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  • Title: Rich Boys
  • Author: Jenny O'Connell
  • ISBN: 9781416563365
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Paperback

  • Rich Boys By Jenny O'Connell There are two kinds of people on the island those who leave at summer s endd those who are left behind For seventeen year old Winnie, summer can t arrive fast enough anything to get out of the house and escape the cold war brewing between her parents With her older sister, Shelby, spending the summer in Boston, Winnie s left to deal with the situation all b There are two kinds of people on the island those who leave at summer s endd those who are left behind For seventeen year old Winnie, summer can t arrive fast enough anything to get out of the house and escape the cold war brewing between her parents With her older sister, Shelby, spending the summer in Boston, Winnie s left to deal with the situation all by herself Which is why she s happy to spend all day away from home at a cushy job camp counselor at the prestigious Oceanview Inn And when the Barclays, a wealthy summer family, offer Winnie an additional babysitting job in the evenings after work, she jumps at the opportunity Little Cassie Barclay is fun to take care of, and hanging out in the gorgeous Barclay summer house overlooking the harbor is far pleasant than being on the front lines of the battle between her parents Then Cassie s older and devastatingly attractive stepbrother Jay arrives on the island after a disastrous first year at college, and he seems to want nothing than to wreak havoc for his stepmother and the rest of his family Winnie soon discovers that life in the Barclay summer house isn t so perfect after all, and what was supposed to be a carefree summer escapade is quickly becoming complicated than she ever thought possible.
    Jenny O'Connell
    Published chick lit under the name Jennifer O Connell.I haven t been called Jenny in years thankfully , but I thought it was fitting to publish my teen book under the name that still makes me think of high school.My high school days may be long behind me, but I have a lot in common with Vanessa, the main character in PLAN B Like Vanessa, I also went to a small private school I was also mildly obsessed with college from fifth grade on, thanks to a book I read in which one of the characters went to Dartmouth But unlike Vanessa, my brother wasn t a TV star And he didn t drive me crazy I actually still like him As for creating a How To guide for guys, like Emily does in THE BOOK OF LUKE, I can t say that I know enough to write an entire guide, but I did have a blast writing the tips at the beginning of each chapter And I wish a guide like this did exist when I was in high school and college and even after that Last summer I was on Martha s Vineyard doing research for my upcoming Martha s Vineyard Novel series tough job, but somebody s got to do it I hope this books capture what I love so much about the islandAlthough she s written about a reality dating show, a prescient pastry chef, and a woman who inspired an 80 s rock hit, Jennifer has not spent hours dissecting The Bachelor, she can barely follow the directions on the back of a Betty Crocker box, and she can only dream of a long haired, guitar thrashing rocker even giving her a second glance.

    Rich Boys By Jenny O'Connell


    Stephanie Mazza
    This book was a nice, light summer, Sarah Dessen esque read The beginning was a bit slow, I have a 50 page rule, in which if the book still sucks by the 50th page, I ll put it down, but luckily this book picked up a little bit before then It was definitely of a realistic contemporary YA Novel If I just saw this book on the shelf, by looking at the title and cover, I would have walked right passed it But having read The Book of Luke by Jenny O Connell in the past, and loving that, I decided to g [...]

    Kelly Oram
    So I spontaneously picked this out of a clearance bin at Borders the other day I can t go to Borders without picking something up It s a compulsive behavior that really borders on obsession I d never heard of this book and never read anything by Jenny O Connell before so I didn t know what to expect, but hey, it was three bucks Plus, I was curious because I ve had The Book Of Luke on my to read list for a while.I was very pleasantly surprised This is exactly the kind of book I like to read if I [...]

    The second book in the Island Summer series I didn t know what to expect from this book, since the series is not focused on one character in particular but rather has the island itself as the main character and this book s narrator is one only introduced in passing in the first book But, it totally works And I totally loved this book than I did the first, which I didn t think would happen.In this, Winnie takes a job babysitting a young girl for a family summering on the island, trying to make e [...]

    Rarely do I ever give books 5 5 I gave this one a 5 though because it was so real It could happen to anybody, you aren t reading about wolves or vampires of wizards or dragons or talking birds or whatever else may be out there I have nothing against vampires, wolves or wizards In Rich Boys, it s about a girl named Winnie and she has this summer job were she meets this mom who asks her to babysit her daughter for her The job is easy, the kid is sweet but, they step son, Jay, is a handful Jay port [...]

    Ignore the cover and ignore the title, this book is very different than both of those things I like Jenny O Connell books and this one is good It deals with a lot of family problems as Winnie tries to cope with changes in her parents relationship She s not the only one struggling with that, Jay is trying to overcome his mother s death and rebuild a relationship with his father Together, they try to work through things I would have given this book a better rating but there was one little thing th [...]

    I was wondering if Jenny O Connell has a new book out when I found myself on the page for Rich Boys It s a shame that not enough people know about this author and her books I have all four of Jenny s books and I can say with certainty that she is a gifted YA writer Her work is much better than most YA contemporary romances out there HOWEVER I don t entirely blame people for not wanting to give her books a chance They all seem to suffer from the same thing a bland title and a misleading cover Tak [...]

    There are two kinds of people on Martha s Vineyard, the ones who leave at summer s end and those who are left behind The melancholic ending left a bitter sweet taste in my mouth and an unbearable eagerness to know what happens after that with these two Was that supposed to be promising Is this story going to continue or just ended at the end of the summer Is the lighthouse a promise or just a final goodbye I want to think yes, there s story after that, but I would rather read it than imagine it [...]

    This book hit the spot Winnie lives on the island year round, but this tourist season she gets a change up when she starts working for the Barclays a few days in the afternoon The Barclays seem great Anne is very nice, but overwhelmed by pregnancy and Cassie is the easiest kid to take care of The only problem is her 19 year old moody brother,Jay When Jay announces that he will be summering on the island, the easy feel in the house all but vanishes replaced by the tension that Jay carries with hi [...]

    Devz Milady
    Okay, so to be honest I didnt finish the book.After reaching around page 84 and sleeping off twice in the middle and yawning a lot, I decided that if a YA romance novel is so boring as to induce sleep in the 1st 50 pages, then it mostly likely aint worth pursuingAs far as I can see, our heroine Winnie is a nice intelligent quick to reach assumptions girl who is boy free and waiting for her knightOur hero Jay is the eternally troubled angry young man, misunderstood by his family and everyone else [...]

    Sarah Anne
    Since I didn t read the first one, my criticism might not make sense BUT I feel that the Jay and Winnie s relationship was too rushed Also, I found Jay s attitude towards Winnie rapidly change, going from cold and distant to all of a sudden I don t want to leave you, and as a reader, I didn t have anytime to wrap my head around it before BAM, they were together But on the plus side, who doesn t like a story where the good girl with problems helps straighten out the bad boy Plus bonus points for [...]

    Christine Alibutud
    Ughhhh I really want to read this But the sad truth is I m broke and I can t purchase the ebook Infinite creys so much

    This book is definitely for the younger side of the young adult genre Although it s a nice sort of coming of age story and the writer offers some good insights, it was just a bit on the boring side for me But it s not like it was advertised as something action packed so I guess for what it represents, it did a pretty good job This writer at least is pretty good.

    M. D.
    At first, I though the first few chapters were a fluff and I still do But, upon finishing the book, I found myself crying It is a beautiful book I love how it showed how true love goes beyond mere distance I love it Worth the read

    completely loved this book It s relate able and gets you excited whenever Jay came up But the end didn t excite me as much I honestly was a little disappointed and expected but as a whole it was a really fast and great read.

    This was an excellent book that was far than the title implied I was expecting a fluffy book but in fact was pleasantly surprised with a book full of emotion and self discovery As a matter of a fact Rich Boys hardly does the book justice.

    Amanda Burton
    I thought this book was wonderful but the title was very misleading should be called summer boys The ending leaves you wondering what s going to happen between Fred and herb hope we will get to find our.

    Catherine M.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE This book was Awesome i loved the characters and the whole story line, especially the romance between Winnie and Jay

    It was a good, summer fun readi.

    More like a 3.5 Good book slow but good.

    It s beyond perfect

    I thought this book was ok, but not my favourite I loved the storyline but I didn t think it was very well written and I don t think the book was ended very well Overall a cute summer read.

    Great read

    it was an ok read

    Lance V
    It was not exactly what I had first thought as I was reading its cover Even so, I got engrossed reading every detail thumbs up

    Shanna Jones
    The book was a cute read, but the ending was kind of lacking.

    This book felt so real to me, I loved it.

    Brilliantly written, a great story Loved it as much as the first one.

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