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  • Title: Blood Divide: A Novel of Flodden Field
  • Author: John Sadler
  • ISBN: 9781782640899
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Paperback

  • Blood Divide: A Novel of Flodden Field By John Sadler Gripping, visceral, and accessible historical fictionThe Battle of Flodden in September 1513 was one of the bloodiest battles ever fought on British soil, in which James IV, King of Scots, and virtually the whole of his nobility and gentry were annihilated in an afternoon along with 15,000 soldiers Five centuries later, the slaughter still occupies a core position in theGripping, visceral, and accessible historical fictionThe Battle of Flodden in September 1513 was one of the bloodiest battles ever fought on British soil, in which James IV, King of Scots, and virtually the whole of his nobility and gentry were annihilated in an afternoon along with 15,000 soldiers Five centuries later, the slaughter still occupies a core position in the Scottish nationalist debate and in the pantheon of heroic failures This novel puts you in the heart of the action you ll feel the sweat and the fear, the curtain of red mist.The narrative covers April through September 1513, focusing around a handful of key characters John Heron, Bastard of Ford, swaggering, violent, and disreputable, the black sheep of a good English family Sir Thomas Howard, leader of the English forces and skilled strategist Alexander, 3rd Lord Hume, leader of the Scots, bold but impetuous Isabella Hoppringle, Abbess of Coldstream, hub of a web of influential women throughout the Scottish borders, a woman of significant influence and charisma.Laced with dark humor and fascinating period detail, Blood Divide reminds readers that political intrigue and human folly are timeless.
    John Sadler
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    Blood Divide: A Novel of Flodden Field By John Sadler


    The cover of this book immediately captured my attention, and I was drawn in by the promise of a detailed look at an often overlooked bit of Tudor history the Battle of Flodden Field.In 1513, while Henry VIII had his eyes on France, he sent trusted, if slightly aged, Thomas Howard to deal with their northern neighbors As part of the centuries old debate of whether Scotland s king, at this point Henry s brother in law, owed allegiance to England James IV answered a firm no by siding with French a [...]

    Find this and other reviews at flashlightcommentary.I knew I d be reading John Sadler s Blood Divide the moment I stumbled over it Being a sucker for Scottish history, I d love to say I was captivated by the premise, but I am honest enough to admit I m shallow and my initial interest was in fact sparked be the cover art I know it doesn t really matter, but somewhere there s a jacket designer who is happy their work is being appreciated so let s not debate my offering recognition as part of my re [...]

    Fascinating bit of Scottish British history I knew next to nothing about This well written, vivid novel treats of the Battle of Flodden Field 1513 Scots against English precipitating event or one of them and strategy sessions, then on Sept 9, 1513, course of the grisly, bloody battle itself and ending with the aftermath and post mortem pun not intended It took awhile to become used to the author s style alternating from English side Scottish side Each chapter consists of a letter from one import [...]

    OK, it can safely be said that the author is an authority in this part of history, from looking through his other nonfictional books he s written on the subject matter This fictional book just reiterates his mastery of Scottish history and Scotland s relationship with England The historical events leading up to the battle, the battle itself, and the horrors of the aftermath breathe with incredible life and detail I swear I saw flashes of light on the blades, heard the roar of King James massive [...]

    Jo-anne Atkinson
    The border between England and Scotland has long been disputed, the nobles of each side know who they support but the border reivers are less loyal With Henry VIII away fighting an expensive and not very successful campaign in France, his brother in law James IV of Scotland sees his chance to invade England Bolstered by a crack troop of Swiss infantry and a mighty collection of cannon, the Scots take a number of border strongholds before being challenged by the English under the command of Sir T [...]

    It took me a little while to get used to the rhythm of Mr Sadler s writing I will admit that up front but once I did I found myself fully engrossed in this tale of the battle of Flodden This was a fascinating time in history Henry VIII had just taken his throne and was full of his power He wanted to fight France and take back what he felt was England s, ie France James IV in Scotland was an ally of France so was committed to supporting it against Henry and he wanted to prove to the world that hi [...]

    Source Free copy from Lion Fiction in exchange for a review.Rating 4 stars for very good.Summary The Battle of Flodden Hill was originally called the Battle of Branxton.The battle was between Scotland and England.James IV was king of Scotland.Henry VIII was king of England.The battle was on September 9, 1513, in the county of Northumberland, England.An Auld Alliance was between Scotland and France England was at war with France Henry VIII was in France when the Battle of Flodden Hill took place [...]

    Copy received from Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours for an honest reviewFirst, I have to make a couple of confessions One I m still a newbie to the historical fiction community so the The Battle of Flodden was new to me I had a little bit of a hard time wrapping my mind around what the battler meant and how it fit in Scottish and English history Although I knew of the contentious relationship between England and Scotland this story really gave me a very well rounded understanding One I did [...]

    In 1513, while Henry VIII was invading France, James IV of Scotland who was married to Margaret Tudor, Henry s sister decided to invade England from the north This resulted in a battle at Flodden Field Overall, I m rating the book ok I really like historical fiction, but I do tend to prefer stories from the points of view of women This book was from a few different points of view including one woman , which included POVs from both the English and the Scottish sides of the war There were a lot of [...]

    This a other reviews can be found at justonechapterThere are a number of books out there that deal with the reign of Henry VIII, however I have yet to find one that deals with the Battle of Flodden in 1513 in such detail Told from the POV of various key characters Blood Divide tells the story of this bloody battle from before, during and a little afterwards With rich details the author created very realistic battle scenes showing the raw effects of this war and not just the physical ones With th [...]

    Alana Cheshire
    A thoroughly researched yet lethargic read, Blood Divide is the fictional account of the Battle of Flodden Field between the Scottish and English in 1513 The prose is clunky and has been inexpertly edited the tenses change from past to present and back again within paragraphs, and at one point the King of Scotland is actually referred to as tolerably tolerant It is filled with rich historical detail however, these descriptions rarely further the plot and result in the impression of reading a tex [...]

    2.5 stars Average As a Scot and an historian, I really, really wanted to love this book Absolutely love the cover From the outset, however I felt overwhelmed by facts instead of story With a degree in medieval history myself including a thesis written about Medieval Scotland , I know this history extremely well as it is what I was hoping for here was a good STORY Unfortunately, I just never felt drawn into the events and characters lives rather, I was consciously aware of the author s historical [...]

    Beautiful cover, and I have to admit the saltire is what first drew me to this book Glad it did This took a touch to adjust to the narrators, but you got used to it after a bit The detail and battles were vivid and made you feel like you were back in the time experiencing it As a history buff, this was a novel I really enjoyed I received a copy from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for a review

    I won this in a giveaway.A different approach to historical fiction The author has a vast knowledge of the history and is able to blend in individual participants perspectives to make this a compelling read.

    William Kulhanek
    Excellent historical novelGreat book well written even though at times a little too much.But I loved it, Great and interesting history of the Scottish English border During Henry the eighth time.

    Ooh, those pesky sassenachs A great tale told of the bloody battle at Flodden, mixture of what facts are known the authors fiction Written from both sides and sometimes extremely vividly.

    Carrie Slager
    Full disclosure I received a free print copy from the publisher in conjunction with the blog tour in exchange for an honest review In most of the books about Henry VIII you ll read, the Battle of Flodden is not mentioned at all I know this because I ve been reading about Henry VIII in fiction for years now and never heard about Flodden until I requested this book through the blog tour That s kind of incredible seeing as it has entered the Scottish consciousness through both story and song and is [...]

    An intriguing, rich piece of historical fiction John Sadler has a tremendous wealth of knowledge when it comes to Scottish history, and it shows.A highlight of the book for me was multiple points of view, which allows the reader to see various sides of the conflict At some times, these characters felt less developed than I would have liked, but the depth of historical detail than made up for that.I won a free copy of this book through LibraryThing.

    Melisende d'Outremer
    This novel is set in Scotland and focuses on the Battle of Flodden Field 1513.Flodden was a bloody, savage and bitter border war, the results of which led to a minority rule in Scotland with the death of King James IV in battle.Despite being a novel, this is a must for any reader of Scottish history.

    Clare Cannon

    I enjoyed reading Blood Divide and learning about Scotland and its history The story and descriptions are interesting as are the characters I did find it a bit odd to have some sort of title at the start of each section Thomas Howard earns his salt , but other than a device to separate chapters or stories, I found it a but cute and distracting I also wasn t that impressed with the nature and personalities of some of the major characters, but perhaps that s the reality The Abbess is an interesti [...]

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