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  • Title: Love, Alabama
  • Author: SusanSands
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  • Page: 405
  • Format: ebook

  • Love, Alabama By SusanSands Emma Laroux s a fallen Southern beauty queen whose past is barely whispered about in her small town But the secrets and lies surrounding her scandal still haunt her, and something about Matthew Pope may hold the answers if only she could put her finger on it.Matthew Pope wonders what awful karmic thing he s done to land him in Podunk, Alabama But when he sees Emma LarouxEmma Laroux s a fallen Southern beauty queen whose past is barely whispered about in her small town But the secrets and lies surrounding her scandal still haunt her, and something about Matthew Pope may hold the answers if only she could put her finger on it.Matthew Pope wonders what awful karmic thing he s done to land him in Podunk, Alabama But when he sees Emma Laroux again after all this time, he knows he s still the only one who holds the key to unlocking the truth of her past Will a shared moment in time ten years ago threaten the best thing that s ever happened to them each other
    A self described late bloomer, Susan Sands began writing on her fortieth birthday Her first Southern women s fiction title, Again, Alabama, was published a mere eight years later, with the second, Love, Alabama, and her latest, Forever, Alabama, following closely behind She is currently hard at work on her upcoming tale, Christmas, Alabama, due out this holiday season Growing up in a small town in Louisiana, Susan s passion for reading sparked her interest in writing eventually She now creates stories about the quirky characters and fascinating relationships that are uniquely Southern.Susan holds a degree in elementary education, and has lived in the Johns Creek Alpharetta suburb of Atlanta with her husband and three children for over twenty years.

    Love, Alabama By SusanSands


    Copy received through NetGalleyActual rating 3.5Few months back I sat down and binge watched Hart of Dixie, so I m on the lookout for books set in Alabama, it s an obsession I think this book did a great job at bringing in southern charm into the story.I liked the way this book was written, it worked well as a standalone I only learned it was a series after my NetGalley request was approved It deals with some serious issues, but keeps romance as the main genre, providing an interesting plot The [...]

    Beth(YA Books Central)
    Tiffany s Review I may be a little bias when reviewing this book I am a former small town Alabama pageant girl that attended Auburn University I feel like this book was written just for me, ha I absolutely LOVED it Emma had it alle beauty, the grace, the perfect boyfriend and the coveted crown of Miss Alabama Tad, the perfect boyfriend turns out to be anything but The mystery that surrounds what really happened between Emma and Tad keeps the reader intrigued And then there s Matthew Matthew come [...]

    Megan | A Page to Turn
    My rating 4.5 Love, Alabama had everything that I needed in a contemporary romance novel It had connection, well developed characters, flawed humans, suspense, blurred lines and broken trust It s a beautiful story of second chances at love, learning to let go of the past, and living life to it s fullest potential We meet Emma, the former beauty queen, on the set of her sister s new cooking show that s to be tapped, directed and produced by a hot shot from NYC named Matthew The banter and connect [...]

    P.e. lolo
    Emma Laroux, is living the life she believes that she has been destine to live Now ten years has pass since she has had to give up her crown as Miss Alabama, now helping her sister with her new cooking show a director Matthew Pope has the answers if she is looking for them He was a football player at the University Auburn and after the big game between the two schools he got a girl out of an occurred position and later called her roommate to get He recognizes her but does tell her that it is him [...]

    (Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick
    Originally posted at smexybooks 2016 05 review Favorite Quote We re all broken just a little Emma Laroux, former Miss Alabama and current pageantry coach, is pretty content with her life Who cares if she is cursed when it comes to dating men She has her home, health, business, and family for comfort When her sister lands her own reality cooking show, Emma helps out and finds herself at odds with the show s producer.Matthew Pope has come to the small town of Ministry, Alabama to produce a cooking [...]

    Ash P Reads
    Emma Laroux has convinced herself that she is happy living the single life with a successful business Her one experience with love has left her feeling insecure about relationships Especially when every time she has attempted to date, the guys mysteriously break it off before it even begins It does not help that Tad Beaumont, her ex and now mayor of Ministry, Alabama, keeps close tabs on her every move.Then Matthew Pope comes into the picture and Emma can t help but befriend him Matthew is aller [...]

    Melissa Morr
    This was my first read by Susan Sands, she earned herself a new fan Love Alabama kept me turning the page, I had to force myself to put it down to go to bed but as soon as I woke up had my coffee in hand I picked the kindle up finished reading it, I just had to find out what happen 10 years ago to Emma how Matthew was involved I was expecting a romance but got a little suspense in there that kept me turning the page Love Alabama was a great read you had the family saga with Matthew his family Em [...]

    There are few things satisfying than a great book set in the deep South complete with sweet romance, a little controversy, and much forgiveness.Not to mention a few laughs here and there.Love, Alabama is the second book in Sands Alabama Series and is the perfect runner up to the much loved Again, Alabama.Sands writing flows smoothly, having you fall in love with the town of Ministry, Alabama and the well written characters she has created.I found Emma charming, amusing, fiery, and overall a gre [...]

    Cindy Jewkes
    Susan Sands has done it again Love, Alabama is a delightful love story full of Southern charm, secrets, manipulation, and taking chances When Matthew Pope shows up in Ministry, Alabama to produce Emma s sister Cammie s new cooking show, he s not sure he s up to the task of living in a small Southern town He and Emma hit it off, but how can he tell her they ve met before, years ago on a night that changed the course of Emma s life That mysterious night is the driving force behind the primary conf [...]

    A beautifully written story that adds so much to the series Everyone has a past, sometimes with things that they don t want to remember or things that they can t remember happened Emma had one of those moments 10 years ago and applied a band aid to her life She has her family, friends and a job she loves, what else could she ask for Matthew returns to Alabama to film a cooking show and runs into someone he hasn t seen since his college days and that shakes him up The truth always seems to find i [...]

    Bonnie Gonzales
    I would like to give this book a four and a half stars as it was flat out enjoyable The characters were very well written, the ladies had that sweet Southern charm and the men were strong with good manners and values, well most of them All the characters just were so believeable and just came alive on the pages Its almost like bonus books in this one as the book is than just one couples story I was given an ARC in return for my honest review.

    Read review for honest opinion for TuleLove, Alabama by Susan Sands, book two in the Alabama Book series A sweet story with likable characters and great dialogue I really enjoyed this story and looking forward to reading in the series and by Susan Sands

    Paula Pugh
    This is a story about how unresolved events in our past direct and temper our future It is well written with an understanding hand that tenderly weaves a story of lives that need to be unstuck from the past so love can have a chance to blossom and grow.

    Lindsey Ruppe
    Wonderful Underlying issues that hit me close to home, dealing with someone with NPD myself A lot of misunderstandings cleared up and a great story Looking forward to another novel in Ministry

    Love, Alabama by Susan SandsBook 2 Alabama SeriesSource Netgalley and purchaseMy Rating 4 5 starsMy Review By nearly every standard, Emma Laroux is stunning She has poise, grace, charm, beauty, all the things one would expect a former Miss Alabama to have One would also expect a woman such as Emma Laroux to have a handsome man on her arm, but that is something Emma Laroux most definitely does not have In fact, it s been roughly a decade since Emma last had a serious boyfriend In college, the wor [...]

    Hannah (Sakurahan or ForeverBooks18)
    Love Alabama Review.Hi ForeverBookers, I ve just finished reading Love Alabama by Susan Sands and I did LOVE it It s a cute contemporary that reminded me somewhat of Heart Of Dixie crossed with Gossip Girl I d say this is okay for 17 readers There is sex but it s not described The main characters just have it Love Alabama centres around Emma Laroux and Matthew Pope and their relationship This is a 3rd person POV story, which I didn t dislike for once I thought the fact that it was 3rd person wor [...]

    This is the first book that I have read by Susan Sands and I was pleased that I tried something different Love Alabama, with its very appealing front cover, tells the story of Emma Laroux, a former Miss Alabama and Matthew Pope, who has come to the small town of Ministry, Alabama to produce a cooking show featuring Emma s sister Matthew and Emma cross paths when Emma comes on set to do her sister s make up However, it is soon apparent that Matthew has met Emma several years ago, whilst Emma does [...]

    Reeca Elliott
    Emma is a retired beauty queen She runs her own business and keeps to herself as much as possible Enter Matthew, who rocks her world when she least expects it Both of these characters are flawed and have had some terrible experiences in life This is, to me, why they hit it off They each recognize the damage and the strength in each other As their pasts unfold it brings them closer until.Matthew has a secret I never understand why characters don t come clean when given the perfect opportunity It [...]

    A fun albeit predictable romance I really enjoyed the characters and the setting I m from Alabama and there were a few nit picky things that bugged me However unless you are a Auburn fan married to a die hard Alabama fan you probably wouldn t have picked up on them.As a southern lady I did appreciate that the language in the book did feel southern It wasn t full of the over the top Bless Your Hearts and other catch phrases so many southern authors feel they should toss in to make the book feel s [...]

    Susan Sands has taken the reader back to Ministry, Alabama for Emma s story What a story it is Love, Alabama by has romance, suspense, a galore of family drama, one former Miss Alabama, one guy trying to make amends and one sleazy ex boyfriend While this is second in the Alabama Series it read well as a stand alone though her sister is part of this story too In fact, I liked this one the best of the two stories Ted is somewhat of a clich jerk but that made the story fun when he didn t get his w [...]

    Thank you to the publishers and Netgalley for their advance copy in return for an honest review.I loved the cover of this, which along with the premise, is why I requested this novel Emma Laroux is what I would take as a typical southern belle, she even has the Gone with the Wind theme as her cell phone ringtone.She is a former Miss Alabama though she handed the crown back , and she runs her own pageant training business Yet she is still single, despite being in her thirties, and seems unable to [...]

    Susan Peterson
    Love, Alabama is a wonderful small town, Southern love story Emma Laroux, former Miss Alabama, has barely dated since a humiliating break up When she meets Matthew, the producer of her sister s cooking show, her defenses are up, but she starts to fall for this handsome, charming man But Matthew realizes that he and Emma had met before, 10 years earlier, at a time when Emma s life fell apart Emma s ex, Tad, now the town mayor, still finds ways to ingratiate himself into Emma s, causing her grief [...]

    I may have picked this book simply because Alabama was in the title This was a love story set in small town Alabama It kept me intrigued the whole time because you don t find out exactly what happened to Emma in her past until near the end of the story and what happened could shake things up between her and the guy she has fallen for I liked the small town drama and the book was cute I felt like maybe the ending was a little rushed and wrapped up in a bow too quickly.Bottom Line This was a quick [...]

    Ashley Hampton
    I really enjoyed the main characters, Emma and Matthew, in this book Each had a back story and in a way, this was a second chance romance The underlying familial issues for both characters make the story believable, but the setting and its influence didn t work for me As an Alabama native, this was a bit of a stretch, even for small town Alabama However, those details were less important in the overall story There was a lot of romance, a bit of suspense, and a dog, which I always love in books I [...]

    Kirstie Ibrahim
    I enjoyed this book I was expecting a southern romance but it was and I really liked the whole suspense part to the story Even though this was the second book in the series it read well as a standalone as I hadn t read the first book The characters and the storyline were entertaining It had me eagerly turning the pages waiting to get to the truth behind the lies and secrets.

    Tamara Morning
    Emma Laroux had it all in college a shot at the Miss America title, a bright future, and a charming boyfriend she loved But all of that disappeared because of a night she can t remember, a night full of scandal that cost her her boyfriend and caused her to walk away from her title Now she s settled in her small home town, happy with her life as a pageant coach Except it s been years since she dated anyone, and she s not sure why Sure, it would be nice to have kids, but the men aren t exactly bea [...]

    Love, Alabama is the second southern romance in the Alabama series written by author Susan Sands Thanks to NetGalley and Tule Publishing for the advance copy.

    Stacie McInnes
    Wonderful storylineCouldn t put book down really pulls you in makes you feel like you re part of of the family and friends as if you were in the story with them

    Elisabeth P. Comet Readings
    Emma Laroux, a former Miss Alabama is a stunning, independent, and strong woman Ten years earlier she won Miss Alabama and was ready to join Miss America, she had a stable relationship with Tad Beaumont, but something happened, and she lost both her boyfriend and her dream.Now she is still single and seems to exclude the possibility of a romantic relationship But soon, with her sister s show in town, she could finally change her mind and discover how amazing an unexpected relationship can be.Mat [...]

    Emma can t figure out why the NY based TV network would send someone who hated the South to produce her sister s new cooking show Matthew has his own problems though, but his past ties to Emma may be the key to her future.Although following on from Again, AlabamaAgain, Alabama, you shouldn t need to read the first to enjoy Love, Alabama You ll rediscover the fun and frustration of small towns, see how fear of the past can be as paralyzing as fear for the future, and find out how being a true Sou [...]

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