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  • Title: In the Name of Gucci: A Memoir
  • Author: Patricia Gucci
  • ISBN: 9780804138932
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Hardcover

  • In the Name of Gucci: A Memoir By Patricia Gucci NA
    Patricia Gucci
    Patricia Gucci Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the In the Name of Gucci: A Memoir book, this is one of the most wanted Patricia Gucci author readers around the world.

    In the Name of Gucci: A Memoir By Patricia Gucci


    Book Haunt
    Gucci is a world class Italian fashion empire that has been around for almost 100 years While there may be people in the outback or a comparatively isolated place that have not heard of Gucci, I think I m safe in saying that most of you reading this aren t included in that group I myself love all things fashion so I was immediately drawn to this book In the Name of Gucci is a heartfelt memoir penned by Patricia Gucci, Aldo Gucci s daughter Between these pages, Patricia Gucci tenderly recollects [...]

    Patricia Gucci diplomatically tells her parents story Today, our sympathies are with Bruna Palumbo, but in 1958, the advances Aldo Gucci made on his vulnerable young employee were viewed very differently Bruna surely had mixed emotions about her debonair and wealthy boss as she saw Aldo Gucci s temper flare over things like a finger print on a display case, but her fianc had no better self control It was a time and place where adultery and or divorce had big consequences, so, after the inevitabl [...]

    Patricia Gucci is the daughter of the late Aldo Gucci yes, that Aldo Gucci and Aldo s long time mistress, Bruna Ms Gucci would have you think that her parents story is a love story for the ages I m not so sure From when I m sitting, in the year 2016, it appears to be of a story of sexual harassment on the part of 53 y.o Aldo Gucci against his 20 y.o secretary, Bruna In spite of what Gucci wrote, and she did her best to spin it, I can t help but feel that Bruna was essentially forced into the re [...]

    Sarah -
    What a roller coaster of a ride This one is tough to rate, I have to think on it for a bit Full review to come Check out my full review on my blog allthebookblognamesaretaken.blfacebook AllTheBookBlogNamesA

    Italo Italophiles
    In the Name of Gucci is a heartfelt recounting of several lives and one iconic business through the lens of Patricia Gucci, the daughter of the family firm Gucci s powerhouse behind the company s growth into an international luxury goods firm, Aldo Gucci.Aldo Gucci s daughter by his second wife, Patricia is now a mature woman with a mature understanding of human nature, and is informed by her mother s strong memories The author sets out to do three things to honor her father, to honor her mother [...]

    Carson Harkrader
    I am always on the lookout for a good memoir by a female author who has lived an interesting life, and I very much enjoyed this book by Patricia Gucci The book is well written, and is clever in the way it tells the life of Patricia s parents and grandparents in a very personal way, weaving their stories with sections about how the history affected her personally I felt connected to Patricia as well as her family throughout the book, and she managed to tell a decades long story with warmth and pe [...]

    I enjoyed the memoir Patricia Gucci wrote about her life Patricia was born with the Gucci name and her father was Aldo Gucci, the head of the Gucci family business However, her mother, Bruna, was not his wife and he was not able to divorce to legally marry her The reader can image the difficult decisions that they made and see the consequences of them The book spans several decades and you see the ups and downs of relationships and the effects of extended family dynamics on the Gucci business Th [...]

    I loved this book It s a love story, a rags to riches story of an Italian family who went from struggling working class to becoming masters of a global empire It s the story of loyalty, family dysfunction and family betrayal over a span of almost 100 years from the time when grandfather Guccio Gucci was a page at the Savoy hotel in London in the late 1800s to the 1990s when his son Aldo Gucci, mastermind of the Gucci corporation, died in Rome The story of the Gucci family and the love affair bet [...]

    Patricia Gucci was the illegitimate daughter of Aldo Gucci, the man who created the luxury Gucci brand In her memoir, she talks about her unconventional upbringing at a time when her parents could have been thrown in jail for adultery She talks about her troubled relationship with her mother, who was often dealing with her own emotional problems Her father wanted his sons to inherit the family company, but their reckless behavior led to its downfall An interesting book, even if you don t have a [...]

    This book is a rare opportunity for us to get insight to a man, Aldo Gucci who built the Gucci empire through his daughter s eyes It is not only a book about the struggles of life love, family, deceit but how to overcome them and still lead in spirit after you lose everything It also reflects the strength needed to be married to and a child of a man bigger than life.

    Ashley Hasty
    HastyBookList I selected In The Name of Gucci by Patricia Gucci for my student reading group this semester So far it has inspired discussion of the ethics of fast fashion, what makes a successful brand, the pros and cons of luxury fashion, the history of fashion, and I m looking forward to one discussion with my students on the final chapters of this book before moving on to our next one I loved hearing the story of Aldo Gucci, the making of the Gucci brand, and the love of Aldo s life, Bruna, [...]

    Aldo and Bruna s love is kind of one of a kind.It s a great memoir from personal point of view The last 30 35 page is a little bit emotional and that s what makes it a great memoir book It doesn t really stunning but it s not from a miracle writer s pen, but it doesn t really have to be from it, because that would make it a make up story.And it is not that.You can read it once in a summer afternoon if you re interested in fashion and biographys.

    This book was an interesting enough, but seemed to mostly be a poor little rich girl story.

    John Morrison
    Fascinating roller coaster true story Great story I won this book through the giveaways.

    I never knew anything about the family now I do the daughter wrote this it was memoir so it was from her perspective.

    Sydney Kamps
    This memoir was so beautiful Patricia was honest, sincere, and entertaining I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this book I have for years been fashion obsessed, and learning some of the personal ins and outs of one of the industry s biggest names was really cool I want to read books like this Currently, I m on the hunt for something similar about Valentino If you love fashion, romance, history, dysfunctional families, or unique behind the scenes takes on business, this book is for you I also [...]

    Tanvee Agrawal
    This book may tell you things about Gucci which internet would not All the hush hush about the empire being built and turning to ashes have been very diplomatically portrayed by Patricia, Aldo Gucci s daughter from a secret wife Why to read fiction when you have such dynasties with such turn of events in real With all the elements of a family drama, I do foresee a movie based on this memoir.

    I received this beautiful book through Giveaways It is a very well written and honest account of the Gucci family Interesting and very telling, Ms Gucci draws the reader in with all the detail in this book, the photos are also wonderful

    Pretty interesting story of the Gucci family.

    2.5 stars at the beginning, but I would give it closer to 4 stars at the end.

    Interesting readIt was interesting reading about a family that I did not know much about At times it really seemed to drag.

    Tyra Sherese

    Caroline Turazová
    O ivote rodiny a zna ky Gucci o ami vnu ky zakladate a, Patricie Gucci In pirat vna kniha pre v etk ch milovn kov m dy

    Jon Bolt
    A heartfelt and elegant tribute to the man credited with establishing Made in Italy throughout the world and making Gucci, GUCCI A page turner from beginning to end.

    I liked it The author was not complaining or wallowing in self pity about her life, she just told it as it was.

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