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  • Title: Deadline
  • Author: Simon Kernick
  • ISBN: 9780552156608
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Paperback

  • Deadline By Simon Kernick We ve got your daughter It s evening, you re back late from work and the house is in darkness.You step inside, and the phone rings You answer it and your world turns upside down.Your fourteen year old daughter s been taken, and her kidnappers demand half a million pounds in cash They give you 48 hours to raise the money, and warn you that if you call the police, sh We ve got your daughter It s evening, you re back late from work and the house is in darkness.You step inside, and the phone rings You answer it and your world turns upside down.Your fourteen year old daughter s been taken, and her kidnappers demand half a million pounds in cash They give you 48 hours to raise the money, and warn you that if you call the police, she ll die.Trying desperately to remain calm, you realise that your husband the man you married only two years previously is also missing.But he can t be involved in your daughter s abduction Or can he As your nightmare begins, you can be certain of only two things that you will do anything to get your daughter back alive and that time is running out
    Simon Kernick
    Simon Kernick born 1966 in Slough, Berkshire is a British thriller crime writer now living in Oxfordshire with his wife and two daughters He attended Gillotts School, a comprehensive in Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire Whilst he was a student his jobs included fruitpicker and Christmas tree uprooter He graduated from Brighton Polytechnic in 1991 with a degree in humanities Kernick had a passion for crime fiction writing from a young age and produced many short stories during his time at polytechnic After graduating Kernick joined MMT Computing in London in early 1992, where a relative was the Chairman and Managing Director Kernick was a key member of the sales team and was very highly regarded However, he left the company after 4 years in the hope of trying to secure a publishing deal Despite interest from a number of publishers Kernick was unable to secure a deal, so he joined the sales force of the specialist IT and Business Consultancy Metaskil plc in Aldermaston, Berkshire in 1998 where he remained until he secured his first book deal The Business of Dying in September 2001 His novel Relentless was recommended on Richard Judy s Summer book club 2007 It was the 8th best selling paperback, and the best selling thriller in the UK in the same year

    Deadline By Simon Kernick


    Gerard Oconnell
    Another good read from this writer enjoyed very much.

    Best Crime Books & More
    I am slowly working my way through Simon Kernick s books ever since picking up the book Relentless Now I have to point out that after reading Relentless which is a 10 out of 10 book, the expectation was high I also had the misfortune of not reading the books in order of publication which I dislike doing, even if they are stand alone novels.In this book we meet Mike Bolt, a member of the SOCA I get the impression that he may have appeared in previous books but you still get an overall history of [...]

    Another good book by Simon Kernick, focusing on a kidnapping of a young girl Could her step father be involved Why has she been kidnapped Should the mother go to the police This was fast paced, with plenty of action and interesting characterisation, this is the third book in the Tina Boyd Series, and am enjoying the books that are all very different I do recommend Simon Kernick I am rather puzzled that this is the Tina Boyd Series, as she has not been the main character in the three books so far [...]

    Richard White
    Excellent Would recommend.

    Truth be told, I only read this because the print was large and I ran out of other books to read on the dig I think one of the Oxford guys brought it But as far as crime dramas go this one was neither intriguing nor nail biting, with a cast about as well rounded as a sheet of paper The author also seemed to be unable to pick a main character we were supposed to care about I finished Deadline in 48 hours, and boy I wish it had been over sooner.

    So after a fairly heavy going book, I needed something a bit lighter that didn t require quite so much brain power to read and this fit the bill perfectly It s my first by this author and I seemed to have picked up a book that third in a series, having not read the other two I can t work out why this is called the Tina Boyd series, she s hardly in this book, maybe she appears in the first two The storyline is not new, but certainly an interesting one It sums up the lengths a parent will go to t [...]

    Fast paced which starts with a promising story A teenager Emma is kidnapped, her mum Andrea is distraught, the stepfather is missing Police is active It goes on pretty good It does have some loopholes Andrea has some business the author is elusive about, which sets up the mystery surrounding the mum It is the lukewarm stereotypical end that does not do justice to the buildup It is tacky Reading the end was like seeing a deflated balloon, knowing that it has had its days of glory.

    Sooraj S.Dev
    It gave me bone chills, even from the start you ll get to know how great this book can be because of all the characters and expressions he added are just to be great, An awesome crime thriller i would recommend for those who are looking for a thriller and fantasy although it s not much of a fantasy type of genre, but i got a feeling that it could go that way as well, a great book to be read.

    Good, solid British crime thriller with all the twists, turns and false leads you would expect from the one of the top writers of the genre.The only question being why it is listed as being part of the Tina Boyd series given she s barely in it

    The story tells of a woman who s daughter is kidnapped and a ransom demanded She tries to deal with it herself, but it soon becomes apparent that the kidnappers aren t playing by the rules and the police become involved A little slow to start, but good once it got going.

    Luca Cerrone
    Viiiiiel zu lang Die Ermittlungen, das Gerede viele Kapitel h tte man k rzen oder ganz weg lassen k nnen Das Ende war auch eher ern chternd Hat mich leider nicht so gepackt Ab Seite 230 nur noch berflogen schade

    Maggie Kiely
    These books are supposedly about Tina Boyd but apart from Book 1 Tina makes a tiny appearance I hope to see of her as the books progress Interesting read would recommend

    Aun Abdi
    Great book

    I actually found this book left on a train and as I had never heard of the author before decided to give it a new home for a while and rather pleased I am that I did despite it not being my typical genre.The plot is a simple one,Andrea Deverne arrives home an empty house, as she crosses the threshold she receives a telephone call to say that her daughter has been kidnapped.Her husband is also missing, is he involved if so who can she trust Will she ever see her alive again The book starts with a [...]

    Deadline is written by Simon Kernick This book was recommended to me by my sister Cassy, and after four years I finally decided to read it Wow, was it worth it I would recommend this book to ages of 14 and older and readers of a high lexile The reason being, the book contains content of the rape nature that only older teens or adults can really understand I really do like how suspenseful the story was, taking almost the whole book to get to the big climax I also liked how described the character [...]

    Andrea Devern, big shot business woman, daughter gets kidnapped Kidnappers want ransom money she gets it together but breaks the rule of not telling someone So when she gives them the money, they take it but don t give her the daughter back So a second time they demand the same amount.s 2 million dollars the way This time the police end up getting involved and things get complicatedI like Crime fiction, so one brownie rating for Deadline for falling under that genre But otherwise the plot was ve [...]

    I am so, so glad that my partner brought this book home I had never heard of Simon Kernick, and I doubt I would ve actually picked up one of his books if it hadn t been for my other half.After reading the blurb I knew this was the sort of book I would enjoy, and the sort of author I would look for in the future, but I honestly wasn t expecting to like this book as much as I did.The characters are all brilliant, the writing is flawless though in my copy there were a few mistakes, probably missed [...]

    4.5 StarsAlthough this is touted as Tina Boyd 3 , the story really focuses on Mike Bolt and until the very end, Tina plays only a secondary role The first few chapters had their ups and downs in such that the story started off with an immediate attention grabber, but the characterisation of Andrea and her former acquaintance Jimmy Gallante didn t show enough depth and the dialogues just felt stilted But, after the drop , things really picked up and went on at a break neck speed until the bitter [...]

    Asbah Shah
    Hmm, it was okay I mean i didn t like this book When i first picked it up i thought it might have been good, especially because the blurb was so interesting it drew me in, but i was not impressed I like crime fiction, but this book didn t really do it for me, felt like it could ve been so much better.Errmm so like your daughter goes missing and her captors want half a million pounds in cash, and the worst part is, you have 48 hours which is totally impossible and you can t call the cops or she d [...]

    Eigentlich ein recht gelungenes Buch Mich hat der Klapptext angesprochen, deswegen habe ich es gekauft und schlie lich gelesen Es f ngt mit einem Epilog an, in dem eine Frau ermordert wird und danach h rt man von diesem Mord die n chsten 230 Seiten berhaupt nichts mehr, was daf r gesorgt hat, dass ich mich st ndig gefragt habe, wer wurde denn da ermordet und wie passt das in die Entf hrung Ansonsten ist das Buch eine sehr typische Entf hrungsgeschichte Entf hrung, Anruf des Entf hrers, bei der G [...]

    Erst einmal wieder ein gro es Lob an Herrn Steck, ohne ihn h tte das H rbuch f r mich viel seines Reizes verloren Er schafft es, atmosph risch dicht die verschiedenen Charaktere zu betonen, ohne dabei ins L cherliche abzurutschen Das H rbuch selbst erweist sich als gut strukturierter, am Anfang dadurch jedoch recht z h beginnender Krimi, bei dem lange unklar bleibt, wer denn nun wirklich der T ter ist Aber Struktur ist nicht alles, irgendwie bleiben die Protagonisten alle auf Distanz, weder die [...]

    Asisha Joseph
    Unexpectedly good Especially liked the way she dealt with Jimmy Galante maybe LIKED is an inappropriate word , not clich d at all And the whole fiasco with the daughter and who her father is Didn t like the protagonist very much okay, I almost hated her by the end but as a thriller, this ones definitely good Not indecent The writer came within a hair s breadth of making it so than once , but backed away at the last moment, apparently Thank goodness for that I don t know what it is with thriller [...]

    Nick Davies
    DNF I couldn t finish this, even after getting through the first hundred or so pages The plot seemed to be interesting, and I was also starting to like the fast paced nature of the storytelling which is so often commented on and praised I just couldn t bear the writing style, however it felt like it had been written by a teenager, the language was so simple and plain Usually I d give books one star if I couldn t get on with them, but I ve been kinder on this one as I m sure it would work perfect [...]

    Steve Horsfall
    Another great fast paced thriller from Simon Kernick Deadline is superbly constructed with a gritty plot that keeps you thinking and wondering right to the end thanks to well crafted twists Really good that DI Bolt and his team make a return and again you know that signifies complex 3 dimensional characters and no run of the mill police investigation far from it in fact The short sharp chapters make you want to keep reading, enticing you to read just one before you put it down over and over aga [...]

    Bev Taylor
    yes but a question arpose and also the endng left me hanging why did the kidnappers use jimmy s mobile phome to call andrea when they told her not to carry a phone ok it was probably pre programmed but it could have been a number for a police contact for all they knew also at the end, what happened to andrea s business did the IFS start investigating and also the relationship between her and her partner after discovering the affair with her husband no idea have e mailed the author with the above [...]

    This is my 3rd read of 2010 and it was a gooden I think I will have to take back the fact that I ve said before that I hate crime novels becuase this one changed my mind I got so into it, I read it all this Sunday I never saw the double cross coming and I was totally wrong in my predtion of who was behind the kiddnapping I won t spoil it for you It was an easy read, pretty straight forward with a good plot Would never have thought to pick this up and will be adding the rest of Kernicks books to [...]

    I nearly didn t bother reading this as I wasn t overly impressed with Relentless but this is a much, much, better read in my humble opinion anyhow Many of the same characters appear, Mike Bolt, Mo Khan Tina Boyd but this is by no means a follow up book you certainly don t need to know the characters to enjoy this tale Andrea Devern has the potential to be become a very irritating character, her daughter may have been kidnapped but as you learn about her past it s very easy to lose sympathy for h [...]

    A roller coaster of a read This starts with a kidnapping and a lot of questions and continues through the London underworld and a lot of lies The race is on to rescue the kidnapped girl but the question is whether or not she s still alive and who was involved in the kidnap.It s not a bad read but I really didn t connect with any of the characters The only character I cared for was Emma, the victim The story did keep the tension going and I wasn t sure what was going to happen until the end It to [...]

    Aymen Ben cheikh
    This was my first Simon Kernick book, a good story about a woman who tries to save her teen daughter who was taken, the kidnappers want one million cash Her new husband is also missing, is he involved And how far can she go to save her daughter This book was different from what i expected, the characters look real, and it s hard to put it down I m looking forward to reading Kernick s books less

    Thanks to Good Read s recommended authors I tried Simon Kernick s Deadline Once again it reinforces why I prefer British murder mystery writers fast pasted, well constructed plot, good characters I don t know if Kernick plans from Mike Bolt but he was an enjoyable copper who seems to have no problems stepping over the thin blue line The ending was a bit disappointing however unpredictable it was.

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