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  • Title: Creating a World Without Poverty: Social Business and the Future of Capitalism
  • Author: Muhammad Yunus Karl Weber
  • ISBN: 9781586486679
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback

  • Creating a World Without Poverty: Social Business and the Future of Capitalism By Muhammad Yunus Karl Weber In the last two decades, free markets have swept the globe But traditional capitalism has been unable to solve problems like inequality and poverty In Muhammad Yunus groundbreaking sequel to Banker to the Poor, he outlines the concept of social business business where the creative vision of the entrepreneur is applied to today s most serious problems feeding the poor,In the last two decades, free markets have swept the globe But traditional capitalism has been unable to solve problems like inequality and poverty In Muhammad Yunus groundbreaking sequel to Banker to the Poor, he outlines the concept of social business business where the creative vision of the entrepreneur is applied to today s most serious problems feeding the poor, housing the homeless, healing the sick, and protecting the planet Creating a World Without Poverty reveals the next phase in a hopeful economic and social revolution that is already underway.
    Muhammad Yunus Karl Weber
    Dr Muhammad Yunus is a Bangladeshi banker and economist He previously was a professor of economics and is famous for his successful application of microcredit the extension of small loans given to entrepreneurs too poor to qualify for traditional bank loans Dr Yunus is also the founder of Grameen Bank In 2006, Yunus and the bank were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts to create economic and social development from below He has also received several other national and international honors Dr Yunus is one of the founding members of Global Elders, a group of public figures noted as elder statesmen, peace activists, and human rights advocates whose goal is to solve global problems by using almost 1,000 years of collective experience to work on solutions for seemingly insurmountable problems like climate change, HIV AIDS, and poverty, and use their political independence to help resolve some of the world s most intractable conflicts.

    Creating a World Without Poverty: Social Business and the Future of Capitalism By Muhammad Yunus Karl Weber


    Real Supergirl
    Excellent book Yunus is an inspiring man I know nothing about economics yet I was able to understand this book, and it has helped me clarify for myself what kind of business I would like to run someday a social business Basically, it presents a new model for social services building organizations that do good work without relying on grants that may or may not be there from year to year, and which have as their chief goal to become self sustaining Their goal is to make money, but not maximize pro [...]

    Richard Stephenson
    PROS Absolutely and awesomely in the truest form of the word inspiring as it details a possible and successful venture into social business The drive, focus, motivation, and innovation is very much appreciated and a great stimulus for anyone ready to consider taking on altruistic endeavors Seeing just how much impact one person, and all of the wonderful people he came across and worked with, can impact the world it truly refreshingNS The detail on Mr Yunus s specific journey is quite awesome, bu [...]

    Ahmed Alaa El-din

    If there were people like Muhammad Yunus, then maybe his goal of stamping out poverty by 2050 will be achieved hell, maybe he ll be able to get Bangladesh there all on his own at the rate that he s going.In Creating A World Without Poverty Yunus talks about social businesses and the future of capitalism In this book, he talks about how, as Grameen Bank became and deeply rooted in the social conditions of the poor in Bangladesh, its mandate evolved and broadened as Yunus and his colleagues bra [...]

    فهد الفهد
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    I ll add Muhammad Yunus Grameen Bank to my list of enterprises I admire, and I agree with most of the things he says, but in all honesty, this is the kind of book I dislike I cannot express the why in an articulate way, but it all comes down to the rhetoric of it

    This is a very inspiring book Dr Yunus, the inventor of the concept of Grameen Banking Micro banking , and the Grameen bank won Nobel peace prize in 2006 In this book, Dr Yunus has elaborated on the idea of Grameen bank and several other projects he and his team have started to uplift the poor It is amazing how he identified the true needs of the poor and had confidence in them as people and did what he did He thinks through every concept or problem very thoroughly and goes into the roots of it [...]

    If you have ever wondered about the ability of third world countries to help their citizens move out of poverty, this book is for you Yunus is an inspiring man who started Grameen Bank in the eighties, a forerunner of many of the microlending institutions that now exist Kiva being the most famous one in American philanthropy circles The premise of this book that everyone in the world in poverty can move themselves out of poverty through the model of microlending and social enterprise is truly vi [...]

    Jarkko Laine
    The question after reading this book is not whether the book was good or not but what do I want to do about the challenge it sets Someone here commented that the final chapter about putting poverty to museums was naive and unrealistic While that may be true, the image of my grandchildren going to such a museum and wondering why on earth did our parents allow poverty to last so long touched me deeply I can t help but feel that there is a whole lot of truth in this idea It is unethical of us to ac [...]

    Voulez vous savoir comment un simple professeur d conomie dans une universit au Bangladesh peut transformer le monde des pauvres Alors lisez ce livre Muhammad Yunus prix Nobel de la paix en 2006, et sa fondation Grameen qui signifie la banque des villages ont boulevers la vie des centaines de millions de familles dans le monde entier En donnant des micro cr dit des femmes tr s pauvres au Bangladesh, Grameen a r ussi montrer qu un syst me de pr t sans garanties est possible, surtout quand les emp [...]

    Rebecca Chang
    Muhammad Yunus and his work are really amazing Reading about the different Grameen businesses really overwhelmed me and made me wonder where on earth do I begin to start to achieve something even remotely close to that But it is inspiring and really makes you wanna stop sitting around and do something The book is rather academic though, like a thesis, so I had to skim through some parts which were overly informational argumentative I didn t really need persuading about the benefit of social busi [...]

    Apryl Anderson
    I read this in the spirit of celebration for what s already been done, and with brave hope for the futurebut it didn t give me the answers I really wanted I want to defeat the spirit of poverty that permeates every level of society Poverty of wealth is a symptom of the far greater disease Yunus is catalyst to healing, but this goes far deeper and into the oppression that leads to death Social business is a powerful component of the cure, but how does every individual recognize and accept their p [...]

    Atul Sabnis
    Without doubt, Creating a World Without Poverty Social Business and the Future of Capitalism is an inspiring book.I did not have a specific expectation of the book, when I started it having known about the Grameen initiative and its activities I started reading this book as a part of a course that I am doing required reading In reading the book, however, many ideas, thoughts and guiding philosophies came to the fore It is quite revealing about how the idea of micro credit has worked, their syste [...]

    This was very interesting Yunus brings forth the idea of running a sustainable business for the express benefit of society, rather than shareholders The main principle of the book is that, instead of running a business as a profit maximizing business, a business could be run he doesn t go as far as to say that all businesses _should_ be run this way, which is probably a smart move as a social benefit maximizing business Investors would get no dividends or return on their money, they would just e [...]

    Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus has become my hero a role model now He rightly proved in reality that social business could indeed exploit capitalism to help create better lives of poor.A prologue of good handshake, Yunus starts with free market economics, globalization and economic boom in countries, then makes a deep dive that neoliberalism in fact creates better upper half leaving the rest in sheer poverty, then questions whether govt is the answer for reformation or is it NGOs or multilaterals [...]

    Great book Very inspiring Makes me want change the world and fix the problems around me Muhammad Yunus is a good example of doing something about a problem and not a small one either As a university professor teaching economics in Bangladesh surrounded by poverty he decides to do something He starts a bank to help those in poverty get out from the moneylenders control Yunus is passionate about the mission to end poverty globally and has a lot of interesting ideas Many of them have worked in Bang [...]

    Mina Villalobos
    The book is full of great and inspiring ideas and it s helped me structure what I want to do just having a name to call it, a social business, actually helps a lot The anecdotal stuff is great and the suggestions as to what to do to start getting rid of poverty in your town city country at all excellent and very moving and empowering My only complain about this book might be that at some point it just starts going the same things over and over again, so the third quarter of the book was rather l [...]

    This book has several 5 star ideas, but ultimately is too long in it s prose Dr Yunus , Nobel Prize winner, describes his concept of a Social Business in this book A social business operates exactly as a for profit entity, but has social goals rather than a goal of maximizing profit To facilitate this all investors agree to receive only their original capital back after which the business pays no further dividends and reinvests all its profits into it s social goals I find this an intriguing ide [...]

    We met Muhammad Yunus when he visited the Tattered Cover Bookstore in Denver You can listen to him talk about Creating a World Without Poverty Social Business and the Future of Capitalism here authorsontourlive p 232About this podcast Muhammad Yunus, a native of Bangladesh, was educated at Dhaka University and was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to study economics at Vanderbilt University, and in 1972 he became head of the economics department at Chittagong University He is the founder and manag [...]

    Social business is a powerful idea a business whose primary goal is a particular social good, and whose investors and shareholders agree up front that no one will take any profit out of the business Any profit that a social business makes is reinvested into the organization itself to further its social goals By removing the profit motivator, Muhammad Yunus believes that poverty and other societal ills can be addressed through this form of social capitalism.As a book, I should just warn you that [...]

    Ime'... Imelda
    The reason why I d reading this book was actually to learn about the microcredit itself the mechanism, how it works and others related Well, I do learn a little bit about the microcredit, but I learned about poverty and how private sectors could actually contribute to the poverty itself.I learned a little bit about social business which I actually think that it is a great idea, yet I m quite pessimistic whether such concept can be applied to all companies in the world They would probably make o [...]

    This book is one of those your eyes would pass over quickly in a bookstore while your mind also dismisses it as a dreamer s fantasy But if you know anything about the author, Muhammad Yunus, you might know that he and his Grameen Bank won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006, not just for his writing but for the impact he has had on the lives of poor people in his Bangladesh and in other places in the world, primarily through his concept and implementation of micro lending, micro credit This is the sec [...]

    If you wanted to test an idea that would help poor people rise out of poverty, Bangladesh would be the perfect place to start That is what Muhammed Yunus did with his concept of social business A social business is a business whose sole purpose is to alleviate the suffering and deprivation of poor people It operates on basic business principles but does not have the purpose of returning value to shareholders, but rather addressing the needs of the poor It is different than a socially responsible [...]

    The idea was good Instead of a corperation with the intent of making a profit, make a corporation with the intent of doing good and being self sufficient Both would still compete in the same markets for the money of the users, but instead of reporting to share holders who care only about the bottom line, these shareholders would also be invested in the idea of providing clean water, bringing people out of poverty, etc.The book though, was horrible Maybe its how all business books are written All [...]

    Andrew Long
    It s hard not to be swept up in Yunus Pollyanish positivity He is, after all, the founder of what is arguably the most successful social change organization in recent history The Grameen family of organizations which now include textiles, telecommunications and aquaculture, to name just a few is nearly ubiquitous, and attracting the interest of such massive multi nationals as Danone Group and Adidas for strategic partnerships Given this meteoric rise, one can forgive Yunus his pie in the sky dre [...]

    I was incredibly enlightened by this book I have long been a supporter of those with lesser means but I learned so much about the groundbreaking work that has occurred in Bangladesh over the past 30 years to lift millions out of poverty So many social businesses have emerged from his leadership and work, to empower the poor.Professor Yunus is clearly a well educated and articulate man his word choice and powerfully influential arguments really struck me There are so many good, PROVEN ideas in th [...]

    Read this actually a few months ago, but was reminded of it from a tweet this morning The book is solid A good idea, well described, in language a non economist can understand Yunus is looking to bridge the innovation and efficiency of for profit business with the social improvement mission of the non profit sector I say It s about freaking time No, business models can t solve everything but you can expect Yunus to think so as a Nobel Winning Ecnomist and founder of the Grameen Bank , but Yunus [...]

    Had he a time machine, Muhammad Yunus could have prevented the death of over a billion people by counseling Karl Marx on Capitalism s power to truly transform the world, eliminate poverty, and raise people by their own bootstraps out of despair and into self reliance.Yunus s vision, followed completely, would do just that I believe this gentleman from Bangladesh could be one of the most important figures of the 21st century, whose ideas could have deep impact on even the 22nd century, and beyond [...]

    I kinda blew through this one and then called it done I was mostly interested in a non Christian s motivations for helping the poor This book is mostly about the how not the why and focuses on Yunus Nobel Peace Prize winning work with social business and micro finance, which is, of course, highly commendable I did not find a satisfactory answer to the question of why business should be called upon to be socially conscious From either a Christian standpoint or a secular one Also, I m a little hes [...]

    If you have read Bank to the Poor there are parts of this you can skim skip towards the beginning where he talks about the founding of Grameen Bank I find his idea of social business and his definition of it interesting, and the idea of a wish list for social change interesting too Sometimes in the day to day grind of what you are doing at work, you sometimes lose sight of what the work is supposed to be getting you I think you lose opportunities that way Its important to keep your eye on the ta [...]

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