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  • Title: Beric the Briton :A Story of the Roman Invasion
  • Author: G.A. Henty
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  • Page: 281
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Beric the Briton :A Story of the Roman Invasion By G.A. Henty This story deals with the invasion of Britain by the Roman legionaries Beric, who is a boy chief of a British tribe, takes a prominent part in the insurrection under Boadicea and after the defeat of that heroic queen in A D 62 he continues the struggle in the fen country Ultimately, Beric is defeated and carried captive to Rome, where he is trained in the exercise oThis story deals with the invasion of Britain by the Roman legionaries Beric, who is a boy chief of a British tribe, takes a prominent part in the insurrection under Boadicea and after the defeat of that heroic queen in A D 62 he continues the struggle in the fen country Ultimately, Beric is defeated and carried captive to Rome, where he is trained in the exercise of arms in a school of gladiators Such is the skill which he there acquires that he succeeds in saving a Christian maid by slaying a lion in the arena, and is rewarded by being made librarian of the palace, and the personal protector of Nero Finally he escapes from this irksome service, organizes a band of outlaws in Calabria, defies the power of Rome, and at length returns to Britain, where he becomes a wise ruler of his own people.
    G.A. Henty
    George Alfred Henty, better known as G.A Henty, began his storytelling career with his own children After dinner, he would spend and hour or two in telling them a story that would continue the next day Some stories took weeks A friend was present one day and watched the spell bound reaction of his children suggesting Henty write down his stories so others could enjoy them He did Henty wrote approximately 144 books in addition to stories for magazines and was known as The Prince of Story Tellers and The Boy s Own Historian One of Mr Henty s secretaries reported that he would quickly pace back and forth in his study dictating stories as fast as the secretary could record them.Henty s stories revolve around fictional boy heroes during fascinating periods of history His heroes are diligent, intelligent, and dedicated to their country and cause in the face, at times, of great peril Henty s heroes fight wars, sail the seas, discover land, conquer evil empires, prospect for gold, and a host of other exciting adventures Along the way, they meet famous personages In short, Henty s heroes live through tumultuous historic eras meeting leaders of that time Understanding the culture of the time period becomes second nature as well as comparing contrasting the society of various cultures.

    Beric the Briton :A Story of the Roman Invasion By G.A. Henty


    I participated in a writing contest years back for youth The contest required that each participant have read five G.A Henty books and write about them and why they were enjoyable The paper was dreadful and I didn t like most of the books themselves, anyway, but I was probably in middle school Anyway, Beric the Briton is the only book that I remembered liking, and now years later I finally came back to it to find that, yes, it is good The book is set in about 62 or 63 A.D during the Roman conque [...]

    Alicia Willis
    Beric the Briton is a well researched, captivating tale of a young warrior and the uprising of the warrior Queen Boudicca Historical accuracy, Henty s usual masculine heroism, and an slightly different spin on his romance make up the storyline.Personally, I liked learning about the Britons and their mode of life Henty was not overly graphic, but one does get the gist of their paganism and rather foolish ideas about overthrowing Rome My favorite scenes involved his life with the Romans and spoile [...]

    Listening to the audio Completed 1 cd alreadyb 9 13 16Another wonderful audio by G.A Henty.b 9 19 16

    This the story of the career of a young Briton, who has been held hostage by the Romans for five years following a revolt by the tribal leader Caractacus He uses his time under Roman authority to learn Latin and Roman history and military tactics discipline He then applies his knowledge during the Iceni revolt under Queen Bodacia, which is eventually brutally syppressed.During the revolt, several Roman towns are taken and sacked, and the Iceni slaughter all the inhabitants, except Beric s Roman [...]

    ralph gilliam
    Nineteenth century nonfiction at its best I could have been reading a modern historical fiction had i not known the context for the author and his wonderful vernacular of the timech learned by the deliberate allegories displayed with optimism and fine result I feel i know the respective histories and relationships between early Roman,European and northern tribes as to how they have subsided today I think Americans have this cliche, abbreviated understanding of the extensive histories overseas, a [...]

    Alyssa Tabor
    I listened to the Heirloom Radio Theatre production of this story and found it exciting, engaging, and well done Certainly, the version I listened to was abridged, but conveyed the story in an excellent fashion Excited to see another series from the Adventures in Odyssey team

    incredibly boring

    With a cry of Chiefs of the Iceni, to arms Beric and his tribesmen stand against the Roman legions The britons, unorganized warriors the Romans, steady and fiercely oraganized in battle Beric has spent years living away from his tribe amongst the Romansw he has the chance to put all he s learned to good use among his countrymen Filled with battle, tramps through the marshes, travel to the great city of Rome, Christians in the arena, Nero s palace, betrothals and secrets and hiding in the hills a [...]

    Beric the Briton is the story of an Iceni tribe chief that has an adventure through the Roman world at the time and rule of Nero His adventures are wild and exciting, the reading was light and fun, and the historical references to society for both the Iceni and the Romans were spot on That being said, this is a work of fiction, and has great appeal to any student of the Ancient world On a side note, I would have to say that this story should seem familiar, if you have seen the movie Gladiator Th [...]

    I ve read, reread, and reread G A Henty s books countless of times As a young teen, the 30 or so books we had but him were the first full length adult books I ever read, and I gobbled them all up They are all SO filled with historical facts and detailsI just love em This one is one of my favorites though I have several and picked it up to reread for my Contentment Reading Challenge See my blog for details Finished it pretty quick, once again caught up in the adventures that admirable and drool [...]

    Aristae Henricus
    I got this for christmas and am still getting used to the Oklahoman accent of Jim Hodges I m used to hearing these books on cd by Jim Weiss who is an excellent story teller and changes his voice for every character This grew on me and now I am enjoying it , escpecially since it is unabridged This is an excellent story though, one of my favorites and if you don t like reading and prefer listening, here is a good cd to listen to Warning This cd is only playable on a computer, an MP3 player or an M [...]

    Nadja Notariani
    This, as all the other Henty book that I ve read are fantastic These tales are fantastic read alouds they are too difficult for most elementary and many middle grade students for history companions My boys absolutely love Henty s books, and I ve heard many say that the author wrote directly to boys hearts I don t know about that, but I can say his books captured not only theirs, but mine as well.

    Beric the Briton is one of my absolute favorites from G A Henty The author truly brings historical fiction to life, especially with this book Rome s conquest throughout northern Europe, the persecution of Christians in the Roman Colosseum and the great fire in Rome is all recorded within an excellent fictional storyline This book is for any with the spirit of action, adventure, romance and history.

    Seth E.
    A lighthearted book about the Roman occupation of Britain and the resulting rebellion of the indigenous peoples against their imperial oppressors Filled with great characters, pitched battles, and an epic journey across the Roman Empire, Beric the Briton is a must read for those who like a little bit of historical fiction in their reading lives.

    Romans are treated with massive contempt, and a modicum of grudging admiration through the eyes of Beric, who is ultimately taken as a prisoner to Rome, which then burns as Nero fiddles This is my second Henty novel A shopping coup at 2.99 for 70, in alphabetical order, on Kindle they are old fashioned, fun and I think I ll read them all C is for Carthage, Crusades and Cortez

    Bobbi Koala
    I like historical fiction as it makes studying history enjoyable, and Henty writes very entertaining stories with a little romance though with lots of fighting The hero in this story is highly idealized, but ideals can be both entertaining and useful.

    Ryan MacFarlane
    Baric the Briton takes place in the days of the Roman conquest of Briton Henty once again tells the story of a battle for freedom against an oppressive force, and the most powerful empire on earth Baric helps lead the rebellion with leaders like Bucidia, to free the people of Briton.

    My mom picked this up at a bookstore, and I decided to read it I loved it and have reread it twice since It tells the story of a British tribesman who has lived among the Romans and learned from them It was very enjoyable.

    Heather Oakman
    At first this book had passages that read somewhat like a history text but as the story progressed, it became interseting and the characters seemed to come alive a bit I enjoyed the story and the historical context Although, I found the ending a bit strange.

    Henty s history is good Really good But his books are undeniably formulaic The formula is reasonably successful and I generally don t find it gets in the way of a good story, but this book bogged down in the middle.Still, it s better than some historical fiction I ve seen being written today.

    Richard L. Sumter
    Excellent reading.I found this book enjoyable to read and was happy to see that it told a story of Britain during Rome s occupation without changing the facts of history I recommend it too all.

    Calling all history buffs This is a fantastic book of historical fiction Very few books in the genre touch on this period of Great Britians history Read it with handy and oh the incredible things you will learn.

    Compelling characters and a wonderful story Vivid, and lush descriptions A true literary hypnosis.

    This is a great book I really enjoyed reading it

    This is a great book one of my favorates

    Janice Fisher
    Love G.A Henty

    Frankie Boswell
    I love the history in this book about the Roman Empire and its rule over Britain just after the time of Christ.

    A very good book

    Living History

    This is one of my all time FAVORITE Hentys Really good character as if they re ever BAD or anything Cool time period too.

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