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  • Title: Corrigan Fire
  • Author: Helen Harper
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  • Page: 207
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Corrigan Fire By Helen Harper The Blood Destiny series has sold over 100,000 copies Now read the events of the first book, Bloodfire, from the point of view of the predatory Lord Alpha Corrigan may have only just started in his role as Head of the Brethren, the de facto rulers of the country s shifters, but it s already clear he s not going to be in for an easy ride Between brutal deaths in both CorThe Blood Destiny series has sold over 100,000 copies Now read the events of the first book, Bloodfire, from the point of view of the predatory Lord Alpha Corrigan may have only just started in his role as Head of the Brethren, the de facto rulers of the country s shifters, but it s already clear he s not going to be in for an easy ride Between brutal deaths in both Cornwall and London to deal with, alongside a certain curious were hamster who has far strength, power and mouth than should be possible, he s got his hands full He thought his greatest desire was to modernise the shapeshifter world but he may have been very mistaken
    Helen Harper
    Helen Harper Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Corrigan Fire book, this is one of the most wanted Helen Harper author readers around the world.

    Corrigan Fire By Helen Harper


    What a fun read Such a treat to have the chance to return to this series Blood Destiny from Corrigan s POV I m anxiously awaiting book 2, Corrigan Magic.

    I love Corrigan s character so I m very pleased that we ll get his side of the story between him and Mack If the rest of the series is as good as this then we ll be in for a treat.

    Gnome Claire *Wishes she was as cool as Gnome Ann*
    I really didn t like Mack in this book, I know that she has secrets but her determination to do things herself repeatedly hurt people and screwed up everybody else s plans Knowing about Corrigan s other problems in London with the other magical groups left me with even less sympathy towards Mack.

    Relina Skye
    Corrigan Fire by Helen Harper is the first novel in the Corrigan series This series acts as a companion to Harper s Blood Destiny series Corrigan is tired of his Alpha abusing his position within the Brethren and decides to act As a result, Corrigan receives The Voice The Voice enables alphas to communicate with the rest of their pack along with compelling them to follow orders If a pack member can break their alphas command, then they are stronger than the alpha and are in a position to take co [...]

    Candice Harris
    INTERESTING VIEW POINT.To me this seemed shorter then the original story even though its suppose to follow the same timeline.I liked having a different view of Corrigan s character, he s a lot less stiff and cold hearted as we are lead to believe in the first book Bloodfire Blood Destiny series Its interesting to see how he views the world and his first and second impression on our main female Mack.I am a big fan of Helen harper s and this is just another book to add to the reasons for loving he [...]

    Rachael Barzey
    Corrigan FireGreat read It s nice to get the other side of the mirror in Mack and Corrigan s story Each character has come alive based on the authors great penmanship and storytelling.

    Loved Corrigans POV

    um having already read blood destiny and absolutely enjoyed it, I attempted to try the corrigan series It depicts the same events as blood destiny but in the mind of Corrigan, our very hot hero I usually don t like to read books where exactly the same time period is depicted because I just don t find it interesting enough but I wanted Corrigan Mack goodness and well here I am It really was a cool read, as expected after the awesome blood destiny series and I really liked having Corrigan s take [...]

    Corrigan Fire is a good book, not perfect, but certainly not bad Too much swearing for my taste The book starts strong and ends that way Unfortunately, it is an entire book that appears to be setting the stage There are no answers, just questions that the author seems in no hurry to answer There is also a horribly one sided romance Corrigan makes his feelings and desires known to all and sundry but Mack Red the object of his affection appears completely disinterested In fact, if this is suppose [...]

    I read this straight after finishing the Blood Destiny series and wasn t as taken with it as I was with the original series I don t feel like it told the story as fully as in Blood Fire Blood Destiny 1 and therefore feel that you should read the Blood Destiny series first It was interesting to see the events in Blood Fire from Corrigan s perspective as well as what was going on away from Mack You definitely saw a different side to his character in this book but I guess that is because you were s [...]

    Country Goose
    Good, ButThe truth of the matter is, I only bought this book for a few scenes between Corrigan and Mack, to get his view I really didn t care about the rest of it, though I really like the Blood Magic series in Mack s PoV Helen is a good writer, and the series is amazing I just don t think it is efficient to create a whole new series based on the same series in a different PoV when they could have been combined Them together would have been better IMO vs the separate versions with so much drama [...]

    Definite dejavue.This book was a no brainer after I enjoyed the Blood Destiny series so much Corrigan is so charismatic that I just had to read all about him.I must say the the first half of the book was far to dejavue for me, as I d obviously read Bloodfire so I already knew what was gonna happen Once we got past that and into of Corrigans head and thoughts things definitely got better There were a few things omitted that I did want to know Corrigans thoughts and feelings on, things that had s [...]

    Awesome It s cool how the author writes the same book from a different point of view with different opinions and thoughts If you want to read this book, I suggest you start with Bloodfire, the first book in the series.

    Excellent alternative view of Bloodfire Book 1 of Blood Destiny series There were events in this book that you would not know occurred if you only read Bloodfire Definitely one to read if you re going to read the Blood Destiny series.

    Although this was a quick and fun read, it didn t really add to the story and also made me dislike mack s character as it was from a point of view that it didn t make sense on why she was being a bitch therefor you realized shes actually being a fully fledged ass to everyone for know reason unless its from her point of view.

    I love when authors write a book from the POV of another main character This did not disappoint.

    Very good I just finished reading Bloodfire and it was good but this one is too I really liked the fact that we see from Corrigan s POV.Really good story

    Sarah Newman
    Fun novella to read alongside the main book.

    This Book was actually not Bad, but Mack was EXTREMELY ANNOYING She pretty much ruined it for me.Update I ve thought it over and decided to change my one star rating to three stars Why Because I actually enjoyed it Because I finished it, regardless of how annoying the MC was And because Corrigan was kinda cool Also, I m going to give Mack the benefit of a doubt and believe that her sense of superiority comes from the fact that she is possibly a dragon shifter If she is not a dragon shifter, then [...]

    suzanne buchanan
    Amazing book Even though it s the same story as in Bllodfire it has enough happening on Corrigan s side that it doesn t just feel like a repeat It was really fun to read and see when he was falling for our were hamster s lies and when he could see right though her

    Loved seeing how these all came together from another point of view You get a greater understanding of Corrigan and I love him

    Kaj Samuelsson
    The first in the series from Corrigans viewoint Very entertaining.

    Ruth (Wealie)
    First book in Helen Harper s Corrigan series, which is a re telling of her Blood Destiny series From the perspective of the Brethren Lord Alpha Corrigan, the love interest of Mack Mackenzie Smith the protagonist of the Blood Destiny series Each of the Corrigan books covers the same time period and sequence of events as it s opposite Blood Destiny novel, giving details of Corrigan s views and additional activities Corrigan Fire covers the events in Bloodfire.I adored the original Blood Destiny se [...]

    Whitney (Shooting Stars Reviews)
    Reviewed by Whitney Shooting Stars ReviewsARCCorrigan Fire is basically the first book in the Blood Destiny series in Corrigan s point of view, but it has a few twists in it that we didn t see in the Blood Destiny series We got to see how Corrigan became the Lord Alpha And we also got to see how he changed things, and what he thought of the very mysterious Mac I really enjoyed reading this book I loved getting to see what Corrigan thought of Mac, and how he was instantly captivated by her It wa [...]

    This companion series is so worth reading if you enjoyed Blood Destiny Mack basically understands nothing about Corrigan whatsoever so his character is downright flat from her POV compared to these novellas From from my Blood Destiny review I just finished book three I m reading the Corrigan books in between so am about to start the third one of those I can t put them down I love that this series doesn t have insta love and yet still conveys so much feeling The author also isn t afraid to kill o [...]

    Linda Howell
    Corrigan is a werepanther who is now Lord Alpha of the packs Another pack s Alpha has been murdered, so the Brethren go to check it out While there weres are killed There are Hellhounds, the Ghillie Dhu, a Demigod and a Ispolin Mackenzie aka Mac is all over the place trying to protect the pack while sometimes endangering herself.Corrigan is getting the hots for Mac, but he can t figure out what kind of were she is She told him she was a werehamster Lol This book will get it s claws in you as so [...]

    I much preferred Corrigan s POV to Mack s, he s just oodles likeable and has a good head on his shoulders, however I didn t think it needed it s own book as both Bloodfire and Corrigan Fire are coinciding in the same time frame It could have just as easily been one book with POV s alternating per chapter That being said Corrigan s POV had me heaving a huge sigh of relief I m glad I m not the only one who think s Mack is a giant idiot who acts first and considers thinking later Many characters s [...]

    Jessica Macri
    I am kind of disappointed in this book I was really hoping we would learn about Corrigan growing up and what made him the man he is today Instead, it is literally just the exact same book I read before from a different POV I still enjoy reading his side, but had I know this, I would have read book 1 from each POV then moved to book 2 for each, etc I currently know what is happening and what will happen, and it s frustrating.

    CORRIGAN POVWell let s have at it This is one of the best POV s that accompany the series In this book, you find out out how Corrigan came to power and how he handles things Especially, Red there is loss, sadness, and sass This is a blow by blow POV of Corrigan of book 1 NOT A SPINOFF SERIES Rated PG 13 for language MacAttack

    Latasha Grooms
    It was a very good book on it s own and as a corresponding book to bloodfire I like that it sheds light on what other characters are up to when they are either with or away from the main character.I choose this book because I wanted to know what Corrigan was thinking when interacting with Mack and with his brethren I would recommend this book for anyone 16.

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