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  • Title: Hunter Moon
  • Author: C.D. Gorri
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  • Page: 214
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Hunter Moon By C.D. Gorri Being a teenage girl is difficult Being a teenage Werewolf is almost impossible A few weeks ago I found out that I m a Werewolf Yup, that s right I tend to get furry around the full moon Don t believe me Well, it only gets fantastic from here.You see, I m bound by an ancient pact my ancestors made to serve with the Hounds of God They re like this mega Wolf packBeing a teenage girl is difficult Being a teenage Werewolf is almost impossible A few weeks ago I found out that I m a Werewolf Yup, that s right I tend to get furry around the full moon Don t believe me Well, it only gets fantastic from here.You see, I m bound by an ancient pact my ancestors made to serve with the Hounds of God They re like this mega Wolf pack who technically work for the Catholic Church The Hounds have been fighting an age old battle against covens of Witches who want to claim dominion over the Earth for the Devil.You heard me correctly I mean the actual Devil, you know, Lucifer, the Father of Lies Yup That s the one You see, the Devil, is an actual being Not some metaphor for evil He is a fallen angel and his minions take many forms The Hounds of God fight those minions We are an ancient order dedicated to protecting humanity.My father before me was a Hound He and my mother died fighting this battle when I was about three years old I keep a picture of them next to my bed.I don t remember that much about them, except for this recurring dream I have of my mom Anyway, I was raised by my maternal grandmother, Nonna Rosa Her son is my Uncle Vito He and his family live with us too Only Nonna knows the truth about me.Hard to believe You betcha I didn t really buy it either until last night when I got all furry and fangy and ripped the throat out of my high school librarian.Scary, right But they aren t the only things out there There s much that I have yet to learn.This world is new to me It is full of dark and dangerous things And most of them seem to want me dead I m scared, I mean, I m not crazy But I have to survive I just have to To find out what really happened to my parents And to avenge them.
    C.D. Gorri
    I m C.D Gorri, Paranormal Fiction Author and Creator of the Grazi Kelly Universe I ve always been an avid reader, and I have a profound love for books and literature When I m not writing or taking care of my family I can usually be found with a book or tablet in my hand I live in my home state of New Jersey with my husband, our children, and our dogs, Dash and Chewie I m a busy mom of three and finding time for leisurely reading was never easy, so I write stories that are fast paced, yet detailed with satisfying conclusions If I thought making time to read was difficult, I was in for a huge surprise when I started writing, but now that I started, I can t picture myself doing anything else I love writing powerful women and strong heroes who face relatable problems in supernatural settings I plan on increasing the GK Universe with each and every story I publish You can follow me on social media to keep up to date on all my new releases and events Want to know how it all began Enter the Grazi Kelly Universe with Wolf Moon A Grazi Kelly Novel 1 or download Casting Magic today for free I have series for for young adult and young at heart audiences who enjoy paranormal fiction, and I also have paranormal romance books available now If you like sassy heroines and sexy heroes then you might want to try my PNR books Thanks for dropping by and happy reading del mare alla stella,C.D GorriP.S.You can follow me on Twitter cgor22, Instagram CDGorri, Google , tumblr, Pinterest and Facebook facebook cdgorribooks or visit my website cdgorri.To sign up for my Newsletter please visit subscribepage cdgorri

    Hunter Moon By C.D. Gorri


    Devi Nair
    The sequel is really nice and flows well with the first part I totally liked the story line and the love between Grazi and Ronan The budding romance is beautiful and truly touching Grazi is the usual teenager with absolutely no confidence in herself and Ronan is the usual teenage boy with enough self confidence for both of them.The story takes up from the previous book where they had just vanquished a possessed librarian This book takes Grazi up on her journey forward to becoming the alpha of he [...]

    Kelly Clare
    Hunter Moon A Grazi Kelly Novel 2 by C.D GorriI received a copy of Hunter Moon 2 to review.This book definitely earned its four stars C.D Gorri put in the effort to create an original plot The highlights for me A believable female lead, a unique male, a fulfilling story, as part of a series, and multiple sub plots to keep the suspense high There are many books on werewolves now I can promise you, you ve never read one quite like this Many qualities are the same, but the skill with which this boo [...]

    Amanda Masters
    I freaking LOVE this series it gets better and better ever time C.D Gorri if brilliant and I couldn t put the book down the people and the creatures and awesome and the storyline is the best I have not come across a were story that has been quite as unique as this one and I totally love it I love Grazi she is the best spitfire chick everlolbut I have to say that Ronan couldn t be adorable if he tried the two were made for each other and I don t know why they keep fighting the inevitable.lol.I a [...]

    Emma Jaye
    Even better than the first book, Grazi becomes confident about her abilities as she starts to find out who she is Life revolves around training for a battle no one will give her details about, and teenage angst, including her feelings for both her fully human crush Sebastian, and the enigmatic young werewolf Ronan Gypsies, demons, vampires, ancient werewolves, good and bad witches, and a young boy in danger whose identity isn t difficult to work out all flesh out this fast paced tale The fact t [...]

    Brittany Whitmire
    Oh my goodness I have fallen harder for Ronan He is so amazing Can t wait to read book 3.

    I received this book free from the Author in exchange for my honest review 4.5 stars Oh MyI am astonished, I hardly have any words to write, my mind is a little blank, well that could also be from my cold Kj X pThere is such an improvement from the first book I did quite enjoy the first, but I was a little harsh in my review about the way it was written You can read my review forWolf Moon A Grazi Kelly Novel Here I won t rewrite the review points, that won t be, well, right From the first chapte [...]

    Karen Voitik
    Subject book review Hunter Moon ReviewI received this book from the author Hunter Moon is the second book in the Grazi Kelly series.The story continues just after book one ended Maria and Ronan are running with a wolf pack led by Maria s grandfather Maria is learning about pack mentality and the Alpha wolf She finds she is not forced into submission as the other pack members, though She is able to ignore direct commands, which makes the reader wonder what exactly is she She is also continuing he [...]

    Keep Calm Novel On
    I received a copy of the ePub from the author in exchange for an honest review.C D Gorri s Young Adult Paranormal Romance Hunter Moon starts off where Wolf Moon ends and leaves the reader begging for of this original story Orphaned after her parent s death she is raised by her loving grandmother, her Nonna Grazi has recently discovered that she is a werewolf Trying to embrace her newfound identity she is determined to discover her true potential and all that it entails Grazi is governed by her [...]

    The book 2 starts from where book 1 left off The story continues It is just as good as the first book and again I will say that it has been one unique werewolf series I admire Gorri s way of writing All the characters in this book are great and the story line is just amazing It is a 5 star read and I d definitely love to read of it and recommend it to others too.The story becomes intriguing by the minute It is full of surprises and very entertaining Grazi is a teenage girl who recently finds o [...]

    Well, the author of this series has out done herself I thought the first book Wolf Moon was a great read which it is but the story of this delightful 15 year old werewolf named Grazi continues in the second novel Hunter Moon The book starts off where the first novel ended and you are instantly on a new and exciting journey with Grazi and her family and friends She is trying to cope with her new life and deal with the fact that the devil wants her dead She becomes marked by the devil and the demo [...]

    Hunter Moon is the second installment of this epic YA fiction fantasy saga I read the first one being Wolf Moon and the continuation follows pursuit with Maria Grazi Kelly, a teenaged girl whom just weeks earlier learns that she is a werewolf This is all new to her as she thought that she was just another awkward teen trying to make it through high school but a lot has happened since thenMaria and her guardian, Ronan, another werewolf and a good friend, are running with others of their kind, a p [...]

    Ash ♡
    I say your name over and over again, like a prayer, waiting for you to notice me Dying to get this close And here you are, a whisper away This was such a good sequel that, in my opinion, was even better than the first Usually that doesn t happen and for that I applaud you CD I was so impressed with the character development for all of the main characters and was equally impressed with the way that plot seemed to flow in such an effortless way The line above literally had my heart melting When I [...]

    A.M. Johnson
    I received a free e book copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest reviewSoIt is always a very pleasant surprise when each book in a series is as good as or better than the previousI am finding that, that is the case with the Grazi Kelly seriesThe story picks up beautifully where book 1 stoppedOnce again I read this one in nearly a single sittingHunter Moon is very easy to readThis series is definitely aimed at a young audience but I am thoroughly enjoying themAnd I am [...]

    Rebecca Lane
    I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review from the author This book continues where Book 1 stopped I liked that the story instantly picked up where it left off, particularly as I was reading both back to back Grazi continues to discover the wolf insider her Her character unfolds as the story continues, she remains compelling and likeable throughout The author has a sense of humour, something often lacking in Teenage Paranormal Romance Yes, there is the required amount of angst, but [...]

    Woohoo For the second book in a series, I felt like this actually made progress and was necessary I enjoy the emerging romance between Grazi and Ronan, and I m glad the stuff with Sebastian was actually explained, though I m a bit sad about how it went down.There are a few characters I really don t like, but I m guess it ll be explained further along in the series.Overall this is an easy, interesting read I like the smooth style of narration and the mythology the author is built.Great series, I [...]

    Definitely a great continuation of the first book and I enjoyed this much than the first novel I found the spirituality expressed in this book became much esoteric and encompassed a great deal broader than merely exploring the views of Christianity.The plot broadened out and developed at a good pace maintaining the reader s interest The characters are all present including the introduction of mature personalities giving the novel an extra edge.I ve already downloaded the next book and am hold [...]

    G.K. DeRosa
    I rarely ever find a second installment in a series better than the first novel, but in this case I have to say I was really surprised I enjoyed Wolf Moon and learning about Grazi Kelly s new life as a werewolf, but the continuation of that story in Hunter Moon was even better The sequel was action packed and delved deeper into the werewolf origin story and her family legacy I also loved the romance aspect with Grazi and Ronan Can t wait to read the next one

    i finished book number two just a few seconds agos was nice not really better or worse than book one, but enjoyable read was a sequel duh but i did notice it was like reading another chapter of book 1, instead of a complete new book i advice people to buy both books in one buy and read them right after each other gorri is a good writer and i hope she makes it as a succesfull author

    Virgen Caraballo
    I just loved the 2nd book as well and can t wait to see what happens next Wow I have grown to love Grazi and everything this teenager werewolf has to go through to protect those she loves I totally recommend this book for anyone to pick up and read Once you pick it up you won t want to put it down until you are done with it Author C.D Gorri you have done it again and it is an awesome story.

    Hunter Moon A Grazi Kelly Novel 2 is the second book in the Grazi Kelly series Its was amazing It picks up where Wolf Moon A Grazi Kelly Novel left off This book, however, is so much intense Grazi is being hunted my a coven of witches that answers to a powerful demonic creature She has to battle ancient, creepy vampires and demons She learns that she is a dreamwalker, which means that the witches are able to reach her in both her waking and her dream worlds They are determined to stop her befor [...]

    J.H. Croix
    Hunter Moon A Grazi Kelly Novel by C.D Gorri is the second book in this series, and I loved it For starters, the voice of Grazi main character is just perfect Grazi is a teenage girl who also happens to be a werewolf Oh, and she only recently learned that in the midst of some rather exciting events in the first book go read that if you haven t already Back to Grazi s voice it s authentic, uncertain, funny, wise, confused and conflicted in sum, a genuine teenager I love that her interactions with [...]

    R.E. Mullins
    Let me start with the positives.With an adept hand, Gorri has further enriched the complex and fascinating world she started in Wolf Moon As in the first book, Maria Grazi Kelly is a Catholic High School sopho who has discovered her ability to turn furry In between school assignments she must now learn how to cope with pack mentality, her increasing abilities, and a budding love interest.However, her helpers don t seem to be all that helpful It seems Grazi can t get a straight answer from her Un [...]

    Hunter Moon is the third book I ve read in the Grazi Kelly series, and I was sorry to see it end What a thoroughly enjoyable world C D Gorri has created familiar yet infused with magic at every turn.Grazi is a likeable high school girl, just turning 16 She s also a werewolf with special powers that allow her to turn even without a full moon The werewolf named Ronan is her guardian, friend, and love But Grazi s world is full of challenges, like power struggles among her werewolf relatives, an unc [...]

    Andreas Wiesemann
    In Hunter Moon, the original story continues into the world of the wolf, and the dangers it, and Grazi faces as a Hound of God There is an overall theme set to this book that I believe many reviewers and readers might miss, that really shows off C.D Gorri s ability With the entire story, most of the elements are presented with dualities that make a re read fantastically interesting.Two sides to the magic of witches.Two sides to Grazi.Two sides of a romantic interest Truths and lies.Secrets and d [...]

    Barry West
    As a reader of the first book I was expecting this one to be good, but instead it was great Ms Gorri has really improved the action and dialogue as well as clearly explaining the goal obstacle stakes for each character, and that s saying something considering how good the first one was Honestly, there are just so many good things to say However, the ultimate strength of Grazi is her believability I m constantly impressed with how relatable, and true she seems Ms Gorri does an amazing job in thes [...]

    Lauren Tydings
    It took me forever to actually read this book, but it was really good I got it a few months after the first one and I didn t remember exactly how it ended, so I had to read that one again Yeah Grazi has just come to terms with being a werewolf, but she still doesn t understand why she is so special In addition, she finds herself plagued with dreams of a blue eyed boy who begs for her to save him In this book, magic isn t just black and white.What I really loved about this book was that it challe [...]

    Lorna Francis
    This is compelling and gritty with an interesting take on werewolf folk lore With Maria s pack, the hounds of God strongly linked with the Catholic Church in the never ending battle against evil Much is revealed in book 2 with Maria delving into her Mother s journal, bombarded by emotions, conflicts and sadness adding to which are clashes over doctrine and beliefs which bring a reality to this werewolf fantasy.The incident between Maria, Sebastian and his friends is somber and tackled well by C. [...]

    Marie Johnston
    In the continuation of Grazi s journey, we are with her during her training as a werewolf, the normal teenage struggles girls face, and mysterious targeted attacks against her The story unfolds in a way where we meet new characters and can either form a positive opinion about them, or become suspicious about their past and motives I was very pleased how the sweet love story between Grazi and her protector, Ronan, developed Grazi is a capable heroine, loyal to her family even the ones none of us [...]

    J.S. Burke
    Hunter Moon by C.D Gorri is a paranormal story with vivid writing and strong characters Grazi is a High School girl struggling to cope with her unexpected transformation into a werewolf, her growing interest in boys, and her terrifying dreams Ronan, a graceful red werewolf, is her assigned protector for whom she has complicated feelings Reading her dead mother s diary brings back old, buried memories and new questions.This is a fast paced story of good versus evil with unique elements There are [...]

    I received this book from author for an honest review.Wow I read the 1st Grazi Kelly book and was hooked Now after reading Hunter Moon I m even sucked in I do have to say that I m glad that Grazi and Ronan finally admitted their feelings for each other, I was about ready to yell at both of them It seems the Great Battle is coming and Grazi being marked has to have something to do with her parents and the past, I m still trying to figure it out I totally like Silverwolf, he s super ancient but a [...]

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