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  • Title: The Service of the Dead
  • Author: Candace Robb
  • ISBN: 9781681771274
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Service of the Dead By Candace Robb Political unrest permeates York at the cusp of the fifteenth century, as warring factions take sides on who should be the rightful king Richard II or his estranged, powerful cousin in exile, Henry Bolingbroke Independent minded twenty year old Kate Clifford is struggling to dig out from beneath the debt left by her late husband Determined to find a way to be secure in hPolitical unrest permeates York at the cusp of the fifteenth century, as warring factions take sides on who should be the rightful king Richard II or his estranged, powerful cousin in exile, Henry Bolingbroke Independent minded twenty year old Kate Clifford is struggling to dig out from beneath the debt left by her late husband Determined to find a way to be secure in her own wealth and establish her independence in a male dominated society, Kate turns one of her properties near the minster into a guest house and sets up a business In a dance of power, she also quietly rents the discreet bedchambers to the wealthy, powerful merchants of York for nights with their mistresses.But the brutal murder of a mysterious guest and the disappearance of his companion for the evening threatens all that Kate has built Before others in town hear word of a looming scandal, she must call upon all of her hard won survival skills to save herself from ruin.
    Candace Robb
    Storyteller, mythweaver, author of the Owen Archer, Kate Clifford, Margaret Kerr mysteries Primary residence, medieval York I blog about writing, medieval history, writing women s stories, and feature new scholarship in my field at ecampion.wordpress, and share loads of medieval news, folklore, and whimsy on my facebook page, Candace Robb

    The Service of the Dead By Candace Robb


    RATING 4.5 REVIEW OF BOOK ONE AND TWO TOGETHER While I do enjoy reading historical novels, historical mysteries is not a genre that I have much experience of, but I am so glad that I picked up the Kate Clifford series as they really are so descriptive and engrossing Having devoured the first book, THE SERVICE OF THE DEAD, I immediately jumped into A TWISTED VENGEANCE, and I can happily say that both books are equally as addictive In this series, we meet Kate, a young widow, who is desperately tr [...]

    Originally published at Reading RealityThis story has the feeling of beginning in the middle When the book opens, Katherine Clifford is a young widow in the city of York in 1399 She is attempting, semi successfully, to carve out an existence as an independent woman, in spite of the machinations of her late husband s relatives And most especially she is keeping as much of her plans under wraps as possible in order to protect her late husband s reputation, as well as her own.The man seems to have [...]

    I received this book from a Giveaway and I m glad I did even though it took me a while to get to it This isn t my typical genre of choosing and it definitely took me at least a quarter of the book to get used to the terminology and titles of the various characters I m a big fan of the protagonist, Kate Clifford, here I felt like I was back in 1399 the way everything was described and even the writing style felt like it belonged in that time I will be looking forward to the next book and will be [...]

    nikkia neil
    This is my new favorite medieval series Can t wait for the next one If you like The Midwife mysteries then you will love this series too Kate is a badass who fights with a battle axe, runs her own life, and takes care of business.

    Barb in Maryland
    The incredibly stilted prose at the beginning of this book did not entice me to go any further DNFed at about page 50.I do not remember the author s Owen Archer books being this poorly written.

    Deanna Madden
    In this historical mystery set in York, England in 1399, Candace Robb immerses you in the world of the late 14th century Right from the beginning the detail is mind blowing the place, the people, the freezing cold winter weather it all feels so real And Kate Clifford, who is the novel s beating heart, is a wonderful creation a young woman recently widowed who must find a way to cope and prosper or be forced into another marriage with a man not of her choosing Her precarious position in her socie [...]

    The Library Lady
    When I was reading Shakespeare in college, long, LONG ago, I actually purchased my one and only Cliff Notes, on Richard III , simply because I couldn t keep the characters straight And I felt as if I needed one here That s the only way in which I would compare this to Shakespeare, BTW I wanted to love this book It s about York, the War of the Roses, things I know about and am interested in And yet I didn t love this at all.Kate is somehow not terribly likeable I found the paranormal bit with her [...]

    Medieval York Pretty grim place, although Kate Clifford is well off I thought perhaps a bit too many characters too much political intrigue to follow But the writing is solid and the characters good Will read further.

    Laura Reading
    Although I appreciate historical fiction, it has been a while since I have spent time with a really good historical mystery While I wanted to race through the pages I also wanted to make this book last.I enjoyed the historical detail and proper language The writing is excellent In society there are rules for everything, there is also real life and survival Kate is of the noble class, but she struggles the same as everyone else, regardless of stature She has bills to pay and people dependent upon [...]

    Set in 1399 York, this series is about Kate, a young widow trying to pay off her late husband s debts and maintain her independence by running a house where wealthy merchants can discreetly meet their mistresses The setting and premise is interesting but the murder story in this installment didn t work for me The series of murders and the ultimate solution was a bit convoluted and contrived Robb is a good writer, however, so I m open to where she may go with this series.

    This historical fiction novel is the beginning of a new mystery series series set in York, England in early 1399 At this time in history, factions were lining up behind the two claimants of the throne of England the then current occupant, Richard II, and Henry of Bolingbroke, the Duke of Lancaster and Richard s first cousin The tension between the two had come to a head in 1398, after Richard banished Henry from the kingdom When Henry s father died the next year, Richard took away Henry s automa [...]

    Candace Robb is another of those writers who has been on my List for a very long time despite the fact that her writing is not my very favorite Her books are go tos, reliably good reads when I feel like picking up a book from a certain period, but her characters do not linger with me once the book is put down it s one of those examples when I feel an invisible barrier between me and the writing Not sure if this will make sense, but Candace Robb is a writer whose books mean reading someone s writ [...]

    I expected to love this I did love both Emma Campion same author historical fiction strong women books This one just didn t hold my interest I got about a quarter into it, and put it down So disappointed.

    Ellen Dark
    Set in 1399 York Lots of snow, slush, and rain Who killed a stranger in a room normally used by the upper class men to entertain their mistresses Political intrigue Kate Clifford investigates Enjoyed this one and will have to wait for the second in this new series.

    This was pretty good, but won t make a lasting impression A week later and I could barely remember the title There s really no romance, just a historical mystery combo It s set up for sequels but stands on its own Glad I tried something different, but probably won t read by this author.

    As you can read from the synopsis 20 year old Kate Clifford doesn t have an easy life, her late husband left her a mess and she is determined to make it on her own in a male dominated society What she doesn t expect is to find a dead body in her rooming house There are surprises for Kate in The service of the Dead as she tries to unravel who this person is and why he was killed.Even though it took me a little bit to get invested in the story I found myself rooting for Kate and donning my inspec [...]

    I was so pleased to see a new medieval mystery series by one of my favorite authors I absolutely loved her Owen Archer books and was really sad to see them stop This series is also set in medieval York and features Kate Clifford, a young widow struggling to stay afloat and keep certain secrets from certain powerful people When a brutal murder occurs in her guest house, she must act quickly to avoid scandal and reprisals from her devious, meddling brother in law, who wishes nothing than to get K [...]

    Amy Bradley
    Set in York, 1399 A young widow, Kate, is attempting to keep afloat after discovering her husband s insolvency, while raising his two bastard children With a brother in law intent on cheating her in her share of a business partnership or see her married off, with her share in the business reverting to him , she has a few properties around the city One of them she runs as a guest house for men of good standing in the city to entertain their mistresses Complications arise when her cousin arranges [...]

    Lucy Barnhouse
    I was disappointed in this book, having very much enjoyed Robb s Apothecary Rose series The Wars of the Roses make for dense background, of course, but they seemed to weigh down this narrative without giving it much sense of urgency The whole novel is also very expository when conversations DO happen, they re unfailingly analyzed internally by Kate, the main protagonist I just never felt the plot found its stride or I never found my stride within it I like the cat burglar and ex assassin kitchen [...]

    First in a new medieval mystery series set in York, England in the 14th century.Kate Clifford is a wealthy young widow who has been saddled with her late husbands debts and also the two young French children of her late husband s late mistress While coping with her complicated household, she tries to maintain her independence, while everybody wants to see her married off again A man is murdered in one of her properties, and she must solve the murder before it exposes her unusual source of income [...]

    Kristyn Stimach
    Just finished The Service of the Dead and am starting A Twisted Vengeance It took me about five chapters to really get into this book There s so much information and characters that it was hard to keep everything straight at first I am happy I stayed with it and ended up really enjoying this novel and looking forward to seeing what the second one has in store for me.

    I really enjoy historically set books but, I haven t read many historically set books that are full of suspense, thrill, and edge When you first open the book, you are dropped into an already unfolding story that grabs you from the beginning The story unfolds at a roller coaster pace which keeps thew reader pulled in and excited to find out how a certain scene is going to play out and what is going to happen next I love Robb s writing Her writing is cohesive and imaginative She made me feel as t [...]

    Kathy Moberg
    A real page turner Maybe a bit over the top, but that didn t affect my enjoyment I m very pleased to see Candace Robb back writing medieval mysteries That is her forte While I m still hoping for books with Owen Archer, I will happily read the next Kate Clifford mystery.

    Short novel set in the middle ages in York The characters are interesting but the plot and situations are highly unlikely The time period is just before the confrontation of Henry to be Henry IV and Richard II, so I am likely to try the next book to see where it leads.

    Carolyn Rose
    Fascinating time period and good characterization It took me some time to connect with the characters and I felt like I wanted to know about Kate s mother at the beginning to help make sense of the end.

    Too political

    Linda Ollis
    An entertaining fictional read with enough authenticity about the period to rank as good historical fiction.

    The language was not quite up to snuff and it was slow to start The story ended well enough with portends of future adventures.

    York, England, 1399.Kate Clifford, a young widow with connections to some of England s powerful families, is trying to do what we are often told is impossible make her way in the world without the protection of marriage Her late husband, a charmer whose profligate ways put her in debt, did not leave her in the most stable place She has houses, including a guest house, where she allows those who can afford it rooms to entertain their mistresses From the very beginning we understand that Kate is a [...]

    Susan Morrison
    Archer, businesswoman, negotiator, foster mother, widow, detective Kate Clifford enchants us from the instant we break open Candace Robb s The Service of the Dead with its crackling frisson of violence and mayhem Like Kate, we don t know whom to trust in late fourteenth century York, at a time when choosing the wrong side in the king s feud with Henry Bolingbroke could prove not only potentially disastrous but fatal Richly weaving a tapestry of intrigue and violence, Robb masterfully creates a w [...]

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