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  • Title: Falling
  • Author: E.K. Blair
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  • Page: 381
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  • Falling By E.K. Blair The conclusion to the USA Today bestselling series This book can be read first in the series.Sometimes it takes someone else to show us what we are truly capable of becoming.Suffering from years of violent abuse, Ryan Campbell has learned how to keep people from getting too close But when you shut yourself off, people get hurt along the way Never caring much about ot The conclusion to the USA Today bestselling series This book can be read first in the series.Sometimes it takes someone else to show us what we are truly capable of becoming.Suffering from years of violent abuse, Ryan Campbell has learned how to keep people from getting too close But when you shut yourself off, people get hurt along the way Never caring much about others, Ryan creates a world in which he doesn t have to feel When Ryan meets Candace Parker, all of his walls slowly begin to crumble Not sure of the truth of who she is, he feels his mind is playing tricks on him Unable to force out the thoughts that consume him, Ryan is haunted by visions that torment him every time he looks at her He finds himself swallowed by guilt and blame, but he s unwilling to turn his back on the one person that could possibly save him.You ve heard Candace s story in Fading, now hear Ryan s.
    E.K. Blair
    E.K. Blair Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Falling book, this is one of the most wanted E.K. Blair author readers around the world.

    Falling By E.K. Blair


    ARC provided by author in exchange of honest reviewFirst and foremost, it is highly advised that readers must read Fading first Falling is told in Ryan Campbell POV It mainly focuses on events which have occurred in Fading and deals with the traumatic event that Candace Parker experienced In Falling, we learn of Ryan s past, secrets, and the burden of his guilt that he shoulders Ryan s past is not pretty He has lived his whole life feeling like nothing in the eyes of his drunken and abusive fath [...]

    Lady Vigilante (Feifei)
    Ryan s story in his POV.I didn t finish this one Absolutely no one is at fault but me I m impatient, hot tempered, and snarky, and Ms Blair s books are known to build up intensity, little by little Again, this is an excellent book, but based on my personality I couldn t help but feel annoyance I do want to applaud Ms Blair for writing about a very delicate subject matter Twice, in fact, and in a male POV She absolutely nailed that part I encourage all fans of the first two books to definitely ch [...]

    Me provocas mariposas Que se jodan las mariposas Lo siento todo cuando estoy contigo Falling es el tercer y ultimo libro de la trilogia Fading creada por la autora E K Blair y vuelve a tener como protagonistas a Candace y Ryan.Inicialmente me propuse esperar un par de semanas para leer este libro, ya que al tener bastante reciente la lectura de Fading pense que esta novela me resultaria repetitiva al ser el primer libro desde el punto de vista del protagonista masculino pero lo cierto es que no [...]

    It is truly daunting to write this review I feel like it may be one of the toughest yet most important one I ve ever written It is very intimidating to follow up this story with letters, that create words, that create sentences, that depict my thoughts It s tough because I m doing it in response to letters that create words, that create sentences, that depict this author s ability to put pen to a page and knock your world off its axis This author weaves a literary miracle that has blessed my hea [...]

    It was very good I liked it even than in the previous books.Although I knew that the story of this book It was still interesting and good You will never have to doubt your place in this world again because I swear I will spend forever making sure you re right where you belong.

    THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART I m sure she can hear my heart pounding, but I need her to hear it I need her to feel it as it thuds in my chest because I need her to hear me falling for her, cause that s what s happening here I m falling This may be a love story but it is full of heartache and broken pieces Ryan and Candace have a long rough path to go down before they meet and mend each others souls I want to connect, I want everything that I ve been afraid of Oh Ryan The dear tortured [...]

    Donna ~ The Romance Cover
    Falling Fading 2 by EK Blair5 stars cause that s what s happening here I m falling, I never wanted to before, but with her, all I want to do is fall Fall into her Fall so deep inside of her heart so that I never have to be without her This journey was an unexpected one, it started with the cover of Fading, a cover so dark that it drew me in I was captivated by the simple lone figure and immediately bought the book, this was a cover that held an even greater meaning once the book had been read No [...]

    Review posted at Swept Away By Romance5 Stars and I wish I could give Sometimes a book reaches inside, grabs ahold of your heart, and will not let go For me, this perfectly describes my experience with Fading, Freeing, and now Falling Now that we are truly coming to the end of 2013, I will say without hesitation that this series of books gets my vote for favorite of the year Nothing has touched, inspired, or impacted me than these books and the characters that I came to care about so very much [...]

    Elizabeth (Liz)
    It can t be any secret by this point that E.K Blair s Fading Series is my favorite of the year Each story has a remarkable depth and richness of character, emotion, and a perfect sense of place and time I always feel as if I can step into the story and become a part of it, and Falling was no exception.Falling is Fading told from Ryan s point of view, but don t worry that you ll be reading the same story over again Falling truly told Ryan s story and his perspective It s a completely different bo [...]

    Unnecessarily long and slow at some parts, but over all, enjoyable Ryan is amazing and I love him.My favorite couple remain being Jase and Mark The re P E R F E C T.

    Natasha is a Book Junkie
    I m sure she can hear my heart pounding, but I need her to hear me I need her to feel it as it thuds in my chest because I need her to hear me falling for her, cause that s what s happening here I m falling I never wanted to before, but with her, all I want to do is fall Fall into her Fall so deep inside of her heart so that I never have to be without her Revisiting an old friend is always an exercise of apprehensive excitement for me, Fading being one of those perfect books in my eyes that very [...]

    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review 5 Emotional charged stars If you liked Fading then let me tell you, you are going to like Falling Yes I know the story and premise of the book is the same, but this book is so much We got to see things we didn t see or even know about in Fading I thought I loved Ryan after reading Fading but let me tell youI fell even in love with him after reading his POV in Falling I thought Fading was an amazing book, but let me tell you by reading Fal [...]

    5 stars Love me some Ryan Campbell First, it is highly advised that readers read Fading first only to understand the story I actually enjoyed Falling than Fading but that is just me Falling is told in Ryan s POV It focuses on events which occurred in Fading In Falling, we learn about Ryan s past, secrets, and the burden of his guilt that he, himself, suffers with Ryan goes through the motions of trying to numb out the pain and emptiness with random sex with women He never felt worthy of love an [...]

    This one was included in the SILK anthology and as I read it, I kept thinking Why does this story sound so familiar and I realized it s simply a regurgitation of Fading except from Ryan s point of view The book is LABORIOUSLY long as the author literally regurgitates everyngleene from Candace s book and puts them into this one And, I m pretty sure that the two don t line up I m not going back to reread Fading, but the time line of their relationship and how things occur is slightly off in this o [...]

    P-the book nerd
    This series was really annoying, the author had written about three topics that would draw your attention rape, abuse, and coming out , I think she has only used those topics to get readers, there is nothing that stands out in her novels, they are full of unrealistic, boring details, and All three books are telling the same freaking story with the same dialogues From three views

    Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞
    kindle freebie 10 5 17 Falling Fading

    6 StarsPerfect conclusion to this series I have so many emotions right now I can not tell you how many times I have sat down to write this review This book is just so amazing there are no words to describe it to you It is everything You d think that after reading the same story for the third time it would start to feel old and completely overdone Absolutely not the case If I wouldn t have known that it was the third POV of this story I would have never known even having read the other books It w [...]

    Lucinda Claire
    I have read a few sequel books where the author gives the reader the same story from a different character s POV, and I usually enjoy experiencing familiar scenes from the other character s perspective To merely say that Falling was different, however, is an understatement, really Yes, it is Candice and Ryan s story Fading from Ryan s POV, but then again, it isn t Although some of the parts of the story are familiar if you ve already read Fading, Falling is NOT the same story It really and truly [...]

    Chris- Bookaddict
    Falling is told in Ryan s POV We had Fading which told the story from Candace s point of view, Freeing from Jase s who is Candace s gay best friend Now we get Ryan s POV If you read this series then you all know what happened in Fading We know what happened in Freeing So to sit here and do a review on something that has already been reviewed and read by thousands I am not going to do Instead I am going to give my praise for this book to the amazing author who wrote this series E.K wrote this sto [...]

    Tee loves Kyle Jacobson
    HOLY SWEET BABY RYAN CAMPBELL.To say that I loved Ryan s story is not true I mean I REALLY REALLY LOVED his story E.K has a way about her that keeps you reading well into the wee hours of the night I mean I was totally blown away with Fading which was Candace s story but in that story we got to meet Jase who is Candace s best friend and Ryan who Candace likes but something tragic happened to Candace and she finds it hard to date but there is something about Ryan that keeps Candace checking him o [...]

    Kindle Crack Book Reviews Cheri
    ARC kindly provided in exchange for a fair and honest review Spoiler free 4.50 5 stars Falling Fading 2 by E.K Blair is told from Ryan s POV Essentially it s the same story retold through Ryan s POV This book does not feel rehashed since there is new material added and it s from a diff POV In Falling, we get to understand why Ryan is the way he is This story feels fresh since Ryan s POV added so much depth to this heartbreaking love story I loved and getting in Ryan s head and understanding why [...]

    Jennie Wurtz
    ARC provided for honest review I have had the privilege of beta reading for E.K Blair for this series and it has truly been an honor to work with her Due to personal commitments I was unable to work as much with her on this book and was so excited to receive the ARC Let me tell you Falling Book 2 is an absolute gem of a book I do want to say that if you haven t read Book 1 Fading, you really do need to read it first Falling is told from Ryan s POV but it s important to first know the story throu [...]

    Blushing Reader
    Star rating 5 stars Heat Rating Simmering to SizzleI have been sitting, trying to write this review for a couple of days now Why Two reasons 1 I am afraid if I write this review then the series will really be over and will have to let go of Ryan, Jase, Candace and Mark 2 I don t know how to write a review on a book series, really that touched me so profoundly that I can t talk about it without getting choked up Not a bad problem to have really, unless you have a review blog Falling is book two i [...]

    Finding love where once only was a horrible tragedy is the light of this story Losing who you are as a person, to finding yourself through the eyes of someone that loves ALL of you unconditionally Both characters having lived through different tragedies, still found their true selves through each otherE.K Blair you can writeyou can evoke so many emotions with a simple sentenceI am not usually one to cry whilst reading and in all honesty I teared up twiceI know right That good image error Ryan wa [...]

    Niccisbookblog higginson
    First of all let me just say that this book cover is one of the most beautiful i have seen in a while.I truly loved Fading and felt every shred of Candace s pain and suffering, but Falling is Ryan s side of there story and for some reason this book hit me deeper than the first.I dont know whether it was because i knew the background to the story but to get it in Ryan s words just tore me apart at times.We get the same story as in Fading but we get so much of Ryan s back ground also, the pain an [...]

    Lora Borzelleca
    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSis is the book I have been looking for since I started this seriesI liked but was disappointed in the characters in the first two books But RyanOHHHHHHHHH Ryan How do I love this character I loved how he loved Candace He was so patient with her, and helped her out so much I loved how honest he was with her well excluding the fact of how he knew her but that was understandable , if she asked him a question about another girl or how his life was before herhe told her straight [...]

    Ryan s POV and much Their story comes full circle Still heartbreaking and emotional but loved it and the end Full review during blog tour on 12 14 I loved Ryan s POV We read Candace s heartbreaking and emotional story in Fading and now getting inside Ryan s head in Falling, completed their story Reading the prologue, I just knew Ryan s story was going to be another emotional read What he and his mother went through growing up and how it shaped him in life was a real page turner.Not only did it [...]

    Ugh If an author isn t going to write an adequate love scene, then he she shouldn t write one at all Did this author just copy the first boring love scene then paste it half a dozen times throughout the course of the novel These scenes are so repetitive so damn boring that I found myself skimming them Moreover, I wanted to see how the heroine progressed in the year s since being brutally raped Has she been able to move past her sexual fears hangups Being able to do so is a VERY important part of [...]

    Lin #Historical lover...❤️
    I loved fading enough that reading the story from 3 different POVs was OK But there are scenes that are not critical to the story that could have been told only once without losing anything but boredom However the extra bits that you only get from entering Ryan s head made this book sooooo worth it I m thoroughly enchanted with the end of Ryan and Candace s story that is only told here This story is so beautiful Survival against all odds.I love that the author made each book bigger than entertai [...]

    4.5 I liked Ryan s POV While we got some new aspects of the story, a lot of it is his POV of the same situations from Fading It is a very emotional read I liked seeing how Ryan dealt with the incident and the guilt he held my heart hurt for him The cover is fantastic E.K Blair is an always 1 click for me.

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