UNLIMITED KINDLE ☆ Broken Dishes - by Earlene Fowler #2020

  • Title: Broken Dishes
  • Author: Earlene Fowler
  • ISBN: 9780425201978
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • Broken Dishes By Earlene Fowler Benni s friend and her husband have opened a dude ranch that s about to go belly up So Benni helps out, tempting vacationers with a Western extravagnza Soon, she s cooking and quilting with a slew of tenderfoots But the fun truns sour when a dog finds a human bone on the property and Benni uncovers the remains of a man murdered outlawstyle.
    Earlene Fowler
    Earlene Fowler was raised in La Puente, California, by a Southern mother and a Western father She lives in Southern California with her husband, Allen, a purple pickup truck, and many pairs of cowboy boots She is currently working on the next Benni Harper mystery.Series Benni Harper Mysteries Love Mercy Johnson Mystery

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    I think I liked this book better the second time around The mystery is pretty tame with no immediate danger to anyone well aside from the fire I guess and we get to see Hud again which was nice I liked seeing him and Gabe butt heads at the dinner table I really liked the ending when Benni imagines what could have happened had she met Hud first This is also the first book after their marriage where Benni and Gabe don t do it allr the entire book In fact I think there are only two kisses that happ [...]

    I became interested in this cozy mystery series because the titles are all based on quilt blocks which are featured on the covers and their history is explained in opening comments But quilting is really incidental in this series, which I ve come to appreciate for its emphasis on relationships and faith Benni is always displaying quilts at the museum or finding quilts which have some connection to the investigation, but other than chatting it up with the quilters in the artists co op at her muse [...]

    This is a great serieseach book keeps the characters fresh and the plots interesting This one takes place outside of San Celinas, Dove, Isaac, Sam, Elvia and Emory are secondary characters Scout isn t even a major part of the story He stays home with Benni s dad With the different location, new characters fit right ind the main characters to the series have just enough plot time to keep the whole story relevant.

    Bennie s friends have opened a dude ranch to save their farm from going under During a two week quilting vacation , a human bone is discovered A thirty year murder is uncovered as well as a mystery in the ranchers past.Gabe s son is working the ranch Hud returns to help solve the crime Of course, Bennie and Gabe lock horns.

    Emily Cullen
    Cow girl Benni Harper goes to the opening of a dude ranch to help her friends but she finds than cow pies when bones in a shallow grave are unearthed How old are these bones and who was there owner Benni helps law enforcement find the answers I really love the Benni Harper cozy mystery series Great stories and characters plus an interesting developing love triangle

    Kitty Tomlinson
    While visiting a friend s Western dude ranch, Benni Harper stumbles upon the remains of a long dead murder victim buried in a shallow grave and embarks on an investigation to reveal the truth behind the terrible crime.

    I am a huge Benni Harper fan I love these books, and this one was no exception Throughout the book, as the story was woven, I kept thinking I knew exactly who did what, only to find out I was off base A quick but enjoyable read.

    Kevin Kern
    Benni is getting smarter about her involvement in incidents this time it is Sheriff deputy Hud investigating Gabe is extremely jealous, which lends some depth to the whole story Quilts, ranching, horse and a crazy goose all are part of the story.

    Mysteries with female protagonists who are ostensibly interested in other things Amish culture, antiques, books, cats, cooking, gardening, or quilts among others are often called cozy mysteries The publishers print them primarily to appeal to female readers, but in a reversal of the old soap advertisement about deodorant soap for me where the woman says, Aye, but I like it, too, I like them, too They usually are fast reads and they usually reflect human emotion Of course, I do get tired of the [...]

    Book Flap Synopsis When Benni Harper s friend passes away, he leaves his Broken DIS ranch to his daughter Shawna and her husband Instead of raising cattle, the couple decides to turn it into a dude ranch And while their intentions maybe good, business is not Leave it to Benni and her family to come to the rescue Her plan To tempt vacationers with a quilting and western extravaganza It works And soon, Benni and her family are cooking,quilting and horseback riding with a whole slew of western tend [...]

    I love this series, but there are quite a few editorial problems or choices that should have been corrected, from misplaced commas and modifiers to ungrammatical speech usually or other text that makes me wonder if the author or her editor thought, This isn t standard English, but it s the way people talk I m not referring to colloquialisms or the like, but to actual errors, like noun verb disagreements and dangling participles Whether some people talk this way or not, it just doesn t work for m [...]

    I like the Benni Harper series of book with a quilting theme In this installment, Benni is helping her friend Shawna get her new dude ranch up and running Shawna and her husband, Johnny, have taken over the ranch after the death of Shawna s father To get the place running, Benni has scheduled a quilting symposium with a nationally famous quilter, Victory Simpson, as one of the highlighted speakers Word soon arrives that a travel columnist is among the guests but no one knows who she or he is Ver [...]

    Years ago, I read the first book in the Benni Harper Mystery series by Earlene Fowler I remember thinking it was a good book and could be an entertaining series to read but there are so many other books that I never got back to the books Seeing that this book was number 11 in the Benni Harper series, I m pretty sure it was in a care package from my Grandma It had been on my bookshelves for a while and when needing something quick to read, I thought this just might be the book that would fit the [...]

    One of my favorite books is Sarah s Quilt and this book reminded me in many ways of the charm and joy and trials of that book Fowler is a very good writer, and I think this is my first or second read of hers She has adorable character development, and I found myself liking all the people I read about A good author does a good job of writing in the bad guys too, as there are a couple of them too They are doing their best to keep the Broken Dish Ranch afloat, and come across some skeletons in the [...]

    Amateur sleuth Benni Harper is at it again in this 11th installment in her cozy mystery series Benni comes to the aid of her friends, Shawna and Johnny Abbott, who are trying to save their financially troubled guest ranch from the auction block With the help of Benni and her family and friends, the Abbotts plan a quilt retreat to draw guests to the ranch While Benni is taking a group of guests on a trail ride, one of the ranch dogs recovers a human bone from an unmarked grave that has been distu [...]

    Nick Duretta
    I ve read several of Fowler s books about Benni Harper, a feisty heroine who lives in the San Luis Obispo double town of Santa Celina in California These are cozy mysteries, and sometimes I m in the mood for one and sometimes I m not This either caught me at the wrong time or just didn t win me over One of the characters refers to Benni as a Nancy Drew type, and that sums up this book pretty well It has a very Nancy Drew flavor Benni and her friends pitch in to help a couple save their horse ran [...]

    Benni Harper 11 Benni s dad had a good neighbor who turned his ranch into a guest ranch After his death, Benni and neighbors have stepped up to help his daughter make it a success The inaugural session includes a quilt camp and photography class by her step granddad When a long buried skelaton is unearthed, Benni goes to work to solve the mystery Typical Fowler good time not always believable but usually with great humor, subplots and escapades Clean.5.8.15 Picked this up in audio to have someth [...]

    I ve read another in this series and though it s not my favorite series it s OK The story revolves around a quilt week end at a brand new dude ranch And if something could go wrong it did bones are found on one of the trails, the horse barn burns, the bull gets loose and there s an earth quake Now you have to figure out how all that fits together.

    Jen Castaneda
    I love all of the Benni Harper series Somehow I missed this one was well worth the wait

    Not my favorite of the series but still enjoyed it There just wasn t much character development and it took too long to get to the mystery or solve anything.

    Not my favorite Earlene Fowleris one didn t seem to resolve the mysteries brought up in the book and the end was too easy.

    Great mystery


    While Benni is helping friends get a guest ranch up and running Benni gets caught up in a murder mystery when her dog unearths human bones.

    enjoyed it

    Some steamy stuff

    I thought thatI had read all the books in this series, but I missed this one I enjoyed it.

    11th in the Benni Harper lady detective mystery series Nice leisurely pace A little old fashioned by still enjoyable.

    Kresti Lyddon
    This is a very cute series.

    Becky Galambos
    One of the best books in the series Dove s pet goose, socrates, is a riot Rereading through series in April 2013, November 2.

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      Earlene Fowler