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  • Title: The Road to You
  • Author: Alecia Whitaker
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  • The Road to You By Alecia Whitaker The second book in the Wildflower series full of drama, heart, and that country music spirit.Bright lights Screaming fans Cute roadies Country music sensation Bird Barrett is officially on tour The months flash by in an exciting whirlwind, due in no small part to a certain dreamy lighting tech named Kai After the tour wraps up, Bird makes the move to LA, findThe second book in the Wildflower series full of drama, heart, and that country music spirit.Bright lights Screaming fans Cute roadies Country music sensation Bird Barrett is officially on tour The months flash by in an exciting whirlwind, due in no small part to a certain dreamy lighting tech named Kai After the tour wraps up, Bird makes the move to LA, finding herself at the center of a trumped up rivalry with another country music starlet she barely knows Meanwhile, Kai s out on tour again with an indie rock band and growing distant, and Bird has the label breathing down her neck for a new hit song Finding true love is supposed to be inspiring, so why does penning the next great country pop ballad suddenly feel so hard ABC s hit show Nashville meets The Summer I Turned Pretty.
    Alecia Whitaker
    Alecia Whitaker grew up with a big imagination on a small farm in Kentucky, which was worlds away from where she currently resides in fast paced New York City She knows about cows, tobacco, frog gigging, and carpentry than the average girl, and she applies the work ethic and common sense she learned from her southern upbringing to the way she now navigates her career and family life in the big city Although she graduated from the University of Kentucky with a BFA in Theatre and a BS in Advertising, she s always been a writer She won the Soil Conservation Essay contest in the 4th grade, was selected as a Governor s School for the Arts student in Creative Writing in the 10th grade, and then in college, she was a Top Ten Finalist in the US Southeast Region for a Ten Minute Playwriting competition at James Madison University Since then, she has been in loads of commercials, as well as on stage in a few small theatrical productions and poetry slams She appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show numerous times, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, and was a contestant on Deal Or No Deal She is currently the host of a twice weekly web show called The Baby Book, which chronicles her real life experiences of being a mom in New York City.Her personal essays have been published in the anthology Blink Fiction in the Blink of an Eye and several times in Underwired Magazine She co wrote the popular one act play Becoming Woman with a grant from The Kentucky Foundation for Women The Queen of Kentucky is her first novel and proudest artistic accomplishment Now living in New York City with her husband and son, she is amused at how often her big imagination takes her back to a simpler life in Kentucky.

    The Road to You By Alecia Whitaker


    ARC Review.The parents complain about everything, what happened to the wonderful people from the last book Did they get sucked out of it Aliens Possession She spends 9k ONCE on some clothes Yeah, that is a lot, but does she need to get preached by everyone Seriously, it happened ONCE She never ever splurged on something, it is HER money, HER thing, so why is everyone making a big deal out of it If she does it all the time, go ahead But come on, let the girl have fun with her OWN money for once H [...]

    Arianna M
    I ve really enjoyed Bird s story so far This was a good follow up to Wildflower Although I did feel like Bird starting losing her way a bit, view spoiler such as with the shopping spree, the CMA interview and the NYE blow up with Kayelee hide spoiler , I felt like it was an honest depiction of the confusion of growing up while navigating a thriving career I hope the last book finds Bird in tune with who she is, and reaching even milestones in her career

    The first book in this series, Wildflower, was good but it needed improvements I feel as though Alecia improved on a lot of little things in The Road to You, which ultimately helped the series out But I also feel like some of the elements included in The Road to You that were prominent in this book, dragged it down slightly I find The Road to You to be much focused on the romance than Wildflower was Wildflower was much about family, and Bird s journey to find out who she was In The Road to Yo [...]

    Bird, Bird What to do with you You were doing so well in the first book all well adjusted and generally sweet You spent time on friendship than mooning over boysboysboys although there was some of that.It was too good to last, wasn t it In The Road to You, Bird lets fame and fortune go to her head There s another boy in the picture, and Bird spends much of the book agonising over them being apart, but he s kind ofller And so many of the things I liked about the first book the sensible and well [...]

    Did not like this one as much as the first, unfortunately And I think it s because, like, none of the secondary characters were likable Maybe it s my loyalty to Adam, but I never liked Kai There was also an extreme lack of Adam in this, which didn t help the book Devyn was obnoxious, I hated the rivalry between Bird and Kayelee Also, what happened to her super cool and supportive parents I guess I just wasn t a fan of Bird s Hollywood life Here s hoping things pick back up in book three

    Stephanie Chambers
    I love series about the music industry or Hollywood Bird is a great, down to earth glimpse into the entrance of the world.It is very T Swift like, but it was so sweet and fun I love all of her family and friends Although the love interest was one of those annoying hipster, I m too cool for popular music guys.

    An entertaining read I actually didn t realize that this book was a sequel until I looked up the book on to review it.The only problems I had with the book The way the characters spoke A couple of times in the book, Bird, or the people her age, would use the phrase I ought to or you ought to What kind of 16 17 year old uses the word ought That word is kind of dead in the millennial world Bird s lyrics I can be a little forgiving on this because I understand that songwriting is really difficult, [...]

    2.5 Stars The first novel in this series,Wildflower , was not my favorite book ever, but it wasn t too shabby Going into this novel, I had the same expectations I was disappointed, and here s why The Characters While Bird is admirable and pretty well developed, the rest of the characters are VERY lacking Bird meets a lot of celebrities in this installation, but they just seemed to blend together They were all so fake and stereotypical, and maybe that was the point, but it certainly was lacking i [...]

    I admit I was hesitant to read this novel since I wasn t exactly a fan of the less than memorable prequel, Wildflower Nevertheless, I stayed up late to read it and have a very mixed review.Good parts Bird moved on from Adam kinda to Kai The novel expressed about each of the characters and brought attention to the individual personality that Bird had Bird has stellar parents and a best friend, Stella, and an amazing boyfriend Her parents Her brothers.Bad parts The romance between Kai and Bird f [...]

    So far, the Wildflower is one of my favourite contemporary series I find Bird to be so likable and relateable, even though her life is so much crazier than mine This installment starts with Bird going on tour as the opening act for a country superstar It s there that she meets Kai, the intense indie roadie that Bird immediately feels a connection with Once the tour wraps up, her label suggests that she move to LA and attempt to be a crossover artist.Bird deals with a variety of issues this time [...]

    I loved this book I felt the characters were real people with problems which, even though the main character was a raising star in the music industry, your everyday person could actually relate to The author did a great job of showing that a real person can become famous and all the challenges that could arise out of that I also liked that she was homeschooled I thought it added an interesting element you don t usually see in stories, and showed that when you are doing something kind of out side [...]

    The book was a bit predictable and the author s writing style isn t the best but Bird is kinda relatable and I can easily picture myself in her shoes doing exactly what she says does I could have used a few chapters about her romantic interest I just felt like the beginning of their relationship was so perfect then it became just a tiny part of the story and fizzled out with little explanation and a lot of overreacting Oh, and her celebrity friends bugged me Like no one is actually that fake in [...]

    I really enjoyed this book It was fun and exactly what I needed at the moment There s nothing groundbreaking about the writing or the plot, but at the same time, it s fresh and new and it made me really happy which is just what I needed view spoiler That being said, I was still really rooting for Bird and Kai s relationship I m going through the whole long distance thing right now and it sucks Since Bird was going through the same thing, it kind of bonded me with her, but then at the end they br [...]

    Allison Brunskill
    I really enjoyed this book Kudos to Whitaker as she really nailed the Country music industry and it s clear she s done her research Bird makes bad choices galore in this book, she says things without thinking and believes her own hype all of which felt exactly how a 16 17 year old would act in her situation I liked the conflict with her parents over money her parents try to control how she spends her money while Bird feels that since she made the money and supporys the family she should spend it [...]

    I love Alecia Whitaker s fresh voice in these books Bird, the main character, is delightful It is an interesting interpretation of the behind the scenes lives of pop country music singers Though I felt this book was not as carefully honed as the first, it was a lovely addition to the Wildflower series The humor in both the characters and the situations is a lot of fun I appreciate the vulnerability of Bird and her sense of young love but also staying true to herself and her dreams This series is [...]

    This is a fun and lighthearted romance Following the life and trials a newly discovered teen Country singer as she goes on tour for the first time.I enjoyed this book I thought it had a good message and it was very wholesome Andrew is the rivalry between the two country singers in the romance I look forward to reading the third book though I missed the first one I need to go back and read it

    Sometimes a second book in the trilogy just has a bridging feel to it and that would be this book The book was interesting enough, but as the character went through some growing pains I was a bit annoyed I hope the third book redeems the series, because I liked the first one.

    This book describes the danger of fame quite well The change in Bird didn t start immediately It happened gradually when she listened to wrong people and took her loved ones for granted Same like the previous book, there is no happily ever after ending in this book Reality is never clean cut.

    I didn t realize this book was a sequel till I was half way through No wonder there wasn t a lot of character development I might have enjoyed it if I read the first book first.

    Mackenzie Lane
    2.5 starsI tried my hardest to like this book as much as Wildflower but I couldn t find any part that made this second book spectacular Mediocre at best.

    One of the rare occasions when the sequel is better than the first.

    Bird gets a little whiny and snotty in this book, but then you have to remember she s still a teenager.

    Skimmed a lot of it.

    Cute, quick read YA fiction is basically what I need in the spring.

    Sam Lefton
    Very cheesy, slightly interesting plot line.

    Hailee C
    I finished my book and I can say I enjoyed it I can t wait to read the third book Bird was nominated for two CMAs and one Grammy and she found a new love interest.

    Kim Straub
    Just the sweet, happy read I needed tonight.

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