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  • Title: Little Red's Riding 'Hood
  • Author: Peter Stein Chris Gall
  • ISBN: 9780545609692
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Little Red's Riding 'Hood By Peter Stein Chris Gall When Little Red s Granny Putt Putt gets sick, the tiny moped scooter races over the river and through the dark woods to bring her a basket of get well goodies.But when Little Red crosses paths with Tank, the biggest, loudest, meanest machine around, that no good monster truck has plans of his own Why, Granny, what big wheels you have Why, Granny, what big headlights you hWhen Little Red s Granny Putt Putt gets sick, the tiny moped scooter races over the river and through the dark woods to bring her a basket of get well goodies.But when Little Red crosses paths with Tank, the biggest, loudest, meanest machine around, that no good monster truck has plans of his own Why, Granny, what big wheels you have Why, Granny, what big headlights you have Why, Granny, what a big hood you have From the sparkplug, creative minds of Peter Stein and Chris Gall comes a full throttle version of the classic LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD tale that will have everyone revving for .
    Peter Stein Chris Gall
    Peter Stein has been a highly successful writer, editor, designer, and art director for than twenty years He is the author of seven gift books, including Age Is Nothing, Attitude Is Everything and Fine Friends A Little Book About You and Me He lives in Petaluma, California.

    Little Red's Riding 'Hood By Peter Stein Chris Gall


    Jenn Swanson
    This book is a revamp on Little Red Riding Hood This is the book for someone that is getting tired of princesses and little boys especially will love this book The illustrations are amazing and the story was pretty good as well My daughter enjoyed this book a lot Would recommend.

    cute storyee book giveaway

    Boys will love this new version of Red Riding Hood with cards and vehicles A big monster tank was playing the wolf part as Little Red scooter makes his way to Granny Putt Putt s garage There are lots of funny parts and the plot moves quickly Highly recommended for Grades 2 3.

    Obviously another take on Little Red Riding Hood with a few minor changes Red is a boy and a scooter, the big bad wolf is a tank, and granny is a golf cart It s a fun little twist and a cute story.

    Chris Hays
    Another fractured fairy tale with some puns added in The artwork will make this a winner with the students, but it is not a high priority buy.

    RLL22016_Antoinette Jernegons
    This was a good book and I especially like the twist with the character being Trucks, Cars and Scooter The story had the same story line of Little Rid Riding Hood but the twist was The scooter was Little Red , the truck was The Bad Wolf and the car was Grandma and Little Red took grandma some oil and wiper fluid as treats When I read the original book in my classroom the boys wouldn t sit still compared to the girls But, when I read the book Little Red s Riding Hood the boys was very attentive a [...]

    Really enjoyed the twist of this version all the automotive references something felt out of alignment when Little Red goes to visit Granny Putt Putt too funny

    Theresa Grissom
    Super cute Kids at school are going to love this.

    Little Red Riding Hood is retold here with an automotive theme Little Red is a wide eyed red scooter, the wolf is a monster truck named Tank, and Granny is a bright pink golf cart The story premise is the same Little Red must take some auto supplies to Granny, who is exhausted he encounters Tank along the way, who diverts Little Red to the auto supply store, and, well, you know the rest The ensuing chase between Little Red and Tank sends Tank hurtling over a guardrail, expelling Granny from his [...]

    Lindsey Hulsey
    Such a cute book for boys Girls will enjoy too but can keep boys interested instead of reading the original little red Funny book with good pictures.

    Laura Reading
    I won this book in a giveaway and am very happy to receive it.This book made me smile and I would love to read it over and over, especially with the kids at the track.It is perfect for both boys and girls from a very young age through elementary school.Yes, the idea is based on the tale Little Red riding Hood, with a modern Cars feeling adaptation.The illustrations are five star all the way magnificent.Overall construction and size of the book are excellent quality, easy for both young and old h [...]

    In this fractured fairy tale based on a much familiar cautionary story, Little Red is a moped With Granny Putt Putt feeling under the weather after all, as Mama tells him, Her oil is muddy, her exhaust pipe s exhausted, and her wiper fluid is wiped out unpaged , and she is sorely in need to some TLC Little Red heads off to her place, but along the way, he encounters a very wolfish looking Tank who sends him off on a detour By the time Little Red arrives, he finds a very different Granny than he [...]

    Kristi Betts
    The end papers are similar to what you would expect from a Red Riding Hood story, but the wolf is now a monster truck named Tank and Little Red is a scooter Both characters appear on the front end papers, but only Little Red is on the back end papers The absence of Tank on the back papers sends the message to the read of the happy ending since Little Red is headed back home from Granny Putt Putt s house.I am not a car fanatic, but I believe young children, especially boys will find this new vers [...]

    Lynn Kidd
    I was privileged enough to receive this book through a giveaway This book is such a joy to read to my son I love the twist that Peter Stein, the author, put on the story little red riding hood My son truly enjoys reading this book about the little scooter We both enjoy the illustrations as they make the so animated as it goes along with the story My son is just a toddler now but loves trucks and everything that goes along with them This book is now his favorite book on the shelf, I believe he ev [...]

    In this fractured fairy tale, the characters are portrayed as Little Red the scooter, Granny Putt Putt the golf cart, and Tank the monster truck After Little Red reaches Granny s house and discovers that Tank has devoured Granny Putt Putt, he leads him a on a rollicking chase that ends as Truck crashes and becomes a traffic cop There is plenty of action in this amusing take off of a classic fairy tale that is sure to entertain young and old Look out for the tongue in cheek humor and bright color [...]

    Little Red loved riding around his hood When Granny Putt Putt is feeling under the weather, his mother asks Little Red to take her a basket of goodies And then he encounters Tank, King of the Road, a monster truck at the top of Too Tall Hill Tank sends Little Red to Zip s Auto Bonanza for better goodies and then heads to Granny Putt Putt s house himself What big wheels you have , What big headlights you have, etc When Tank comes after Little Red, it s his knowledge of his hood that saves him.Cle [...]

    Brenda Kahn
    This would be a fun book to add to a fractured fairy tale unit In this zany telling, Little Red is a zippy little boy scooter and his granny, a pink golf cart, lives in the woods Little Red is on his way to bring his basket of goodies when he encounters Tank, a monster truck While relatively faithful, the car jokes abound, a couple fall flat, a few are good natured groan inducing and the rest are clever and fun The illustrations are peppy and include lots of visual jokes, such as Skid s Brake Re [...]

    Ali (Ali's Bookshelf )
    Little Red s Riding Hood is one of the cutest re tellings of Little Red Riding Hood that I have ever seen It s also one of the best I ve seen geared toward little boys Usually all I see if the story being told and geared toward little girls I m loving all the re tellings that I ve been saying lately and it s always great to get another take on a story we ve all heard a thousand times To read of my reviewCLICK HERE

    My little one loved that I could do the voice of the monster truck, but the best part was the sound effect of said monster truck VROOM didi didi didi In this version, the wolf s destruction comes after he jumps the guardrail and lands in a junkyard The last page shows him reconstructed as a robot directing traffic It s like Transformers, but in little American kid format

    An interesting concept I really liked the idea of this book, telling the story of Red Riding Hood with vehicles and int he town of Vroomville with every shop geared towards autos The illustrations are very good, bright bold, engaging I found the wolf character, Tank, to be too brutish for the simple resolution of the book Great idea but I m not convinced it was pulled off well enough.

    My children opened this book before I had the opportunity to even look at the cover Let me tell you my son and his father loved the art work It is very kid friendly and easy to read Some of the phrasing made me very uneasy because I am trying to teach my son how to read but it had a nice appeal It is a great way to tell a classic story for a young man.

    Sandra Guerfi
    The classic fairy tale retold with a little red scooter as the hero The big bad wolf is a monster truck who is determined to chow down on our little scooter friend who is delivering goodies to grandma who s feeling a little slow Wiper fluid and motor oil are some the them This is a cute variation and the end of the story is quite original.

    My two year old nephew liked this book It was interesting to read and I am a fan of reading variations of fairy tales I think the author was creative, although the language was inner city then I could relate to.

    A great take on a classic story, with a fun twist for kids who really love vehicles I know of a bunch of little boys who d really love this one We all had a good chuckle as we read it My class did a lot of work last year on different versions of stories, so they really love this kind of story.

    Age Prechool KindergartenFractured Fairytale Little Red Riding HoodA cute, bubbly fractured tale that is perfect for reading aloud which follows the original tale fairly well I enjoyed the incorporation of vehicle vocabulary and kids will dig the action.

    In this version of the classic Little Red Riding Hood tale, Little Red, a brave moped scooter, sets out to bring spare parts to Granny Putt Putt, but ends up having to rescue her from Tank, the biggest, loudest, and meanest machine in the neighborhood.

    I purchased this at my kids book fair and read it during my lunch It was as cute as I thought it would be It s a wonderful spin on a classic story that can be enjoyed by all I can t wait to read this with my family.

    I received this book from the first reads giveaway, and I would totally recommend this book for little boys MY daughter even loved reading it I think it s a cute adaptation of the little red riding hood story and I love all of the vehicles and accuracy on car parts.

    Melissa Todt
    Cute twist on the original red riding hood Son was scared when Grammy got eaten, but he made it through.

    This was a cute read I think some of the play on words go over the kids heads, but it will make adults chuckle.

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