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  • Title: Listen to Me
  • Author: Hannah Pittard
  • ISBN: 9780544714441
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Listen to Me By Hannah Pittard A modern gothic about a marriage and road trip gone hauntingly awry Mark and Maggie s annual drive east to visit family has gotten off to a rocky start By the time they re on the road, it s late, a storm is brewing, and they are no longer speaking to one another Adding to the stress, Maggie recently mugged at gunpoint is lately not herself, and Mark is at a loss abouA modern gothic about a marriage and road trip gone hauntingly awry Mark and Maggie s annual drive east to visit family has gotten off to a rocky start By the time they re on the road, it s late, a storm is brewing, and they are no longer speaking to one another Adding to the stress, Maggie recently mugged at gunpoint is lately not herself, and Mark is at a loss about what to make of the stranger he calls his wife When they are forced to stop for the night at a remote inn, completely without power, Maggie s paranoia reaches an all time and terrifying high But when Mark finds himself threatened in a dark parking lot, it s Maggie who takes control.
    Hannah Pittard
    Hannah Pittard Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Listen to Me book, this is one of the most wanted Hannah Pittard author readers around the world.

    Listen to Me By Hannah Pittard


    this is a hard book to review like the road trip it recounts, it s less about the journey than the destination finely put the strength of this book is the way its ending changes the reader s perception of everything that s come before, and that revelation isn t an experience i want to take away from another reader road trips would probably be one of the correct answers to the family feud prompt name something that can cause strain in a relationship and if the couple in question is already on sh [...]

    I received a copy of Listen to Me through NetGalley for an honest review Thank you to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for the opportunity.Whoever would think that a long distance car trip with an unbalanced wife, an emotionally removed husband, and a neurotic dog that can t seem to do his business, would be a good idea Oh, and there s a powerful tri state tornadic storm in the brew.Mark and Maggie have reached an impass in their marriage They can t seem to recognize and to acknowledge the pain and dis [...]

    Larry H
    Living with fear can be utterly debilitating, even when you consider yourself to be a fairly rational, even tempered person Maggie, a veterinarian who runs her own clinic, has always been in control of her life, but that control started to dissipate a bit when she was mugged at gunpoint While that threw her for a bit of a loop, and her husband, Mark, indulged her panic and fears, she finally starts to pull herself back together again, and get back to her usual routines.When the police come to Ma [...]

    Maggie is not herself after being assaulted and mugged at gunpoint, her husband, Mark, is concerned she s no longer the same woman he married He decides they need a change of scenery and should visit his family home in Virginia They get a late start leaving Chicago and are on the road longer than they had hoped to be Eventually they re forced to find lodging at a secluded inn where a violent storm has cause the whole area to be without power The promotional blurb says Maggie s paranoia reaches a [...]

    The only character who showed any believable growth was the dog and he fucking died.

    Nope, no thanks, not for me Full disclosure I received a free electronic ARC for review through NetGalley This review contains clearly marked spoilers Mark and Maggie s annual drive east to visit family has gotten off to a rocky start By the time they re on the road, it s late, a storm is brewing, and they are no longer speaking to one another Adding to the stress, Maggie recently mugged at gunpoint is lately not herself, and Mark is at a loss about what to make of the stranger he calls his wife [...]

    Julie Ehlers
    Listen to Me is an excellent psychological thriller and, unlike a lot of books in that genre, it really is psychological Sure, it has a great premise, dark and creepy, but it mainly takes place in the heads of its two main characters, and that s where the vast majority of the suspense is derived.Mark and Maggie are a married couple taking a road trip from their home in Chicago to Mark s parents farm in Virginia It s a trip that should take about a day, but a line of tornadoes stretching across t [...]

    Brandon Forsyth
    It s settled I will now have to read everything Hannah Pittard deems worthy of publishing Pittard shot to my attention with her debut, THE FATES WILL FIND THEIR WAY, and after reading her next two books, I am in awe of her chameleon like ability to shift tone and style to fit the narrative she s telling LISTEN TO ME is unsettling, and yet also playful two difficult emotions to balance So much of the book depends on the conclusion, so I don t want to play spoiler here, but suffice it to say that [...]


    This one was a bit of a surprise to me I expected it to be of a thriller But instead I found an in depth character study of a man, Mark, and his wife, Maggie Maggie has recently been mugged and has become paranoid and fearful She spends too much time on the internet reading stories of the evil men do to others to Mark, who doesn t want to hear them She tries to make Mark see the evil in the world Mark is struggling with the changes that the mugging has brought into their lives They set off on a [...]

    It was a dark and stormy night.That simple sentence is a set up of many novels but in Hannah Pittard s capable hands, it s just the beginning The entirety of this taut book focuses on a marriage that of Maggie, who is suffering from PTSD as a result of a physical assault and her husband Mark, who, despite himself, is losing respect for her inability to solider through.Mark is on the cusp of an affair Maggie is having trouble functioning Together, they take off from Chicago with their trusty dog [...]

    I am so moved by this book The most honest account of a marriage that I ve read in years The book is mostly inner dialogue, told between a husband and wife, while driving through a treacherous storm Darkness, exhaustion, strange towns, big trucks, danger and shadows lurking behind every corner will keep you on your toes while you get to know these characters Anxiety, fear, hatred, anger, love and sustainability are themes in the book, yet the bottom line is a beautifully written, deeply moving i [...]

    Leah Bayer
    I ve read a surprising amount of road trip books this year I can barely think of any I ve read in the past but so far I ve tackled I m Thinking of Ending Things and Binary Star, both of which I ve adored So when I heard the summary of Listen to Me a modern gothic thriller roadtrip novel I was hooked However, I think the marketing for this is SO misleading It s the story of a rocky marriage, not a tense thriller.Sure, there s quite a bit of tension Maggie, the wife, was violently mugged recently [...]

    Alas, another novel with husband and wife main characters, and they are both so un likable that I couldn t care less what happens to them In this case, you need characters to do stupid, illogical things in order to have a plot, but I was doing a lot of eye rolling They seemed too stupid and self absorbed to make it through this road trip alive, lol.I don t think I got out of this story what I was supposed to get by the twist ending, which was ineffective because I m not sure what exactly happene [...]

    I really wanted to like this book Everything seemed to be in place for a great story Two people in a relationship slowly going south, taking a cross country road trip and getting caught in a storm Then came the creepy like little motel off the beaten path It didn t end up being anything like I thought it would be The blurb made it sound like a bit of a mystery thriller I just didn t warm much to the couple I kept waiting for something to happen and when it finally did it was a bit of a let down. [...]

    I liked the writing I liked the way the author explained things For example this particular scene from the book was scary I don t know whether I m allowed to mention it but still It was a childish habit checking under all the doors in a public washroom to make sure someone wasn t lurking because what would Maggie do if she actually found someone Scream Fight back Wilt Yet she could never resist the urge.In this particular bathroom, Maggie discovered only one pair of feet They were at the far end [...]

    switterbug (Betsey)
    This short, compact novel examines the liminal space in a marriage between insular and vast a troubled couple enclosed in a car, but driving on the endless roads at night during a multistate storm Maggie and Mark, an educated, financially secure couple, are experiencing bumps in their seven year marriage since Maggie survived a mugging nine months ago The trauma caused her to emotionally retreat, and she spent large amounts of time trolling the Internet for disaster attack stories Just as she wa [...]

    Rachel Watkins
    In LISTEN TO ME, Pittard takes a slice, a sample from a marriage and examines it under a microscope with great respect for both partners Totally relatable, sad, and encouraging all at once, I highly recommend this story of a husband and wife on a car trip Trust me, it s way than that.

    Wow, for such a short novel this thing drags I keep waiting and waiting for something anything to happen I m giving up after reading half of it Way too boring and the characters are annoying.

    Shawn Mooney
    Mark and Maggie are a fairly young married couple It seems like they had a pretty good marriage until recently Maggie was violently mugged just a few blocks from home several months back of course, she was traumatized, but seemed to be moving past the worst of it That is, until another young woman in the neighborhood was murdered, and the police stop by to show Maggie the crime scene photographs, obviously retraumatizing her all to heck While understanding how that opened everything up again for [...]

    The latest by Hannah Pittard packs a swift punch The novel is lean and gets straight to the point I read it in less than a day, and what a day to read it The main character, Maggie, is terrified of the world perhaps rightfully so after being mugged, and then months later, a college student being killed due to a similar attack Because of this, she is obsessed with all of the obsessively addicting dark corners of the internet and tales of true crime, convinced tragedy will befall her at any minute [...]

    The book is about a marriage at its break down impasse destruction for a myriad of reasons fear, infidelity, tragic events and yet it s also not This couple over the span of a trip from Chicago to Virginia during a storm natch break apart and quarrel yet come back together near instantly Each sever is followed closely by a repair I m not quite sure what the point was in following them through all of this Just like the storm they re riding through, it never feels like they re really in trouble, e [...]

    Chris Blocker
    Hannah Pittard s latest, her third novel, is a very quick read with a straightforward story line On the surface, this novel has many simple components The setting takes places mostly in the car There are primarily two characters Mark and Maggie Even the language seems toned back compared to Pittard s previous offerings here sentences convey a simple meaning and are not dressed in the beauty indicative of Pittard s writing style.Despite being wrapped in a thin layer, Listen to Me is heavier than [...]

    huh i m not entirely sure what to take from this story the basic premise is that mark and maggie, a husband and wife are driving east to stay with mark s parents on their farm for a few months maggie had recently been through a traumatic experience, causing her to become increasingly paranoid and distrustful of others mark thinks that some time on the farm will help her to relax and begin to recover a bite entirety of the story takes place on the actual journey to this farm it s a long road trip [...]

    Lori L (She Treads Softly)
    Listen to me and I will speak but first swear, by wordand hand, that you will keep me safe with all your heart Homer, The IliadListen to Me by Hannah Pittard is a highly recommended modern gothic thriller.Mark and Maggie are a forty something year old couple who are going through a rough time in their relationship The trouble started after Maggie, a veterinarian, was violently mugged The aftermath left Maggie with an overwhelming fear, PTSD She is scared of the evil and violence that can seeming [...]

    Mary Lins
    Hannah Pittard puts the reader right in the car with her characters, Mark and Maggie, in her latest novel, Listen to Me This novel has fewer than 200 pages perfect for a road trip read But even if you are just curled up in your favorite reading chair you can get the claustrophobic feeling of being in the humid and tense car with this couple Listen to Me is about Mark and Maggie s marriage, and as anyone who has been there knows, a road trip can be a stressful situation even when everything goes [...]

    Jessica Sullivan
    It was a matter of luck, life was You could beg all you wanted for protection, you could pray or not pray to a god or to a devil, but what it all came down to was a simple game of chance This taut little domestic novel about a middle aged couple on a road trip is so ominous and disquieting that it almost reads like a horror story or a psychological thriller.Tensions are especially high between Maggie and Mark as they set out for his parent s house several states away Months after being violently [...]

    Ariel (BookHermit)
    Road trips certainly don t bring out the best in a couple Spending hours in a speeding metal box, negotiating exits, pit stops, weather, fellow drivers, it all takes a toll and any tensions in your relationship are fated to flare up like phantom headlights on a dark road.While reading this book and noting the increasingly misanthropic musings of Mark and Maggie, our white, professional, liberal protagonists, I recalled a certain creative translation of a line from the Dhammapada We are what we t [...]

    Kasa Cotugno
    Maggie and Mark, a 40 something couple, have been together almost a decade, and each feels they know the other very well Apparently, not so much Pritchard has crafted her novel originally, given each of these people an interior life that does not become apparent to the the other The reader is jolted from time to time by observations by an omniscient narrator, situating these characters in relation to the earth and the cosmos, reminding us of the relative insignificance of two humans to the overa [...]

    Judging off the reviews and the fairly poor average rating, I wasn t exactly sure what I was going to think about this book It really wasn t a bad little book Once I got a chance to really read, it was a fairly quick read Sometimes short books are not a quick read, so this is something I can appreciate Also, lets just say if you have any kind of heart you are probably going to cry at the end of this book I was unfortunately on an airplane at the time I finished the book, and ended up being that [...]

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