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  • Title: True Love (and Other Lies)
  • Author: Whitney Gaskell
  • ISBN: 9780553382259
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Paperback

  • True Love (and Other Lies) By Whitney Gaskell Travel writer Claire Spencer doesn t believe in fate, much less any part of that fairy tale, happy ending, love at first sight stuff Especially not for sized women like her So when Jack, the sexy man who sits next to her on a flight from New York to London, asks her out, Claire figures there has to be a catch Is he blind Sleazy On the rebound But she decides tTravel writer Claire Spencer doesn t believe in fate, much less any part of that fairy tale, happy ending, love at first sight stuff Especially not for sized women like her So when Jack, the sexy man who sits next to her on a flight from New York to London, asks her out, Claire figures there has to be a catch Is he blind Sleazy On the rebound But she decides to accept, and finds herself smitten and a little frightened at how happy she is with how fast things are moving.While in London on assignment for Sassy Seniors magazine , Claire is also looking forward to seeing her best friend, Maddy, one of those impossibly gorgeous, if I didn t love her I d hate her women who s got everything in the world going for her except that, for the first time in her trouble free life, Maddy has just been dumped Jack Claire s finally met what seems to be the perfect guy, and now the only way she can have him is by betraying her best friend It s almost enough to make Claire believe in Fate, but if Fate does exist, it seems intent on screwing her over.
    Whitney Gaskell
    Growing up, Whitney Gaskell always wanted to become a writer Then for some unknown reason, she went to law school TABLE FOR SEVEN is Whitney s eighth book She also writes the Young Adult GEEK HIGH series under the name Piper Banks.

    True Love (and Other Lies) By Whitney Gaskell


    So I have been reading Whitney Gaskell off and on for years I noticed she hasn t put out something new in years though I decided to do a re read of some of the books I owned and I can t understand why I loved this book when I read it before Maybe because I was younger and thought the whole plot was so romantic Now I am older and call BS I guess True Love and Other Lies follows Claire Claire is a travel writer who has pretty much given up on love after being shat upon by her ex called Sawyer tha [...]

    Jessica Lawlor
    True Love And Other Lies by Whitney Gaskell tells the story of travel writer, Claire Spencer Claire is not an extraordinary woman, by any means Self proclaimed as extra tall and curvacious, Claire doesn t feel attractive especially next to her beautiful best friend Maddy who relocated to London a few years prior.When Claire is traveling to London for work, she meets a very sexy man on the flight His name is Jack and he is like no man Claire has ever dreamed of knowing When Jack takes an interest [...]

    Katrina Passick Lumsden
    Why do I keep having to read about women who allow others to treat them like garbage Why is it somehow noble amongst women to allow your bestie to abuse the shit out of you I don t get it Should the ian travel writer have told her best friend, Hey, I just fucked your ex Sorry, didn t know who he was at the time Probably Does that make what the best friend does at the end even slightly justified Here s a hint your answer should be a resounding Fuck no Should said ian travel writer put the needs o [...]

    Meghan Cooper
    I would, if half stars were allowed, give this book three and a half I would have given it three but I gave it an extra half star for making me cry I really loved this book I thought that everything about Jack and Claire s relationship was perfect and it was just the sort I thing I like to read so I can imagine me being in the girls position When i say the relationship is perfect, I mean Jack is utterly the most dreamy guy every, he couldn t be any doting, Jack could look like a dog and I would [...]

    True Love and Other Lies tells the story of Claire, a travel writer for Sassy Seniors She s single and doesn t believe in The One or Happy Ever After.However, on a flight to London, she meets Jack, an attractive ex pat and they spend the three days she has in London together.It s all going well, until it turns out Jack was seeing someone close to Claire someone very close to Claire.I first read True Love and Other Lies a year or so ago and thoroughly enjoyed it Seeing a fellow blogger review it [...]

    Dee Montoya
    5 Chocolate dipped Stars So we ve establish by now that I m a sucker for a romantic comedy and True Love and Other Lies was every bit of funny and endearing, so great that I couldn t put it down and finished the whole book in less than twelve hours.Claire is a thirty two year old writer with a terrible dating record, divorce is a common thing whiting her family and friends so she is jaded and even a little bitter when it comes to love She is on her way to London on a work assignment and seating [...]

    I picked up this book while waiting at the library for my husband to pick me up and immediately got sucked into this story While Claire isn t the most charismatic heroine I have ever read about, I identified with her immediately I m not sure if it was her job as a travel writer or her naturally bigger and curvy body that made me click with her, but I sure did in a hurry.Gaskell mixes romance, sisterhood and the lack thereof , and travel to create a contemporary romance that had me keep turning t [...]

    Jennifer Vogel
    NY based travel writer Claire is bored with her life Her last significant romance ended with him leaving the country to get away from her When she is seated next to a sexy stranger on a flight to London, they hit it off and arrange to hook up after he ends his current unsatisfying relationship Not expecting to ever see him again, she is surprised when he calls and arranges to show her around London Imagine her surprise when she discovers that her new man, Jack is Jack Harrison, the man that just [...]

    Renee Barrette
    It s been a long time since I ve read a book that I just could not put down, and this was definitely a page turner I commend Whitney Gaskell for writing a fun, witty, smart book for women of all ages Claire Spencer is a REAL woman, someone many of us chicas can relate to in real life, I know I did I felt like at certain moments, I was reading about myself SUCH a good read I highly recommend

    Need a quick chick lit fix, this was the first book I pounce upon entering the library Skimming through the first paragraph and read this The whole concept of a One True Love Who Completes Your Soul is total bullshit Couldn t check it out fast enough.Finished this in over 18hrs, 3.5 stars.

    Melissa Musko
    Cute Read this book on a SundayI love Clairee is so relatable The writing was funny and honest and the whole cast was great Will def read another one of her books.

    Sweet Romantic Funny The best book to get you in a good mood.

    Missy Maloof
    A love story, about a man that makes a women who believes herself unlovable by attractive men To have it abruptly fall apart because of secrets Then she must make some choices It is was good but not remarkable

    Shelly Metzinger
    Reminded me of a bad lifetime movie

    I hope I m not supposed to identify with this set of characters, as they are all rather well, deceitful, I suppose I don t think it s the best idea to read normal chick lit when you ve just immersed yourself in Jane Austen for quite some time, along with studying her reception and such This book could only ever lose by the comparison, I suppose Ah well.So, anyway The protagonist is really the worst of the set, and I would have happily ripped her a new one for her stupidity, jealousy, pettiness, [...]

    Goddess Of Blah
    A TRIP TO LONDON A CHANCE ENCOUNTERI KNOW YOU Claire Spencer Sassy witty but shy journalist on a trip to London Jack The mysterious lawyer she encountersTRACTION LOVE TRUST.A BEAUTIFUL LOVE STORY.A QUEST FOR HAPPINESS OR DECEPTION IS IT TRUE LOVE OR A LIE

    M.A. Nichols
    I really wanted to like this book Really, really, really wanted to In many ways I identified with the heroine and found it funny and sweet, but mostly it just fell flat for me.While there are aspects of the heroine s personality that I liked, mostly I found her to be unlikable Perhaps things weren t explained well enough, but I thought she was mostly very abrasive to those around her and while she was funny and snarky, about halfway through the book I realized that she s just plain rude to most [...]

    Lobna Amer
    Books should not be this long Books should not be this long if all they re going to discuss is one overly ridiculous problem of one woman sleeping with another woman s ex without knowing at the time that it was, in fact, the other woman s ex I even bored myself with this explanation Imagine the 500 page book Another , much important, point is that the writing style was off Maybe it was too much tell without enough show Maybe the display of Claire s insecurities came off as raw and painful and n [...]

    Lynna Lei
    I really liked the title of this book so I started it with somewhat high expectations but after a few chapters, I lost most of my interest By then I could already tell what was going to happen I continued to read it though because I felt the needed to never leave a book unfinished I am somewhat glad that I did finish it The book got a lot better near the end There were things that happened that I did not expect but the overall plot was predictable The main character was somewhat annoying and so [...]

    Andrea Wenger
    It s been said that there are only two stories someone leaves town, and someone comes to town The comparisons between this book and Something Borrowed are apt, but don t let that put you off This novel is funny and has likable characters Skillfully told, this story offers gut wrenching moments when you realize the worst possible thing is about to happen But it s also full of surprises without ever quite going over the top Heartfelt, tightly woven, and highly entertaining, it s chick lit at its [...]

    Michelle Sallay
    I really adored this at first, but then I got tired of the sassy breaks in the story when I wanted to get on with it The ending was so over the top cheesy that the book lost a whole star on that alone I also felt like some elements were added for no reason Like the best male BFF who is in love with our main character What was the point of that A drunk confession and then nothing ever again I just thought the overall plot wasn t thought out enough Very clever and funny lines in this every once an [...]

    Was really tiring to hear about the main character talk about how big fat manly she is and how men always treat her like a man because of her size Really tiring.Also found it a bit weird how new paragraphs would just open in the middle of a conversation It was very disjointed Was unsure if this was just the ebook version I d downloaded And the bits with all email correspondence out of nowhere didn t seem to fit in smoothly with the flow of the book.

    The lead female character is so unassumming and delightfully funny She is so insecure that she is totally oblivious of her true physical capacity as an attractive person She has developed such defensive mechanisms to protect her heart from getting hurt and has a mindset that things will never work for her in the relationship department I just love her sarcasm and the cynical humour she looks at things Enjoyed it very much Gonna look for other books from Whitney Gaskell.

    Kellie Malewski
    I gave this book four stars for what it is it is a cute, lighthearted, and fun read I would definitely categorize it as chick lit , but it was exactly what I needed to read after a rough week I have read another book by this author and enjoyed it, and I hope to read from her in the future It was also the first book I have read using the Kindle app on my iPhone I love having a book with me whereever I go o

    I haven t been reading much chick lit recently so when I borrowed this book from my sister, I wasn t sure how I was going to like it I was pleased to discover that I slipped right back into the genre and I wound up really enjoying this book It wasn t complicated or suspenseful but I enjoyed the main character, Claire, and the relationships the novel portrayed A good, fast read that reminded me how much I enjoy chick lit

    I have learned that when i can call the big plot suprise at page 5 to lighten up and enjoy the ride this book was a good light read.I did get a little tired of the main character Claire seeing herself as godzilla But we all have our hang ups The fact that she worked for as senior magazine was good for some laughs, as well and the ending was definatly easier to swallow than some hearts and flowers crap but i still wont give it away

    Gaskell has done it again I finished this book in 3 days 3 days It opens immediately with the plot I must say Claire may just be like many young women at her age Amidst her insecurities and judgements of others, she comes full circle to find that she too is loveable and deserving a knight in shining armor I love and adore how the story between she and the knight plays out Can Gaskell write my love life story for me, please

    A nice easy read that I enjoyed and liked, but thought it was just good I loved the fact that Claire wrote for Sassy Seniors that was priceless Thought the plot was predictable and just like every other movie where the fat girl gets the guy kind of story oh and I m a reforming fat girl, so I can say that LOL it s a beautiful story, but I thought just a bit unrealistic and a bit too Cinderella Things don t typically happen like that in real life I d put it as a cheery beach book

    I didn t think Gaskell could get better as after I read her first book Pushing 30 , she went to the top of my favorite authors list next to Evanovich But she did Maybe it s that I can relate to Claire better or that Claire has too many LOL moments that kept me reading until 2am Either way, Gaskell did not dissapoint great read that you won t be able to put down Chic lit at its best.

    Possibly read this before Not a gripping plot, the love interest isn t very interesting, cute or fun enough to even care about but the same can be said for the protagonist Wouldn t even reread if I was bored.Also I don t understand the need to package abusive even slightly relationships in chick lit novels There was so downright creepy behaviour here but it s meant to be romantic

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