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  • Title: The Terror of the Southlands
  • Author: Caroline Carlson
  • ISBN: 9780062194381
  • Page: 473
  • Format: ebook

  • The Terror of the Southlands By Caroline Carlson More pirates, magic, and adventure in the second book of the Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates series Caroline Carlson brings the unceasing wit, humor, and fun of the first book in the series, Magic Marks the Spot, to this epic sequel Fans of Lemony Snicket s Series of Unfortunate Events and Trenton Lee Stewart s Mysterious Benedict Society will love thisMore pirates, magic, and adventure in the second book of the Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates series Caroline Carlson brings the unceasing wit, humor, and fun of the first book in the series, Magic Marks the Spot, to this epic sequel Fans of Lemony Snicket s Series of Unfortunate Events and Trenton Lee Stewart s Mysterious Benedict Society will love this quirky tween series and hope to join the VNHLP just like Hilary Hilary Westfield is now a bona fide pirate, but when her daring, her magical know how, and even her gargoyle don t convince the VNHLP that she s worthy of her title, the Terror of the Southlands, she sets off with her crew on a High Seas adventure But then Miss Pimm disappears and Hilary decides to find the missing Enchantress and protect the magic of Augusta.
    Caroline Carlson
    Caroline Carlson is the author of THE VERY NEARLY HONORABLE LEAGUE OF PIRATES, a funny and fantastical series of novels for young readers Her first book, MAGIC MARKS THE SPOT, was a New York Times Editor s Choice, an American Booksellers Association Best Book for Children, and a Junior Library Guild selection Caroline holds a BA from Swarth College and an MFA in Writing for Children from Vermont College of Fine Arts A Massachusetts native, she now lives in Pittsburgh with her family You can visit her online at carolinecarlsonbooks.

    The Terror of the Southlands By Caroline Carlson


    Oh Hilary Westfield, you unmitigated delight My only complaint about this book is that it ended.

    Christina (A Reader of Fictions)
    Actual rating 2.5 starsFor reviews, Cover Snark and , visit A Reader of Fictions.These days, I m just not all that into middle grade books That s what I m realizing As they re becoming, I think, increasingly popular, I m trending the other way I found Magic Marks the Spot to be hilarious and full of adventure Somehow, though, I didn t feel nearly as invested in this second book It s some combination of my mood, my boredom with most middle grade, and the book itself.The Terror of the Southlands [...]

    The Terror of the Southlands is the second book in a middle grade series about a girl pirate in a land with magic Hilary is reprimanded several times during the book for unpiratical behavior but she cannot help but try and save the Enchantress, who has gone missing With the help of her crew, she sets off on an adventure to prove her piracy and help save the kingdom.I love the narration of these audiobooks and adore Katherine Kellgren I especially love the different letters and newspaper articles [...]

    3.5 stars Same light hearted writing and tongue in cheek portrayal of pirates and a life on the high seas as the first book I wasn t quite as entertained, but I m excited to see where book three goes Full review on the blog.

    J tuhle s rii naprosto miluju A Chrli je nejlep a nej asn j 3

    Elissa Schaeffer
    More fun on the high seas and on land with Pirate Hilary Westfield, better known as The Terror of the Southlands The entire crew is back and tasked with solving the mystery of the missing Enchantress Old enemies return, new friends are made, and Hilary s standing in the Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates may be in jeopardy While I think I may have enjoyed the first book , this one was so much fun to read, with the usual narrative and then the articles, letters, and other correspondences spr [...]

    Hilary Westfield has finally achieved her ultimate goal in life she s an official member of The Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates But life as a pirate has been, as of late, not exactly full of thrills This has clearly not gone unnoticed as she s just received her first warning from the Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates that her membership is about to be revoked if she doesn t start acting pirate y Hilary and her crew head off on a search to find the lost Enchantress and she can only [...]

    A charming sequel to Magic Marks the Spot, with just as much magic, hardtack, manners, unpiratical behavior, hilarious forms letters newspaper columns, and the always incredible gargoyle as featured in the first book However, in this one, we have the added addition of a missing Enchantress who needs some rescuing, Hilary nearly getting kicked out the VNHLP, and some pirates who mostly deal in catering delicious food.A relevant quote I m not very good at making friends, but I believe I m quite go [...]

    Fun second installment in the series Violet loved it Luke got seriously annoyed at the audio book though on our long drive and was so happy when it was over.

    The narrator is awesome.My kids aged 9 and 11 love these audiobooks.

    Patty Robinson
    Very enjoyable book Just purchased the third book and looking forward to reading it.

    3.5 stars

    Better than the first book in the series More action and piratical behavior too

    An enjoyable sequel A good read for children.

    Light piratical fun as Hilary s adventures on the high seas continue The strength of the plot and the level of the stakes both seem to slip a little, but the humor is still spot on.

    The second book in this series is absolutely as perfectly delightful as the first one I m moving straight on to 3 The audiobooks are awesome, too

    Jessalyn King
    Cute.Again, the audio reader is amaze balls You should listen to everything she reads.

    I read this out loud to my kids 1st 2nd grade every night before bed Again, this was a fun book to enjoy with my children They are very fond of the characters We read the last chapter they somehow managed to convince me to jump right into the 1st chapter of the 3rd book on the same night Personally, I m hoping that view spoiler Miss Pimm and Cannonball Jack run off live happily ever after in the final book Argh hide spoiler

    Review in portuguese by blog MON PETIT POISONA menina pirata que desafiou toda Augusta e disse que meninas podem sim viver grandes aventuras est de volta, al m de sua terr vel g rgula e seus amigos, obviamente.Estou adorando ler essa s rie, ela leve, divertida com um Q de aventura e a autora achou um jeito bacana de dizer que meninos e meninas podem ser o que quiserem independente da sociedade dizer que a cor das meninas rosa e dos meninos o azul O bom dessa s rie, s o suas hist rias fechadas No [...]

    Wandering Librarians
    Hilary Westfield, now a pirate and Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates member is hard at work bringing magic back to the land However, there are those that question whether she is piratical enough and Hilary must take on an adventure to live up to her name of The Terror of the Southlands Before she can engage in a duel or kill a sea monster, the Enchantress goes missing and Hilary knows that her friends must come first She sets off on a quest, which might prove she s the Terror after all.I a [...]

    A Ware
    The Terror Of The Southland s Pirates are real, but the ones Caroline Calson describes are not If those types of pirates were real though, I believe they would be exactly like the ones described in The Terror of The Southland s This book takes us through the adventures of Hilary Westfield and her mates This book is filled to the brim with adventure, mystery, and comedy It has everything a book should These are only a few of the reasons why I love this book The setting starts in a ship called the [...]

    Review originally posted at The Children s Book and Media ReviewHilary Westfield is now Terror of the Southlands and everything a pirate should be Well, that s what she thought anyway until Captain Blacktooth tells her that unless she does something truly piratical finding a treasure, defeating dueling masters, killing a sea monster, or something along those lines she will lose her status as a part of the VNHLP When the Enchantress goes missing, she and her crew decide that they need to do every [...]

    Miss Clark
    3 3.5 starsSecond in the delightful series of High Society girl turned pirate Hilary Westfield s adventures Hilary is fresh from discovering the hidden magic treasure in the first book and foiling her father Admiral James Westfield s plans to steal it all for himself which resulted in his being locked away in prison A fact which Hilary finds herself quite uncomfortable contemplating.Only problem is that while Hilary loves the freedom of being a pirate and free from society s very strict rules as [...]

    Glenn O'Bannon
    People of any age will enjoy this book I can hardly express just how much I love the two books so far in this series If you haven t read the first one, please go back and read that book first If you have even the mildest sense of humor you won t be sorry.There are so many giggles and guffaws while I read these books And a million smiles I don t want it to end Magic and mayhem abound as Hilary Westfield, now an escapee from Miss Pimm s Finishing School for Delicate Ladies, is a proud member of th [...]

    I am loving this series Carlson s writing is fluid, witty and concise Her storytelling is masterfully simple and she has created a world very much her own in which to tell.Hilary Westfield in this volume feels she has something to prove to Captain Rupert Blacktooth and his League of Very Nearly Honourable Pirates But first, she has to find and rescue her former headmistress and Enchantress of Augusta Miss Pimm and her shipmate Jasper, both of whom have mysteriously disappeared She s being pursue [...]

    Becky B
    Miss Pimm, Enchantress to the kingdom has disappeared The royal inspectors are on the case, but they ll be lucky to find anything if it trips them And Miss Pimm sent a letter asking Jasper for help, but he seems to have disappeared as well There s nothing for it, but for the Terror of the Southlands aka Miss Hilary Westfield to find Miss Pimm and rescue the kingdom from unsupervised magic If only she knew where to start And the constant messages the VNHLP is sending about Hilary s lack of pirate [...]

    Erik This Kid Reviews Books
    This is the second book in the The Nearly Honorable League of Pirates series I enjoyed the first book, Magic Marks the Spot , very much For all who like a moderate fantasy with the lure of daring pirates and and snarky High Society rich people families, this series is for you Hilary is a daring girl who is crossing boundaries by being one of the first female pirates ever and she s good at it too Hilary is a good role model for young girls except those in High Society, of course She thinks clever [...]

    Kathy H
    I love love love the first book, Caroline Carlson is a fantastic writer with a wonderful imagination for her pirate story However the second book has too much unnecessary dialogue and undeveloped characters Nothing at all happens until the very end of the book, where Caroline s writing once again blossoms in describing the action.I love the first book because the story progresses uniquely through series of letters and hilarious newspaper excerpts and is action filled with adventures The second b [...]

    The interaction between characters are great Hilary Westfield has taken the title of the Terror the the Southlands She had found the hoard of magic that the Enchantress had hid and was in very good standing with the group called the Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates That was a year ago and the president of the club has given Pirate Hilary of warning that she needs to do something bold and daring in order to restore her good standing with the league.The Enchantress of the Northlands and the [...]

    I enjoy this world tremendously, for its adventure, its humor, and its keen interest in Hilary s agency Constructing your world to center around piracy is a fascinating choice, as it rewards competence, bravery, and a certain amount of ne er do willness It draws a clear line between piracy and villainy, which is a great distinction, as it understands that the right thing to do may not be most culturally acceptable thing to do, or even its direct opposite It allows for the creation of one s own m [...]

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