UNLIMITED KINDLE ☆ Crossing the Chasm - by Geoffrey A. Moore #2020

  • Title: Crossing the Chasm
  • Author: Geoffrey A. Moore
  • ISBN: 9780887307171
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback

  • Crossing the Chasm By Geoffrey A. Moore Every year, companies gamble away millions of dollars and countless hours of technical talent on doomed efforts to market technology products that are greeted with enthusiasm by a few technologically literate consumers but ultimately fizzle in the wider marketplace With high tech products scrambling for the home market every day, it is essential that marketing profesEvery year, companies gamble away millions of dollars and countless hours of technical talent on doomed efforts to market technology products that are greeted with enthusiasm by a few technologically literate consumers but ultimately fizzle in the wider marketplace With high tech products scrambling for the home market every day, it is essential that marketing professionals learn to transcend the outmoded marketing theories that have led to failures than successes in the challenging technology marketplace.Based on the revolutionary model derived from Geoffrey Moore s extensive experience in high tech markets, Crossing the Chasm is the definitive book on a vital, rapidly growing but capricious market Crossing the Chasm should be the Bible for high tech companies looking for direction with marketing and distribution challenges Robert K Weller S.V.P North American Business Group Geoff Moore s book is full of good medicine for bad marketing Computer Letter Must reading for anybody in high tech William V Campbell, President and CEO, GO Corporation
    Geoffrey A. Moore
    Geoffrey Moore is an author, speaker, and advisor who splits his consulting time between start up companies in the Mohr Davidow portfolio and established high tech enterprises, most recently including Salesforce, Microsoft, Intel, Box, Aruba, Cognizant, and Rackspace.Moore s life s work has focused on the market dynamics surrounding disruptive innovations His first book, Crossing the Chasm, focuses on the challenges start up companies face transitioning from early adopting to mainstream customers It has sold than a million copies, and its third edition has been revised such that the majority of its examples and case studies reference companies come to prominence from the past decade Moore s most recent work, Escape Velocity, addresses the challenge large enterprises face when they seek to add a new line of business to their established portfolio It has been the basis of much of his recent consulting.Irish by heritage, Moore has yet to meet a microphone he didn t like and gives between 50 and 80 speeches a year One theme that has received a lot of attention recently is the transition in enterprise IT investment focus from Systems of Record to Systems of Engagement This is driving the deployment of a new cloud infrastructure to complement the legacy client server stack, creating massive markets for a next generation of tech industry leaders.Moore has a bachelors in American literature from Stanford University and a PhD in English literature from the University of Washington After teaching English for four years at Olivet College, he came back to the Bay Area with his wife and family and began a career in high tech as a training specialist Over time he transitioned first into sales and then into marketing, finally finding his niche in marketing consulting, working first at Regis McKenna Inc, then with the three firms he helped found The Chasm Group, Chasm Institute, and TCG Advisors Today he is chairman emeritus of all three.Read Geoff s Blog

    Crossing the Chasm By Geoffrey A. Moore


    Jeff Kinsey
    In 2003 I reached a simple conclusion I knew nothing about Marketing Having created a Marketing company during college after owning several businesses and spending than a year selling advertising for a newspaper with paying customers and everything So, I immersed myself in learning everything possible about Marketing in the context of small privately held firms After seven years, I can honestly say that I now know nothing about Marketing except that I know than 99% of the people who claim they [...]

    Charles Ames
    A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing This book lays out the mechanics of formulating and evolving a marketing strategy by exploring an extreme boundary case introducing a fundamentally new product to the marketplace The principles are relevant to all businesses everywhere However, it would be wrong to view this book as a simple roadmap, because it is very hard to know where on the map you re starting Do you really have something that will be regarded as a disruptively innovative product , [...]

    Milhouse Van Houten
    good one read Read and enjoy

    Lots and lots of opinions, directions, and instructions with very few reasons and evidence let alone science to back it up The stories and anecdotes that are mentioned to back up points are cherry picked Research on the credibility, track record, and net worth of the author only made my skepticism increase I cant say his directions are wrong But I wasn t convinced they were right I m sure many other people have failed to even consider these components before rushing to implement on his advice co [...]

    Michael Karpov
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    Maurício Linhares
    So, product development I wasn t really sure if this was going to be for me and the latest edition is form 1998, so, it might have been a bit dated but this was actually a great surprise The idea of the chasms when marketing products, specially in tech, really resonates with what happens in the market and we can compile a huge list of companies and products that have died somewhere along the way while trying to cross one of the chasms to become a mainstream product.The book defines markets as gr [...]

    This book gives a fresh and powerful set of tools to help navigate the stages of product life, as well as covering honestly some of the hard decisions that must be made A great book for those interested in making their technology sustainable and than just a passing fad.These are among the dozens of passages of greatest interest and value to me Page 8 Most important lesson of crossing the chasmPage 25 discovering the chasm Page 39 last paragraph, what technology enthusiast want Page 49 last para [...]

    I began this book exploring a product to launch and finished it working in the business services industry This juxtaposition helped me make sense of Moore s analysis and see its limitations.For high tech, or most new products, Moore is spot on There is an adoption curve and the key challenge for success in these kinds of ventures is moving from early adopters to the mainstream His strategy summed as focus is the way to conquer this challenge.For services, I m not as sure My business is defined a [...]

    Neelesh Marik
    This is certainly one of the most insightful business books i have ever read It is of biblical importance to anyone in the technology business, especially operating in a B2B scenario.Apart from a cogent theoretical framework, it provides high practical, and actionable advice on how to move from one segment to the next in a technology adoption life cycle It has certainly shown me the wrong assumptions we have made in our own business, and why.The book helps consultants create a concrete service o [...]

    Every MBA that I know has since told me that this is a classic, and I can see why I never knew where the concept of early adopters and the technology adoption life cycle came from The book is well written, has a compelling concept the chasm that must be crossed from visionaries and innovators to mainstream use in tech companies and that this crossing requires completely different techniques and types of people and is SHORT I love short business books.Thanks to Will, my sculptor alternative energ [...]

    It s a classic and the point it makes is solid or less, that the skills needed to make an innovative product for early adopters are very different from those to make a mass market whole product.That said it s very dated, and most of the advice pertains to large products The paradigm it establishes has no room for crowdfunding, or for companies like 37signals that don t hardsell anyone It s a very sales driven viewpoint on things for a corporate world that s very focused on the bottom line.I m s [...]

    Viral Shah
    I think this a great fundamentals book for any technologist or product manager not mutually exclusive to read There are some really evergreen pointers on developing markets, product positioning and It s clear that a lot of product strategy books drew inspiration from Crossing the Chasm One drawback is that there are some outdated references and examples, but most are still relevant.

    Hung Nguyen
    Essential reading for any B2B entrepreneur Moore s principles for crossing the chasm, the critical period between marketing to early adopters and pragmatic buyers are extremely compelling and practical I found the examples and case studies relatable and useful, and will revisit again and again Plus, my old company Visible Measures got a great shoutout in it.

    Dmytro Shteflyuk
    I have never stopped to think about how a company gets from an early product into the mainstream, even tho I have been working in tech for ages Have experienced the chasm so many times, but this is the first time I hear the word itself and had no clue that this is a normal growth process, and there is a logical explanation for what is happening There are too many eye opening ideas, including but not limited to product lifetime stages, target audiences segmentation, tips on how to cross the chasm [...]

    Beam Pattadon
    Summary Successfully getting lead users is different from successfully entering mainstream market Traditional technological product adoption cycle has a huge flaw on its premise It assumes that the adoption of the product will automatically diffuse from early users technologist and visionary users to followers early majority, late majority, and laggard In fact, we should concern about the different set of paradigm in which we use to attract and communicate with both group Early users will put th [...]

    Ash Moran
    This completely changed my understanding about marketing.The principle is that the buying needs of technical visionaries and the early mainstream markets are different The former are prepared to take risks with innovative technology in the search for breakthrough improvements the latter expect an established, whole product proven in use by people they can reference The chasm is the Catch 22 situation of needing an existing mainstream customer base before mainstream customers will buy one.The bul [...]

    Dan W
    An oldie but a goodie This manual in the pains of starting a new business My favorite passage, which I believe is the intro, is where the author describes his glee to be on the other side of start up life with real money in the bank, and how knowing what he knows now he would never want to do it again But, from the safety of his new home he s willing to share some actual lessons from his start up life in the fitful infancy of the internet industry.That said, there are interspersed with bits of f [...]

    Yash Savani
    Less than 20 years ago, shorter than many of your lifetimes, nobody had heard of Google or Facebook Few dreamed of where Apple, Microsoft or would be today Today, these are some of the biggest names of the tech industry, in fact, they are some of the biggest names in any industry How have these companies grown with such an expedited rate How in the span of a teenagers life can Facebook have captured a market of over 1.9 billion people While Crossing the Chasm is a book dedicated to B2B businesse [...]

    Lech Kaniuk
    The book gives understanding and tools how to go beyond early adopters to mainstream customers and the big growth The perspective in the book is the startup s But knowing these things helps established enterprises to fight back new entrance It s one of those must reads for entrepreneurs and investors Valuable for founders, investors, marketing, sales and finance people One of those books worth going back to once in a while.

    Tien Phat Nguyen
    Excellent book on how to move from an early market to conquer the mainstream market, in which the majority of profit resides However there are points that can be made clearer or easier to understand for people without a marketing background.Overally, this is a classic book on this topic Probably the latest edition is updated to provide clearer explanation, as the version that I read is the revised version from the first edition.

    I liked the way Moore breaks down the hi tech adoption curve the step by step process of taking a disruptive technology to market is impressive and useful.I liked the analogy of D Day to entering the early majority segment, and also the characterization of each segment based on what conditions must be met for them to buy.It s an intricate book though took me months to get through and it s only a few pages

    Daniel Aguilar
    Very interesting cover for a topic I know so little about Only downside is that I bought an older edition, and hence some arguments and example look quite dated Will read the new edition which should be updated with the market rupture of the internet society, but even these older editions are remarkable, providing a very clear model of the high tech industry.

    David MacIver
    Lovely book that very clearly articulates its plan for how to build a successful business in high tech business.I m not yet at the stage where I can directly apply its advice I m massively pre chasm right now , but it s given me a lot to think about and I m definitely going to reread it in 6 months or so.

    Kurt Gielen
    By far one of the most essential marketing books when you are in high tech marketing If you want to learn why marketing to early adopters is completely yes, completely different than to the early majority, than this book is all you need.The chasm exists people and it can be one hell of a trap if you don t know how to cross it.

    The first part is good The very idea of a chasm between early adopters and pragmatics feels right at home given my previous experience at several startups But the longer I read this the the analogies got tiring and the whole thing felt overly prescriptive After looking at a dozen charts I couldn t help but evoke the very familiar but not very helpful conjoined triangles of success.

    Ahmed Korayem
    Very instructive book There s a lot to learn from it Wish there were emphasis on tactics and strategies in early market as this corresponds to the status of the product i am currently working on This may have required a book named Reaching the chasm Hopefully when i read again when i reach the chasm i ll get benefits from its secrets

    Nast Marrero
    Crossing the chasm is a must read for high tech go to market The basic ideas of this book have penetrated the startup culture, yet the details and craft with which Moore breaks down the issue is fairly unknown to the general public.This book should be a mandatory read for anyone involved in Innovation.

    Amin Delshad
    Even though it s quite outdated in its case studies, the principles hold still I m not sure how much of the ideas were original in 1991, but most of them are basic understandings of the market environment these days.

    3.5 even this updated version is a bit dated For any professional involved in change management or in facilitating adaptation to new programs, software or policies, Crossing the Chasm is fraught with real life and sound business practices.

    Igor Artamonov
    This book can tell you the ways to start you your startup, how to sell, how to grow, how to choose right niche, etc.

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