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  • Title: Hey There, Delilah
  • Author: M.D. Saperstein Andria Large
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  • Page: 304
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Hey There, Delilah By M.D. Saperstein Andria Large Hi, my name is Delilah Sampson, and I am a self proclaimed frump girl My world came crashing down the day I walked in on my boyfriend having sex with my boss, rendering me single and jobless A new job fell into my lap as the secretary of the gorgeous, rich, powerful, and mighty cocky controlling partner at Santino Law Firm I spend my days trying to please a demandingHi, my name is Delilah Sampson, and I am a self proclaimed frump girl My world came crashing down the day I walked in on my boyfriend having sex with my boss, rendering me single and jobless A new job fell into my lap as the secretary of the gorgeous, rich, powerful, and mighty cocky controlling partner at Santino Law Firm I spend my days trying to please a demanding boss, keeping my lustful thoughts to myself Until one night, when my best friend drags me to a club, and I fall for a man whose true identity I will never know.See, at Club Masquerade, everyone wears a mask and a nametag with a fake name Also, on your nametag is a number that you are assigned when you come into the club, which is linked to an in house messaging system no one is permitted to speak, which ensures that identities are kept secret I meet my lover every Saturday at 9 pm sharp We text and email constantly when we are not together, and I have somehow fallen in love with him.But, then there is Nick Santino He is the partner that I can t keep my eyes off Unfortunately, the only reason he hired me is because he is not attracted to me and all my frump glory Fortunately, for me, I am a kick ass secretary, so he keeps me around Like many men in his position, Nick is used to getting what he wants, when he wants it all without commitment, of course.So when he finds a woman that he is both physically and emotionally attracted to, he finds himself in unchartered territory love And I can do nothing but be jealous from the sidelines lusting for a man I can t have, and loving a man I can t know.Hey there, Delilah is book 1 of the Taboo Love series, in which we tackle the boss secretary relationship Each book will be a stand alone with a HEA, but will have a few reoccurring characters.
    M.D. Saperstein Andria Large
    Hi My name is M.D Saperstein I am currently a stay at home mom with my two gorgeous kids I wasn t always a full time mom, though After graduating from the University of Florida Go Gators I attended law school at Stetson University I spent the next 10 years practicing law I also spent some time counseling mental health patients in an out patient psychiatric hospital But, until having my own children, my most rewarding job by far was licensing families to receive abused and neglected foster children So, that brings us to today In my spare time, while my children were napping, I started editing novels for other authors The I edited, the ready I felt to write my own I just needed a new and exciting story line Once Hey There, Delilah was conceived, the ball starting rolling very quickly I hooked up with fellow author Andria Large, and we decided to tackle it together Best decision ever I spend most of my free time with my husband and children But when I get some me time, I love to read Mostly romance and erotica, but I don t discriminate a good book is a good book, no matter the genre.

    Hey There, Delilah By M.D. Saperstein Andria Large


    updated 11 2 2013Cover changed detected Slightly better than its predecessor 5 sweetness and humorous starsThis is another classic never judge a book by its cover line Seriously, the author need to get rid of that awful cover I rather she just put a white backdrop with black title Awful cover aside, this book is full of humorous laugh out loud moment that I nearly peed my pants and roll on the ground I never had such a good laugh since reading the epic Tangled by Emma Chase Nick Santino inner mo [...]

    [~Ami~]♥Sexy Dexy♥
    4 starsDelilah finds a new job working for Nick Things get interesting when they both cross paths at club M.I had a fat grin for half the book, it was steamy, I loved the connection with the main characters and it was on track to being a 5 star However, after the halfway mark the story slowed down I thought Nick was acting like a chick and Delilah had an irrational moment Also, I didnt feel their relationship was taboo.Overall half the book I loved and the other half was okay Ive highlighted a b [...]

    4.5 BUBBLY ROMANTIC STARS I love finding little gems that I would have otherwise never read, so thanks to the infamous skank, Soraya This was beautiful Funny Romantic Sweet And so much , Just ignore that raunchy cover though nothing like what the characters are described as It s almost like the popular jock falling for the plain ole nerdy girl, except that plain old nerdy girl is really a sexpot underneath all her frumpy clothes I loved everything about this The pacing was smooth and I couldn t [...]

    M.D. Saperstein
    What kind of author would I be if I didn t give our book 5 stars A must read, for sure

    4.5 Frump Girl StarsI loved this one, I truly did Delilah s lack of self confidence faded fast thank sweet baby Jesus but I still understood it all Once she realized her sweet self could, ummm, make a man ready to go, this story was a beautiful thing Great tension and I love the fact these two fell in love before they fell Good stuff all the way around.

    eeepp I found another good 5 5 book this week I came across this book on a discussion recommendation page This book was said to be similar to Kristen Ashley style Being a lover of KA books, I bought it Though I have to say, this is NOTHING like KA novel And I m totally ok with that instead I found this book to be real funny This is also kind of a ugly ducking makeover book, which is the type of genre that draws me in like crazy.We have Delilah, who has just found her dick head of a boyfriend of [...]

    This is the story of Delilah, who we meet near the beginning of the book when she walks in on her douche of a boyfriend nailing her bitchy boss Needless to say, she quits the job and the boyfriend She gets hired by a high profile, sexy as hell attorney, Nick Delilah has always dressed frumpy and is seriously lacking in the self confidence department Nick is looking for a secretary he won t want to spend his day chasing around the office, and Delilah fits the bill.Delilah goes from ugly duckling [...]

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    FREE today on US 10 15 2013 azon There Delilah T

    4.25 starsLet me first say that the cover isn t a good representation of this book Yes it is pretty hot and there are naked people but this book is also sweet, fun, hilarious and romantic So ignore the cover and just read it already Delilah s crap boyfriend cheats on her with her boss and so Delilah quits her job and him Her new interview is with Nick who is one heck of a cocky bastard and a bit of an ass If I knew Nick in real life I would probably have slap him a few times and would repeatedly [...]

    A 3.5 stars Hey There, Delilah is a fun, hot, light read Delilah, a self proclaimed frumpy girl, caught her boyfriend doing the deed, doggie style, with her bitch of a boss She quit her job obviously and dump her cheating boyfriend of almost 8 years In comes Nick Santino, she became the secretary of the gorgeous, rich, powerful, and mighty cocky controlling partner at Santino Law Firm Delilah is definitely a goner Nick is a player a love em and leave em kind of guy and the only reason he hired D [...]

    An irresistable plot a scorching read This book is one of those rare ones that will surprise you and you will be hooked It made me laugh, wiggle uncomfortably and flat out fall in love with Delilah and Nick M.D Saperstein and Andria Large are a great new voice in contemporary romance hilarious, heartfelt and hot.Laugh out loud moment Okay, fine So, apparently this guythat we have an appointment with,Fronk He interrupts and looks at me Youmean Frank he asks with a snicker No, his name is Fronk, I [...]

    4.5 stars This book was such a surprise for mea great one I could die from the cuteness of this story lol I love Nick and Delilah However, I swear, every time I heard Delilah s name that Plain White Ts song literally played in my head s a good thing I actually like the song haha Great story and I loved the ending This book is a great start to the new year.

    Mara De Guzman
    4.5 Cannoli and donuts filled and Japanese Cherry Blossoms scented Stars This has been a really delightful read and it was for free on at least last night when I one clicked it, it was I figured, why not I m glad I didn t pass on reading this because the cover doesn t exactly appeal to me but I love the blurb, the boss secretary thing seemed hot.Although I wouldn t say it was perfect for me and because I m feeling good after reading this, I would focus on the happy and good parts instead of diss [...]

    Louise Ramsey
    I loved loved loved this book At first I was a little put off by the creepy guy on the cover Yes I am one of those people who judges a book by its cover But wow was I proved wrong This books tells the story of Delilaha girl with little self confidence whom everyone considers frumpy as she dresses like a 90 year old bag lady, who gets cheated on.So she has to quit her job, new job enter Nick, the Itallian Stallion He thinks she s a frump too so chances are he wont want to bang her on his desk WRO [...]

    Rating clarification 3.5 Stars This was a fun, sexy, quick and at times hilarious story with just the right amount of drama.Highly recommend if you re looking for a light, feel good read

    J *deep in the heart of Texas*
    I m sorry but that coverwell it just makes me laugh

    3.5 Stars

    Gwen ~the Book Diva
    4.5 Scrumptious Stars ARC provided by author for an honest review Oh it s what you do to me I could not get that Plain White T s song out of my head The story seemed to bop along with the song for some reason You, my love, are my weakness my downfall, my Delilah NickDelilah Sampson is frumpy She s not ugly or even unattractive, just the kind of girl that doesn t really get noticed She s concerned with being comfortable and practice as opposed to sexy and fashionable After breaking up with her c [...]

    5 stars for this wonderfully hilarious and super sexy book Andria Large pinned me down as a fan with her Beck Brothers series check it out if you haven t already , so I automatically wanted to read this This is the first time I ve read Ms Saperstein s work, and I m most definitely a fan now.Hey There, Delilah has everything I love in a well written book A sexy alpha male who is successful, sexy as sin, the right amount of cocky, snarky, hilarious, considerate, loving, and willing to change for l [...]

    Jen O"grady
    This a a great read, made even better by the fact it was free on and it s a fairly long read too.Delilah goes to work for Nick, who s the usual boss fabulous body, great looks but a bit of man whore, who has slept with most women including his previous secretaries Enter Delilah who covers up her looks with baggy clothes due to insecurities she suffered from her childhood days.Talked into going to an adult masquerade club where members are to conceal there identity by wearing masks and only bein [...]

    2.5The story started okay It s quite interesting.I didn t find myself totally immersed in the story.I think the part where they were clueless about each other is supposed to be exciting but it wasn t, I was bored I wanted to drop it around 60% of the story but I continued coz I might like it.Some of the reviews in book 2 said that this is way better than book 2, so there s a huge possibility that book 2 might be a bore too.

    This book was fantastic, from start to finish I loved the whole idea of Club Masquerade It s dark, mysterious and sinfully sexy.Nick and Delilah are a wonderful couple Their combined sense of humour had me repeatedly laughing out load.Delilah is pretty kick ass too I just enjoyed everything about this book and will definitely be reading by these authors D

    This was very funny I enjoyed the alternating POVs, it worked really well Some occurrences were implausible but the story was so much fun it was easy to overlook them I loved both Delilah and Nick, very cute.

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    Aw, shit, he wasn t wearing a condom with her, was he Guess I will hit the clinic before I head home Happy fucking birthday to me Well, ain t that a bummer Talk about a crappy birthday surprise Walking in on your boyfriend bumping uglies with your boss not a good birthday present by anyone s standards Delilah is a bombshell, but she keeps all the goods hidden beneath a shell of ill fitting clothing her face is scrubbed clean and free of makeup and she lets her hair kind of does what it wants and [...]

    Ligia Hernandez
    Seriously amazing I just laugh my ass off reading this book, totally HILARIOUS I soooo loved Delilah and Nick, OMG every time he greeted her with Hey, there Delilah it just made me melt How the story begins to unravel and how he learns to fall for her despite her frumpy ways Just lovely Thank you Andria Large and M.D Saperstein for this book I just loved it Nick Thinking of uDelilah I m sorry, who is this Delilah Christian Nick Guess again, doll.Delilah Gideon Ethan Delilah No, No this must be J [...]

    I am actually jumping up and down This book was epic Holy Santino This was ah mazingggg Delilah and Nick were polar opposites, but yet, managed to figure it all out and made it work with a few slips and dips here and there.There were many, and I mean many, laugh out loud moments, heartbreaking moments and definitely had stars in my eyes as the story went on.Nick Santino became a reformed lady s man and falls in love with Delilah, Frump Girl.Heartwarming, funny and romantic you can t ask for

    A sweet and sexy story of frump girl blooming into hot girl and landing the sexy self assured alpha I enjoyed every part of this story Delilah was a completely likeable character, even when she wasn t confident about her looks She was smart and sassy and once she blossomed into her LaLa side she was amazing and Nick yummy yummy Italian Stallion totally confused at his attraction to his frumpy new secretary then when LaLa blossoms wow Hooked line an sinker He was a goner A mask hides their identi [...]

    Debbie Hager
    I loved this book It was well written, edited, and thoughtful What really impressed me was how the author addressed in depth the self esteem issues that many women, young and old, have Delilah did not see the beauty in herself She was bullied in school making her feel ugly, which then affected her adult life I liked how the author, through Nick, helped Delilah see her inner and outer beauty And let s not forget about Nick He is sexy, funny, and ultimately, a real gentleman Who could resist his c [...]

    Beautifully done This is my first time reading this author I love the frumpy girl, probably because I can so relate I love the falling in love, the picking out the ring and I sure hope that there is a follow up happily ever after.

    I loved this book Nick s inner monologue was so funny and Delilah was wonderful This book kind of reminded me of Tangled it was so charming and funny The sex was really hot and this book was hard to put down I couldn t wait to find out what was going to happen.

    • [EPUB] ☆ Hey There, Delilah | by ✓ M.D. Saperstein Andria Large
      M.D. Saperstein Andria Large