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  • Title: Billy Joel
  • Author: Fred Schruers
  • ISBN: 9780804140195
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Billy Joel By Fred Schruers The long awaited, all access biography of a music legendIn Billy Joel, acclaimed music journalist Fred Schruers draws upon than one hundred hours of exclusive interviews with Joel to present an unprecedented look at the life, career, and legacy of the pint sized kid from Long Island who became a rock icon.Exhibiting unparalleled intimate knowledge, Schruers chroniclesThe long awaited, all access biography of a music legendIn Billy Joel, acclaimed music journalist Fred Schruers draws upon than one hundred hours of exclusive interviews with Joel to present an unprecedented look at the life, career, and legacy of the pint sized kid from Long Island who became a rock icon.Exhibiting unparalleled intimate knowledge, Schruers chronicles Joel s rise to the top of the charts, from his working class origins in Levittown and early days spent in boxing rings and sweaty clubs to his monumental success in the seventies and eighties He also explores Joel s creative transformation in the nineties, his dream performance with Paul McCartney at Shea Stadium in 2008, and beyond.Along the way, Schruers reveals the stories behind all the key events and relationships including Joel s high profile marriages and legal battles that defined his path to stardom and inspired his signature songs, such as Piano Man, Scenes from an Italian Restaurant, New York State of Mind, and She s Always a Woman Throughout, he captures the spirit of a restless artist determined to break through by sharing, in his deeply personal lyrics, the dreams and heartbreaks of suburban American life.Comprehensive, vibrantly written, and filled with Joel s memories and reflections as well as those of the family, friends, and band members who have formed his inner circle, including Christie Brinkley, Alexa Ray Joel, Jon Small, and Steve Cohen this is the definitive account of a beloved rock star s epic American journey.
    Fred Schruers
    Fred Schruers Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Billy Joel book, this is one of the most wanted Fred Schruers author readers around the world.

    Billy Joel By Fred Schruers


    This book famously began as an autobiography until the 11th hour, when Billy Joel abruptly pulled it from the publishing schedule and paid back his advance, claiming he wasn t interested in getting into the nitty gritty of his personal life namely, his ex wives and girlfriends His co author on the project, Fred Schruers, still had hundreds of hours of personal interviews with Joel, so it seemed logical that he would take the reins and turn the book into an authorized biography.To be sure, when i [...]

    Ashley *Hufflepuff Kitten*
    As I briefly mentioned in my updates, I love reading a biography or memoir where I can actually learn something about the person that I didn t know before going into the book That happened a lot with this book, and I love Billy Joel even now than I did a week ago by the way, who in the HELL ever decided Billy Joel wasn t cool This man is the epitome of cool Suffice to say, I loved this book And the fella who read it, Kirk, did a good job capturing different voices at least, until he hit the 90% [...]

    An interesting look at both Billy Joel s life and behind the scenes of the big time music life including the record companies and touring mechanization The author doesn t pussy foot around Joel s marriages or his car accidents or his trips to rehab Joel s music has often seemed autobiographical and the stories behind the songs doesn t change my opinion about that What seems most remarkable is that through the woes of his life, Joel is always forgiving he is on friendly terms with all of his exes [...]

    When this book came across my desk at work one of the perks of being a librarian , it didn t matter that I was already reading three books that were due back in the library before this brand spanking new one would be It was a book about Billy Joel, who is not only my favourite singer of all time but is also one of my real life heroes Everything else HAD to go on hold until I could read this one Because his music is my one true love and true love lasts a life time.Now, some of the things brought [...]

    Based on interviews with Joel, his friends, family, band mates and many others, this biography takes us from Billy Joel s family history all the way to the present Joel has long been one of my favourite singers and I cannot help agreeing with Elton John, that he is a bit of a conundrum, so I was very interested to find out about him I have never read a biography of his life before, although I was aware of the major events, but it was good to have a proper, thorough account of his life and caree [...]

    I admit that although I am a Billy Joel fan I didn t know much about him I found this a fascinating account of his life and career It follows his quite difficult childhood.He started in a garage bands and writing music They persuaded him to record and he has had great success he has also written for a lot of the greats.He pours his feelings into his music and the piano has helped him through many turbulent times We hear about his married life and his many interests I really enjoyed this one many [...]

    Schruers definitive biography of Billy Joel relies so heavily on extended quotations mostly from Joel, but also from bandmates, friends, and ex wives that it reads like an oral history than a proper biography Joel s is a sufficiently engaging personality, however, which somewhat justifies the format The only real complaint is that much of the mid 70s mid 80s stretch of Joel s life and career, the part in which I believe most readers would be interested, is notably bereft of details, with entire [...]

    I think most celebrity biographies are dullest in the opening chapters and only really get interesting as the person s career takes off, but I had the opposite experience with Billy Joel Joel s family history is fascinating, for fans as well as anyone who cares about 20th century history in general, and his journey from Long Island to California and back again is generally fairly absorbing But Schruers focus on Joel s personal life ultimately works to the book s detriment, because once Joel s cr [...]

    Janet Pittman
    Author Fred Schruers gives us an up close and personal view of the life of Billy Joel It took me longer than expected to read the book because I kept listening to the songs and watching the music videos the funniest was no doubt Uptown Girl that I saw through a new lens after reading the behind the scenes scoop As a non musician, this book gave me a whole new appreciation for how tough it is to make it in the music industry and the collateral damage that happens in building a career Billy Joel h [...]

    Nicola Mansfield
    This is a good biography of Joel and in a way can be likened to an autobiography as it is mostly told in direct quotes from Joel himself The story is that Billy was working on his biography and at a certain point handed the material and job over to Schruers, his official biographer Thus, this is a pro Joel book and not the place to be if you are looking for the dirt or trash talking I found the beginning and ending of the book very good but the middle dragged Upon starting I was fascinated to fi [...]

    Fred Forbes
    As an aging baby boomer hey don t knock the aging part, it beats the alternative I have some specific requirements in my musical taste It must have a melody, it must have lyrics that one can understand, and it should have some meaning That explains my love of the Beatles, Stones, Mommas and Poppas, Fleetwood Mac, and other bands of the ancient era whose songs continue to age well Some mellow jazz and a few classical pieces round out my preferences Billy Joel has long been a favorite but I knew r [...]

    Thierry Côté
    Oddly, I found the first quarter of Fred Schruers s biography of Billy Joel, which deals mainly with the singer s family history and youth, to be perhaps the most interesting and revealing part of the book Part of this may have to do with the fact that the singer s years as a recording artist which would generally be expected to constitute the meat of this kind of book are covered relatively rapidly Schruers is largely done with them by the time we reach the biography s midpoint , but I suspect [...]

    3.5, but rounded up because, let s be honest, it s Billy Joel The prologue has a severe disconnect in style to the rest of the biography with too much combination of telling in the wrong place and showing too much It also bothered me that the book starts off with Joel s paternal grandfather instead of Joel himself, but the author seems to have wanted to be fairly chronological Other than those two complaints, I enjoyed reading and learning where the inspiration for his songs came about The way h [...]

    Jeff Wilson
    meh I m a fan of the piano man so I bought this book Most of what I read I already knew It s not packed full of information that s not already available to the public Schruers, however is a pretty bad writer He has written for the Rolling Stone and it show is this work It reads like a long too long rolling stone article I haven t enjoyed a rolling stone article in a long time now, and his writing style grew irritating quickly in this book.I prefer a definitive biography to have a professional a [...]

    You might not know this about me, but I LOVE BILLY JOEL My mom was really hooked on him when I was a kid, so I was exposed to a LOT of him, and his was my very first concert An Innocent Man tour, 1984 I can sing all the words to a ridiculous number of his songs, and a ridiculous number of them still make me cry Every time So I enjoyed this book a lot, though I do sort of wish there was a little focus on the music itself I learned quite a bit about Joel that I didn t already know, and I find I h [...]

    Donna Davis
    Billy Joel is a legend He has rocked this world from Leningrad to London, from Tokyo to New Orleans His working class roots and his family s history as survivors of Nazi Germany have kept a boxer s spring in his step, on stage and in the wider world Pretension irritates him, and he can spot it a mile away And all of these aspects of who he is, together with an innate musical sense, have created some of the best songs this world will ever see Someday the Piano Man will leave us, but his legacy wi [...]

    Ed Evans
    I m very happy to have broken my rule to not read biographies written while the subject is still alive how can a biography be definitive if the guy is still alive The book is based upon many interviews with Billy Joel and multiple other credible sources the insights into all the intimate details of his life seem quite credible I would have enjoyed this much had it been written by someone better able to discuss the actual music and the craft of actually playing the piano The author does a nice [...]

    The biggest question when thinking of Billy Joel is why hasn t he released a new album in 20 over years This biography does not seem to answer that question satisfactorily This makes the final third rather difficult to get through as it covers the period where Joel becomes an oldies act basically living off the glories of his past But before that the book is riveting providing details during Joel s successful time as a singer songwriter recording artist For fans only, though.

    I m not a fan of Billy Joel s, but I know most of his hits, being that I m a musician and we played some of them in the band in the 70s.I thought the book was very interesting and quite readable, even with the length It covers his life very well and moves right along No sugar coating going on in this it seems to be quite an honest telling of his stellar career I enjoyed it.

    Linda Oleszczuk
    A great read for fans of this genius I knew much of his stories of inspiration but learning about his personal failures and troubles was inspiring to me I feel like I understand him pretty well, and love him By no means a perfect person, it s all laid out in his own words for everyone to learn from Blunt language makes him so relatable Well done

    I had high expectations for this book, but I was disappointed It s not very well written There were a few wonky paragraphs that I had to go back and reread because they just weren t clear The author gets a lot of help with lengthy citations of other, better writers.

    While this book gave depth to most of his most popular song, it kind of dragged on Not necessarily because of the content, but the writing style of the author It was good, it was interestingbut I m not going to die to run out and buy this.

    Slow down you crazy child, 40 yrs later and it s still Rock n Roll to me I can t wait to see him at his house, MSG.

    Love his talent but, the book was just alright.

    Hard to read even though i am very interested in Billys life Too much mundane facts i think

    Michele Young
    Love Billy Joel and this book gives greater insight into the brilliance of the man

    Ted Lehmann
    Billy Joel by Fred Schruers Random House, October 2014, 400 Pages, 29.00 11.99 is the right book written at the right time by the right person Fred Schruers, a deeply experienced writer editor at Premier Magazine, Rolling Stone, and other entertainment publications and now with Crown Publishing, has been given unfettered access to Billy Joel, his former wives and girl friends, members of his band, and archives as wide ranging as the pages of the tabloid press and the archives of the Holocaust Mu [...]

    I have been a Billy Joel fan for as long as I can remember The very first experience I can recall with the Piano Man was when I asked my sister to play a song off of the LP version of Glass Houses she had when I was a child I said play that music on the blue record with the guy that looks like Rocky That cracked everybody up, but in my defense with his blue jeans, leather jacket and helmet hair he did kind of look like Sylvester Stallone especially since Rocky was in nearly constant play on HBO [...]

    Michael Carrier
    RPL AudioA good read but at times it did seem somewhat self serving.

    Arthur Goldgaber
    I was looking forward to reading this Billy Joel biography I remember when Billy Joel s Glass Houses record came out This was a popular album and I think it was when I first became aware of his music and I went back and listened to many of his older records, which were all very good Glass Houses was his seventh studio album and was released on March 10, 1980 It features Joel s first song to peak at 1 on Billboard s Pop Singles chart, It s Still Rock and Roll to Me According to , the album itself [...]

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