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  • Title: This Is the Part Where You Laugh
  • Author: Peter Brown Hoffmeister
  • ISBN: 9780553538113
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Hardcover

  • This Is the Part Where You Laugh By Peter Brown Hoffmeister Rising sopho Travis and his best friend, Creature, spend a summer in a Eugene, Oregon, trailer park dealing with cancer, basketball, first love, addiction, gang violence, and a reptilian infestation.
    Peter Brown Hoffmeister
    Peter Brown Hoffmeister is the author of the critically acclaimed novel Graphic The Valley, the memoir The End of Boys, the nonfiction text Let Them Be Eaten By Bears, and the forthcoming YA novels This Is The Part Where You Laugh and Too Shattered For Mending Random House, Knopf.A former troubled teen, Hoffmeister was expelled from three high schools, lived for a short while in a Greyhound bus station, was remanded to a recovery and parole program, and completed a wilderness experience for troubled teens He now runs the Integrated Outdoor Program, serving teens of all backgrounds, taking them into wilderness areas to backpack, climb, spelunk, orienteer, and whitewater raft.He lives with his wife and daughters in Eugene, Oregon.

    This Is the Part Where You Laugh By Peter Brown Hoffmeister


    Saleh MoonWalker

    the best book I ve read all year every adult in Travis s life is failing him in some way drugs, cancer, perversion, absenteeism the one thing he can count on is basketball and his best friend, Creature when his choices start to jeopardize even that, Travis has to figure out how to control what he can and deal with the things he can t amazing book, true to life, hard topics so good.

    Kelsey Morrison
    Travis seems to have everything working against him cancer, abandonment, addiction, and gangs Even through all of that he still has his best friend Creature, basketball, loving grandparents and the girl he spotted who lives across the lake The story alternates between the present and the past, allowing you to get a true feel for Travis and who he is as a person and reminds you to look past someone s social standing and see who the true person is underneath Travis breaks the mold of the typical Y [...]

    Peter Brown Hoffmeister s first young adult novel, This Is the Part Where You Laugh, opens with the young protagonist Travis releasing two small South American crocodiles he bought from a guy who posted a flier at the Chevron station caimans into the little lake in the middle of the North Eugene neighborhood where Travis lives The book is compulsively readable from the first page.When he s not writing, Hoffmeister teaches English and outdoor skills at South Eugene High School in the Integrated O [...]

    Carolyn Carpenter
    Travis has had life thrown at him from all directions He is living with his grandparents because his mother takes heroin shots and is was unable to provide care to him His grandmother has cancer and is dying His grandfather smokes his grandmother s medical marijuana All Travis wants to do is play basketball, read the drafts of his friend, Creature, book, and look at the girl on the other side of the lake This story is about drug abuse, gang violence, reptilian infestation, romance, and most of a [...]

    What are you reading, Grandma Persuasion, sweetie Jane Austen It s always been one of my favorites You and Creature I ve never reread a book Sometimes the story is good enough, or the writing I could read Persuasion 50 times and still enjoy it Grandma is a woman after my own heart This story, the writing is good enough It s going to be a reread for me even though it did put my heart in a jar and rattle the shit out of it.

    I really enjoyed reading This is the Part Where you Laugh It has dynamic characters and a plot that kept me turning the pages It left me wanting Looking forward to Hoffmeister s next book.

    Painful, but interesting The title and cover is what caught my eye in the first place Definitely doesn t wrap up in a nice neat bow I really enjoyed reading it and especially loved the weird stories by Creature A very intriguing writing style.

    Been waiting to read this for a long time Great story with incredible characters Good lesson of having to laugh when there is nothing else you can do in your life A must read

    Sonja Jvh
    I laughed out loud I cried I fell in love the characters I read it twice, and will read it again I highly recommend this book to anyone, young adult on up.

    Allison Hackenmiller
    I really liked the story but I hated the weird Russian princess crap to the point that I want to rip out those pages before handing it to a student The plot of the book should grab teens, but that part would be a total turn off pun.

    Merphy Napier
    Not sure yet if I want to rate it 3.75 or 4 stars.This book hit me in the feels I didn t realize it was supposed to be an emotional story until about 50 pages to the end based off the title but when I realized what the point was I LOVED it I m so happy to have read this and it ll stick with me for a long time Reminds me very much of Everybody Sees The Ants by A.S King The only think that I deeply don t like is how crude it is I get it, they re teenage boys But I don t want to read pages and page [...]

    Rising sopho, Travis, is one of the best basketball players at his school After his half season suspension he works all the rest of the year and summer to better himself He works out almost everyday with his best friend Creature Travis and Creature live in a trailer park where they meet up and go to the same basketball court for workouts and to play everyday They play basketball games with the other regular people who they see at the courts at night Even though most of their time is used for wor [...]

    From the opening pages of this compellingly readable novel, it s clear that rising sopho Travis has not been dealt the best hand of cards in life His beloved grandmother is dying of cancer, his grandfather prefers to get stoned rather than deal with reality, his mother, a heroine addict, is living somewhere in the streets or woods of Eugene, Oregon, and he s dealing with anger management issues that caused his basketball season to end with a suspension When the book starts with him releasing two [...]

    Lee Ann
    Now you can look at that title and expect comedy, or you can look at the cover photo and read the synopsis and you ll realize the title is a wry piece of advice about getting through a terrible period the only way you can.Hoffmeister s book is a tiny stage filled with powerful characters the cancer stricken grandmother, a former English teacher, whose life lessons have saved her grandson, Travis the grandfather who weaned himself off alcohol and the terrible person it made him, only to lose hims [...]

    Travis is a teen living with his weed smoking grandpa and his cancer ridden grandma who prefers to escape the harsh reality of his youth with his heroin junkie mom by shooting hoops with his best friend Creature a budding author whose brief slightly erotic stories about Russian Princesses sprinkle throughout the story This is a dark and truthfully realistic coming of age story with rough lives, friendship and brothers , romance, stupid teenage moments, touching moments, and a bit of emotional gu [...]

    3.5Honestly, When I started this book I wasn t sure what to think Now after I have finished reading, I am glad I decided to stick with it This book reminds me of how beautifully complex people are There was a truthful and raw way that the author described each character The characters were gritty and realistic and I found myself falling for many of them despite their continual need to run head first into danger I kind of enjoyed the fact that not all conflicts were solved by the end of the novel [...]

    A gritty, realistic book, but I like how not all the conflict strands resolve by the end of the book, so that it feels real but still optimistic.

    Travis is a basketball player who knows he has to work hard to achieve what he wants He trains every weekday morning with his best friend, Creature, doing basketball drills Travis lives with his grandparents in a small trailer park, where his grandmother is slowly losing her battle with cancer Travis grew up watching his mother shoot heroine in countless grubby motel rooms, flashbacks of which are intertwined with the present storyline One day, Travis notices an athletic girl who has moved acros [...]

    Book Review This is the Part Where You Laugh Recently, I read the realistic fiction book, This is the Part Where You Laugh, by Peter Brown Hoffmeister Hoffmeister, an avid rock climber and teacher at South Eugene High School, lives in Eugene, Oregon with his wife, Jennie, and his two daughters He has written five books including The End Boys, which received the Best Books of 2011 selection The main characters in this book are Travis and Creature, two teenage boys who both love to play pickup bas [...]

    Karen Johnson
    I m conflicted with rating this one It s between a 4 and a 5, but it s not a solid 5 I will definitely keep my eye open for books from this author in the future.First I cared for the characters, at least the main ones, and it was a compelling read The voice was strong and believable too Interspersed were intriguing semi erotic entries about historical Russian princesses written by his best friend Odd, but cool.What kept it from being a 5 for me was there was just too MUCH tragedy And even though [...]

    Took me a little while to get hooked but I liked how Travis is both compassionate and broken, loyal and gets in his own way The author does a nice job of building the relationship between Travis and Creature his best friend, Natalie girl nearby and his grandparents I had a hard time connecting with Creature s inserted Russian Princesses stories but they are short so it didn t get in the way of the story The second half of the book really digs in to the realiTies of Travis s difficult life nicely [...]

    Travis starts the book by introducing a dangerous monster into the lake where he lives with his grandparents Travis wants to create excitement that will make the elderly residents talk, so that his dying grandmother will get to enjoy a good story before the summer ends The book unwinds at a natural pace telling you about the traumas of his childhood, and the challenges of staying out of trouble It s really a sad story about a kid who will lose a loved one before the end of the summer, and still [...]

    Travis is a troubled kid His mom is a drug addict, so he lives with his grandparents His grandmother is slowly dying and his grandfather is already grieving and getting high on grandma s pain meds Travis s best friend, Creature, is also struggling but at least they have each other.Creature writes Russian princess porn, so there are excerpts of that throughout the book making this a high school read In addition, there is drug use, swearing, and violence.The parts about Travis and his grandparents [...]

    Elizabeth Nelson
    An engaging read that dealt with some pretty serious subjects in a respectful way, and still left room for lighthearted moments A few scenes involving injury were so well written that I actually almost forgot that I hadn t hurt my ribs too obviously this can be good or bad depending on your perspective I also really loved the excerpts of Creature s book they showed a different side of him and added a very cool dimension to the book as a whole.

    I was so surprised to see this author writing a YA, but then after reading his background again, it all makes perfect sense He has the street red to write about troubled youth making choices and learning the hard way Very deep dive into basketball in some areas as that is the main characters passion It reminds me a good bit of The Moves Make the Man by Bruce Brooks with the family issues and racial tensions.

    Martha Schwalbe
    Travis plays basketball, sleeps in a tent, and struggles with life during the events of one summer I think this book will appeal to boys, even reluctant readers The chapters are mostly very short and the long ones contain events that are compelling.This book will definitely by on my top 10.

    Joy Lane
    mixed thoughts.


    PNG Library
    For those who like it real the dysfunction, the grit, all the feels this one s for you.

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