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  • Title: Detroit Is Our Beat : Tales of the Four Horsemen
  • Author: Loren D. Estleman
  • ISBN: 9781440588457
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Detroit Is Our Beat : Tales of the Four Horsemen By Loren D. Estleman The place Detroit The time World War II.While most of the police department is fighting overseas, the four men of the Racket Squad struggle to keep a lid on a powderkeg stuffed with draft dodging troublemakers, Black Market gangsters, enemy saboteurs, and a mixed bag of racial and ethnic groups working uneasily side by side in defense plants run by the automobile industThe place Detroit The time World War II.While most of the police department is fighting overseas, the four men of the Racket Squad struggle to keep a lid on a powderkeg stuffed with draft dodging troublemakers, Black Market gangsters, enemy saboteurs, and a mixed bag of racial and ethnic groups working uneasily side by side in defense plants run by the automobile industry.With blackjacks, brass knuckles, tommy guns, and their bare fists, Lieutenant Max Zagreb, Sergeant Starvo Canal, and detectives McReary and Burke known collectively as the Four Horsemen battle their way through ten gritty stories in the hardest boiled town during the twentieth century s hardest boiled decade.
    Loren D. Estleman
    Loren D Estleman is an American writer of detective and Western fiction He writes with a manual typewriter.Estleman is most famous for his novels about P.I Amos Walker Other series characters include Old West marshal Page Murdock and hitman Peter Macklin He has also written a series of novels about the history of crime in Detroit also the setting of his Walker books His non series works include Bloody Season, a fictional recreation of the gunfight at the O.K Corral, and several novels and stories featuring Sherlock Holmes.Series Amos Walker Mystery Valentino Mystery Detroit Crime Mystery Peter Macklin Mystery Page Murdock Mystery

    Detroit Is Our Beat : Tales of the Four Horsemen By Loren D. Estleman


    DP Lyle
    It s the 1940s It s Detroit WWII is raging and most able bodied men are serving in Europe, or the Pacific Except for the criminals that stalk Detroit s mean streets and those involved in essential services such as law enforcement And when these two groups clash it s often hard to distinguish between the good guys and the bad guys straight Loren Estleman is a master of noir crime fiction and Detroit Is Our Beat is one of his best DP Lyle, award winning author of the Samantha Cody and Dub Walker t [...]

    Jocelyn Koehler
    I ve been a fan of hardboiled crime fiction for a long time, but I somehow never picked up a Loren D Estleman book So Detroit is Our Beat was my introduction to the Four Horsemen, and a pretty dang good intro it is The Horsemen, for anyone who doesn t know, are four cops The Detroit Racket Squad , who are unusual in being healthy men who are NOT in the military fighting the Axis in some way Instead, they toil away on the homefront, overworked and under appreciated as they try to keep the city of [...]

    Joel Mitchell
    This collection of ten short stories was an interesting blend of historical fiction and noir ish tough guy cop stories The author has clearly done his research on his setting Detroit during World War II , and deftly weaves it into the storiesough he occasionally spouts off historical information that has nothing to do with the plot and looks like he is just showing off.The main characters are four famous infamous plainclothes cops on the racket squad who have been given exemption from military s [...]

    Reviewed for Library Journal May 1, 2015The Four Horsemen is the ambiguous moniker of the Detroit Racket Squad during World War II First introduced in Estleman s novel Jitterbug, the four cops represent an era in the Motor City gripped by severe police shortages, gangsters, booze, racial tensions, and the ever snappy one liner The author begins this collection of eight previously published short stories and one original tale, Kill Fee, with a stirring preface that chronicles 1940s Detroit and ex [...]

    The Four Horsemen are the detectives responsible for policing the gangs rackets mob during WWII Because of the war, the police department is very short handed They try to just deal with the most destructive crimes These stories by Loren D Estleman reflect the true grittiness of wartime Detroit It s hard for us that are too young to have been there to understand the situation at the time.

    I LOVED this book I have heard of this author many times, but never picked up one of his books I saw this collection of pulp stories and thought, Well, that s not much of a commitment I m so glad I did I will be reading much of Loren D Estleman from now on

    Jack Goodstein
    Well done short tales in the hard boiled detective tradition.

    Ruth Feathers
    These would make a great series.

    Superb noir

    The 10 stories in this collection are crime stories, not mysteries That doesn t mean they aren t fun to read, though.The stories take place in Detroit during World War II as the draft exempt squad known as the Four Horsemen battle black marketers, Nazi sympathizers and an assortment of just bad characters.Estleman did a thorough job of researching, lending an authentic tone to the place and time Add in the old school policing, period dialogue and interesting plots and you ve got an entertaining [...]

    Jack Laschenski
    Estgleman s WWII coverage of a beleaguered Detroit police department when most men had been drafted.Great style.Awful city

    Detroit Is Our Beat is a terrific period piece taking the reader back to World War II era Detroit where the factories are converted to making tanks and any able bodied young man who hasn t been drafted better have a good excuse The Four Horsemen are the four tough Hardboiled policemen in the Rackets Squad They have been excused from military service because of their essential service and nobody bangs heads and asks questions later better than these guys What Estleman does great here is being you [...]

    I am abashed to admit that I believe this is the first Loren Estleman book that I ve read, and I, a daughter of Detroit, though long relocated to the evil East I really enjoyed this series of short stories about local crime fighting in 1943 or thereabouts, with the fictitious Four Horsemen of the Detroit Police Department meting out their own brand of justice to murderers, black market privateers, and crooks of all stripes Not many of their methods would past constitutional muster today, but tha [...]

    Bill Mackela
    I really wanted to like Detroit is Our Beat, but there was just something that was a little bit off The dialogue was good, it was funny, it felt real, but something was missing I like my short stories to have a twist, something to grab you, and little bit of point These stories don t seem to have that They have great dialogue, authentic sounding descriptions of Detroit, and they really put across the feel of Detroit during World War II, but most of them have very weak plots They are just little [...]

    Graham Powell
    DETROIT IS OUR BEAT is a collection of short stories featuring the Four Horsement, four detectives from the Rackets Squad who serve and protect the city while most of the able bodies men are off fighting the Axis in WWII First introduced in the novel JITTERBUG, these four roughnecks with badges are not afraid to use their fists, their guns, and if those don t work, their brains.In addition to the mystery and action, there s plenty of humor here, mostly in the banter between the men Lt Zagreb, th [...]

    Return to a quieter, gentle timeNot Detroit Is Our Beat is rather a look at Detroit when the police were as brutal and prejudiced as the crooks or society, for that matter and crime was solved by brains sometimes or brute force often Loren Estleman has collected his tales of the Four Horseman AKA The Racket Squad or is that the other way around and added a brand new tale Reading these tales are like watching some of the old noir crime private eye shows where the police would sweat the truth out [...]

    This book is a series of short stories about a group of detectives who worked during WWII These men didn t go in the army because they were considered needed in the city of Detroit They were called the four Horsemen that rarely had the support of the Commissioner or the Press Some of the stories are confusing The egotism of the four detectives is over top at times The book deos give the reader some insight into Detroit during WWII There were lots of graft, black market sales and criminals for th [...]

    Mark Shannon
    This anthology collects the exploits of the Four Horseman a quartet of no holds barred cops during WWII whose service was considered too essential to the Home Front Lieutenant Zagreb, Sergeant Canal, and Detectives Burke and McReary form the Racket Squad of the Detroit Police Department Their targets are black market dealers, Nazi sympathizers, and the minions of Frankie Orr, the underworld boss bent on making a killing while patriots fight overseas The author s prose is of the era and he s a ma [...]

    Not necessarily a genre of books that I normally read, but as someone who lives in the suburbs of Detroit I thought I d give it a shot.It is a good book, don t let the 3 star rating throw you, it s just not a genre I m hugely into, and because I m not overly familiar with the time period, a lot of the pop cultural references and lingo of the day went over my head.This book is a collection of stories about a group of Detroit police detectives set in the 1940 s, who must hold down the law while mo [...]

    Michael Brown
    The stories were very dark Lots of period racism and bigotry Detroit during the war was already a dying city The main characters are four dirty cops Not necessarily corrupt but racist and sure of their own legal right to do anything that they wanted It is hard to really like the stories when the lead characters are so unlikable and after a few the endings just kind of happen There is some attempt to give a logical conclusion but in the end they all boil down to luck and cquestionable data.

    Loren Estleman is one of my favorite authors and this collection of short stories about 4 Detroit detectives during WWII is great You really get to know each one of them their likes, dislikes, hopes They really have well developed personalities.These 10 stories are set in my home town just 4 6 years before I was born It was like a history lesson I wish I would have asked my parents about what it was like too live in Detroit during those years.I have one complaint I wish he had written 20 storie [...]

    Paul Hasbrouck
    The legend of the Homefront is of faithful girlfriends, swing music, rationing, but there is the dark side of race riots, black markets and the corrupt power of urban poliical machines In this collection of short stories the reader, will follow the advantures of Four Horsemen, officers of the understaffed Detroit force They are not knights, but tough, violent, as they fight to keep a lid on this industial cauldron In the stories there is murder, blackmail, protecting Frank Sinatra, swining black [...]

    I had never heard of Estleman before seeing this title on my library s weekly new books email I am fascinated by the abandoned buildings in Detroit and thought this collection of short stories would be a good introduction to the author s work I enjoyed most of them, especially the one set in a massage parlour and the last one about vampires in the Old West It didn t make me want to put this author on my To Read Next list though.

    The prologue about Detroit was amazing I enjoyed the stories, but they were not gripping enough to make me return it late I would recommend it to someone who wants to read about the time period of WWII in Detroit.

    Al Stoess
    Not one of my favorite Estleman novels Sort of humorous and not very serious Stories of the Four Horsemen in WW11.


    Never a fan of short stories, these noir ish stories were, at times, too short or unbelievable to really be enjoyed.

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