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  • Title: One Day
  • Author: J.S. Cooper
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  • Page: 456
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • One Day By J.S. Cooper When Meg Riley accepted a job at the Private Club she didn t expect to be thrown into a world of deception and lust She doesn t know who she can trust, but that doesn t stop her from falling for Greyson Twining Greyson Twining is the handsome owner of the club He is charismatic, alluring and way out of her league While his smile sets her heart on fire, everything elseWhen Meg Riley accepted a job at the Private Club she didn t expect to be thrown into a world of deception and lust She doesn t know who she can trust, but that doesn t stop her from falling for Greyson Twining Greyson Twining is the handsome owner of the club He is charismatic, alluring and way out of her league While his smile sets her heart on fire, everything else about him makes her want to run away Especially when Meg finds out that her roommate and confidante, Nancy has gone missing Meg isn t sure if she can trust her heart, but as secrets are revealed, she fears that she may already be in too deep The Private Club 3 is the last book in the explosive Private Club series Readers should be 18 or over due to mature language and situations.
    J.S. Cooper
    J.S. Cooper Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the One Day book, this is one of the most wanted J.S. Cooper author readers around the world.

    One Day By J.S. Cooper


    OMG what a series it was brilliant I luv the story didn t have a clue how it would end an there is still things I want 2 know so I hope after the ex games will tell me but I just luv meg she is amazin her an Greyson r great 2gether the sexy time was great as well haha but the story I luvd it can wait 4 after the ex games I luv al these characters want xxx

    Well, having really enjoyed the storyline and storytelling of the first 2 books, I was totally defeated by this finale.I lost any connection I had gained during the start of the series, finding it cliched, stilted, cheesy and eye rolling different I thought we may have changed authors

    too me adding this later book 1 does have steam than they other books but don t let that get you silly, it doesn t mean the other 2 do not have steam, just 1 has tons they all came out in Feb 2014, I am shocked that they didn t work as 2 books, I am not sure how they decided to break it up into 3 books I love the mystery side of the book, not that the other parts are not interesting or do not pull you in They do for sure I love Greyson, I tend to like the characters that most don t he is a tot [...]

    Diana Doan
    Secrets, lies, and deceits Disappearance, murder, and revenge This book had it all As secrets are revealed, Meg realizes she is in way too deep Maria s death Nancy s disappearance Mysterious diary All the signs are pointing to Greyson being the bad guy, but she s falling in love with him Who should she trust Should she follow her head or her heart I loved that this book included Greyson s POV It explained a lot of his actions and helped me to understand him better He isn t exactly the devil tha [...]

    The BookChick
    AgainI hate emoticons but I find that I have been using them a lot while reading this book This is how I really felt at the ending of the book It was unexpected and honestly all the subterfuge and angst was wellunnecessary really Two booksybe But, three It could have all ended with two books Meg was silly Even at the end of the series I found her to be the cliche dumb blonde no offense meant even though she was a redhead Her actions were silly for someone who was supposed to be a lawyer And spea [...]

    Veronica LaRoche
    Love Greyson Love Greyson I really enjoyed this serious and finally knowing what Private Club was all about I really loved reading about Greyson and Meg and glad that there is another book about Brandon, Katie and Greyson and Meg I need of these characters and can t wait to read about them

    Wow.l my questions answered Now I see how Brandon is tied to Greyson and Nancy And I m kind of glad for Meg and Greyson even bad boys need I m surprised by his revelation about the club and am glad that for once someone can turn a mess into a miracle Exceptional.

    Michel Reinhard (Smut Book Junkie Reviews)
    Have you ever been addicted to a series So addicted that you are stalking and BN the moment you hear it is live A book that you have to stop everything you are doing the moment it downloads on your device The Private Club 3 One Day by J.S Cooper is that book It is the final book in The Private Club trilogy The Private Club trilogy is full of mystery, intrigue, sensuality, romance, and dynamic characters Appearances are deceiving Impressions are multi layered No one in The Club can be trusted Wom [...]

    THE PRIVATE CLUB 3 THE PRIVATE CLUB by J.S COOPER HELEN COOPERDamn I did not saw it coming Not at all 0_0I have to admit that after reading book 3, I was a bit shocked and was like, Did I read the right book or what It was a weird feeling or maybe I was really shocked because it ended and in a way that I was not expecting I mean, that s it I need Like, NOW And what amazes me with my own reaction is that this is not a full length book It is a short series that consists of 3 books with what Like [...]

    Kyle Hakim
    Greyson blackmailed his father to give him money to start the private club Apparently his father was not a grieving widower after his wife passed away due to cancer and had a dungeon and kinky activities Meg found a diary might be Nancy s They fucked at the pool and David saw them secretly 20 years ago, Patsy was the first employee of the club and Greyson fucked her 10 years before, they found Maria dead on a bed in the club and thought she committed suicide David came to her room to rape her He [...]

    I just read all 3 Private Club books back to back and I really didn t get it I loved the first 2 Ex Games books, but was a little disappointed in the last of that series I had no idea these two series were related in any way until I was into Private Club Honestly, I really didn t like this series at all I kept reading each book thinking it would get better after all, I really enjoyed the Ex Games series even being slightly disappointed in the 3rd But by the end, I still didn t think any of that [...]

    Luzmaria Morneault-welton
    First off I ll mention that I feel I can t fairly review this book One of the main characters is 18 years old and I think this would be a much better read for someone 18 20 something age range The story line is for a much younger based than myself and that was my only issue with this book Otherwise, I did enjoy the The Private Club novellas much better than the other two novella sets that go with it Although this is a short story, you really get a lot of background info that helps you really get [...]

    We leave off where part 2 leaves off and we are taken on yet another mysterious ride of Meg trying to get answers She is trying to find out what happened to Maria and Nancy and where Greyson and Brandon play into all of this Of course we have hot and steamy scenes between the two and of course we learn all the naughty little secrets and most of them I kinda had a feeling as to some degree what they were But of course you always second guess, but follow your instincts and usually you are right G [...]

    The conclusion of the series finally explains what happens behind the curtains at the Private Club Meg is faced with the realization that she fell head over heels for Greyson and he is going to break her heart Determined to leave the club at the end of the day, Meg seeks Greyson for one last romantic encounter before fleeing She will try to get her questions answered, but she is convinced that there are secrets that even Greyson may not know Greyson knew Meg was going to change everything in his [...]

    Karen Pierce
    Well what can I say except I thought this boom missed all its marks The first two novellas in this series were OK but this one was lacking in so many areas Let s start with the actual writing It just wasn t good times I felt like a teenager was writing it and skipping all over he place with her thoughts I also felt like the entire novella was rushed the plot in this Novella totally changes direction and lost its mystery in this book The author needs to build character to her characters and give [...]

    Contains spoilers okay so I LOVED this while seriesup until the end of the third book The ending reminds me of a comment my psychology professor once said to one of my classmates after reading her paper She said you wrote this in a hurry, didn t you Don t get me wrong the whole series is so suspenseful, intriguing, erotic, hot, and addictive Although, the character building is sloppy toward the end I don t understand how Meg went from being choked and almost raped, to sleeping with Greyson not 1 [...]

    Gloria Herrera for As You Wish Reviews
    Greyson Twining, there will be no secrets If you have been reading this series, you know Brandon and Greyson were confronting each other as Part Two ended With Katie and Meg in the room, neither one wanted to upset them, but Brandon was dead set on spilling the beans and getting it over with.Greyson wan not going to let this happen without first making sure he had a chance to hold unto Meg Who knew Master Greyson had a soft spot for Meg or is it For a man who has never been in love and who shu [...]

    This last installment took my breath away Literally I wasn t expecting this ending although I was expecting for both Greyson and Meg end up together Whilst reading this book, or the whole series for that matter, got me thinking of Greyson as Shrek You know, the cartoon Many layers to his person personality And at the very end, there was just the beautiful person that he is If you loved him from the start, or not loved him at all, you will fall hard for him now Meg will still be hunting for the t [...]

    Meg believes she has an interview at a private club for a bartending position Greyson is one of the sexy owners of the club and the chemistry between the two is hot, making this book one steamy read Even though we have yet to figure out what the position is, there are secrets within the club that makes you want to know exactly what is going on and for Meg having a little fun with the sexy owner isn t a bad or is it Greyson warns Meg that she should run as far away from him as fast as possible bu [...]

    1.95 Stars I read all three parts of this one story It really is one book.once again Of the Three parts I loved this the best Maybe because we got the truth How nice it would have been to be in on the secret as the reader from the beginning.but we were not There was alot that did not make sense I love the surprise at the end but list of things This story is not what you think it is and yet it is I feel as though I read a concept and someone wanted to know if they should expand There were many op [...]

    Meg and Greyson.WOW This book series is actually really good I read the whole series of the Ex Games Katie and Bradon and it wasn t my favourite, but then when I came to the Private Club, so many questions were firing all over the place I now finally got all the answers Now I don t think the Ex Games is that bad any I m actually glad I read this series Secrets, lies, and deceits Disappearance, murder, and revenge This book had it all And thats what I loved about it I have to admit that after rea [...]

    Catarina Swartz
    Who would have expected how this book was going to end Can t wait for the true end.You go along thinking is Greyson evil or is it Brandon or are they both evil, has Katie been conned again Will meg have her heart broken You twist and you turn preying that that Greyson is evil Than wham you find yourself worrying that meg may be in danger It leaves you wondering what the hell is truly happens at the club, things point to the unthinkable You wonder if anybody is really the good guy Then you hit an [...]

    Kathy Corbett-shreve
    I loved this book It was the third book in the series Let me to tell the ending was not what I expected Meg applies for a job thinking it is for bar tending, which she quickly figures it is not The training is for three daysher roommate informs her that her sister disappeared from the club Meg decides that she is going find out what really happens at the club She overhears a conversation between Greyson Twinning and Brandon Hastings who is her best friend fiancee What does Brandon have to do wit [...]

    This is the continuation of the story There are still some unresolved issues The story carries on like something really bad is happening and it is not I get the guilt thing that Greyson and Brandon go through but to devote their lives and constantly telling themselves they are basically the devil incarnate I think is a bit far fetched The story was okay I would have liked to see development of the love story rather than love struck I love yous how do you fall in love with someone you did not tr [...]

    Kelly Willcoxbrackeen
    CliffhangerMy personal opinion, the mystery and suspense of this series rises above that of the Ex Games but the characters lacked the angst of Katie and Brandon This series lacked the same heat as the Ex Games as well I gave it four stars instead of five since the part of the story I loved the most hangs out there unfinished waiting for me to buy yet another book This is starting to become a real pet peeve of mine Still a great story and I have no doubt I ll be reading both it and the Ex Games [...]

    Review is for books 1 3Holy Moly there is so much going on that your head will spin.The first installment Meg gets trust into Grayson s world She meets a lot of people that have an agenda making her want to dig deep into Grayson s world and find out the truth Grayson can t stay away from Meg Grayson is a beautiful man that brings Meg to her knees Unfortunately, Grayson brings most women to their knees so Meg knows she s nothing special she just has to keep telling her heart that A lot of hot, ju [...]

    That s it The big reveal the other two books were building up to pfffffffI really liked the other two ones, and was so exited to get into this one and finally know what Mr Twining was up to in that Club, but this turned out to be a major bust it started off okay, but then it got sloppy, I mean the club secret was definitely not what I expected, in the worst way imaginable, and it just contradicted everything Greyson was up until the big reveal, it s like the writer got stuck and wanted to force [...]

    JS Cooper Helen Cooper did it again Another amazing book This was the third in this series and one of my all time favorite books The characters, plot and writing were phenomenal She did a wonderful job with all the suspense of the Private a Club and how Greyson and Brandon were tied too it I loved the instant connection between Meg and Greyson It was hot and passionate To get a better understanding of this series you should definitely read The Ex Games It sets the stage with the characters for t [...]

    Theresa Natole
    OMG what a series twists and turns Everything makes sense in the end Absolutely love Greyson Never liked Greyson and Patsy Meg and Greyson are great together Pool scene was fantastic as was the shower scene Cannot wait to read AFTER the Ex Games Glad that the series are continuing with The Love Trials Cannot wait to read them Could not put these down Glad I waited for all of them to be available, did not have to wait and went right into reading each one J S you are awesome Each series gets bette [...]

    I enjoyed this series much than The Ex Games I love that Meg is a strong confident woman This series also has mystery and intrigue and sets you up for the next series This last e book though had several typos and in a couple of places Brandon s name was inserted in Greyson s place Especially in the pool scene Meg is with Greyson and suddenly Brandon crosses the room and asks Meg to swim and removes his shirt It took me a couple of rereads of that part to figure it was still Greyson and was a ty [...]

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