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  • Title: Shattered Sky
  • Author: Erin Hunter
  • ISBN: 9780062386458
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Shattered Sky By Erin Hunter Only shadows can clear the skyThe warrior Clans are facing an enemy dangerous than they have ever known Darktail and his band of rogues have seized ShadowClan s territory Worse, many of ShadowClan s young warriors and apprentices have joined the rogues, forcing Rowanstar and a few loyal warriors to take refuge in ThunderClan.Though Darktail s rogues are a threat toOnly shadows can clear the skyThe warrior Clans are facing an enemy dangerous than they have ever known Darktail and his band of rogues have seized ShadowClan s territory Worse, many of ShadowClan s young warriors and apprentices have joined the rogues, forcing Rowanstar and a few loyal warriors to take refuge in ThunderClan.Though Darktail s rogues are a threat to all warrior cats, the ties between the four ties have begun to fracture RiverClan is heavily wounded, WindClan has closed its borders, and in ThunderClan, medicine cat Alderheart is certain than ever that their only hope is to find SkyClan They must fulfill StarClan s prophecy before Darktail s vicious reign puts an end to all the Clans.
    Erin Hunter
    Erin Hunter is the pseudonym of five people Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, Tui T Sutherland, Gillian Phillips, and Inbali Iserles, as well as editor Victoria Holmes Together, they write the Warriors series as well as the Seekers and Survivors series Erin Hunter is working on a new series now called Bravelands Erin Hunter is inspired by a love of cats and a fascination with the ferocity of the natural world As well as having a great respect for nature in all its forms, Erin enjoys creating rich mythical explanations for animal behavior, shaped by her interest in astronomy and standing stones.

    Shattered Sky By Erin Hunter


    I absolutely loved Shattered Sky I m finally feeling like the Warrior Cats is being taken in a new direction which is much needed Don t get me wrong, I ve absolutely adored all the storylines and series but I now feel as if this new series is completely different and I can t wait to see where the Erins take it.As usual, it was wonderfully written and had all the intrigue and plot twists that I love I don t know how they still manage to write such intricate and amazing storylines after five FIVE [...]

    Once I started Shattered Sky, I couldn t stop And what do you know I have finished it I feel like the Warriors series only gets better.

    Daley Downing
    Yes, I literally read this within 24 hours Okay, like 16 Yes, really.WE HAVE WAITED FIVE MONTHS FOR THIS BOOK.Ahem Pardon me.White Fang stole er, I mean, took it first, so I had to wait 3 agonizing days until he finished it But after that it was all mine, all mine, mwhahahaha.And I paid for it Dearly.I AM DYING INSIDE Of course, what did I expect, it s a Warriors book.A lot of what I hoped would happen in this third part of A Vision of Shadows did happen, but somehow it was extra dramatic ALL T [...]

    Not the best Warriors book, not the worst The arc is pretty mediocre for me It s fine, but it doesn t have the zest of the first few series, or even the last few I mean, most of this book is another clans fighting rogues plotline andI just didn t care But things do seem pretty resolved, so I don t have any idea where things are going in the next book.

    Nicholas Kane
    I m so glad that the confrontation with Darktail is not being dragged out over all six books of this installment in the series I wasn t sure this would be the case seeing how long it s taking for the villain in the Survivors series to be revealed This was probably my favorite book of the new series simply because the characters seemed realistic and had relatable motivations There were still times when Twigpaw seemed whiny and I felt like she needed to get over the fact that she didn t have real [...]

    Charis Negley
    I couldn t put this book down Literally I finished it in a day This book was a great continuation to the A Vision of Shadows series To be honest, I m not sure what the new conflict will be for the rest of the series But I love how all the new characters have developed throughout the series and I m excited to see how much they will develop throughout the second half of the series The energy in this book never stop, the tension and emotions were high I enjoy reading about my favorite character in [...]

    Katelyn Kleven
    This book surprised me I thought it wouldn t be that good and I wouldn t enjoy it but it was actually pretty good My fav part though was probably when they quoted darth vadar I also liked how they put in onestar s secret.

    Amy S
    I loved this book because if there are people who like cats this is a good book.This book would be perfect for 5th graders who like cats.If you like series you will like this series.Twigpaw goes out to find Skyclan but what if she can t get Skyclan back home at all.

    Kitty Clans finally forming Voltron So proud.

    Brooke Wayne
    YES IT HAPPENED The event that I have been waiting for since Firestar s Quest has come out I m still in shock.I will say that view spoiler the death of Twigpaw was very unnecessary, and I could tell from the beginning that she was going to be alright hide spoiler Also did Darktail go mind crazy I couldn t tell if he was evil or insane the entire book And, especially for being a kids book, this book was really dark and gory I mean, drowning a cat for not being loyal enough Blinding a cat Starving [...]

    This book was pretty good, and I couldn t believe that Onestar could be so naive as a warrior and hang out at the Twolegplace I was surprised that he had kept this secret for so long, and no one had found out He started this whole mess with Darktail, so I am glad he was the one to end it I sympathized with him and his worries of ending up in the Dark Forest for killing his own son, because the Dark Forest truly is a terrible place to be I honestly think that he should have took the kit in, becau [...]

    I liked all the action that took place in this one Thunder and Shadow was a beautiful book for conflict and character development, so I don t consider that one a filler book This one had a lot of potential, and the action was comparable to The First Battle, but a lot of things really didn t make sense The reveal that Darktail was Onestar s son didn t make sense at all, and felt like a cheap plot twist to surprise the readers Needletail acted completely OOC from her character development in the l [...]

    Will Thumann
    In the book, Shattered Sky, the fight against the mighty evil rogues continues The leader, Darktail, does not show mercy even to his own During a battle featuring ThunderClan, WindClan, and RiverClan, Darktail whispers something in Onestar, leader of WindClan s ear, causing him to retreat with his clan The two other clans are forced to retreat as well At the gathering, argument ensues between the clan leaders Meanwhile, ThunderClan apprentice Twigpaw, deals with the mental trauma of being attack [...]

    Sarah Bauer
    Book Theme Song Against the Tideby CelldwellerThis is a spoiler heavy review OK so once again Twigpaw and Violetpaw are the best thing in this series I wish we could see Alderheart and Sparkpelt because they seem to be mildly interesting but Sparkpelt barely exists The rogues are very intimidating villains, almost on par with BloodClan I am against hurting animals but I would drop kick Darktail Although I wonder how he got his name since it s a classic warrior name but he s a rogue who was rais [...]

    Sarah Jefferson
    I m honestly surprised these books are still in the kids section at bookstores these days Every new book by Erin Hunter seems to get and mature ANYWAY, these book was incredible Although it was incredibly sad NEEDLETAIL , Shattered Sky had an amazing plotline, and I really was hooked on to this book I finished it in four days, it was so good that s good for me, alright It was VERY surprising when SkyClan came back, but I m glad they did Always kinda knew that would happen I didn t know how you [...]

    It s safe to say that A Vision of Shadows is NOT afraid to kill off characters In Shattered Sky alone we experienced the death of three possibly four characters who played a major part in the series Darktail is an intruiging and ruthless villain, who slaughters if he even suspects that his followers are disloyal He starved prisoners until they pledged their allegiance, and he s gotten farther in the entire take over the clans then any other cat in the Warriors universe Twigpaw and Violetpaw are [...]

    I think there are different writers now The tone of this arc seems different compared to older ones However this isn t a bad thing as it stops it getting too stale There seems to be less characterisation than there used to be, but at least by this stage of the arc there is political action and less boring quests, which is an improvement The cats relation to StarClan in this arc seems to be one dimensional Caricatured But since there was so much focus on StarClan in earlier arcs, I suppose it s [...]

    Hoo boy am I glad that I never gave up on this series I ve loved it for so long, and this book was able to keep my heart pounding, just like when I was in middle school oh so many moons ago Seriously, there was not a dull moment in this one Unexpected twists and turns everywhere, people Okay, maybe a few things were predictable if you ve been keeping up with the Super Editions but there were some things I did not expect at all Don t sleep on this one, guys I don t care how old you are if you lov [...]

    Maleficent Jones

    Still love this story More than one Luke, I m your father moment was was a little too much I m curious to see what crisis or two will come along to fill the next 3 books There s been a lot of drama so far, and it keeps you interested.

    It flowed well Finally got to see what I ve been dying to see from the beginning There are some intense moments of emotion I didn t quite expect Some disappointments I haven t yet recovered from I m excited for the next book in the series.

    UnisonAll clans must work in unison to fight any danger that is bigger than themselves With Darktail and his Kin invading the Clansevery Clan cat must swallow their pride and work together in order for this fight to work Loved everything going on here.

    I liked the book and how that Adderheart got a little confidence One part that I didn t see coming, was when it was revealed that Hawkwing of skyclan was Twigpaw s and Violetpaw s father It was a big twist

    Solid but short book This installment was just as good as Thunder and Shadow, maybe even a tiny bit better, looking forward to seeing what Erin Hunter has planned for the second half of this series

    Erin Hunter does a great job of writing fantasy with talking cats.ey were written for YA but many adults enjoy them if you like cats, a fun readInteresting personalities with twist turns to protect their clan.

    I absolutely loved it I could stand violetpaw in this book and this book kept me on my toes.

    Read the new Warriors series to relive my past after going to Houston and discussing it at the zoo

    Wildsong Of Riverclan
    an amazing addition to the first two books of the Vision of Shadows

    I can t believe this book is going to be a 3rd The others were good and I could not tell if it was better than the other books or worse than the other books.

    one of the best warriors books ever I liked the twists such as between Needletail and Violetpaw or Twigpaw finding Skyclan.

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