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  • Title: Slade House
  • Author: David Mitchell
  • ISBN: 9780812998689
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Slade House By David Mitchell Keep your eyes peeled for a small black iron door.Down the road from a working class British pub, along the brick wall of a narrow alley, if the conditions are exactly right, you ll find the entrance to Slade House A stranger will greet you by name and invite you inside At first, you won t want to leave Later, you ll find that you can t Every nine years, the house s reKeep your eyes peeled for a small black iron door.Down the road from a working class British pub, along the brick wall of a narrow alley, if the conditions are exactly right, you ll find the entrance to Slade House A stranger will greet you by name and invite you inside At first, you won t want to leave Later, you ll find that you can t Every nine years, the house s residents an odd brother and sister extend a unique invitation to someone who s different or lonely a precocious teenager, a recently divorced policeman, a shy college student But what really goes on inside Slade House For those who find out, it s already too late Spanning five decades, from the last days of the 1970s to the present, leaping genres, and barreling toward an astonishing conclusion, this intricately woven novel will pull you into a reality warping new vision of the haunted house story as only David Mitchell could imagine it.
    David Mitchell
    David Mitchell was born in Southport, Merseyside, in England, raised in Malvern, Worcestershire, and educated at the University of Kent, studying for a degree in English and American Literature followed by an M.A in Comparative Literature He lived for a year in Sicily, then moved to Hiroshima, Japan, where he taught English to technical students for eight years, before returning to England After another stint in Japan, he currently lives in Ireland with his wife Keiko and their two children In an essay for Random House, Mitchell wrote I knew I wanted to be a writer since I was a kid, but until I came to Japan to live in 1994 I was too easily distracted to do much about it I would probably have become a writer wherever I lived, but would I have become the same writer if I d spent the last 6 years in London, or Cape Town, or Moose Jaw, on an oil rig or in the circus This is my answer to myself Mitchell s first novel, Ghostwritten 1999 , moves around the globe, from Okinawa to Mongolia to pre Millennial New York City, as nine narrators tell stories that interlock and intersect The novel won the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize for best work of British literature written by an author under 35 and was shortlisted for the Guardian First Book Award His two subsequent novels, number9dream 2001 and Cloud Atlas 2004 , were both shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize In 2003, he was selected as one of Granta s Best of Young British Novelists In 2007, Mitchell was listed among Time Magazine s 100 Most Influential People in The World Mitchell s American editor at Random House is novelist David Ebershoff.

    Slade House By David Mitchell


    so, whoopsie i read this thinking it was a standalone book inasmuch as any david mitchell books are standalones , but it actually takes place in the same world as The Bone Clocks, which i am already ashamed about not having read yet and am now re shamed by this book s exposing me to creatures and situations without the context of The Bone Clocks under my belt dammit.with this in mind, i can say that this holds its own as a self contained supernatural haunted house story i didn t at any point fee [...]

    Tonight feels like a board game designed by M C Escher on a bender and Stephen King in a fever Rather like this book David Mitchell is usually shelved and sold alongside other writers of Literary Fiction a label I dislike He s twice been shortlisted for the Booker Prize, and his novels often bulge with beautifully crafted images.This is in a different mould it s Mitchell having fun, and needs to be read as a much lighter confection in terms of style, though a rather darker one in terms of plot S [...]

    David Mitchell does his usual thing of writing a few short stories, gluing them together, and calling it a novel He gets away with it because he is just so extravagantly readable, and Slade House is no different a hugely enjoyable ghost story which I infer seems to build on various conventions established in The Bone Clocks, which I haven t yet read.The first story here is set in 1979, and subsequent chapters advance in nine year intervals until we reach October 2015 all of them first person nar [...]

    Mohammed Arabey
    A Cursed Eternity, Soul Eaters, Dark Cult, Gifted Characters A Lacuna.You can clearly hear a X Files Theme playing hereFive Stories, One House.A mysterious Black Iron door appears to you out of high brick walled alley, only on a certain day every 9 yearsStep inside ,for your own good, with your totally free will.r a purpose you already planned days,if not years agoStep inside, aha here you are, the back garden of this marble white beautiful houseevery thing s vividYou may eat something,like this [...]

    I picked up Slade House with the idea of reading something creepy and perhaps slightly unusual before Halloween As it turned out, it was nightmarish and positively bizarre I was mostly entertained while reading this, but as I now try to write my review, I realize that not much of this has stuck with me after a mere two weeks Fortunately, this is not the kind of book that I want to examine too closely nor do I want to give much of it away to future readers So, I ll share just a few thoughts on th [...]

    Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽
    My favorite creepy horror novel now if you know me, you know I don t do horror novels In fact, I could probably count the number I ve read on one hand though I do read some horror short stories But still This was a really fascinating read without completely freaking me out Final review, first posted at fantasyliterature The enigmatic Slade House mysteriously appears every nine years for a day, like a sinister Brigadoon, accessible only to certain people And those who visit it are never seen agai [...]

    Well played Mr Mitchell, well played.Mitchell s October 2015 publication just in time and thematically relevant to Halloween is a modern addition to a list of great October titles.Styling a series of first person connected but stand alone chapters into a seamless narrative, Mitchell has crafted a story that slowly grips the reader until the last few pages in this short novel fly by as the reader is unable to put the book down.Slade House is set in a quiet suburban neighborhood in England, albeit [...]

    Diane S ☔
    Magically and creepily delicious Loved every minute of this one, just wish I has read it closer to Halloween Not overtly scary, yet what is accomplished in this short novel did send a few shivers my way So many lines can be taken in than one way, little humorous tidbits scattered here and there A haunted house but so much , original and brilliant in its own way Actually this will make a good book for re reading, which is just what I will doC from publisher.

    I enjoyed the way this story started in the first chapter with 13 year old Nathan He is sweet sensitive autistic the type of boy other kids would make fun of at school , Plus his mum is newly divorced, popping Valium like gum drops Then jumping aheadNathan s mother, Rita, find the house off Slade Alley Rita, being a piano player, gets invited to performs for well known guests including Yehudi Menuhin It was a street personjust passing by who helped them through an iron door finding the house of [...]

    Quite a fun read, one that shouldn t be spoiled by reading anything substantial about its contents But it takes than platitudes and blurbs to help a potential reader decide whether to pursue reading this book If you are a Mitchell fan like me, you can gladly reach for it I could hardly put it down Many of you were disappointed in the break into fantasy land at the end of The Bone Clocks I would say that the apparent clash of genres won t be a problem here With this short novel around 150 pages [...]

    2.5 starsI wish to thank Net Galley, Random House and author David Mitchell for the privilege of reading an ARC of Slade House in exchange for an unbiased review.This is my first David Mitchell read, and I will probably leave it at that I basically had a hard time connecting with this book If I hadn t been involved in a buddy read with my good friend, I would have stopped after the first chapter She encouraged me though, and I made it to the end I did like some aspects of this read The storyline [...]

    4.5 starsI d scream if I could but I can t my chest s full of molten panic it s choking me choking it s wolves it s winter it s bones it s cartilage skin liver lungs it s Hunger it s Hunger it s Hunger and Run A delightful romp into the creepy, ghostly, occult world of David Mitchell.Slade House, a ghostly entity vision trap which is manned by malicious, parasitic twins, is open one day every nine years, to a special guest who is lured into this hologram world, constructed in order to attract an [...]

    Violet wells
    Entertaining if a bit predictable Basically a shorter version of The Bone Clocks starring the ubiquitous Dr Marinus and featuring various other characters from other Mitchell novels For me this joke motif is beginning to wear thin Essentially this is light entertainment rather than literature And begs the question, what has happened to Mitchell s ambition Has he already peaked with Cloud Atlas and The Thousand Autumns This, rather like the Bone Clocks, felt like he was going through the motions, [...]

    Ian "Marvin" Graye
    Tweet Tweet Slade House grew out of David Mitchell s Oulipean project in which he wrote a short story, The Right Sort , strictly in compliance with Twitter conventions that restrict each tweet to 140 characters approximately 20 words per tweet.The restraints are so commonplace in a non literary context that it s easy to overlook just how much this exercise constituted a work within the post modern tradition.Superficially, it seems that the story grew, tweet by tweet, without any overarching desi [...]

    It s so fun to see what people think is traditional fiction these days Even categorizing this one as Horror is funny as hell This was SF I mean, how else can anyone classify closed time like loops, telepathy Oh, all right, eating a soul is primarily an occupational hazard of the horror genre, so I ll give that a pass The narrative structure of sending his darlings into the roach motel, over and over and over is kind of a dead giveaway, too Get it Dead Oh, nevermindAnd yet, I m still stunned that [...]

    I received an Advance Reader copy of this book from NetGalley and Random House Publishing Thanks to NetGalley and Random House This review, however, is based on the hardcover version.What a fun, creepy, clever book A great follow up to The Bone Clocks and much easier to follow Slade House consists of 5 intertwined stories, starting in 1979 Each subsequent story occurs 9 years from the previous story, ending in 2015 The mysterious Slade House is a mansion hidden behind a small iron door in Slade [...]

    I dragged this one out so I could finish it on Halloween This was creepy but not too much I liked it Every nine years on the last Saturday of October, that black door to the gardens of Slade House opens to another victim.rfect for Halloween

    Ok, this book was freakin awesome If you likedThe Bone Clocks you have to read this one It s a companion novel that gives you another look at the paranormal atemporal aspects of TBC in a microcosmic way It s a brief novel, only five chapters each told from a different perspective across 36 years But Mitchell is a master at pacing, and, like TBC, it builds up to a wonderful and metaphysical conclusion that is so bizarre it just works It is a solid 4 star read for me, but by the last 50 pages or [...]

    Trust no oneDO NOT go down the alleyDO NOT pass though the gate, and NEVER enter SLADE HOUSE for you may NEVER leavePER WEIRD and filled with the mysterious, this twisty haunted house tale makes for a great Halloween read The unique format of the individual, but related stories combined with the various tricks and treats of the evil presence kept me guessing between what was real and what was imaginary.This is my first David Mitchell novel, but NOT my last.

    What an absolute little treasure of a book I could not put it down and read it in one totally enjoyable afternoon I have already read a couple of this author s better known works and enjoyed them but this one was so short yet so packed full of mystery, fantasy and a touch of horror Imagine a fabulous mansion which appears only once every nine years and two horrific vampire like residents who live forever by consuming human souls Then follow the stories of each of those souls as they are tempted [...]

    Navidad Thelamour
    To follow the trail of breadcrumbs you have to blindfold your own sanity Wow, what a ride David Mitchell s Slade House came running round the bend, no pun intended well, maybe just a little for those who have read it , at full steam ahead with all of the mechanical makings and suspenseful trappings of a haunting psychological thrill ride It had a rhythmic flow that you could fall into, but beware That trap has thorns And fangs but as I watch, the running boy shape gets fuzzier and becomes a grow [...]

    You Got Me Mr Mitchell, YOU GOT ME I thought I was smarter than you I thought I knew where you were going with the story I thought I was ahead of you and had it ALL figured out I really believe you saw me coming because right when I thought I had caught you, you warbled and you wobbled and got away from me.Turns out, I wasn t even on the same path as you.I loved this book with all its twists and turns and surprises I even loved when I was taken completely aback.If you take nothing else away from [...]

    Fun and Haunting Jaunt into DarknessNot Having Had Prior Pleasure of Reading Mitchell Novel, Regardless of Whether this was Drop Off for David M.If you, dear contemplating reader, haven t read a David Mitchell novel, you are in for a spectacular, albeit short, treat, so go ahead, DO IT.Step into the appealing aperture that s Slade House, only open a day or two every 9 years Rest assured what happens in Slade House, stays in Slade House I pleasured in reading David Mitchell s short novel, that is [...]

    Ron Charles
    Enter if you dare That s warning than victims get in David Mitchell s devilishly fun new novel, which clawed its way to life from the ectoplasm of Twitter Now, just in time for Halloween, Slade House opens its rusty door on a ghost story that dresses up all the dusty old tropes with Mitchell s spirit and wit His fans will need no enticement, but for the curious, too intimidated by Cloud Atlas or even last year s The Bone Clocks, this little book will go down like fresh gummy worms.If you ve fou [...]

    I hate to be wholly negative but for me this book is further evidence that Mitchell has lost the plot I was willing to give The Bone Clocks a curate s egg good in parts review because it did at least have quite lengthy sections which showed some insight into reality and had echoes of his best work, but this one like the penultimate part of The Bone Clocks is just too obsessed with the risible fantasy nonsense about immortal souls and psychic superpowers Perhaps Mitchell finds the real world too [...]

    Jenny (Reading Envy)
    I was lucky to snag a review copy from the publisher but would have purchased it regardless, as David Mitchell is one of my favorite authors.Slade House is the story of a hidden home, the site of a few disappearances over the years What I have always loved about David Mitchell is his ability to shift into different genres, different styles, different characters They are always different from one another and believable This is a wonderful scary ghost type story, narrow in scope than some of his [...]

    Review originally published at Learn This Phrase.David Mitchell s The Bone Clocks may have been a disappointment for numerous reasons, a three star book that really, if I was being completely honest, should have been two as I ve occasionally done, I gave it extra credit, so to speak, because of my affection for the author s other work , but that didn t stop me from being excited about Slade House A sort of ghost story centred on one mysterious house was always going to be irresistible to me Earl [...]

    This is my first venture into the twisted and creative mind of David Mitchell I didn t know what to expect, as it appears people either idolize Mitchell s work, or completely hate it Perfect example I read this with another buddy, and while I became a fan, her not so much Her reasons for not liking the book are actually the reasons that I dide has of a science mind , and some of the situations and scenarios were too hard for her to believe For me, I felt if you are going to write a book about s [...]

    BEST SURPRISE EVER TWO DAVID MITCHELL BOOKS IN 2015 REQUIRES ALL THE CAPS I FOUND OUT ABOUT THIS IN A MEETING, SO THANK YOU FOR INVITING ME TO THAT MEETING ANDREAS While this book still retains the status of best surprise ever, I waffle over how much it actually brings to the table for people who aren t David Mitchell superfans Thus, I present to you a scientific list of pros and consO Made a meeting in early 2015 fun than I expectedCON Andreas no longer invites me to meetings PRO The short sto [...]

    Geez, I guess it s been awhile nine months since my last review, in fact I think the problem is this the world has turned to shit How can one allow himself the luxury of distraction when all the things that used to matter e.g facts, words, truth no longer do I feel as though though disconnecting from reality, even temporarily, is akin to complicity Remember when you were taught that witnessing an evil act but doing nothing to stop it made you just as guilty as the one committing the wrongdoing W [...]

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