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  • Title: 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks
  • Author: Thorbjörg Hafsteinsdottir
  • ISBN: 9780991260928
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Paperback

  • 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks By Thorbjörg Hafsteinsdottir This bestselling book 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks reached cult status in Scandinavia thanks to a refreshingly natural approach to on how to look and to feel younger You don t have to ditch the bikini when you turn 40 this can be the beginning of your sexy years And it s never too late to start Thorbjorg s vitality and charisma have made her a wellness guru for womenThis bestselling book 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks reached cult status in Scandinavia thanks to a refreshingly natural approach to on how to look and to feel younger You don t have to ditch the bikini when you turn 40 this can be the beginning of your sexy years And it s never too late to start Thorbjorg s vitality and charisma have made her a wellness guru for women of all ages The book features a 10 week full anti age programme from inside out with delicious recipes, invigorating exercises, tests to see how you are progressing and nutritional supplement recommendations It also provides natural alternatives to injectibles and skin care, and describes cleansing and relaxation as the sources of eternal youth, and case studies from women who talk about how the 10 week programme transformed their lives Want secrets to avoiding sagging skin, flabby bits and mood swings Want healthy tips and facts on how your food can make your body younger, your skin firmer and your life energetic Read this book on how to become your best self Are you ready to light the flame I followed Thorbjorg s 10 Years Younger Program, and was truly delighted with the results Her deep understanding of nutrition, as much as her motivating personality, made the experience a complete success and I am certainly not alone in my belief that Thorbjorg s work has the power to make a huge impact on today s culinary and fitness culture Tamara Rappa, Senior Accessories Editor, The Oprah Magazine
    Thorbjörg Hafsteinsdottir
    Thorbj rg, 54 Mother of 3 wonderful girls.Thorbj rg is the author of 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks, the best selling book that has taken women by storm in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland, where Thorbj rg is born The book has also raised awareness and healthy debates throughout the country regarding nutrition and wellbeing.With 23 years experience in nutrition therapy, Thorbj rg is also a trained nurse and certified lifestyle and nutrition coach She has expertise in lifestyle changes specializing in sugar addiction, obesity, diabetes, women s diseases, healthy pregnancy, healthy children and anti age Thorbj rg has transformed women and men alike in her 10 Years Younger programs and organizes revolutionary workshops called Mother Child for mother s to be and new mothers.For than 20 years Thorbj rg has been a popular lecturer and teacher for numerous large enterprises, including the Icelandic government and Copenhagen s city authority Once having her own TV program in her native Iceland, she is now a frequent health contributor and writer for several lifestyle and fitness magazines, as well as appearing on Denmark s Morning Show She was one of the leading coaches in the Danish TV program, Botox or Broccoli, where she guided 3 women and 3 man to be 10 years younger and look much younger with her own program and ideas for young and energetic appearance I m nearly 55 but I feel as if I m only 30 with joy and vitality bursting out of me My appetite for life is echoed in the people who use me as an expert I have invented a program that keeps me vital, glowing, strong and sleek and I would like to share it with you My vision is that everyone can achieve what I have You can have it and my passion is to help you to reach your goal.

    10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks By Thorbjörg Hafsteinsdottir


    So, this book has cult like status in Scandinavia and endless five star reviews everywhere I look, right It all makes me wonder what am I missing Basically, Hafsteindottir educates her audience many, many times that she s over 50 and still very sexy Therefore people should stop thinking of 40 as the cut off for SEXY and follow her diet lifestyle to look and feel young and vibrant.Okay, that s intriguing enough So, how do I do this Eat vegetables Cut out refined sugars Eat healthy fats Meditate E [...]

    Thorbjörg Hafsteinsdottir
    I wrote this book I should probably not review my own book, but I will anyhow 10 years younger in 10 weeks is still one of the best nutritional and lifestyle changing book I have read Don t let the title fool you The book is so much than what at first impression you think it might be The content of the book is educational, experimental, body mind transforming program Week by week It is about removing what is not working well in your body influencing your health and energy, fixing and repairing [...]

    Beyond the Pages
    I found this book to be extremely insightful and encouraging as it relates to loving yourself and caring for your internal and external being The bare bones information related to sugar, gluten, free radicals, and exposure to harmful or stressful toxins was appreciated The author s ongoing repetition of what needs to be avoided and what needs to be introduced was a positive for me I like to be reminded of what I need to do to stay on track The recipes, dry brushing tips, meditation motivation, e [...]

    I followed the programme, and was truly overjoyed and happy with the results

    Gavin Moore
    Yes, this book helps you ditch sugary, fatty foods and find new easy to make, healthy alternatives It also helps you find an exercise regime that works for you and all the other things you d expect from a book like this However, the title of this book may make it sound like a strict 10 week regime or bootcamp if you will , it is so much than that This book is written by a trained nutritionist and nurse, so this woman really knows what she is talking about You ll learn lessons that will stay wit [...]

    Teri Ahlm
    I started this book by, as they instruct, taking the online quiz to check what my biological age is Not my chronological age I know that but how old my body is I was shocked to see that my biological age is 28 years older than my biological age, making my biological age 71 REALLY 71 And I consider myself to be a relatively healthy person I had a lot of work to do The book advised that I follow the entire program to try to improve my health and I was ready to go after receiving that bad news You [...]

    Charu Bangera
    After a baby and reaching a point where you start freaking out about looking and feeling gorgeous, I came across 10 Years Younger In 10 Weeks and trust me it was a great help What really helped me along or rather inspired me to even start with the programme was the fact that she has been a sugar addict and recovered, like she has been there and done that What s , I became motivated and never doubted the authenticity of the suggestions since author herself is a trained nurse and nutritionist He [...]

    I don t like books that require the all or nothing commitment, but Thorbjorg here offers a plan that is doable by anyone even my mum If you need some encouragement and motivation to go through with a detox program, look no further She is so enthusiastic and full of energy in her writing style it immediately makes you want to get on with the program, and with the amount of supplementary information, examples, tips and tricks you are bound to succeed Can t remember ever being this inspired

    Sydney Redisch
    This book really brings to life the differences one needs to take in order to better themselves It s not only entertaining to read, but also enlightening and inspirational Knowing that someone else has achieved such an improved lifestyle is really great motivation for every woman out there I highly recommend this book if you re looking to feel better about yourself when you wake up and constantly throughout the day.

    Martin Bjergegaard
    Amazing book no wonder it s the most popular book on nutrition, health and well being in Scandinavia.

    Do you want to look like the cover model when you are in your 50s I sure do This book contains the complete plan to accomplish a real age that is close or less than your biological age I m 43, and took the online evaluation to see what age my body was The number was so shocking that I didn t even do the calculation to come up with my real age.I haven t started the program yet, but it s written in such a way that is easy to understand and seems easy to follow.Unlike many diet plans, you don t jum [...]

    Debra Lowman
    Hafsteinsdottir has you first calculate your biological age vs your chronological age according to some basic life habits, exercise and food habits and then directs you from there I was right on target for my chronological age but still read the sections on detoxing and cutting out the sugars There are the basic nutritional fundamentals here cutting out sugars, processed foods and increasing exercise without overdoing it and water intake There is information to take away and I really did enjoy r [...]

    Elizabeth Grieve
    Well written, and if translated to English then a really good translation , clearly set out and very achievable I liked the links to online tests, forms for keeping progress, etc, although the biological age test result was quite a shock It s very thorough, and takes you through the 10 weeks in a logical progression, starting with nutrition, moving on to exercise, lifestyle, hair and skincare, with lots of questionnaires throughout, which make you really think about your own health and how to im [...]

    This was a quick read, mainly because the information is not deep and is a rehashing of material covered in many other places I m not sure how to classify the plan, but it consists of eating a whole food diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables and water making sure you get regular protein incorporating exercise and stress reduction through sleep and meditation, and other self care techniques I liked the author s voice and found her an enthusiastic coach, but felt that much of her plan lacks subst [...]

    Cheryl Sanders
    Great plan Very expensive regimen It all sounds wonderful and I m sure it works but the cost of all the vitamins, supplements and specialty items you can t pick up at a local store will be a financial hardship in today s economy for a lot of people I will definitely put certain aspects of this plan into my every day regimen Very informative and well written.Received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

    Mona Malmin
    Best nutritution book I ve ever read It helped me to movie sugar, milk and flour from my meals.There are a lot of good recepies of tasty food, I also followed the program online with Thorbj rg.I highly recommend both the book and the program.I have a better life now and it s amusing to make some of it to my friends.They are really surpriced how tasty it is

    Good ideas hard to put into practice I did get many good tips and ideas from Thorbjorg and have made life changes thanks to this book.

    Joanna Hagen
    I read most of this book in one sitting It made perfect sense to me why my eating habits were causing the reactions they did Highly recommend to others.

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