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  • Title: The Edge of Reason
  • Author: Melinda M. Snodgrass
  • ISBN: 9780765315168
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Edge of Reason By Melinda M. Snodgrass Since the dawn of consciousness, a secret war has been fought between the forces of magic and religious fanaticism, and the cause of reason, understanding, and technology On one side are the Old Ones, malign entities that feed on the suffering of mankind On the other are the Lumina, an ancient order dedicated the liberation of the human spirit.Officer Richard Oort of theSince the dawn of consciousness, a secret war has been fought between the forces of magic and religious fanaticism, and the cause of reason, understanding, and technology On one side are the Old Ones, malign entities that feed on the suffering of mankind On the other are the Lumina, an ancient order dedicated the liberation of the human spirit.Officer Richard Oort of the Albuquerque Police Department is caught in the middle of this primal battle when he rescues a mysterious teenage girl from a trio of inhuman hunters Recruited by the Lumina to serve as their latest paladin, Richard ends up fighting beside a handful of unlikely allies, including an adolescent sorceress, an enigmatic philanthropist, a sexy coroner, and a homeless god with multiple personalities.The Old Ones and their mortal pawns are determined to destroy Richard or subvert him to their cause And they have all powers of magic and organized religion at their disposal As the gates between the universes shred apart, it may be up to Richard to save humanity from the endless horror of a new Dark Age.Provocative as The Golden Compass or the Illuminatus trilogy, The Edge of Reason dramatizes the fundamental conflict behind the hot button issues of todayd the future of the human race.
    Melinda M. Snodgrass
    MELINDA M SNODGRASSMelinda Snodgrass was born in Los Angeles, but her family moved to New Mexico when she was five months old making her almost a native She studied opera at the Conservatory of Vienna in Austria, graduated from U.N.M with a degree in history, and went on to Law School She practiced for three years, and discovered that while she loved the law she hated lawyers so she began writing In 1988 she accepted a job on Star Trek TNG, and began her Hollywood career Her novels, THE EDGE OF REASON, and THE EDGE OF RUIN are currently available from Tor She and Ian Tregillis have delivered a screenplay to their manager, and she has delivered the first novel in a new Urban Fantasy series featuring blood sucking lawyers, THIS CASE IS GONNA KILL ME Her passion aside from writing is riding her Lusitano stallion Vento da Broga.

    The Edge of Reason By Melinda M. Snodgrass


    You just think you re not worshiping Cthulhu.

    I sense this is a story that has lurked in the author s brain for a long, long time I say this because it seems kind of out of date.This is urban fantasy where the dialectic is Unreason superstition, religion, magic, the bad guys vs Reason rationality, science, no magic, the good guys But the good guys get to use a little bit of magic, because otherwise it wouldn t be urban fantasy This is preaching to the atheist choir i.e me , but unfortunately it s the most annoying kind preaching which isn t [...]

    I don t care what the others have rated this book I really liked it and can hardly wait until the next installment I think it s meant to be a triolgy Oh, yes, some of the characters are a little one dimensional, and some of the dialogue is dorky I ve been to New Mexico, and I appreciated that the action mainly took place in Albuquerque The story includes police department politics and work, homophobia, magic, fear of terrorism, science, other realities, interesting characters, intrigue and actio [...]

    I ve always wanted to read some of this Author s work, since I saw her piece in the anthology Dangerous Women Although this book is not set in the same universe or possible writing style and characterization as the short story I read, I would still like to experience of her writing.It s truly a dark day, when gangbangers show relieve in seeing the police when they were expecting their neighbours.My sides are hurting from laughing when Christ talks.Well this is new, the Devil and multiple Gods v [...]

    Brian Palmer
    Experience a literal war between the forces of magic and science, in the streets of Albuquerque Marvel at the stalwart force of a man reluctantly donning a sword of reason Fall backwards at the villainy of those who would betray their own race to Old Ones from Beyond The Edge of Reason was published in 2008, but feels like a call back to a previous generation of urban fantasy, lightly updated Richard Oort is a short police officer with a tragic past who stumbles into the secret history when he s [...]

    That was a new experience for me.I really liked the first half of the book But then there was a cut and within some sentences I totally lost contact to the main characters I tried to connect again until the end but it was in vain That means four stars for the first half of the book and one star for the second half which lead me to a final rating of two stars.

    I ve never read any of Melinda Snodgrass s stuff before, but I keep seeing her name pop up in relation to George R.R Martin So I decided to give this one a try It looked fun and of course GRRM had a blurb on the front cover of the book Will delight thinkers and outrage true believers of all stripes Sounds good, right And the book delivers exactly that As a resident of the Bible Belt and a person who is in general slightly antagonistic toward Christians, I was amused throughout this book I giggle [...]

    Richard Oort, a police officer in Albuquerque, finds out that he is a paladin for the forces of rationality and science He is recruited in the fight against the forces of evil Cthulhu esque beings from another dimension who feed on humanity s fears and pain to break through to our world and use religion to gain power by spreading hatred and fear.The Edge of Reason is set in the present day but successfully ties the history of various myths and religions into its background At times, the religion [...]

    THAT WAS ON BEYOND EXCELLENT Okay, well, I might by so very enthusiastic because someone finally wrote an urban fantasy that appeals to the atheist in me, but seriously, the books is astonishingly well done.Brilliant plotting leads a very believable protagonist down a road that forces him to accept that the supernatural exists, that it needs to not exist, and that he can help with putting an end to it By doing so, he ll be freeing humanity to move beyond the superstition of religion and go to th [...]

    Reason vs religion in an urban fantasy The Edge of Reason sounded like my kind of book, so I was eager to give it a go Blurbs talking about Lovecraftian Old Ones vs technology sealed it Right away, Snodgrass creates interesting characters and situations that draw the reader in I was reminded of Tim Powers from his Last Call Expiration Date time period which is a good thing.But somewhere along the way, my enthusiasm waned a bit The characters for the most part were too black and white Richard s p [...]

    Kelsea Dawn Hume
    This urban fantasy was pure humanist candy If you ve ever thought that Eve was the hero of Genesis, that Old Testament Jehovah was psychotic, or that rationality brings out the best in humans, you ll probably find yourself enjoying this quick, tasty read The author even plays with gender s, and acknowledges the existence of bisexual men sadly, that s still almost unheard of in fantasy This was the first of a trilogy, and I can t wait to read the rest of the seriesAD IF1 You re in the mood for so [...]

    I bought this book on the strength of a short story by Snodgrass in FSF, A Token of a Better Age Couldn t get through the book Some of the ideas were fine, but the lack of plot, cardboard characters and the subtle as a nuke mythology revelations made it too much of an effort to slog through and try to get where the author was heading with this I assume she was heading farther on Somewhere I just couldn t get there with her Alas.

    Jeff Raymond
    An odd book First of a series I think about apocolyptic forces where Jesus is actually working on the side of Lucifer to eradicate the supernatural, and magic is bad as is religion and yeah Odd, odd read, but strangely compelling at the same time I don t know who I could recommend this to, but hey.

    I m coming to this short review with mixed feelings When i started reading, i stumbled on some details that made me shiver to the bones like she is beautiful Well, i like beautiful girls oh maybe here comes another main character oh crap, he is gourgeous Oh no, i sense some romantic foolishness incoming I kind of forced myself trough the initial part of the book because i was expecting it turning in a glitter style, so sweeeeeet and tragic but tender love story It came out a little different, an [...]

    I saw an awful lot of the author in this book, and for that reason it made the main protagonist human, real not some avatar of the writers imagination, believable than heroic.

    Copied from my Audible review Melinda Snodgrass wrote one of my favorite STTNG episodes So when I saw she had written a novel, I was keen to check it out The story didn t grab me until about 2 3 of the way through The book felt like it was adapted from a previous project as a possible television script, which was distracting The story itself seemed like our good reasonable magic vs their bad primal magic rather than reason vs superstition.The narrators voice was fine and he generally read the s [...]

    Stories that take religion and dump it on its head have always been a personal favorite of mine The premise behind The Edge of Reason certainly falls into that category If you are super religious, or don t have an open mind, this book will offend you You have been warned The main character, Officer Richard Oort is a multifaceted character some daddy issues, a rich upbringing, a mother with a fragile mental state, a love of classical music and being an accomplished pianist, struggles with his sex [...]

    Carolyn Fitzpatrick
    If you are a religious conservative, you will hate this book I am a Progressive Christian and I loved it, and immediately requested the sequel from inter library loan The world in this book is the battlefield of a war between the forces of religion magic and science reason Yes, that s right the witches and the priests are ON THE SAME SIDE The why of this is nuts and a bit of a spoiler so I won t go into it here, but it is definitely a novel concept The protagonist is Richard, who is in his late [...]

    Jessica Carrig
    The Edge of Reason is an urban fantasy which challenges the reader s view on organised faith Melinda Snodgrass manages to pit science against superstition in this first adventure in the Edge trilogy Richard Oort is not your typical fantasy hero he s short, bisexual, awkward in social situations, and he has absolutely no magic Richard is probably one of the most interesting characters I ve come across His faith is constantly challenged by reason and science, and he has to come to turns with the f [...]

    The Edge of Reason Edge 1 by Melinda M SnodgrassI would have to commend Melinda Snodgrass, I have impatiently waited for the time I could read this book I loved Richard Oort in The Edge of Ruin when it came out The concept of reading a novel about The war between science and superstition was an intriguing concept Her seemless blend of religion and superstition as an opposing force to science and technology look at the real nature of humanity Which would you choose if you find that alterative mot [...]

    Shane Kiely
    Different from what I expected, fantasy but very much tinged with sci fi with allusions to the origin of the universe physics The core conflict of the book is between secret societies dedicated to science, one to propagating ignorance it s most visible acolytes being the forces of organised religion The book wears it s politics on it s sleeve but that didn t really bother me as it conformed to my own viewpoints but I could see how it d be off putting to others the vigourously religiously minded [...]

    Writing horror is hard What romance is to the realistic novel, horror is to sf and fantasy A number of good sf writers try their hand at horror, perhaps because that is where the money is, perhaps because the premises of horror strike a chord that other genres do not But few sf writers manage to horrify, manage to work the back of the spine in quite the right way F Paul Wilson, for instance, seems to make a good living out of his unsuccessful attempts I don t find his work all that horrifying Sa [...]

    Setting aside at page 95 because I m not really enjoying anything it s doing The reason vs religion central struggle seems to be getting both and less nuanced all religion is not bad, but there s a strong vibe of all bad is religious, or at least ignorant, that just I think it s a cop out If you re going to pivot your worldbuilding and story around a fundamental struggle of for humanity, and then sort of blame the depths of humanity s nastiness on Old Ones aliens evil emotion eating creatures f [...]

    Just like my rating It was okay The premise was a good one and is some dialog and plot that s interesting, but it was not very well written There are just so many choppy parts I won t give too much of a spoiler here, but Oort attends a funeral and as he walks in the author describes people in traditional Indian dress a they have nothing to do with the funeral he s attending b nor is Indian culture or fashion related to the story line She just describes the fashion and moves on That s just one ex [...]

    The author of this book is also the writer of the only Star Trek Next Generation that I liked The Measure of a Man It was a very deep episode that dealt with how human an android is and what rights he has So I knew from the get go that this would be a deep book that dealt with controversial issues, and I was ready.The book started off great a futuristic fight between religion and science, presented through an wild array of characters among which a homeless god with multiple personalities However [...]

    A book of interesting ideas that aren t fully realized A fun but overly convoluted read.Religion is worse than the opiate of the masses in this sidewise universe It is a cover story for Lovecraftian demons bent on the destruction of humanity Cross Christ has come over to the side of light Lucifer Lumina Prometheus At the center of the tale is a totally mortal policeman named Oort who is completely devoid of magic and thus immune to the demonic forces And he can wield a sword made by Kenntnis, th [...]

    It was ok She does a reasonably good job of maintaining tension, but the plot was terribly, terribly linear, and the big surprise was quite ham handedly forecasted For most of the book, I kept thinking, Surely it can t be this straightforward There has to be a twist, right The good guy mentor will turn out to be evil after all, the troubled girlfriend won t actually betray them, etc Nope It s pretty much what you see is what you get.It s basically an anti religion rant, loosely disguised as a no [...]

    Very intriguing premise, but the execution is a little bit shoddy Perhaps the lack of character development is because this book is a piece of a larger work given the lack of a real ending, I hope so , but only the main character was well rounded and had motivations we understood All the supporting characters were just that stereotypes put in place so that the main character would have a reason to act I really enjoyed the idea behind the book with religion set up to be the source of easy to feed [...]

    This isn t a book I would typically read my partner actually picked this book out from the library for me purely on the recommendations it had from George R R Martin written on the cover The beginning started off interesting but as the story progressed it just got confusing and muddled The character development felt slap dashed together with progression changes happening overnight, a good chunk of the storyline seem to float around nowhere, however the book did finish on a high, but it s unfort [...]

    caveat i only read the first 169 pages they were offered as a free download on the author s websiteis book starts relatively strong, with some intriguing action and good description then it starts to wander for a while probably too much backstory wandering combined with actual actions, propelling the story, and the occasional interesting turn of phrase, kept me going and naturally, things really got rolling the last 20 pages or so, just in time for a cliffhanger this has an interesting premise a [...]

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      252 Melinda M. Snodgrass
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