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  • Title: Summer of the Loon
  • Author: Deanna Lynn Sletten
  • ISBN: 9781941212103
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Paperback

  • Summer of the Loon By Deanna Lynn Sletten Life can change in a heartbeat Ali Jenson s life changed forever the moment her mother died The sixteen year old was suddenly swept away from the life she knew in California to live with her estranged grandfather in the deep woods of northern Minnesota Ali s life has never been easy, but it seems her grandfather is trying his best to make it even difficult Her onlyLife can change in a heartbeat Ali Jenson s life changed forever the moment her mother died The sixteen year old was suddenly swept away from the life she knew in California to live with her estranged grandfather in the deep woods of northern Minnesota Ali s life has never been easy, but it seems her grandfather is trying his best to make it even difficult Her only hope is to get through the summer and her last year of high school so she can return to her old life in California What she hadn t counted on was slowly becoming attached to the grumpy old man and falling in love for the very first time Benjamin Jenson never planned on meeting his granddaughter, let alone having her live with him He isn t thrilled with the idea of a teenage girl coming into his home or his life He d been down that path once before and he didn t want to relive it again But he is her only living relative and he knew his deceased wife, Lizzie, would have wanted him to give Ali a home Grudgingly, he figured he could put up with the girl for a year He never expected Ali to find a way into his heart and make him face painful past memories and his worst fear The fear of losing yet another person he loves.Will Ben finally let go of the past and give Ali the one thing she s always dreamed of A home.
    Deanna Lynn Sletten
    Deanna Lynn Sletten is the author of MAGGIE S TURN, FINDING LIBBIE, ONE WRONG TURN, and several other titles She writes heartwarming women s fiction and romance novels with unforgettable characters She has also written one middle grade novel that takes you on the adventure of a lifetime Deanna believes in fate, destiny, love at first sight, soul mates, second chances, and happily ever after, and her novels reflect that.Deanna is married and has two grown children When not writing, she enjoys walking the wooded trails around her home with her beautiful Australian Shepherd or relaxing on the lake in the summer Deanna loves hearing from her readers Connect with her at Her blog deannalynnslettenTwitter DeannaLSlettenFacebook facebook DeannaLynnSletten

    Summer of the Loon By Deanna Lynn Sletten


    A nice story about finding your family and reconnecting Young Adult romance.Nothing really powerful.

    I wish I could give this than 5 stars because it deserves many many I was told from a great friend to read this book, she made me add it to my wish list, to be read pile, etc and then she told me the second it was on to buy it and read it Needless to say it was a great suggestion because it was a fantastic book 16 year old Ali doesn t have the life of a normal teenager Having to be the one to take care of her mother instead of the other way around has made her grow up a lot faster than she sho [...]

    Susan (The Book Bag)
    I know when I start one of Deanna s books that I am going to enjoy the story so, so much When I get one of her books, I drop whatever I am reading and doing so that I can dive into the new world she has created for us And I am never disappointed She writes such wonderful, down to earth, believable stories with very likable characters.Summer of the Loon was the perfect book to read right now, in the dead of winter, with the cold and snow blowing around me The story takes place during the summer o [...]

    I have had the privilege and honor of getting an advanced copy of Summer of the Loon by Deanna Lynn Sletten I have enjoyed the stories that I have read by this author but this story was so much different It was an amazing and a very powerful story This was by far one of the best stories that I have read in a very long time It touched on every emotion and definitely had me keep turning the pages It was so difficult to put the kindle down every time I had to do some thing in real life I found myse [...]

    Tia Bach
    Growing up is hard For Ali Jenson, it was something she had to do at a very young age With no father and a mother lost in regret and alcohol, Ali didn t have a typical childhood When her mother dies unexpectedly, Ali goes to live with the grandfather long cut out of their lives Did he sever the ties or did her mother There s so much Ali doesn t know.Ben Jenson lives with his own regrets and loss He doesn t know his granddaughter Suddenly, she is moving in When he looks at her, he sees his daught [...]

    Kerry Reis
    Sixteen year old Ali Jenson, who was raised by her single mother in Southern California and is now dealing with the sudden death of her mother, is being forced to move away from her friends and former life to Northern Minnesota to live with her grandfather, a man she has never met nor was told anything about by her mother Ben Jenson, still dealing with the loss of his dear wife four years ago and the estrangement of his daughter at the time she became pregnant with Ali, is determined to connect [...]

    Dan Arndt
    So, normally, I don t really read romance types of books Even though I m still considered a hopeless romantic, I try to stay away from those sappy love stories I like action and strong characters that have to face some pretty hard things in order to survive Yet, every so often I ll pick up a book that has some kind of love story attached to it Let me just say that this book was far from the sappy love story It had a love story included in with the plot, but it took a backseat to an amazing prota [...]

    Diana Hockley
    Deanna Lynn Sletton s books are always good value and this one is superb The story of Ali orphaned grand daughter of Ben, cranky father of Ali s mother is set during the summer by a lake in Minnesota.Ali s struggle to come to terms with the death of her alcoholic mother and with her Ben s part in Angela s departure seventeen years previously, is told in beautiful, calm prose Jenny Ben s partner and her son, Chase, support Ali in her efforts to get close to Ben, whose grief at losing his wife sev [...]

    Norma Budden
    Summer of the Loon tells the story of a teenager whose mother died from substance abuse and how she was moved across the country forced to leave her friends and everything familiar behind to live with a grandfather she had never known, a grandfather whose love she questioned.This is a wholesome story involving a young couple who meet and get along well together from the beginning They work side by side at the lodge when required and talk about their hopes and dreams, among other things, later wh [...]

    Barbara Lohr
    This novel offers a thoughtful journey into the deep woods of Minnesotad the human heart Ali loses her mother and is sent to her only living relative, a grandfather she s never met Ben lives deep in the woods and has a generator in his garage Lights out at nine each night, so a bit of a shock for the city girl The story charts their relationship, along with a sweet romance with Chase, who works at a nearby lodge which Ben once owned and operated The characters are good people with solid fundamen [...]

    I received a free copy of this wonderful book through first reader program From the start I had to keep reading to know how life ended up for the main character I thought this story was well written and kept me interested I have read a lot of stories lately that I really disliked the endings however the ending of this story was upbeat and enjoyable I will be looking for other books by this author.

    This has been described as a woman s book I big to differ It is an interesting, well written article about a grandfather and his granddaughter thrown together by tragedy and circumstance The writer successfully pulled together how they finally came to accept each other and deal positively with the deaths of mother, daughter and wife Romance plays a minor role in the story.

    Once again, Deanna has a home run I have read every book she has written Proud to say I am a big fan.Cannot wait for the next book.

    Deb Soltesz
    Heartwarming story Nice summer read.

    I typically don t read a lot of romance novels, but this one was a good choice It wasn t too sappy I enjoyed learning a little about the Minnesota North Country, where Cinda has roots I liked the attention to nature in this story.

    Jean Baxter
    Sweet story I enjoyed Maybe a little predictable yet held my interest with great characters and descriptions of the north woods making you feel like you were right there with them Dealt with some tough subject matters but handled with honesty and compassion.

    Marianne Broccolo Bair
    Really enjoyed this bookSummer of the Loon was an unexpected surprise Wasn t sure if I would like it, but once I started reading I found this Book hard to put down Loved it and will definitely be reading by Deanna Lynn Sletten Great storyteller.

    Not my cup of tea but others may love it.

    This is a nice young adult coming of age story set in the woods at a lakeside resort.

    Kim Cano
    Great family story with likeable characters that takes place in Northern Minnesota My favorite was Ben, the grouchy old man Loved it when he got into a confrontation with another man who deserved what he gave him This is the 4th novel I ve read by Deanna Lynn Sletten I ve enjoyed all her books and plan to read I listened to this one on audiobook Great way to read when your eyes are tired.

    I really liked this booka fast read because you won t want to put it down Its about a crusty old grandpa and a granddaughter that needs him as much as he needs her stubborn and living in the past Its set in Minnesota and the author writes so well that you feel like your there with them I m enjoying this author, another new to me and I will definitely read of her books From Life can change in a heartbeatAli Jenson s life changed forever the moment her mother died The sixteen year old was suddenl [...]

    Ann Swann
    5 Big Stars for Summer of the LoonSitting down with a new Deanna Lynn Sletten book is like having lunch with an old friend As soon as I read the first few sentences, I begin to relax Deanna s smooth writing style takes me immediately into the story The characters are so believable, so familiar like an old friend that I feel an instant connection with them.When Ali, a junior in high school, loses her mom to an overdose of pills and booze, the teen has to leave her California home and move all the [...]

    A wonderful story of a young girl who is taken away from a life she knew in California to Minnesota to live with family and folks she never knew Ali has lived with her alcoholic mother all of her life Never knowing who her father was or anything about her mothers past When Ali finds her mother dead after an over dose or suicide, she goes to live with her estranged, grumpy Grandfather Bill at a resort in Minnesota This is a beautiful story of love, forgiveness, family and new loves My heart broke [...]

    16 year old, Ali, is a city girl who s brought to the mid west after her mother s tragic death Now living with a grandfather she had never met before, she s forced to accept new surroundings while still holding on to her ideals Ali ends up getting than she bargained for Although a bit juvenile in its simplicity and at times difficult to continue because of it, I would ultimately consider it a cute Summer read.

    What a beautiful bookThis is the kind of book that everyone should read The story feels so real, I fell in love with Ali Despite everything she went through, she kept herself together and positive And Chase, Jo and of course Ben, they are just wonderful people This book made me laugh and cry but truly, it just made me feel good Made me stop and think what I have and what is really important to me son, my treasure Great reading.

    Dixie Minor
    I loved this book The book had such a sense of place the setting was beautiful I felt like I had actually spent the summer in Minnesota I loved the way the loons were gently interwoven into the book and the mood and tone they helped set Ali faced her difficulties I admired her strength and enjoyed the hopefulness of the healing that takes place in the book Also enjoyed the romance both generations

    Phyllis Lautenschlaeger
    A struggle to find home for Ali and peace for her angry grandfather,Ben.A bittersweet story of sending love away and finally receiving it again as a gift Seventeen year old Ali lives a life caring for her troubled mother and then her mother dies leaving Ali no choice but to go far from California to the far north and a complete shift in lifestyle I enjoyed the story was written and it is well worth reading.

    Diana L Thomas
    A DecisionI m not sure if I enjoyed the love story of the family or the love expressed for the loons There is so much compassion between Ali, Ben, Chase and Jo you want t be part of their family Reading about the loons has made me put Minnesota and seeing the loons on my travel bucket list This was a wonderful book.

    Mary E
    I liked the characters in the story It was sad that so much time had been lost between the grandfather and granddaughter but both grew into a good strong relationship A lot of the story was somewhat predictable but that is not necessarily a bad thing either It is comforting when things work out as we want them to.

    Janet Friesner
    Borrowed this book from the Prime Library because I had recently read another book by this author and enjoyed it This is the story of a young girl who lives in California, loses her mother and goes to live with her grandfather who she had never met He lives on a lake in the north woods of Minnesota It was fast moving and finished it in one day Did not put it down.

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