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  • Title: The Edge
  • Author: Alan Gibbons
  • ISBN: 9781842550946
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Edge By Alan Gibbons Winner of the Angus Book Award, THE EDGE is crackly with tension How will this mother and son escape their abuser and start a new life We ve got to go Now It s early morning and Danny s mother is at his bedside, urging him to get up They re on the run from Chris, his mother s boyfriend, a violent man who beats them both up, and won t let them go Chris pursues Danny aWinner of the Angus Book Award, THE EDGE is crackly with tension How will this mother and son escape their abuser and start a new life We ve got to go Now It s early morning and Danny s mother is at his bedside, urging him to get up They re on the run from Chris, his mother s boyfriend, a violent man who beats them both up, and won t let them go Chris pursues Danny and his mother from London to the north, where they take refuge with Danny s grandparents But even there, nothing is safe Danny is conspicuous as the only mixed race boy in their small community, and with the ever present threat of discovery, he has to learn how to live continually on the edge A tense and chilling story with terrific drama, THE EDGE shows the depth of character and the understanding of the predicaments of children today that gives Alan Gibbons his special quality.
    Alan Gibbons
    Alan Gibbons is an author of children s books and a Blue Peter Book Award He currently lives in Liverpool, England, where he used to teach in a primary school His father was a farm laborer, but was hurt in an accident when Alan was eight years old The family had to move to Crewe, Cheshire where Alan experienced bullying for the first time He began to write for his pupils as a teacher, but never tried to get any of his work published.Gibbons trained to be a teacher in his mid thirties and starting writing short stories for his students Later, he began to write professionally In 2000, he won the Blue Peter Book Award in the category The Book I Couldn t Put Down category for Shadow of the Minotaur He was a judge for the 2001 Blue Peter Book Awards He was shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal in 2001 and 2003 and shortlisted twice for the Booktrust Teenage Prize He has also won the Leicester Book of the Year, the Stockport Book Award, the Angus Book Award, the Catalyst Award, the Birmingham Chills Award, the Salford Young Adult Book Award and the Salford Librarians Special Award.

    The Edge By Alan Gibbons


    Tara-Jayne (♥ I Read, I Love ♥)Bell
    Description Danny is a boy on the edge A boy teetering on the brink of no return, living in fear.Cathy is his mother She s been broken by fear.Chris Kane is fear and they belong to himBut one day they escape They re looking for freedom, for a promised land where they can start really living Instead they find prejudice, and danger of another kind Blurb of the bookCharacters Danny He feels powerless and he is always scared of what Chris could do, and when he gets given the chance to escape he take [...]

    Aansh Raiyani
    Danny is a boy who has lived his whole life in fear, he is always teetering on the brink of no return Cathy, his mother, has been mangled and broken by fear Chris Kane is fear, and they belong to him It all began one night when the two decide to break free from their fear to a promise land, a new life Instead of freedom they find both prejudice and a danger of a different kind Danny is a traumatised, insecure and an abused teenager Cathy is low in self esteem, damaged but independent and Chris i [...]

    A really easy read One of the first books I read after graduating from university University had a way of making me hate readingI found the characters really relatable and the book got intense sometimes, which was good I do recommend for an easy read.

    David Yim
    This is a Young adult fiction book written by Alan Gibbons This is a book that talks a lot about racism The setting of this book is London This book is about a boy named Danny, and his mother, Cathy, living on the edge Where Cathy used to live when she was a child , in fear, because of a man named Chris Kane, who thinks that he is Danny s father and think that Cathy and Danny belonged to him One day, Cathy and Danny escaped from Chris Kane with his money to Danny s grandparents home, Cork Terrac [...]

    Julia Langnes
    I have to say, this book really surprised me Lately I ve been trying to get through these shorts novels that have just been accumulating over the years, between my lengthy reads, and I have not been very happy There have been several now that have just been bad, but no not this one I mean you look at the cover, read the first page and just think ugh, a YA novel author thats trying to make a breakout I expected cheesy writing and a half assed plot, but boy this one shocked me It really is on the [...]

    Like several of Gibbons other books, The Edge is officially billed as a children s book, but deals with themes that are equally relevant and interesting to adults Also like some of his other work, it is a story with an agenda to communicate, and that can often be detrimental to the story itself as the author tries to ram his of her point home Such is not the case with this book, however, as Gibbons offers an excellent and very believable plot with few Deus Ex Machina moments and lots of everyday [...]

    I really, really, really did not like this book at all I thought the plot was very boring and tedious and I found the story dragged on impossibly long I didn t find myself caring very much about the characters either I mean, the only one I actually did like was the racist grandfather who redeemed himself by not being racist Other than that, I really didn t like the characters at all Danny was big headed, Cathy was naive, Joan and Des were silly, pointless side characters and Chris wasn t in it t [...]

    Sarah Goodwin
    I first read this when it came out, and I was a teenager at the time I recently found a copy of it on a take a book, leave a book shelf and couldn t resist reading it again.It s a good story, very readable, and the multiple perspectives are great Definitely deserves its award and should be at the top of every young adults list.The writing is stippled with cliches and dialogue that made me wince at how unbelievable it was, but, as it s a book aimed at a younger audience, I m inclined not to make [...]

    Kazuya Kai-olowu
    Synopsis It s about a boy and his mom trying to escape from The Monster who is Chris Kane and go through many things to get to the promise land.Evaluation Recommendation I enjoyed this book because I got connected to Danny, the main character, who goes through struggles to get away from the monster and stand up for him self I recommend this book to everyone above the age of 11 because if you any younger, you will not understand the problems in the book.Memorable Quote At least this doesn t invol [...]

    The plot I found very gripping even though at first I felt extremely uncomfortable reading this subject The writing style was not an issue although it was very original it was sort of like you were inside the person s head but it was told in third person which was a bit odd I also loved how every character had their own font style although the reason I couldn t quite give this book the full five stars was that the characters weren t very well developed although better than I have read before.

    Laura Simpson
    Written really well, at first I wasn t sure about this one, but it s gripping and intriguing and it was great to read from so many of the different characters to understand their mind sets It tackles two very difficult topics, domestic abuse and racism and I think it was interesting to see both sides of them and to see some of the characters develop over the story Particularly the grandad.

    This was a fabulously written book, and a great attempt to get into the minds of those involved in domestic abuse, both perpetrator and victim Disturbing thought patterns bring a chill to you as you read the obsessive comments of Chris Kane as he hunts down and pursues Cathy Mangam across the country.

    The book is about a boy Danny being born to a 16 year old girl Cathy Chris is Cathy s husband and does not accept Danny as their child so they have a big runaway type chase The book is filled with mysterious stories and is perfect for the ones who enjoy suspense and mystery.

    Till today I still wish we had finished reading this book in school it was such an amazingly captivating book and very well written too it s definitely one of the books I ll read again this time from start to finish.

    Great book Really had me on edge throughout the whole book, and towards the end i was trying to shout at the characters THROUGH THE BOOK what was happening that they didn t know about As you can probably tell, I found this book rather gripping

    I dont really read books like this.It was fasted paced A very easy novel about running from a boyfriend who is nasty to your mum and setting up a life in a place that you grew up in.It was sentimental and makes you think a lot.

    This book surprised me, I thought it would be a feeble childrens book, but it centered around violence and racism Told from a teenagers point of view, it lends an emotional and innocent view on what it is like to deal with such isues growing up in a difficult environment.


    A solid and pacy ya thriller about family violence and the search for a place to belong The sense of fear and responsibility for his mother is strong in the main character, a teen boy.

    This is a really good book with lots of suspense and contains mainly family violence.Danny and his mum run away from his mother s boyfriend who violates the whole family.

    loved it Scared to Death

    It hits all the emotions Fantastic book

    Khairah Boukhatem
    An amazing depiction of racism, abuse, family and home Thanks to my English teacher making us read it, good job I read ahead to

    this book is very good

    Harrys a Prick.

    ugh gone off loads of books idk

    Read this in school for English, it was very suspenseful and I quite enjoyed the end All in all, better than many of the other books I ve read in English.

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