even though there was a ton of sex in this book, it didn t feel gratuitous I liked the characters but there was just something iffy about the character development in [...]

    Art Lueder
    Highly entertaining Urban Fantasy Erotica that includes a succubus, angel, witches, sorcerers, vampires, werewolves The story centers around Alex who is a normal college student who stumbles on a black magic ceremony and while trying to save the two young women being bound and raped finds himself bound to both a succubus and an angel It is funny with a solid UF story wrapped around plenty of erotic sex.

    Jaswin Joy
    5 STARS To anybody who wants a fun, gripping, funny, and loads ey should really pick up this book and give it a go Don t be skeptical Just read on, let the book get to you and in the end you will feel really good that you actually spend the time to give it a try Don t worry it isn t some smut book you will get tired off Though it has smut in it, it just furthers the story The author actually manages transitions between different POV s in a smooth manner.Good book

    So, have YOU ever wanted to fuck your guardian angel There were some very good things about this book, and some things that made me roll my eyes It was a good reminder, though, that I m not the intended audience for EVERY book The characters in this book are a riot My favorite is probably Rachel, the long suffering guardian angel Trust me, you ve NEVER met an angel quite like her I loved every single one of her scenes, and I m imagining her and Castiel from Supernatural going on an angel road tr [...]

    A enjoyable read It was erotica than anything else Much longer than listed it as about 780 instead of the 444 they listed The characters were charming and memorable It made you feel like you were right there in the middle of the action A rare gift for a new writer.Most of all, though, it had the best set up for a deus ex machina I ve ever seen in a book that alone was worth an extra star I hope Elliott Kay keeps writing.

    This could have been really good along the lines of Good Omens, but focuses too hard on reminding the reader that the main character is dating a succubus And his guardian angel Still, it does touch on some very interesting ideas, just fails to fully develop them before the book wraps up in an explosive finale heh.

    The writer creates a very endearing main character caught between some very strong women He has a good sense of humor and his characters as an ensemble are very believable I think the book is as much about emotion as sex It was fun

    This is the first book of this type I have read, but it was good Really is a guilty pleasure as others have said I cant believe i actually read this lol

    I m impressed, this is the authors first book and even with that much eroticism, there is a whole lot of story and action going on, really a nice read

    Not my style of writing The characters seemed flat and it just was boring and too strange for my taste I abandoned reading it at 15%.

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions.Ha I can t even put into proper words what this book has done I will read the next though view spoiler Why is it that the interesting stories with something fresh is always filled with smut hide spoiler 3.5 5 Stars

    Recipe for Good Intentions 1 Brain of Joss Whedon1 Twilight novel, vigorously shaken and flipped on its head and the taking itself too seriously peel removed and discardedThe 1985 movie Weird Science to tasteMix all ingredients and serve over a dish of hot sex not too exotic, just spicy enough with a dash of vanilla Garnish with a tiny sprig of Harry Potter wands Serve hot and steamy Good Intentions isn t fine wine or caviar it s a tub of ice cream or a bowl of Halloween candy, but who doesn t l [...]

    Carl Nelson
    4 stars Elliott Kay s Good Intentions is a true guilty pleasure read equal parts witty dialog, rollicking plot, and serious smut College student Alex Carlisle finds himself the object of affection of both Lorelei the succubus and guardian angel Rachel after he saves them by interrupting a dark ceremony intended to bind them to an evil sorcerer The three become intertwined, at first fulfilling Alex s titillating desires but then becoming something This upset of the natural order of things doesn [...]

    Gareth Otton
    Let s not beat around the bush, there is a lot of sex in this book and that is not going to be to everyone s tastes However, if you are willing to look past that or even allow yourself to enjoy it as the guilty pleasure that it is, you will find this to be a surprisingly good read Good intentions went above and beyond what I expected from this book After reading a few reviews I was thinking that this would be a light hearted and fun book that would be easy reading and little Whilst it was all t [...]

    Usually i hate the characters like Alex And books like this A good 80% of every female of this book want to have a sexual intercourse with him I just can t relate with the protagonist, and the reading gets slow and painfully boring.And yet, with this book it didn t happen Alex is not a douche, he s not handsome like a greek god, but he has a good deal of willpower and good faith, and bravery All feels normal, he has no super powers or any absurd supernatural lineage He is a normal guy, surely a [...]

    Trevor Sherman
    For anyone looking for something a bit naughty to read I just finished listening to Good Intentions and Natural Consequences Good Intentions, 2 by Elliott Kay on audio book and I have to say I am impressed It was actually a really good fantasy story but the sex scenes were really hot these types of books its usually one or the other so I highly recommend this series

    I read some of the reviews to this book after I had started reading it because I had thought it was so bad But everything I read was overwhelmingly positive, so I carried on My big problem with this book is that the characters are so flat They are each written with some sort of circumstantial difference or a quirk to make them seem interesting, but then they all respond exactly the same way to everything Almost word for word even The whole book seems like a high schoolers wet dream highly influe [...]

    I read the summary and thought yeah this book sounds kind of funny interesting and it was but, I will admit I did not attach as much meaning to the warning about sexual graphicness of the book as I should have The books seems to be about 50% light hearted supernatural fantasy comedy and about 50% frat boy romance porn novel The storyline is interesting enough, young man accidentally interrupts a cultist ritual where a demon and angel are being summoned and bound to the cult leader Young man just [...]

    It was oddly entertaining definitely teenage male fantasy erotica which did get repetitive the hero he might as well been called Marty Stu really, really likes attractive girls and OMG, girls just luuuuuv his totally incredible love making talent that he just happened to be born with since he had no experience or practice or anything like that It s like Nice Guy fantasy he really is a nice guy and doing nice things for girls and they really are girls, not women gets you laid a lot and the girls [...]

    lit Porn with a story Not my usual reading material, That said the characters are really interesting and funny The amount of sex that takes place is a little Just a little over the top in my opinion Then again it is a story with a succubus etc I was surprised at how well the story was written Normally sex in literature is ether poorly described or written like someone did it with a sledge hammer Not so in this case Make no mistake about this book It has a great story and good characters, But in [...]

    In the rare market of men s erotica, this series stands out not just for the sex, but the plot and characters are excellent I am half way through Good Intentions and I will be up all night to finish I expect I am now rocking Neal Diamond while enjoying this most excellent supernatural fun n games.Yep, just finished Mr Kay has embedded several philosophical points it the story, and made his points well The paranormal romance aspect moves right along with the story He fleshes out all of the charac [...]

    John Castaneda
    this book is actually pretty good for what it is, it couldve been your run of the mill erotica shit but its actually felt a lot like a perverted YA novel than eroticathe only thing that annoyed me was that some conversations kept on regurgitating and theres just way too many sex scenes for it to be erotic, the first 4 encounters were cool but the extended sex with his Bestie Succubus was just way too long tbh family good shit tho, I felt like a real fucking faggot reading this but I dont give a [...]

    Caleb Morris
    First of all this book is not for everyone.I didn t bother to read past the first couple sentences of the description which I do occasionally and just jumped into the audio book Was not expecting the amount of sex that was here If you are opposed to graphic content, stop here.The narration was great and kept me listening through the giant 20 hours this book was and kept me interest to the very end.All of the characters even the occasional one off felt interesting and I want to know about each I [...]

    I didn t know anything about this book when I picked it up The summary seemed interesting so why not try it out Teaming the usual anti hero up with a succubus and a guardian angel and then adding witches, sorcerers, demons, vampires and werewolves to the mix for starters and you end up with quite the entertaining read that was hard to put down It made me wonder though did I just discover urban fantasy househusband porn This book came with a warning after the summary that I neglected to read till [...]

    Any review I think I could write about this book would probably be really biased not gonna try to be objective I m a guy and there is a lot of sex By a lot, I mean Wo that dude s sex demon girlfriend is totally his pimp and he really wants to bang that angel And so does the demon All that aside, it was an amusing read no, not just because of all the sex hey look yet another threesum It reads somewhere between urban fantasy and something on the outer fringes of young adult usually pretty light A [...]

    Gilbert Stack
    One of the first things you ll notice about the novel, Good Intentions by Elliott Kay, is that there is a lot of sex in these pages By a lot, I mean something like 30% of the book maybe revolves around steamy action and the contemplation of steamy action Usually when this happens in a novel I find myself skimming pages trying to get back to the plot, yet in this case, the sex actually is instrumental to the story.Good Intentions is about a young college student named Alex who stumbles upon a we [...]

    Wesley-James Robinson
    Funny, especially the scenes involving vampires It lacks a certain something though Maybe the knowledge that it s a story It seems like something that was written for fun, which isn t bad, but it doesn t appear as polished as it could be It also seems to be uncomfortably straddling the line between Urban Fantasy and well for lack of a better term, Porn The sex seems so outside the story I mean don t get me wrong, the consent, the fact that one of the main characters is a succubus and half the pl [...]

    I have to admit, that I didn t pay nearly enough attention when reading the warnings this book comes with or it wouldn t have been on my to read list Although the explicit scenes fit both the theme and mood of the plot and I even thought them to be done tastefully, I wasn t interested in reading that.This book, at almost 190k words, contains just enough of a story in between the many sex scenes to make it worth a read, but for me it was very close to the line of too much of it I understand from [...]

    Aaron Davidson
    There s a lot to like about this book, but some things grated on me.I thought the female characters were mostly bland Rachael really shines, but Taylor, Lorelai, Onyx, and Molly all seemed like standins to act as love interests rather than their own characters Lorelai was a little better than the others, simply as a product of getting so much time to herself.Speaking of the love interests, Elliott took an absurd amount of time to excuse the fact that all these people are uncommitted About 20% of [...]

    This book was clearly written by a man More like a man boy Really it was like peeking into an unpopular adolescent boys dream diary I m surprised at how bad this book was and why there are so many 5 star reviews for it It s such a departure from his Poor Man s Fight series, which may not be the best written books, but are definitely fun and have at the very least a fluid plot line I won t rehash the plot here, but basically Alex rescues an angel and a succubus from becoming sex slaves to some ol [...]

    A bit gratuitous on the sex scenes, I m afraid Was kinda of important plot wise I know, but good grief, I was reading this at work with red cheeks, lol Guess I m used to slightly subtile hinting at sex rather than blatent and descriptive extended sex in my novels I don t know, I think maybe my USA nerdy shut in upbringing might be showing some Dug the violence and the plot, but some descriptive harem ish sex weirded me out It often smelled like a bad harem anime or fanfic, the main guy who is a [...]

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