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  • Title: Savior
  • Author: A. King Bradley
  • ISBN: 9781496133281
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback

  • Savior By A. King Bradley Librarian s Note An alternate cover for this ISBN can be found hereOnce bullied to the brink of suicide, 16 year old Adam Reaper discovers extraordinary powers within himself As the ungovernable changes within unleash a burning hatred for all who once wronged him, Adam is faced with choosing between using his gifts to save the world from impending doom or to take vengeanLibrarian s Note An alternate cover for this ISBN can be found hereOnce bullied to the brink of suicide, 16 year old Adam Reaper discovers extraordinary powers within himself As the ungovernable changes within unleash a burning hatred for all who once wronged him, Adam is faced with choosing between using his gifts to save the world from impending doom or to take vengeance against his enemies For a time, Monica, the love of Adam s life, is able to keep the newfound darkness in his heart at bay, but tragedy strikes when Adam s older brother, PJ, is murdered after insidious forces give rise to a formidable domestic terror cell known as The Strangers As he pursues his brother s killers, Adam and his friends, Howie and Ace, find themselves thrust into an unthinkable conflict that could ultimately lead to the destruction of the world As Adam storms farther away from Monica and deeper down the dark path of revenge, the edges of his own darkness begin to fade once again Daring, complex, and unforgettable, this unique take on the Hero s Journey delivers a perfect blend of captivating action and suspense.
    A. King Bradley
    Author Artist Gamer Nigh invulnerable My days consist of hours of binging on music, XBox writing Click the link below for a FREE Kindle copy of my novel Savior goo nNyq8C

    Savior By A. King Bradley


    I would like to state that I received a free copy of the book from First Reads W O W That is the only acceptable form to start off this review I was not expecting what planned out in this book and I loved every second of it Bradley has proved to me that he has what it takes and I cannot wait for the second installment to this series BEGINNING OF SPOILERS In the beginning of this read I was very sad and hungry To know all that Adam was going through made me realize what I have and I just wanted t [...]

    Scott Parkin
    I received a copy of this book with First Reads.Adam is a High School kid who has been dealing with a condition for his entire life This has lead to him having a small but close circle of friends, and being the target of harassment and violence from classmates An unexpected encounter with his principal leads Adam to discover that there is to his condition than he ever imagined.As the first book in a new series, time is taken at the beginning to develop the character and build the world I person [...]

    Echo Olsen
    This is a great book that combines Superhero, Sci Fi, and Cyberpunk genres for a very intense book that s hard to put down and flows very fast Although sci fi elements are brought in the characters are truly based on real life personalities and experiences.In Savior, the main character and others were emotional mixed bags, much like you d expect for teenagers Working as a teacher in an inner city with at risk youth these characters were like my own students Adam and PJ s life story was truly the [...]

    Tas Timmons
    So many things are happening to Adam, starting with his raging hormones and ending with personal tragedies Among that he learns to fight crime alongside his best friends, and it s not going to be an easy journey.The book combines everything you want in a superhero story self identity, love interest, struggle, payoff and an unexpected twist in the end that will keep you wondering what s going to happen next It s not just games for Reaper, Ace and Echo, it s the real danger, real weapons and crimi [...]

    Briar's Reviews
    Savior by A King Bradley This novel was a great read it was a mix of fantasy, paranormal and superhero all rolled up into one beautiful package.Within this story, I get the feeling you are supposed to pity Adam our main character His story is daring and full of action and drama, but I always was left feeling bad for him There would be moments where I would feel delighted and strong with him, and then I just felt like it was a day to rain on Adam s paradeBut then you must realize Adam isn t your [...]

    Michelle Lynn
    At first, I didn t know what to make of this book The beginning was slow and I had a hard time getting into it but I continued to read I am glad I did Once the pace quickens, it doesn t let up until the end The Reaper is just a teenage boy trying to get through high school He is in love with a girl and spends his time hanging out with his two best friends He s normal, or at least he wants to be It all starts when he learns that he can lift crazy amounts of weight and notices that a boy his size [...]

    Drew Preston
    Looking for a fast paced, action packed sci fi superhero story that doesn t feel rushed Then do yourself a favor and check out Savior The story is about a 16 year old boy named Adam, who was always different, he just never knew the extent to which he was different This a great story that really showcases the emotional struggle Adam goes through while coming to terms with his new abilities and the decisions he makes I thoroughly enjoyed this book The characters were very compelling and quite rela [...]

    What a pleasant suprise This is a book that i won from one of the contests through this very site I was a little skeptical about it not knowing the author, or anything about the book besides the summary Not to mention it is int the Teen category However, it turned out to be a very good read with very little of the typical teen drama that can be sucha turn off The characteres were very engaging and alot of fun to follow with multiple unexpected twists Being a big comic book and Sci Fi fan this fi [...]

    Ramiro sandoval
    This book was really great I loved and hated the main character, Which is a good thing I felt like this is a good change from the Perfect superhero because he is fighting his emotions to continue being a good person I have been searching for a book that i wouldn t be a able to put down and I found it I finished the book in about three days and I was left wanting I can t wait for the sequel but I will be buying it when it comes out next year It was also really cool that the author responded to m [...]

    Nick Tory
    While the story of this book rings of many other classic tales, this book has a unique feel The characters are interesting and you feel as thought you are fighting the internal and external struggles with them What sort of takes it a step above is the addition of the soundtrack, which really immerses you in the world and creates a feel that helps propel you through the story I would highly recommend this book if you love action and are looking for a little something extra than the reading experi [...]

    Amanda Kern
    Awesome bookAwesome bookI do not know what I was expecting but it was not that I can not believe this book I can not wait till the next one I really enjoyed how the characters are interacting I hope the next book comes out soon.

    Harry Royster
    ExcellentI really hate giving out superlatives but this book deserves one It is everything that you would want in a book I got carried away in this book and wanted to read and of it I can t wait to read book 2.

    Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to author A King Bradley This wasn t the sort of book I would typically read, but it was enjoyable.I felt quite sorry for the main character Adam He hadn t had an easy life, he d had to deal with hunger, bullying, and watching his father abuse his mother As the book went on and people started dying on him, I felt even sorry for him.The storyline in this wasn t quite the sort of thing I d normally read This f [...]

    What a suspenseful and mind gripping story that has all of the elements of a classic dark hero comic book or feature film I simply could not put the book down from the moment I started reading I instantly fell in love with Adam The author has given him all kinds of contradictory characteristics and a deep feeling heart that has been torn in half from his circumstances That, accompanied with great imagery and colorful descriptive writing, really takes the story to the next level in your imaginati [...]

    This was really an interesting story, especially for a debut novel I mean, it could probably use a little editing For example, toward the beginning, the author uses the exact same phrase extremely poor to describe the main characters family twice in just a couple pages There were phrases like 3 AM in the morning At times it reads kind of like an ARC But some point I stopped noticing grammar or writing that I would change and just fell into the flow of the story I really got into the story and wo [...]

    Andrew Rose
    Super hero beginningAdam Reaper is underfed,beaten, and demoralized He is also a super dense power house waiting to explode When an organization kills his brother he sets out to make them pay A good superhero yarn that is Punisher than Spider Man but with a touch of teen angst.

    It was a great book holding the reader till the end and leaving him with curiosity for the next part.

    Michelle A. Nash
    Savior The Savior Series Book 1 This story starts with non stop action and holds it s fast faced adventure all the way through.Sincerely,Totally Satisfied Reader

    Savior , written by A King Bradley, is the first installment in author s series that bears the same name a real rollercoaster story that introduces reader to an appealing leading character that lives within the story made of fantasy, cyberpunk and science fiction elements.The main character, a kid named Adam, who because of some issues from the past has very limited number of friends, is often the victim of bullying and violence from his high school classmates Though the horrible memories haunt [...]

    Adam Reaper or the Grim Weeper is a victim of bullying, it is not the beatings that he has problems with, it is the unkind words that drives him to the brink of suicide Not only bullies in school, but at home as well But holding him on are his friends Howie and Ace, supportive in every way.When a chance dinner with the principal of the school and her hot daughter makes Adam realizes his potential, and that triggers a cascade effect that creates a new vigilante team The team s strengths and weakn [...]

    Kristina Aziz
    The prologue had enough action and hooked me, but the first chapter was dry It wasn t until the beginning of the second chapter that this was the natural voice of the main character, who is chronically exhausted Had I not stuck it out, I would have chocked it up to a one page wonder Thankfully, it got better as the chapters went on Every writer knows beginnings are hard On the brighter side, I was very impressed with the action scenes They had enough detail to keep me engaged without being so wo [...]

    Michelle Lynne
    I wasn t sure what to expect from this book, but I quite enjoyed the story The plot was really creative, and I liked the build.There were just a couple of things that I didn t like and they sort of fold into each other At one point, the story turns from YA to action, and it happens almost instantly, which seems out of character for some of them which leads to the second thing I loved the characters at the beginning, but once the plot flipped over, all of the characterization sort of fell flat an [...]

    As I was totally fixated on the story and could not stop reading it It was just full of wonderful, shocking and interesting surprises.This is the kind of book that is hard to describe, and even harder to put down I totally enjoyed reading this amazing well written story and It is one of the best Speculative Science Fiction stories ever Recommended this book for every science fiction lover

    Great Start I started reading this novel without the expectations of it being as great as it was I was proven wrong almost immediately Well written, fast paced, great action, and character development so fluid that I couldn t wait to download the 2nd of the series.

    Joan Woda
    This is one of the best book I have ever read in recent times, very captivating and suspense filled The characters alone were superb , This book has really opened my eyes to a lot of things that has been happening around me.

    Great start Once it got going the action was really good.

    Flora B
    This book is quite interesting, I just couldn t keep off it At first I was a little skeptical about reading it but as I read further I realized that I loved it I ll King Bradley s next book.

    Timothy Aldred
    SAVIOR is an engaging story Richly textured and layered, it kept me turning the pages late into the night Highly recommended if you like action packed and suspenseful page turners.

    Gracy Lawrence
    I love this book, a great story, I will most definitely read the next series of this books Loved the characters and story line Wow Enjoyed reading this book.

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