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  • Title: Children of the Shaman
  • Author: Jessica Rydill
  • ISBN: 9780451459114
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback

  • Children of the Shaman By Jessica Rydill A brother and sister venture out from the sheltered coastal town where they were raised, into the magical kingdom of La Souterraine Only then and there do they learn what their heritage means, to them, and to those around them
    Jessica Rydill
    Jessica Rydill is a fantasy author from the west country Her first novel, Children of the Shaman, was short listed for the Locus award for best first novel.Jessica was first inspired to write by the likes of Joan Aiken, Alan Garner, Rosemary Sutcliffe and Tolkien To name but a few In recent years she has been a fan of M.R James, Ursula le Guin, Paul Doherty, Sybille Bedford and a diverse list of writers too numerous to list.And the late, wonderful, Terry Pratchett.A new edition of Children of the Shaman published by Grimbold Books is now available.Coming soon new editions of all my books,, from Kristell Ink Publishing, an imprint of Grimbold Books.Visit Jessica s web site at shamansland to learn about the shamanworld.

    Children of the Shaman By Jessica Rydill


    C. Scott Kippen
    This was a interesting read The world is great, and Rydill did a wonderful job in the opening chapters of creating and filling this world with people and culture It is a combination of fantasy German Gypsy, and wholly unique to anything I have read However strong the world is, the story does not hold up the entire novel It is the story of Annat and Malchick, adopted children of Yusef They shipped off to live with their father in the upper Northern lands that have recently been opened up due to a [...]

    Steven Poore
    Somewhere in an alternate Europa, where magic and myth are as dense as the forests that cover the land, there is a Railway And at the end of the Railway is Gard Ademar And at Gard Ademar, there is a tunnel To rescue her brother Malchik from the grip of The Cold One, Annat and her father Yuda must enter the tunnel and cross into a dangerous dreamlike realmIt s easy to dismiss small presses lightly, but one of their great strengths is the ability to breathe new life into old backlists Children of [...]

    Phillip Berrie
    This is the second book in this series that I ve read Previously I ve read Malarat , the third in the series and I gave it five stars.They are both excellent reads but I think I preferred Malarat better And, for two technical reasons, I m only giving this one four and a half stars My technical problems with this book were as follows There is a plethora of variant names used in this book, with some characters having two names because of cultural reasons For an astute reader, which is what I class [...]

    I enjoyed the alternate history of this world in the book and the interaction of other worlds within it I liked the character of Annat a great deal and found both Yuda and Malchik interesting Malchik may have been the most intriguing though because of his own internal struggle with himself and the darkness he found within I would have liked insight into him, perhaps by seeing through his point of view for part of the book Also maybe background on some of the other characters to understand them [...]

    Guy Gonzalez
    Back in 2003, before I realized I actually liked the fantasy genre, I went looking for an interesting read to get my feet wet, and after an hour scouring the bookshelves, I came across Children of the Shaman and was intrigued by both its cover art and blurb Serendipity FTW In Shaman, Rydill creates a world of heightened reality that is grounded in familiar spiritual and religious metaphors, and gives it all a refreshing spin Her characters are very strong, particularly Yuda and Annat, and it is [...]

    The Irregular Reader
    Thirteen year old Annat is a shaman by birth Within her own people, the Wanderers, shamans can heal, protect, and enter bodily into other realms Outside her people, however, shamans are looked upon with suspicion and mistrust Annat is largely untrained in her powers, but when her aunt falls sick, she and her brother are sent to live with the father they barely know.Annat is finally able to train as a shaman under the tutelage of her father, Yuda, but the family soon turns down a dangerous path Y [...]

    Eh Interesting enough in the beginning and I like the main character, but gets too vague and shadowy for my taste in the end I dislike authors that write around issues and not of them I think what I disliked the most is how many questions they raised and how little of them they answered.

    David Wake
    A fun book and an easy read following Annat as she tries to come to terms with her father and the powers that he, and thus she, possess They are trying to save Annat s brother, Malchik, who has been whisked away to a magical realm It s not the run of the mill fantasy setting, but comes from a tradition with which I m not familiar, which was refreshing I was reminded of the Snow Queen in the way that the villains follow the Cold One, who has enshrouded the world in winter The characters have thei [...]

    Christopher Hivner
    This is a very well written and imaginative novel I don t read a lot of fantasy but from what I know of the genre, this one has some refreshing elements That being said, I only gave it 3 stars because for reasons I can t pinpoint, the book didn t totally grab me While I wanted to read the entire book to find out the resolution of the story, I also had no trouble putting it down for several days at a time When a book really has me by the throat I can t stop reading until I reach the end Part of t [...]

    Started off strong with a wonderful atmosphere and background hints to the world, then veered off into the mediocre.It s well written and has a number of enjoyable aspects, but after the initial phase of mystery and promise the storyline settled into a series of bland encounters with blank people, in some other less interesting world that had very little to offer The protagonists never reached their potential and the bad guys were without logical motives or depth.Maybe it is simply meant for a y [...]

    Andrea Fife
    I really enjoyed this escape into a fantasy world, and I m definately going to check out the others in the series Be warned, though, the fantasy culture is a little bit sexual, so if you are sensitive to that, you may want to skip this one.

    I almost liked this one, but just didn t ever really buy the world combo fantasy and post apocalyptic or the characters Didn t really care about the plot either Intriguing in some ways, but not as well realized as it should have been.

    Rebecca Jane Price Bonito


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      470 Jessica Rydill
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