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  • Title: The Healer's War: A Fantasy Novel of Vietnam
  • Author: Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
  • ISBN: 9781497632172
  • Page: 252
  • Format: ebook

  • The Healer's War: A Fantasy Novel of Vietnam By Elizabeth Ann Scarborough Winner of the Nebula Award A brutal and beautiful book that follows the surreal, fantastical journey of a Vietnam War nurse Minneapolis Star Tribune A literary departure for acclaimed fantasy author Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, The Healer s War draws on her personal experience as an army nurse in Da Nang to create a classic novel of the Vietnam War, enriched with a magWinner of the Nebula Award A brutal and beautiful book that follows the surreal, fantastical journey of a Vietnam War nurse Minneapolis Star Tribune A literary departure for acclaimed fantasy author Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, The Healer s War draws on her personal experience as an army nurse in Da Nang to create a classic novel of the Vietnam War, enriched with a magical, mystical twist Lt Kitty McCulley, a young and inexperienced nurse tossed into a stressful and chaotic situation, is having a difficult time reconciling her duty to help and heal with the indifference and overt racism of some of her colleagues, and with the horrendously damaged soldiers and Vietnamese civilians she encounters during her service at the China Beach medical facilities She is unexpectedly helped by the mysterious and inexplicable properties of an amulet, given to her by one of her patients, an elderly, dying Vietnamese holy man, which allows her to see other people s auras and to understand about them as a result This eventually leads to a strange, almost surrealistic journey through the jungle, accompanied by a one legged boy and a battle seasoned but crazed soldier as McCulley struggles to find herself and a way to survive through the madness and destruction.
    Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
    Elizabeth Ann Scarborough was born March 23, 1947, and lives in the Puget Sound area of Washington Elizabeth won a Nebula Award in 1989 for her novel The Healer s War, and has written than a dozen other novels She has collaborated with Anne McCaffrey, best known for creating the Dragonriders of Pern, to produce the Petaybee Series and the Acorna Series.

    The Healer's War: A Fantasy Novel of Vietnam By Elizabeth Ann Scarborough


    The Healer s War Harrowing tale of a Vietnam combat nurseOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureThis is another Nebula winner I ve had on the shelf ever since it was published in 1998, but hadn t got around to reading So when I found an audio version on Audible narrated by Robin Miles, one of my favorite female narrators after listening to N.K Jemisin s phenomenal The Fifth Season, that was enough to pull it to the top of my TBR list Elizabeth Ann Scarborough is mostly known as a writer of humor [...]

    it s pretty rare to read a war novel by a woman and despite the sf trappings, that s what this one is for that reason alone it s worth a read.our protag, Kitty, is a Vietnam era nurse in a seaside base camp, relatively safe from being bayonetted but not immune to rockets she cares for both American GI and Vietnamese civilian patients with thorough professionalism for the former, and actual care for the latter, as the Vietnamese patients are there for a longer haul, and she has time to get to kno [...]

    Tamora Pierce
    Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, first known to me as the author of bawdy, funny fantasy, was a nurse durse the American war in Vietnam THE HEALER S WAR is what came of her time there, and it is every bit as gut wrenching and real a Vietnam memoir as the best of the other Vietnam books I ve read Tim O Brien s THE THINGS THEY CARRIED and LOOKING FOR CACCIATO, Jim Webb s FIELDS OF FIRE, Lynda Van Devanter s HOME BEFORE MORNING, and Michael Herr s DISPATCHERS There is a fantasy element to HEALER S WAR, o [...]

    Megan Baxter
    Still, we spent most of our beer drinking time talking about the book, so I ll count it as a win And one thing that kept coming up for both my husband and I was that this really wasn t a fantasy Yes, there s an amulet in the book with a few magic powers, but it s in some ways such a minor part of a straight forward Vietnam novel The most magical power it seems to have other than, you know, healing is as a plot pass to get a white woman in among the Vietnamese people and then the Viet Cong withou [...]

    Nicholas Whyte
    nhwvejournal 698312ml return return This was one of those years when the Nebula system managed to recognise an exceptional novel that would never win a Hugo The Healer s War is a somewhat autobiographical account of the Vietnam war as seen by an American military nurse, with precisely one sfnal element a magic amulet, with slightly healing powers, which gives the narrator the power of empathy with the Vietnamese of all sides and of none and indeed with her fellow Americans as well It is a fair c [...]

    I would never, ever suggest censoring any piece of literature, especially one as honest as this despite the fact that it s fiction However, I would have given it four stars if only I could have stomached the brutality That s my own failing, of course, but I wasn t exactly prepared for it, as about 75% of the book was probably about to my limit of violence, and then the jungle happensI do realize this was written in 1988 and as such does not reference anything happening in today s world, but good [...]

    Berni Phillips
    I read this book when it first came out and debated with myself about whether to nominate it for the Mythopoeic Award It is an amazing book, in my opinion, but I didn t consider it mythopoeic After, I regretted not nominating it, but it won the Nebula Award, so that s even better.I find it as powerful today as when it first came out I still can t quite consider it mythopoeic, but it is a tremendous story of change and struggle Scarborough drew on her own experience as an army nurse in Viet Nam, [...]

    Michael Burnam-Fink
    In theory, this should be right up my alley A fantasy novel set during the Vietnam War I can neither confirm nor deny that I ve run that DD campaign multiple times I ll even go for Magical Realism Vietnam War a la Apocalypse Now or Going After Cacciato In some ways, given the shambles of the actual war, it serves well enough as a playground for psychological drama above logical sense.The first half plays it pretty straight Lt Kitty McCulley is a nurse in Vietnam in 1969, much like our author Her [...]

    This won the Nebula in 1989 On the one hand I can see why, but on the other hand I m left scratching my head a bit It s an often grim and brutal portrait of the reality of the Vietnam War, and it has a ring of authenticity given that Scarborough was herself an army nurse there The fantasy component an amulet is almost incidental to the essentials of the story That s the part that makes me scratch my head about the award this is barely a fantasy at all.As you might expect from a realistic war sto [...]

    This book takes a long time to get started, as far as the plot goes So, it doesn t get really hi marks for being interesting However, the beauty and shame of this book is the picture that it paints of a Army nurse s experience of the Vietnam war The lostness, cynicism, and hopelessness are characteristic of this type of novel, and understandably so I imagine that the writers who return from Iraq and Afghanistan will write the same kind of literature Scarborough does an excellent job of showing t [...]

    I had been seeing this book crop up in various book clubs I belonged to, and discussed by people I follow, but I had never gotten around to reading it Because it is narrated by the incredible Robin Miles, I picked it up to give it a try While I found the novel interesting, I didn t really latch onto it very well.Kitty is our main character and the story is told through her eyes She s a nurse in Vietnam, during the war, just trying to survive and have what life she can Along the way, she gets an [...]

    The Healer s War is a great example of a book I shouldn t have liked for at least two reasons One, it s set in the Vietnam War, a downer topic if ever there was one Second, it s yet another example of the pseudo fantasy genre In other words, fiction that s been classified as a fantasy due to some minute, barely discernable use of fantasy elements in the story In this case, the fantasy part is an amulet that allows an army nurse to read people s auras So disappointing As far as I m concerned, onl [...]

    This is a very well written book that I am never, ever going to read again.I think possibly I said the same thing about Octavia Butler s Kindred, and for similar reasons There s only so much brutality I can take.Everything else I have read by this author has been relatively light and fluffy formulaic SF F This is not one of those books This is an actual war novel about being an Army nurse in Vietnam, informed by the author s actual life experience being an Army nurse in Vietnam There s not a lot [...]

    Herman Padilla
    Have not read very many books on the Vietnam war, so the only book I can compare this too would be Norman Mailer The Naked and the dead I would also say it s a bit like Octavia Butler s books in the fantasy social issue elements but I can also say it was a very effective book, one that capture the horror and absurdly of war the conflicted nature of people trying to survive it in the only way they can I was thinking 4 stars but really it earns itself 5 such an honest portrayal from a women s view [...]

    Bill Blocksom
    This was a good read Action, adventure, fantasy A good story It helped me see a little clearly the complexity of the Viet Nam war through the eyes and experiences of an Army nurse I really enjoyed it and it has left me with a lot to think about.

    So good Review in a bit.

    Really surprised it won a Nebula, but it was good Written about a nurse in the Vietnam War by a Vietnam vet nurse Essentially no sci fi I am a sucker for good stories where people can see auras.

    Joe Boudreault
    This is a war novel set in Vietnam, written in the first person by an army nurse But it is than that The Healer s War, which won the 1989 Nebula Award for sci fi, is a journey through the empathetic relationship that one mixed up nurse has with her native patients in that war torn country The protagonist, Kitty McCulley, is drafted from Kansas and assigned to the Vietnamese ward of an army hospital somewhere on the China coast of Vietnam She makes a medication mistake with a patient and scrambl [...]

    I found this somewhat brutal memoir of an Army Nurse s experiences in Vietnam with a bit of magical realism baked into the bread a I can t put this down read.Elizabeth Ann Scarborough is a new to me author This 1988 novel won the Nebula in 89 and managed to stay off my radar until it popped up during a flash sale as a.99 ebook The premise sucked me in, and I love a good deal, soScarborough draws upon her personal experiences as an Army Nurse serving in Vietnam I m not sure how much of Lt Catheri [...]

    Janito Vaqueiro Ferreira Filho
    I would give it 3.5 stars It s a very interesting description of a person in the middle of the war of Vietnam.The book is divided in two parts The first part takes place in a hospital that takes care of wounded troops and civilians both American and from Vietnam This part is interesting mostly in the descriptions of how the hesitant relationship between Americans and locals is portrayed, with some people like the protagonist indifferent to nationality while others would rather leave the locals t [...]

    I didn t feel like this could really be classified as a fantasy novel It felt like the one limited fantasy element was being used as a means for the author to make commentary about plot and character I kept waiting for to be offered about the source of the magic amulet, the man who gave it to her, how it might have fit into a larger community of healers in this part of the world I picked up this book hoping to find a fantasy novel that explored some Asian perspectives on spirituality and explor [...]

    Enoch Root
    A gripping read that offers a view into the horrors of the Vietnam era, as told by a young idealistic nurse There is a fantastical, supernatural element in the story, but neither the protagonist nor we as readers are ever told how it works The lack of knowledge makes this a very nice literary device Together with the rather open ending, this is an emotionally draining book However, the writing is not superb and some sections do seem to drag on a bit at least for me If you can stomach this and th [...]

    Susan Swiderski
    As any book about war should be, many parts of this book are absolutely heart wrenching Some of the story rings very true, based on the author s time in Vietnam as an Army nurse, and part of the story is pure fantasy, regarding the special powers of healing and understanding bestowed by an old Vietnamese man s amulet Ms Scarborough does an outstanding job highlighting both the senseless waste and horrors of war, as well as the shared basic humanity of all combatants and the hapless innocents cau [...]

    I read this book without knowing anything about the book or the author beforehand Just after finishing the it I felt that I had missed something while the narrative was capturing and the characters believable I still thought it was OK as a whole.But, what really gave me goosebumps though was when I read the author s background for it The lens she chose to project her personal experiences through really made me change my overall perception, to where I think the end result is really fascinating I [...]

    Red Wolf
    The protagonist in this story is a miserable excuse for a person She is a self loathing whining complainer Somehow she is chosen to inherit a magical healers amulet Their is no observable reason this honor should be bestowed upon this nurse Near the end of the story she contemplates suicide, i was hoping she would succeed If you want to read a sad example of a heroine who falls into situations and runs into a host of cliche unpleasant people here is your story This is an award winning novel This [...]

    This was a very evocative novel, and what it lacked in plot I wouldn t have expected to be describing the first 50% of a book about an American nurse in the Vietnam War as uneventful, but here we are it definitely made up for in descriptive prose I wouldn t ordinarily have picked up a war novel but as this was told from a woman s perspective by one who was actually in Vietnam it was attractive and relatable to me as reader The book also includes an essay with information about the author s pro [...]

    Kavita Favelle
    Not the kind of genre I usually read, but somehow it found its way onto my Kindle and once I started reading, I was immediately engaged I have always been interested in 20th Century history, so the insight into the realities of the war in Vietnam were something I appreciated learning about The fantasy element was unusual but reading the author s explanation for it at the end, I understood the reason for writing the story in this way Recommended

    I ve not read much about the Vietnam War before, fact or fiction But, this novel had me interested in it in a way I haven t before either of course, the conflict was before my time Still The Healer s War is an interesting read on the evolution of an army nurse who discovers there is than just GI s who need to be saved herself included

    As grim as you d expect for a book set in the Vietnam war, but it never felt gratuitous thanks to a focus on the humanity of everyone involved, including those doing cruel or harsh things The fantasy aspect of the story is also fairly muted to maintain the focus on the characters and the reality of Vietnam the author is a veteran A powerful novel about the consequences and realities of war.

    David Richardson
    This book was all over the map Sometimes boring, sometimes exciting, and sometimes just plain weird Not like any Vietnam story I have read before Not a bad book, just didn t yank my crank Maybe I am just getting too picky in my old age

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